The “Race War” Goes Mainstream

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As we approach the official kickoff of Black Summer 2012 on Memorial Day, it is worth asking: is the fire about to turn into a blaze?

(1) Gawker

(2) Mother Jones

(3) BuzzFeed

(4) Walter Williams

Here’s some stats from Williams:

“Each year, roughly 7,000 blacks are murdered. Ninety-four percent of the time, the murderer is another black person. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, between 1976 and 2011, there were 279,384 black murder victims. Using the 94 percent figure means that 262,621 were murdered by other blacks. Though blacks are 13 percent of the nation’s population, they account for more than 50 percent of homicide victims. Nationally, black homicide victimization rate is six times that of whites, and in some cities, it’s 22 times that of whites. Coupled with being most of the nation’s homicide victims, blacks are most of the victims of violent personal crimes, such as assault and robbery.

The magnitude of this tragic mayhem can be viewed in another light. According to a Tuskegee Institute study, between the years 1882 and 1968, 3,446 blacks were lynched at the hands of whites. Black fatalities during the Korean War (3,075), Vietnam War (7,243) and all wars since 1980 (8,197) come to 18,515, a number that pales in comparison with black loss of life at home. It’s a tragic commentary to be able to say that young black males have a greater chance of reaching maturity on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan than on the streets of Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, Newark and other cities.”

This summer’s most highly anticipated blockbuster movie, “The War Against White People,” starring Obama’s Sons/Holder’s People will be televised to White America.

We promise you that video after video of hordes of feral colored savages rampaging through malls, beaches, water parks, convenience stores, and downtown shopping districts will be plastered all across the internet until they are pushed into the news cycle.

The stars are aligned for it: black people are in a foul mood after Trayvon Martin, conservatives are facing an uphill road to the White House, Obama has to go racial to turn out the base, Mitt Romney will need that extra push to get over the top in November, etc.

Forget Rev. Wright.

If anyone takes down Obama in 2012, it will be the Yoof of America, retrograding before a national audience one viral video after another.

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  1. There’s lot of clips on youtube about how the shooting was a Masonic and/or Illuminati plot, or a general cover up.

    Example, “Trayvon Martin Murder an Illumnati Slave Trick?”

    It doesn’t matter if Zimmerman was factually innocent, when the charges are dropped or he’s acquitted, there’s going to be huge violent riots. This may be the tipping point.

  2. Don’t know if you read the comments following those articles but they are heavily into the “I got my head in the sand. There is no real race war.” type.

    Outlier, if you read Prison Planet, which I recommend visiting periodically to get a view of the insane in our society, then you will see countless commenters stating there is no problem with the races, it’s all a huge Jewish conspiracy designed to keep our eyes off the greater Zionist plot to rule the world.

  3. Well written, you have a way with words sir.

    p.s. I agree with you on all counts. Negro’s can’t stop being Negro’s, to wit beating up reporters, killing tourist, mob beating helpless old people, etc, etc, etc…

  4. Outlier, if you read Prison Planet, ….

    I don’t follow it, but I know what it is. I’ll check it out more often.

    Its funny that some blacks are claiming it a Jewish/Masonic/Illuminati conspiracy, though.

  5. Don,t forger the Economy. I this summer will be chaos in Europe and there is little known fact that the European troubeled banking system is 4 times larger than US banking system. So the bang will be also probably 4 times louder and there is no money to save them all. It infuents US and rest of the world tremendesly. US dollar is also under fire because lot of countries abandonig it and using some other currency.

    Simply say, leftism, diversity and multiculti running out money and then realises the “thedayebtcardsstopworking” Paul Kersey and SBPDL doomsday stsenario.

    In Europe happens probably similar. When millions of nonwhite inviders loosing their benefits, the hell breacks loose. Last summer UK had one confused shooting incident and half London was looted and burned down,

    So that war is close. I predict that leftist will start it. They are confused, panicing and they don,t know how maintain control anymore. So they for sure try something radical and violent. In the last day,s on Soviet Union they also turned to the violence and tried to take Country back with brutal force. But most army refused. Because leftism is DRD4R7 genetical disease, so all leftists are very similar and probably Obama coverment tries also use army by some absurd example. Or creates reason himself, probably sending black looting on the street.

  6. So that war is close. I predict that leftist will start it.

    I completely agree. The left are semi-nuts and violent. However, there is a fringe element within the left that fights racism – and may even do the inter-racial-marriage thing to make a point and/or do their part to accelerate assimilation.

    The muslims in the EU and blacks in the US should really fear the liberals. Even Mike Carrol pointed that out in a couple of his videos that blacks should not trust the US liberals.

