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I believe this individual used to be a White Nationalist on Stormfront a long time ago:

“I do understand that people in the South feel that they were treated very unfairly by the North, in the War between the States. I know how much you hate the word ” Civil War”, so I will refer to it as the War between the States. Will you can continue to call it the War of Northern Agression.”

I prefer to use the term “War Between the States” which was coined by Alexander Hamilton in The Federalist No. 8. He wrote about the “case of disunion” which might be formed “out of the wreck of the general Confederacy.”

The reason that I use that term is to stress the importance of sectional conflict across the broad expanse of American history: before the war, during the war, and long after the war. It has been going on continuously over any number of issues (slavery was just one issue, civil rights was another) ever since the ratification of the Constitution.

“I will even agree with you that there were more factors then just slavery on why this War was fought.”

As Jefferson Davis makes clear in his memoirs, the conflict was going on between the “commercial and navigating states” and the “planting states” long before it crystallized into a conflict between “free states” and “slave states” after the gradual demise of slavery in the North during the early nineteenth century.

“It was partly state rights vs federal government rights and who held the greater power. Slavery was something that New Englande from the beginning wanted to end.”

New England was perfectly happy to supply the South, the Caribbean, and the Latin American slave states with an abundant supply of slaves for over a century. Even at the Constitutional Convention, New England had yet to fully embrace the abolition of the slave trade, which is why it was postponed until 1808.

“At the beginning when they set up this new government New England didn’t want slavery to be legal in any part, but agree to postpone the issue for a number of years. Then at some point it had to be dealt with.”

The U.S. Constitution was the Compromise of 1789.

As part of the Compromise of 1789, New England got the commercial Union that it wanted above all else, while the South got the 3/5ths rule and the fugitive slave clause, and later the Bill of Rights including the Tenth Amendment. Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution is there any clause that slavery had to be “dealt with” by the federal government.

“It was your economic way of life, but yet New England felt it was morally wrong to hold and keep slaves.”

New England felt it was “morally wrong” to hold and keep slaves … but mysteriously, interestingly enough, Yankeeland was perfectly willing to process the cotton grown by those slaves on Southern plantations in its own textile industries, and clothe themselves in the products of slavery, and tax Southern households with protective tariffs in order to redistribute wealth created by slavery to the North through internal improvements.

If slavery was so morally wrong, why didn’t New England secede from the Union, as the abolitionists like William Lloyd Garrison wanted? Why didn’t they oppose internal improvement bills financed by slavery? Why didn’t they shut down their textile mills or process only “fair trade” cotton?

“So yes there are many considerations to take to heart and think about as we come to an honest opinion about President Lincoln and his fight to keep the Union together as one.”

By seceding from the Union, the North was perfectly free to abolish slavery in the Union and the territories with a constitutional amendment. In fact, this is exactly what William Lloyd Garrison had always wanted, who for twenty years had been the foremost disunionist in America.

Now that the South had left the Union, the North was no longer “morally complicit” in slavery. How did Abraham Lincoln respond to this triumph of anti-slavery? He tried to ratify a constitutional amendment that would have preserved slavery for all time. He instructed his generals to preserve slavery in states where it existed like Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, and Missouri.

Lincoln himself said that if he could “preserve the Union” without liberating a single slave that he would do it. Going all the way back to the Constitution Convention, New England had been willing to sacrifice everything (including its opposition to slavery) for the commercial Union.

It was “the Union war” right down until the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863.

“I believe that was his intent and not just to punish the South for daring to believe in the right for them as states to decide what they wil and will not believe. Yet, many felt that there had to be a strong federa government.”

Of course.

The war turned on the question of secession, not slavery: was the Union national, perpetual, and indissoluble, or was it federal, tentative, and voluntary? Slavery was merely the “incident” that destroyed the Union over the larger constitutional question.

“My question to White Nationalists who still fly and hold the Confederate lfags close to their heart, is do you think the South will rise again under your leadership? Do you really think that you will be able to keep the South as you believe it should be?”

I think that secession will reemerge as a mainstream issue in the decades ahead. We’re already at the point where nullification has reentered the mainstream:

(1) First, the Southwestern states (Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona) will fall to the Democrats due to changing racial demographics, giving them a national lock on the White House and Supreme Court.

