Tales From Detroit: Two Shot Over Kool-Aid



While researching Jamaica for the Caribbean Project, I continue to be struck by the similarities between Kingston and Detroit.

In both cities, you will find the same type of casual violence by the Black Undertow, even down to the appearance of the thugs adorned by the same grills, golden jewelry, and penchant for track suits and Nike footwear.

In ghettos like Trench Town and Tivoli Gardens, what is locally called “respik” is everything, and there is so little regard for human life that young children and adolescents are commonly killed for the most trivial reasons.

That’s why it is not really surprising to hear that two black people were shot in The D (it could have just as easily been Kingston) in an argument over which gang makes the best Kool-Aid:

Two Shot in Detroit after Argument Over Kool-Aid: MyFoxDETROIT.com

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  1. As I said over at Counter-Revolutionary Traditionalism earier today:

    Will there ever be a day when a black will not completely amaze me with their astonishing ignorance, criminality, or lack of ettiquette?


    Actually that was in response to:

    you need JESUS says:
    May 30, 2012 at 3:40 am
    you are a stupid ignorant , inhuman being , you probaly have eaten your family members as well, what does color have to do with this story, there are homless people of all races everywhere in the world, by the way, idiot hannibal lector was white, and he made the headlines everyday, and a movie was even made of his story, why dont you get the bible and read it and you would know that, this is written in relevations , keep living the way you do and you could be someone’ s next victim, but you would actually deserve it, but then your flesh is probaly too rotten for even a homeless man.!

    So that’s two amazements today already and I have to go to the store still (tomorrow’s EBT day, I don’t shop on da furst a da munt).

  2. rjp: Sorry that ignoramus was trolling you. Thanks for the tip on the first of the month. I hadn’t thought about it. Glad I went shopping today as well.

    And to think I almost moved to Detroit after college. Sooooo glad I didn’t. Every time I hear a story like this about Detroit I think of the immense bullet I dodged.

  3. Exactly rjp. There are a lot of homeless White Americans. Are they reverting to cannibalism? No. Sadly cannibalism has a racial profile. Hannibal was a fictional character in a Jew novel designed to attatch cannibalism to the Whites. American Psycho was a Jew novel written to attatch gruesome serial crimes to the Whites.

  4. Lynda, Lilly Della Valle,

    He wasn’t trolling me, just the site owner, I got there later and was like “Hannibal Lector”? Double face palm …. they actually think movies are real.

  5. Denise“We have retrieved three empty coffins for children. We suspected that unscrupulous people are digging up graves and later dumping the coffins in the stream. We suspect that some people are practicing cannibalism,” Mr Moses Wanasolo, a resident, said on Wednesday.

    It is so utterly beyond disgusting and pathological ….. So I kneel down and repeat to self: Will there ever be a day when a black will not completely amaze me with their astonishing ignorance, criminality, or lack of ettiquette?

  6. Tony Hopkins is such a good actor it just looked real.
    Blacks and suspension of disbelief. Shhheeeesh. Sol Cambell’s hystrionic about Ukrainian Nazis ready to murder all blacks indicate that these people are very stupid. Very stupid.

  7. Denise says:

    From the land that gave us Obama:


    Even in Kenyans in Maryland ……

    Student accused of killing housemate admits to eating victim’s heart, authorities say

    A 21-year-old college student from Kenya accused of killing a housemate told police he ate the victim’s heart and part of his brain after he died.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/05/31/maryland-man-charged-with-killing-eating-man-brain-heart/?test=latestnews#ixzz1wXXpaulT