  7. I think the leftists tried to start it when they attacked that group in Illinois having lunch..

  8. The Lefties are arrogant beyond belief -they are poisoned with their own vanity. They are 3 million gadjillion percent disconnected from reality. Most are druggies, in one for another. DC aka Tel Aviv on the Potomac is one big pharma bazaar. The are vicious, completely untroubled by one single cell of conscience. And they are not as smart as they thing they are. They are getting sloppier by the second.

    And they HATE Niggers.


    If you took all the slavers, and Arabs, and Southern Racist Crackers, and Klansmen when they were real, and God Almight ANY-ONE who has EVER HATED Niggers – and melted all that hatred down into one big White Hot Ball of PURE distilled Hatred – Plato Idealized Version of the Comic Template of Hatred – it would all fizzle, in one micro-second, against the Cthonian PreHistoric Inchoate Miasmic Void of Hatred Beyond Hatred thgat your garden variety Nice White Tolerant Liberal has for all the Niggers.

    They are using us as subsitutes, and punching bags, instead of Nagas.

    For now.

    Mike Carrol the Wise Nigger Freak is right.

  9. “”… blacks should not trust the US liberals….””

    Of course. Marxist pets get always biggest hit. 1917 marxixts fought for workers and peasants so workers got Gulag and pesants got worst famine in known history. Ukraine Holodomor probably most known but all Soviet Union starved and winter 1932-1933 wasn,t the only ugly famine year. Just mass murdering millions workers and peasants of course too.

    When military will remain ignorant or become pro white they have only force left, harass all nonwhites against whites and this will be very ugly. Unfortunately main conflict today is nessessery. Whites still have decent majority and better fight now, than later, when white are minority. South Africa hoped avoid race war too long and rest is history. For today SA lost more than 60 000 whites murdered and more than million expelled. Rest are waiting Mandela death and following genocide. So even heavy war is better than sit and wait for a miracle.

    Offtopic. Can and should we put the future war the main pressure on white liberals shoulders? Similar to Soviet army, where they send soldiers to attack and marxist themselves were with machinegun behing soldiers back. We might use their own invented scheme, instead of russian solders will be any kind of antiracists, civil and human rights activists and rest of the white antiwhite folk. Machine gun in this war will be on white patriots hands. So we save pro white lives.

  10. The comment sections are the most fascinating thing. There’s no attempt at arguing any points. The spectacular violence is blamed on economic indicators, not even an attempt at being honest about how they live or how most of society actually lives with voluntary segregation. They can’t even fathom that whites overprice houses simply to keep NAMs out.

    It’s very interesting that all three articles mirror each other’s language. They are working off a central memo.

    Additionally the comments repeat the same tosh about living in black neighbourhoods peacefully, walking around without incident, greeting people, general neighbourliness. This just isn’t borne out by what happens to neighbourhoods that experience climate change. These people are paid shills IMHO.

  11. Can the commentators not bring themselves to address why white people stream out of neighborhoods that become dominated by blacks? Why would people willingly abandon places that they built? White Flight isn’t an adequate phrase. Reality is that these events like the 1960s race riots were anti-Euro-American pogroms. The husks of cities like Detroit, Birmingham attest to this.

  12. “”…Euro-American ….””

    This weasel word is also neccesery to bebunk with the rest of the “weallareimmigrants” concept. With simple mantra.

    American, like Europeans are not immigrants or colonist or whatever leftist call them.
    Americans landed on the waistland. buided it up to mightisest Country in the worldfrom zero and named all this America. The were creators, not immigrant of colonizers by simple reason that 500 years ago there were nothing to colonize on nothing where to immigrate.

    In Europe i constantly have explane, that swedes or britons did not immigrated in sweden or UK , they created Sweden and UK.

    Somebody articulate White patriot must create also simple mantra, similar to Im-anti-racist, so everbody could repeat it all the time. You moron are not anti racist, you are anti white. Only americans are so called european americans. And because there is no other americans, we may forgot the unneccecry prefix and agree that word american mean only white person.

  13. Jiri,

    Learn to spell. Brush up your grammar. Try to read. It’s not a weasel word by any fucking means. Euro-American is an accurate enough description of the population. Anglo Saxon would do. Hunter likes the idea of Cavalier Norman.

    ‘Americanism’ has failed utterly. Citizenship is a debased thing, it’s popular culture is filth. The burden of defending its ‘sacred minorities’ falls almost exclusively on male Anglo-Saxon, Irish and German soldiers. America as you describe it has been a fiction since the 1860s.

    Hunter doesn’t appear to hold any value or joy in the burden of American citizenship. You are on the wrong site.

  14. John I don’t think English is his first language, please take that into account. I generally agree with what he wrote. Europeans didn’t “flee to America” they created America and imbued with a distinctive Anglo-saxon flavor. He is referencing to the way the technical term “immigrant” is used to imply that the Founders were no different than the “huddled masses”.

  15. America jewed up in the teen and twenties, a response to the “huddled masses” mongrelization.

  16. Juri

    Pretty much agree with what you say although i also quite like the label American-American just for fun.

