Caribbean Project: Rent a Rasta


This is unquestionably the single most disgusting aspect of modern Jamaica: every year as many as 80,000 Western mudsharks, mostly the fat, old, and ugly women from Europe, travel to Jamaica alone to participate in sex tourism with the local beach boys:

Note: This documentary seems to be more about the Rastafarian cult than European sex tourism.

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  1. Further to my last post …

    Key lyrics:

    We make her paint her face and dance

    We make her bear and raise our children

    The song is really repetitive except for those lines.

    Classic Frankfurt school. In Afghanistan women go to great length to get make up, but then cover up with a burqa. And what’s wrong with having kids?

    The feminist mantra was: “A women needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” Gloria Steinmen popularized it, but she never created it (although many people think that she did).

    Its ironic that some women who bought into “Women is a nigger of the world” and similar ended up with a Rent-a-Rasta.

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