  8. The blacks were better off under jim crow. They were compelled to behave in a normal and civilized way. They had their own neighborhoods where rich blacks,middle-class blacks,and the poor blacks lived together. The rich and the middle class blacks kept their criminals in check ( to a large degree). That’s why jim crow had to be destroyed.
    Under jim crow, they were compelled to be disciplined. In the discipline, their race produced some classy people. Ella Fitzgerald. Louis Armstromg. Lena Horne, and others who were very good ambassadors for their race, and for the US as a whole. They were loved all over the world, and not for politically correct reasons. The love and respect was real.
    Jim Crow had to go because it brought to much stability to the blacks. The jew commies wanted the blacks somewhat scattered. Rich blacks separate from the middle class and poor. Middle class separate from the rich and the poor. The poor separate from the rich and the middle class.
    The commies wanted the poor blacks separate from the rest of the blacks. The commies didn’t want the poor blacks to be controlled and disciplined by their own kind.
    The jews wanted the poor blacks undisciplined and feral so the commies could use these street blacks as an army against us. I think the jews are still holding a grudge because their precious slavery was outlawed.
    They wanted their slaves back. That was the purpose of the jews starting the NAACP. To get their ertswhile slaves back under their control.
    The books now lie about jim crow. There was always a substantial black middle class under jim crow. And there were wealthy blacks as well. 50 years after the civil war ended, there were black millionaires even!
    How the jews lies. That’s all they’re about. Hatred. Lies. Violence.Upheavel.
    I blame the jews alot more than I blame the blacks. They were/are being greatly used by the jews. And the jews did everything they could to destroy the black race in America.
    In the destruction caused by the commies, the african blood of the american negro is coming to the fore. It’s exactly what the jew troublemakers wanted. That was the goal.
    This is not meant to condone or excuse criminal behavior. The blacks are now riled up and their african blood is coming to the fore ( real fast and furious), as was the communist plan.
    Please take steps to protect yourself and your family from any possible escalation in racial tension.The black panthers Declared War against white America in Sanford. No one in authority had anything to say about that—> That means GREEN LIGHT!
    The panthers have chapters in every urban area, and probably alot of suburban areas.
    The panthers have been back stage from the 70’s. They are well armed with weaponry and ammunition. Many have military experience. They have been training in miltary tactics while backstage since the 70’s.
    The upcoming election will be about race to a large degree. Tension will be great. The communist left will use the panthers if they see fit. The panthers are waiting for orders.
    Please prepare. Not in a scared way. Just a normal, level-headed way that recognizes the situation in the country.
    Go to black radical websites and communist websites and find out the real hatred they have for you and their goal, and their plan. It’s always good to know as much about your enemy as you can—> So you can better protect yourself and your family.

  9. Blacks shot down one another on the streets every day and night, but at least they have the brains to have alot of babies to make up for it.
    When my fellow whites go to war with one another, we shot down one another in the millions ( about 70 million dead whites in WW1 and WW2), and we don’t have the collective brains,or sense, to reproduce to make up for the loss, a loss we inflicted on ourselves.
    This is no time for whites to get smug and feel superior. We should be examing our faults with the goal of improving ourselves and making our race stronger and more united.
    The world is now arrayed against the white race. We need, individually and collectively, to do some deep soul searching so we can get ourselves out of this mess. Smugness is not going to help us.

  10. The black panthers are back on stage again and have declared war against us. Possibility: The jews ( mossad +cia, under jew control also) are going to assassinate Obama and that’s why the black panthers are back on the scene.
    Possibility: The jews want their pet army already riled up,angry,and ready to go to war within 5 minutes after the assassination.
    It’s a possibility. It ain’t a joke. Take it seriously. Take steps to protect yourselves and your family.

  11. Idk—

    Are the blacks really the only problem of Detroit? What’s really happened is “de-industrialization” (of what the North wanted to do with the country in the 1860s, in industrializing). Now, it says it’s done with that.

    Whites left these cities, and still do —back in reality— because the factories in which they punched clocks shut down. Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and so on… the “rust belt.”

    They are going wherever there is “development” (meaning creating the “new south” of corporate corridors, often for pharm companies and strip malls for their HIGHLY DEPENDENCY way of life that they DEVELOPED in their factories— where the “company” does it all for the “company man”.)

    All whites in industrialized cities did was pack and bag and TRY TO FOLLOW the money where it went. This is hardly creating one’s own reality. This is a sign of the dependency that came into (or came from Europe) with these particular whites, who reference euorpean feudalism and fascism (little f).

    They were deeply socialized under the punch clock, pension, public park, dime-movie entertainment way of life. Muscle for the big money (which makes them a good back-and-forth from the military to the factory… following orders, showing up, punching the clock, not asking questions, doing what the “big boss” desires, being “pleasing” etc.)