  17. Of course. Marxist pets get always biggest hit. 1917 marxixts fought for workers and peasants so workers got Gulag and peasants got worst famine in known history.

    And all the French nobility and their supporters got the National Razor (i.e. guillotine).

    The Soviets did “Red Terror” and the Jacobins unleashed the “Reign of Terror”.

    Muslims should GTF out of France while the going is good.

  18. The Gawker article dismisses the idea of a race war as some sort of ‘conservative’ fantasy. The comments are predominately from the kind of white liberal who ‘knows’ that white on black violence is an order of magnitude greater than any black on white violence.

    The level of brainwashing and misinformation exhibited by these people is astounding.

    These are the kind of white people who, if there ever was a race war, would be fighting against their own people. There are lots of them.

  19. The brainwashing is brain blowing.

    I recall that video of antifa’s counter protesting a lone Nazi by screaming in his face that hunter reposted.

    If I were there as an antifa I’d have seen his isolation as a chance to do a bit of brainwashing myself, certainly not as a chance to abuse the man.

  20. There are youtube clips by blacks concerned about a Race War.

    “Blacks Will Lose Race War” Aug 2011

    Who knows, they may see the race war as a real threat and, consequently, voluntarily agree to an apartheid-like system where they give up their right to vote to avoid a Race War.

    Politics in the US got screwed up when blacks got the right to vote and then the Democratic Party had to switch direction and start catering to them. It so ironic that the Dems were once the “segregationist” party, but are now a DWL human rights party.

    The pandering to visible minorities has to stop as it has the party system screwed-up.

    I suspect that in Europe, immigrants will soon have their citizenship and right-to-vote stripped and that’s going to be a huge wake up call to visible minorities in the west.

  21. “The Gawker article dismisses the idea of a race war as some sort of ‘conservative’ fantasy. (They only wish!) The comments are predominately from the kind of white liberal who ‘knows’ that white on black violence is an order of magnitude greater than any black on white violence. (They are in fear, and a river in Egypt)

    The level of brainwashing and misinformation exhibited by these people is astounding. (AMen, amen, amen!) These are the kind of white people who, if there ever was a race war, would be fighting against their own people. There are lots of them.”

    I only would beg to differ on this last point. I was in my local ‘geezer joint’ the other day, grabbing a nummy oatmeal, and yogurt parfait for the BF (break fast) when I had the sorrow to have a group of the ‘greatest generation’s’ disgruntled younger brothers (those in their late sixties and early seventies) congregate near my ‘happy meal’.

    Their undisguised HATRED for anything right of Mao (i.e., anything not Demon-crap-ic) was their RELIGION. All one geezer could fume about (with increasingly foul and vulgar language, even with a woman of his era present…) was that Colin Powell was going over to Romney! After a while, someone mentioned that he had voted for the Obummer, out of racial solidarity, and he was NOT going to hear that! Better the world should fall around his shoulders (it is!) than to believe that non-Whites might actually a)vote racially or b) not be ‘just like I am.’

    This is the post-literate generation. These are the geezers who a)stopped reading books about 1960, and b) think the Jewsmedia is unbiased… or who actually believe National Propaganda Radio (NPR) is ‘alternative media.’ The ONLY news this dumb-asses get, is via the Boob Tube. When they were trying to pigeonhole ‘religious nuts’ who actually believe that one’s faith should inform one’s politics, BEFORE you make a decision, that same old H8in’ geezer brought up the thought, ‘Didn’t Jefferson write something about ‘separation of church and state in the Constitution?’

    Well, that did it. A quick four sentence lesson in history from my mouth to their ears, quickly SHUT up that table of fools, for I mentioned the “Danbury Baptists”, cujus regio, ejuus religio, states’ abilities to determine WHICH brand of Christianity they could profess, rather than NO religion (there is no neutrality) and how it was only after WWII that ‘certain interests’ made this a non-issue in an attempt to destroy the homogeneity of the country they were born into!

    Do you know what happened after that forty second ‘mini-lesson’ at McD’s?

    Those asses went back to the trough of their own liberal feed, and proceded to discuss what they had been discussing, as though WHAT I SAID MEANT NOTHING. They would rather have sat and kvetched, than LEARN anything.

    “The level of brainwashing and misinformation exhibited by these people is astounding. ”

    Amen, amen, amen. And it is THIS generation that consistently vote themselves perks, rather than help save the country. The Greatest Generation is now all but dead- my dad died, and with him, that older way of life. But these ‘young whippersnappers’ who grew up during WWII, who were the MOST UNGRATEFUL Generation, now are our ‘Elders.’ And they haven’t got a pot to piss in, because they were the first ‘terminally stupid generation’. I wouldn’t think I could have said this, but the sooner they die off, the better. And their children (the sixties hippies, and other trash) can go with them……

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