(2) Second, it is only a matter of time before Southern states like Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia tip into the Democratic column, also due to changing racial demographics.

(3) Third, the Democratic attempt to run America like Chicago will prove to be explosive, and it will lead to the revival of states’ rights and secession talk in Dixie.

(4) Fourth, the exploding national debt and the paralysis of the economy will weaken federal institutions, especially as the military disintegrates and the welfare state collapses under financial pressure.

(5) The Union will break when the cost of the Union becomes too high. It only takes two or three states to launch the movement and force other states to take sides. States like Texas, Florida, and Virginia might break apart in the process in the same way that West Virginia was created.

“I know how much you love the battle flag and the stars and bars and all the other Confederate flags. I have love for my glags and while I was with you, hung the stars and bars outside and inside my home. I loved the music and the old songs too. I know you think you are fighting for yoru survival, but is that what you are really fighting for?”

We’re fighting for our own independence – our right to secede from a national parliament dominated by blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Jews, DWLs, Yankees, multiracials and so on, and other types of Democrats with whom we have nothing in common, and to govern ourselves without molestation by a “majority” of ethnic, racial, and cultural aliens.

“What about the survival of others who are non Whites. Do they have a right to live in the South too?”

Let them survive on welfare among the people who claim to love them so much. We can “Freedom Ride” them out of the South, starting right now, to any destination in North America that is willing to take them.

“I know you talk about seperation, but is that really the answer to making us a better nation or people.”

We’re no longer a nation or a people – just a state, which is increasingly tyrannical, composed of disparate peoples who have little in common.

“Or is trying to understand where the other side is coming from and listening with an open mind to what the other side is saying? I choose to listen and read with an open mind and trying to learn from every single person or thing that comes into my life.”

We’ve listened them long enough to know that we don’t want to listen to them anymore. The debate about “civil rights” and “the legacy of slavery” can continue indefinitely in the remainder of the United States.

A preview of The Day The EBT Card Stops Working:

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  1. That idea is surprisingly appealing to me and its something I would have thought abhorrent not many years ago. Ah how times change.

    I’ll add though should hopefully peaceful and legal dissolution of this failing experiment take place the new country will need some serious measures to defend itself. I can guarantee you in a few years the “progressives” will want to take military action. These people are power junkies and like any junkie you need serious measures to keep them in check.

    Be prepared.

    Plus as that societies internal contradictions kill it

  2. Apologies, I forgot an edit.

    I’ll note the South has good resources and as Damn Yankee Land’s internal contradictions kill it, they may come looking to take whats yours. Given that murdering sovereign leaders is standard policy I’d advise people to look at what works at even preventing them from thinking it less you end up harnessed to the plow.

  3. “We know that we’ve listened to them long enough to know that we do not want to listen to them anymore. The debate…can continue indefinitely in the rest of the United States.”

    One of the most pithy and excellent ripostes to a santimonious rhetorical question that I have read or heard to date.

  4. “We know that we’ve listened to them long enough to know that we do not want to listen to them anymore.”

    I agree, HarryO. That has to be one of the best lines HW has ever come up with. It sums up the situation perfectly.

    Our interests are completely alien to those who run the Yankee Empire of BRA. The moral preening of our supposed betters really could continue indefinitely were it not for the encroaching demographic and financial catastrophes.

    Once the numbers of parasitic freeloaders overwhelm the capacity of the federal beast to support their insatiable demands, it’s game over for BRA. Once the government tit runs dry, chaos ensues. The balkanization of the Yankee Empire will be completed in the wake of that chaos.

    The nations that emerge from the chaos will be based on ethnicity, as nations always have been. The end of BRA is the end of such quaintly mistaken notions as that of a “proposition” nation.

    It is important to note that the whites who have upheld BRA are not now, and never have been, our countrymen. They do not consider themselves our kinsmen. So they are not. Along with their colored allies, they must be induced to emigrate, one way or another. Like the old bumper sticker says, Get your heart in Dixie or your ass out!