    Really, all this may just be how old European Feudalism translated into the American situation (feudalist subjects being the same kind of “human subject” as factories could easily use) Very top-down, corporate, hierarchy, doing as told, not thinking, punching clocks fascist with a little “f”.

    The “dream” for them seems often to be a landlord, or “small shopkeeper” which produces the illusion of new money on markup— which is not CREATING wealth (in the sense of “sound money” but only “marking up” –charging more to step on it) Although there is reference, in factory life, to creating a product (Santorum and Romney channel this and speak to the de-industrialized populations).

    In the New South, many of the de-industrialized feel very misunderstood by southerners. But they do not understand that the Southerner is not being “de-industrialized.” They were “de-colonized,” which is something different. This is a different identity, different kind of person, who thinks differently about things. (Although both are disenfranchised— and have this in common).

    Anyway— the “de-industrialized” people were one up on the blacks, in that they FOLLOWED the big money (to “developmental regions” s/a the new south— sort of the way Peace Corp workers, or military, do).

    Obviously, the whole population cannot do what Federalization makes seem reasonable (that when Central Planners target a place for “development” the whole country has to try to go there. Truly nuts.

  12. If I were being de-industrialized, I’m not sure I’d brag about being better than the blacks left in Detroit—- seeing as the big difference was that they didn’t pack and try to follow the factory.

    In other words: Where’s the missing vision of the old white people who can find a way of life outside following factories over the globe?

    Even homegrown politicians have been left whining about “ATTRACTING jobs,” like they are beggars in the street before the feudal carriages, praying to be tossed a coin.

    Not one says, “F these people. We are the people living here now and we will start making something all by ourselves.”

  13. The black race, for all their faults, didn’t open our borders, start massive immigration, dismantle American industry and ship it en masse to China; The black race didn’t pass a million laws and regulations in Washington ruining the auto industry and the steel industry, and other industries in America.
    The blacks are not the ones who flooded this country with herion and cocaine
    ( the jew international mob did/does).
    The black race did not take us off the gold standard and hand us fiat money. The black race does not get us involved in foreign wars for the benefit of israel. The black race does not sell our military secrets to china and other countries.
    The black race didn’t set up our bank/corporate monopoly economy. The black race didn’t pass the Federal Reserve Act in 1913,handing all the power over to jew talmudic bankers.
    The black race didn’t come up with 501c tax break for the churches. 501c tax break for the churches, but only if the churches tow the government line,which the churches lovingly and willingly do to get that tax break, even if the government line is jew/talmudic to the core,which it is. The blacks are not putting a gun to the head of the church leaders and forcing them to sell out.
    The black race didn’t force the white race to engage in two incredibly destructive wars in the 20th century. Between both wars, about 70 million whites died. Many before they ever reproduced. An eternal loss for our race. The blacks didn’t do this. We do it to ourselves. Europe was left in ruins after the war, Her spirit greatly broken.
    We, members of the white race, have alot of soul searching to do if we are to save ourselves and our race.

  14. Blacks have conducted a low intensity war in America. They were critical in the post 1965 multicult.

    It’s not like European whites and American whites had to conduct all things faultlessly. Or even get 80% of its decisions right.

    The cost of having blacks in America has been astronomical. Mars b**ches!

  15. The white race didn’t want to go to Mars.
    The white race wanted to destroy Europe and kill one another down in the the 10’s of millions.
    20 years after WW2, the white race still didn’t want to go Mars. The white race wanted to get divorced in droves, abandon their children and the children wanted to abandon their elders, take drugs, be promiscuous, flush their heritage and faith and culture down the toilet, get abortions (1973), more promiscuousity, even more drugs and even more of do your own thing.
    I know my white race wanted to go to Mars because our industry was shipped to China en masse and there was no collective outcry about it, not really. My white race was still too busy doin’ it’s own thing.
    One should do one’s best to protect oneself from black street criminals, but blaming them solely for the destruction of Detroit, or the USA as a whole , doesn’t cut-the-cake:
    It’s a false premise. You can’t ever build anything worthwhile on a false premise.

