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If the South doesn’t dissolve the Union, this is the fate that I guarantee will befall Georgia and Mississippi, and then other Southern states:

(1) Jacob Zuma, the president of South Africa, gets married to his sixth wife.

(2) The murderer of Eugene Terre’blanche walks free.

(3) Terre’blanche’s supporters have threatened to unleash havoc in the event of an acquittal.

“We are fed up in South Africa with the genocide of white people, with being second class citizens, with the appalling government of the ANC, with black people stealing money through corruption,” he said.

“Violence is what makes the government listen. So we are discussing what we are going to do if these boys are acquitted. We will not say: ‘It’s a shame’, and move on.”

South Africa is just the latest in a series of allegedly “post-racial” nations that have been destroyed by freedom, equality, and democracy.

Note: The exact same fate almost befell South Carolina under Reconstruction, but the White Man’s Revolution of 1876 averted that calamity.

There is a common thread that runs every single failed experiment in “post-racialism” from Saint-Domingue to South Africa: these utopian schemes are always imposed by outside pressure.

Rhett’s axiom is still true: any people or state that has a problem with racial diversity must rule itself or perish.

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  1. There is another theme that runs as well. Whites who roll over and do not resist get crushed.

  2. I’ve read the Boer at War and have taken steps for my farm and the farms around me. I suggest other rural Southron’s do the same

  3. Terre blanche’s supporters always make big threats, but do nothing. Terre blanche actually didn’t do much for his people anyways.

    It was Jews in South Africa who understood the how to create real change, using political, legal, organizational and propaganda power. See here

  4. I have finished reading Thomas Dixon’s ‘The Clansman’.

    While my sentiments about the South, Negroes, and the lies I have been told were changed in reading Dixon’s ‘The Leopard’s Spots,’ my racial consciousness was moved more by reading John Buchan’s “Prester John, which preceded both.

    Now, however, after finishing ‘The Clansman,’ I understand.

    That there once existed a people whose nobility of spirit, whose chivalric duty was to defend their women, their virginity, and their purity, who suffered untold indignities at the hands of the Yankee Supremacists, and who were added insult to injury by enfranchising the spawn of slaves to rule over a people they should have bowed down to, in divine-like submission, makes EVERY INCIDENT of black atrocity hit home….
    Because every white child raped, murdered, or beaten, is MY son, MY daughter, MY family.

    Download it. Read it. ENTER INTO THE SPIRIT of the WHITE MAN, and learn therefrom. For, by God, you will never look at this racial conflict in the same way, once you learn how your ancestors viewed themselves, as well as the race of slaves that are but animals… and always will be. To paraphrase the Talmud, ‘Even the best of the Niggers must be killed.’

  5. Apparently, free speech is now under attack in SA.

    South Africa gallery removes Zuma penis painting after attack

    JOHANNESBURG – A South African gallery pulled down from its walls the controversial painting of President Jacob Zuma’s exposed penis after it was defaced by protesters on Tuesday.

    Two men smeared paint over the painting of Zuma posed as Vladimir Lenin with his genitals exposed.

    The vandalism occurred as about 400 supporters of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) sang and danced in downtown Johannesburg in support of Zuma during a court hearing on the party’s request to force the gallery to remove the painting.


    Read more:

  6. Outlier- oh, yeah, sure. But realize that most CI are implicit Judaizers, and thus, not our allies, in that they think they are JEWS, and not Israelites. There is a difference. Without the historic catholic (not Romanist, to be clear) faith to temper this truth, one goes off into schism… which only can serve the Father of the Deicides. [John 8:44]

    On another topic,

    “Uncle Tom” helps the cause. Marvelous.

  7. Fr. John says:

    Outlier- oh, yeah, sure. But realize that most CI are implicit Judaizers, and thus, not our allies, in that they think they are JEWS, and not Israelites.

    It doesn’t appear that you are familiar with that site. That website, and the Pastor, are connected to the Klan. That site definitely isn’t a Judaizer site. I mentioned because of the book you referenced.

    BTW, what are/is: “CI”?

  8. So this is where it has to go. The Terre Blacnhe folks had better “do something”. They will be slaughtered anyways. So why not?

  9. Fr. John hasn’t got a damned idea what he is talking about regarding Christian Identity (CI), not one damned bit. To wit, the following garbage and slander – “But realize that most CI are implicit Judaizers, and thus, not our allies, in that they think they are JEWS, and not Israelites.”

    To be blunt – that is a damned lie.

    I have NEVER heard any statement, let alone even an implication from any C.I. adherent that they think they are “Jews” – period! In direct contrast to “Father’s” presumption, C.I. believers universally believe that they are the Israelites of the Old Testament and therefore the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. What sort of knuckleheaded crap is he selling here? The so-called “Jews”, the sons and daughters of Satan, are held in the highest of contempt by C.I. adherents. Sephardic, Kenite, Khazar, Idumean/Edomite, whatever.