    “I know you talk about seperation[sic], but is that really the answer to making us a better nation or people?”

    Yes it is. It all comes down to this: either our people, or BRA, must perish.

    Deo Vindice

  5. Why would anyone want to run anything like Chicago, (L.A., ny, south florida, etc.)?

    What do they see to like about it? Anything…

    Surely some of them can see the downsides to what they’ve created.

  6. a strong federal government? centralized power at the the highest level. exactly what our fore fathers didn’t want for us

  7. The institution of higher learning where I work is hosting a current strategy conference this Summer. I took a peak at the agenda and the suggested reading. Let me just say that it scares me. The 50 pound heads really don’t think of the people of a nation as free citizens, but consumers and mouths to feed. While paying lip service to the interest of the United States, in actuality, it’s all about the NWO (never mentioned in the documents of course, becuase only conspiracy nuts believe that bunk! LOL), but terms like “international system” are used throughout. And of course, the Holy Grail to these internation Marxists is “growth”. I’m no economist, but why does everything come down to “growth”? Growth of what? Who benefits from growth? Why is growth always linked to population growth? Why do the Marxist doomsayers predict failure of Europe if they don’t “grow” their population, and failure for Japan because their declining population? And they insist that America’s demographic explosion is going to be the key to another American century because of our “younger population”, population growth, and of course economic growth.
    So you see, America is nothing more than an economic zone populated by consumers who must be herded, protected, secured and of course, plucked, by government.

  8. “Let the dead bury the dead.” – Jesus Christ

    Even Our Lord was willing to acknowledge those who were “dead men, walking” while He was on earth. His enemies were the Edomitic Pharisees, miscegenated halflings who had taken over the reigning government, just like another nation I could name…..

    And they crucified Him for it.

    Secession. It’s coming. Are you ready for it? Because being one of Robertson’s 5 Categories ain’t gonna save you, and neither is saying, ‘Lord, Lord’ when you stood by and let the goyim hordes destroy JerUSAlem….. again.

  9. What are we supposed to do when a relative dies? just keep the corpse in the house?
    boy, those !#%%^&**$#@ goyim are such troublemakers.
    Come,Come, Ye Saints……. far away in the west….. All is Well, All is Well