  16. @ Joe
    In terms of the American political theatre ( owned by the Jews), you think the Black Panthers have the Helter Skelter script – sort of like the Big Jew les ton ton macoutes?

    Blacks do not organize politically – so it would make sense for someone else to be running them. The Jews run the NAACP and Black Civil rights. It would make sense for them to be running the militants.

    You know, back in the 1970s, John Todd was saying the same thing about the release of the prisoners for Helter Skelter.

  17. the White race didn’t want to get divorced in droves; White women did. The changes in divorce law were purpose built to make it advantageous for women to divorce

  18. @Lynda
    Yes. I think the jews have full control over the panthers.
    Hardly any of the black panthers work and have jobs. Yet, they re all very well fed,well clothed( when they want), all drive expensive SUVs and Hummers, and are stocked with weaponry and ammunition to the hilt. They lack for nothing.
    Very easy to hand out fiat money. Jews in DC got plenty of that.
    My guess the panthers are controlled by the jews via black sell-out leaders. The average black panther doesn’t actually know who pays him ( or only has an inkling. or doesn’t really care).
    Yes. The panthers are the commie jews pet army.

  19. @Lynda
    Forgot to mention– prisoners are being released from California prisons. It’s been going on for 2 years now. Supposedely for lack of money, though there’s plenty of fiat money for all the welfare programs.
    Yes. In California, the state prisons are releasing prisoners.

  20. it would be much more likely that black panther money come from illegal activity and donations from various negros like NBA “stars” jessie jackson etc. I’m fair certain the black panthers get money from various leftist groups as well, which does mean jewish money, but I doubt jews pay them directly.

    besides you don’t have to pay negros for them to go feral, they do that all on their own and free of charge

  21. @stonelifter
    You made a excellent point. I could write an extremely long article about how feminism has pretty much destroyed family life. You probably know all the ways, as it is.
    Giant disaster for our race. It would be a very long post and a very sad post.

  22. oh no Joe you can’t do that or you’ll chase all the WN women away…. who are themselves feminist 1st and fore most.

    I know most of the ways, I’m still learning as I go. Being single again has been an eye opener and I have much sympathy for young White men when it comes to their future mates. I’ve already produced children and rode out the storm, but the younger men…

  23. @ stonelifter
    I live a block away from a planned parenthood abortion clinic. I live in a multi-cultural, multi-racial neighborhood.
    It’s very sad: about 80% of the women driving in and out of the parking lot are white women. It’s not the employees parking lot either. Their parking lot is in the back of the clinic building.
    That’s what I see. It’s a tragedy and a disaster for us.

  24. what gets me, when you look at the research, White women kill their babies because the timing is wrong and will throw off their perfectly planned story book life.

  25. @ Joe: “changes in divorce law were purpose built to make it advantageous for women to divorce”:

    Also advantageous for “They” (who are “They”?) who wanted to loosen up their morals, loosen up their ties, for all kinds of advantage taking.

  26. Yes, S. and J., the destruction of our marriage and religion is absolutely key to our racial decline. Ayn Rand’s “virtue” of selfishness that justifies adultery has replaced the fear of the Almighty in the hearts of our people, although in the final end we WILL all meet our Maker.

    What is MOST important now is not how many physical white offspring one could manage to procreate by whatever means, but rather how many lost white people one can lead to “revert” (using a term that Muslims describe THEIR conversion) again to the one true Faith.

  27. On second thought, I’ll take back that “revert” flourish. I should have said simply: “return to the one true Faith.”

  28. A little more editing: “‘They’ (who are ‘They’?) who wanted to loosen up their morals, loosen up their ties, for all kinds of advantage taking.” Should be stated clearer:

    “They” (who are “They”?) who wanted to loosen up our womens’ morals, loosen up our womens’ ties, for all kinds of advantage taking.

  29. Gloria Steinhem was CIA. So was her father.
    I forgot where I read that, it was a few years ago. Google, ” Gloria Steinhem+CIA”, that should get you some results.
    If not try going to:
    Lots of very good info about the CIA and what was happening in the 60’s. Some very compelling information at this site.
    Great expose’ about the 60’s hippie movement.

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