    Good God! What is this “priest” implying? That individuals such as Pastors Pete Peters, Sheldon Emery, Richard Butler, Col. Jack Moore, Eli James and the plethora of others in C.I., both the living and the dead, are “Judaizers”? Who in the hell does he think started the militia movement in 1992 along with Louis Beam, Red Beckman, Charlie Weisman, Pastors Greg Dixon, Earl Jones, and the other “Vigilantes of Christendom”. “Judaizers” my ass! Have you ever heard of the
    Phineas Priests?

    Of course not.

    “Father”, you are ignorant of the history of both these MEN and the ACTIONS they undertook and continue to undertake whilst virtually everyone else sat and sits around on their butts twiddling their thumbs. I wholly agree with the suggestion “Outlier” made – that you should not just visit Pastor Eli James site @, but invest some significant time there so as to avoid your wild and unfounded accusations about a topic that you are obviously completely ignorant of.

  10. The following is the introductory statement at Pastor Eli James “Christian Identity” (C.I.) website –

    Welcome to Anglo-SaxonIsrael.Com

    “This website is dedicated to the true story of the Holy Seed of the Holy Bible, a story which has been hidden by many layers of deception. Jesus says numerous times, “Be not deceived.” Yet few Christians have heeded this warning. The articles, audios, videos and slide shows contained on this website will reveal the numerous and profound ways in which Judaism has deceived the world. The rabbis of Judaism have pulled the wool over the eyes of the innocent by pretending to be the Israel of the Bible. This is history’s biggest lie. Since the Jews are not Israel, another people must be True Israel. Therefore, this website is dedicated to the awakening of the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and Caucasian peoples as the true and only descendants of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. May your eyes be opened as all things Scriptural are explained as never before. ASI will unravel 2,000 years of rabbinical deception. “You will know the Truth; and the Truth will set you free.” — John 8:33.”

    Does this introduction match up with the accusations against C.I. as presented by “Father John”? No, in fact it argues the exact opposite. Visit for further edification.

    Google “Scriptures For America” and listen to an hour or so of their “Introductory “Package” and see if there is a single word in it that supports the accusations against C.I. by “Father John”. Read the literature available on that site. See if there is anything that provides credence to his accusations. There is none.

    He is engaging in false witness against his neighbor, his kinsmen and his tribe, assuming he is what he portrays himself to be.

  11. —Those last two posts were not from me—

    Denise et al I have no problem with Fr John and I have no time at all for the IsraelAnglo stuff. I generally find the bible to be a bit tiresome. You can make any point you like with it and contradict yourself if you so choose. It’s a very manipulative book.

    —someone took my absence and decided to attack another poster The last two posts were not me—

  12. I posted them and it is simply coincidental that our names are both John.

    I am a regular visitor here as well as Fr. John’s website, and both sites are exceedingly well done. Where I took umbrage was his response to commentary I made on yesterdays post regarding more of Rich Lowry’s whimpering. Fr. John’s response to my comment began with the quite erroneous assumption that I was a Roman Catholic and it went generally downhill from there and ended with him mangling his final paragraph.

    That aside, he can assuredly say whatever he wishes. The content being true or not is clearly another matter. I had no intention of turning either of the commentary sections into a forum on C.I. just as I would assume that the good Father would prefer another forum to expound on the merits of Orthodoxy. Note that my arguments on the Lowry forum had absolutely nothing to do with C.I. until the Orthodox finger accusatorily wagged at a supposed (but not) Roman Catholic.

    The good father pulled the gun from the holster first.

    Never-the-less, in my view his argument that C.I. adherents were Judaizers was simply beyond the pale and required a response.

  13. I’m stand in amazement that nobody from Congress down would take the time to look at brown countries in whose path we are allowing ourselves to be carried. They will cook up idealistic, utopian “imagine” scenarios and yet will not look at the real world examples that are out there. Just goes to show you that leftism is faith, not based on reality. Worse, it denies reality for fantasy.

  14. I am a Roman Catholic and I have read Anglo-Saxon with greatest interest.

    They argue that the Jews are not the Israelites and Judahites of the Biblical scriptures. Rather, they identify the Europeans of N.W and Central Europe as the Israel of the diasporas that began with the destruction of N Kingdom by the Assyrians. Basically four invasions and depopulations of Israel, Judah and Jerusalem before the NT ever opens and the precious Jews who are the Edomite Canaanites of Idumea invaded / migrated into Judea after they conived with the Second Roman Triumvirate to put the Idumean King Herod on the throne. Their Babylonian Tradition of the Elders is virtually a code for the nullification of the Israelite traditions and Covenant observances and sacred scriptures.

    Arguing from scripture, secular history, archeology and the development of languagues e.g. how English derives from Hebrew, I think they make an excellent case for the stolen identity of the ancient Israelites.

  15. Thank you, Lynda!

    And your erudite commentary at SWB is fantastic! Did not the Scots state in their Declaration of Independence that they were sons of Israel?


    And let us not forget the following quote from the 1905 edition of the “Jewish Encyclopedia” – “It would be a mistake to assume that our roots are of the Israelites of the Old Testament, but, rather, our roots are in Phariseeism.” C.I. folks agree with the antiChrist Judaists on that point 110%, for Jesus correctly accused the Pharisees of being of their father, the devil.

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