  10. Harold reads the 12-point NVA peace conference manifesto from A Mighty Fortress

    “We have guns in our hands now, and people listen to other people with guns in their hands.”
    “Anyway, we call these the Twelve Points,” said Morehouse. “Cribbed that one from Woodrow Wilson.”
    Political Bureau of the Northwest Volunteer Army
    The Moral and Political Basis for Northwest Independence
    1. The United States of America, in its original form as envisioned by the Founding Fathers, was a political entity created by and for white people. The white race made America what it is today. American law and the United States Constitution are derived from Anglo-Saxon common law, going back to the Magna Carta. Such concepts as democracy itself and the rule of law are based upon European thought, not African or Asiatic.
    2. The United States of America as it exists today has only the most remote and tenuous historical connection with the country and the system of government which was originally established and envisioned by the Founding Fathers. The United States was never intended by the Founding Fathers to be multi-racial, or multi-cultural, or diverse. It was intended to be a national expression of what was viewed at the time as the Manifest Destiny of the white race. This is made abundantly clear by contemporary documents from the time of the Founding Fathers, in the writings of men such as Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin. Indeed, the only references to non-whites in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were in passing, where Indians are referred to as enemies of the colonists and where for census and apportionment purposes, blacks were considered to be three-fifths of a man.
    3. The present government of the United States of America has become irredeemably corrupt, and its continuation in power is antithetical to the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The United States has become tyrannical, poisonous, and deeply repulsive to every concept of human decency. America today is riddled with crime, corruption, poverty, sexual perversion, unemployment, ill health, mistreatment of the elderly, the destruction of the national infrastructure, a dysfunctional educational system, and national malaise and demoralization. America today has been bankrupted and morally poisoned by a series of foreign wars fought on behalf of the Jewish people which are in fact counter to America’s interests, wars which have been as pointless as they were immoral. These problems simply did not exist to any significant degree in the past, when the white man was in charge.
    4. It is clear beyond any debate, that modifying the racial composition of America away from the dominant white society that it was as it rose to power, towards a mixed, racially diverse society, has been catastrophic, an unmitigated disaster. Diversity does not impart strength; it creates weakness, division, chaos, corruption, and deep social sickness. Diversity has ruined America. Even if all races were exactly the same, if there were no differences whatsoever, the fact that whites created America as we know it today means that we now have the right to demand that at least a portion of what we have created be set aside for our exclusive use. We did not create this great
    A Mighty Fortress 88
    and wealthy country just to hand it over to an endless flow of mud-colored immigrants who have done nothing to earn what we have made, and who do not belong here at all.
    5. For the past century, all peaceful attempts to alter and reverse the racial and social policies of the United States have failed. Petitions have been ignored. The electoral and political process has been undermined and corrupted, and turned into a weapon of genocide against America’s white inhabitants. The judiciary has become an instrument of racial and social tyranny. The United States has persistently refused to respond to all peaceful and legal efforts at reform. All peaceful and legal avenues of redress having failed or been closed off, it is therefore not only the moral right, but the profound duty, of all Americans of European descent to take up arms against the United States and apply such force and coercion as may be necessary to compel the government of the United States to change its wicked and destructive behavior, and to punish those who are responsible for such behavior.
    6. Based upon the extensive history of the black and mestizo races, it is clear that they are not capable of creating or maintaining an advanced society. It was not Africans who invented such things as the wheel and gunpowder, forged steel, domesticated the horse, sailed the world on voyages of exploration and conquest, invented aviation and charted the mysteries of the human body. It was Europeans. Third World immigration eventually means a Third World country. Racial integration and diversity is like mixing horse manure and ice cream. It does wonders for the manure, but it doesn’t do much at all for the ice cream.
    7. The loathsome perversion of homosexuality is absolutely unacceptable in any civilized society. It must be exterminated with fire and sword. This is not something that is subject to debate or argument. It is something that decent men simply do.
    8. The unspeakable practice of infanticide by abortion is absolutely unacceptable in any civilized society. It must be brought to a halt immediately, and those who are guilty of trafficking in or profiting by this horror must be tried and punished for premeditated murder. This is not something that is subject to debate or argument. It is something that decent men simply do.
    9. The moral perversion known as feminism is destructive of the family, which is the basic building block of society, because it teaches the false idea that men and women are somehow competitors and enemies, and that the bearing and rearing of white children is somehow shameful. No more pernicious, poisonous and humanly destructive lie can be imagined. There must be an immediate return to sanity and the nuclear family headed by a married couple, husband and wife, as the basic building block of society.
    10. There must be a final solution to the Jewish question.
    11. The number of whites, as a percentage of world population, is now down into the single digits and falling fast. There can be no doubt that the white race is in danger of literal, physical extinction. All of the White nations on earth are now accepting large numbers of nonwhite immigrants. The only one of the three major races of earth that is in real danger of extinction is the white race. It is absolutely essential that the white race acquire a Homeland of its own, some place on earth where white children can be born and raised in physical and spiritual safety, and where our numbers may be restored and the threat of racial extinction overcome.
    12. History, economics, demographics, geography, and moral justice dictate that this worldwide Homeland for all the Aryan peoples of the world be established in the Pacific Northwest, the land which is hallowed with the blood of martyrs such as Sam and Vicky Weaver, Bob Mathews, Pastor Richard Butler, the Singer family, and now all of the comrades of the Northwest Volunteer Army who have perished during the past five years of armed struggle. While the Northwest Volunteer Army recognizes that we lack the power to overthrow that government completely and to take back our country in its entirety, for the sake of not only our own race but all of humanity, it is essential that the United States and the ruling élite which now controls the United States be clearly defeated in the eyes of the world, and that at least some portion of the North American continent be detached from Federal control and returned to the original white people who created the world as we know it. The coming conference at Longview will have one of two results, either the establishment of the Northwest Republic, or else a return to combat operations against the United States government on the part of the NVA. There is no third alternative.
    “Jesus, you’re really trying to scare the bastards to death, aren’t you, Red?” asked Barrow, looking over the document

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