Obama Falls In Polls

District of Corruption

The latest Gallup poll shows that 43 percent approve of BRA’s president while 49 percent disapprove of his job performance: this comes in the immediate wake of Obama’s DREAM Act amnesty.

Note: As Sean Trende points out, Hispanic voters are concentrated in only three of the swing states (Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada) which have a combined 20 electoral votes (Cubans in Florida don’t really count), while the much larger number of White working class voters who are already pissed off with Obama and who voted against the Democrats in 2010 are pivotal swing voters in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Pennsylvania, which is the far larger electoral prize.

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  1. Be that as it may, there is no alternative candidate.

    —Except the one for the jingoistic pro-war-anti-abort yahoo “conservatives” voting to keep their public checks and pensions coming, as well as for more “public service announcement” t.v. infomercial propaganda about how indispensable they are to the payers. Right.

  2. Obama has a commanding lead in all respected polls of likely and/or registered voters I’ve seen.

    Having had to sit through candidate Romney’s speech today to Latino office holders–who, no surprise, are organized on the basis of race–I find it hard to care much about it either way. Given what I heard today from this shameless pandering money-making marketing robot, I don’t see how any normal European-American, let alone a nationalist one, could vote for Romney.

    The only proper course of action is to abstain.

    The USG is illegitimate in any case.

  3. Vote 3rd party. Like I’ve said before, all politics happen at the margin. If republicans lose because of 3rd party spoillers, it forces them to become more nationalistic and give up something else to maintain their 50% +/- a few percent required in our political system.

    Predictions of total democrat control based on race and demographics are stupid for this reason. There will always be two parties squabling over the middle few percent. As society changes the coalitions that make up the two opposing groups will as well. If mexicans were 75% of the population then one party would find a way to peel enough of them off. They vote as a block because that’s what’s marginally advantageous for now.

    BRA exists not because blacks vote as a block but because everyone else doesn’t care enough to make non-BRA an issue.

  4. Of the seven heavily Hispanic states that Sean Trende lists in his article at Real Clear Politics, Obama is leading in five and Romney in two.

    California, of course, will be an easy win for Obama, with him leading in the RCP average poll by 52.8% to 36%.

    New Mexico can’t seriously be considered a swing state. Out of six polls listed at RCP, Obama’s lead varies from 7% to 19%. He will easily win this state come November.

    In Nevada, Obama leads 49.3% to 44%. It could legitimately be considered a swing state, but Obama’s amnesty might ultimately secure victory for him even though Nevada has a large Mormon population.

    In Colorado, Obama leads 47.2% to 44.4%. This is definitely a swing state that could go either way.

    In Florida, Obama leads 47% to 45.2%. A swing state to be sure, but the composition of the Hispanic population is changing so rapidly in Florida that the conventional wisdom should be thrown out the window when it comes to this state.

    For example, mostly right-wing Cubans are now only 32% of the Hispanic population of FL and shrinking. Mostly left-wing Puerto Ricans make up 28%, Mexicans 9%, and other Hispanics 31%.


    In 2006, there were 414,000 Hispanic registered Republicans in FL, outnumbering the 370,000 Hispanic registered Democrats. But now, only six years later in 2012, registered Democrats far outnumber registered Republicans among Hispanics, 565,000 to 453,000. Florida was unique for a long time in having a GOP-leaning Hispanic population, but it looks like those days are over.

    In Arizona, Romney leads 47.7% to 43%. With those tight numbers there’s no way that the Republicans can take its 11 electoral votes for granted, so AZ should be considered a swing state as well.

    Texas is the only heavily Hispanic state that the Republicans will almost certainly win, but even there the numbers are fairly close. Of five polls listed by RCP, Romney leads by between 6 and 8 points. By 2016 Texas will be a swing state, if not leaning Democratic, proving how suicidally stupid the GOP is when it comes to the long-term effects of mass immigration.

    Obama’s Hispandering strategy should help him hold four of the states (NV, NM, CO, FL) that he stole from the Republicans in 2008, now worth 49 electoral votes, up from 46. But the real prize will be when the Dems steal Texas and Arizona from the GOP (another 49 electoral votes) by 2016 or 2020 at the latest.

    The silver lining out of this dark cloud for the GOP will be the white working class vote largely abandoning the Dems in the six swing states listed by Trende, PA, OH, MI, WI, IA, MN. If all these states fall to the Republicans, that’s 80 electoral votes they will pick up, down from 85 in 2008. And they will almost certainly win Indiana and New Hampshire (15 electoral votes) too.

    If that’s the case, then the election will probably come down to who wins Virginia and North Carolina, former Republican bastions where Obama now leads.

    It’s all part of the great 21st Century political/demographic shift: As the Democrats invade and conquer the once-Republican but increasingly non-white Warm States, they leave their stronghold in the mostly white Cold States vulnerable to GOP counterattack.

  5. The only proper course of action is to abstain….”

    Used to think that. But changed my mind— it doesn’t hurt to vote 3rd party, write in, whatever— a reminder that there are many people who think about the country, but can’t engage on the basis of what’s been put forward. Stand up and be counted.

  6. If the Democrats lose the skilled labor (and any other predominantly white) unions as major supporters, they will be hurting badly.


    And if members of the SEIU ever figure out that they are really just being fleeced rather than being provided benefit for their union dues, that will hurt as well.

    AFSCME will always be strong because of it’s large urban membership …. as long as employers are forced to be the union dues collectors. If unions lose the right to get dues collected by the employer, it is done ….. negroes don’t pay bills …. especially voluntary ones.

  7. Hunter,

    Aren’t Hispanics a big voting block in Florida?

    And Cubans are no longer the majority of Hispanics in Florida – so the Conservative, anti Communist Cuban Republicans aren’t going to win us Florida.

  8. @Dixiegirl, it absolutely hurts to vote third party…
    Sotomayor, Kagan ring any bells?
    Do you honestly believe RP can win?
    Short answer is he can’t. So it’s Romney or four more years of Obama, Holder, Clinton, Geitner and whomever he appoints to the SCOTUS.

  9. “The only proper course of action is to abstain.”

    I disagree. We need to start the shouting for secession.

    Now. Today. Forever.

    either candidate will hasten our annihilation. Or do you want to die? Just started reading “Hold Back This Day” by Kendall, who has read this blog, Hunter, as you may recall.. I think so, anyway. The mind-numbed H8’rs of Christendom are calling is ‘racissss’ – which means, it’s true. Not the future I would want for ANY of my ‘holy seed.’ [Ez. 9:2]


  10. Hispanics are a big Democratic constituency. Younger, more affluent Cubans (many of whom ironically not able to speak Spanish) are drawn to the identity politics of the Democrats more and more. They are the ones coming up. Rubio is simply a throwback representative of older Cuban conservatives, very similar to the way Romney is a throwback representative of old Yankee moderate conservatism.

    We have a lot of other Hispanics, anyway–Brazilians, and Colombians, especially, along with Mexicans, Guatamalans, Hondurans, many of whom come and go, temporarily (or not) “sheltering” here in Florida from the effects of Alabama’s immigration laws, for example. Think of Florida as the staging area and base of operations for the black and brown infiltration.

    After Governor Jeb “Carpetbagger with obligatory Hispanic wife” Bush and Governor Charlie “Hispandering Butt Pirate” Crist, at least we do have Governor Rick “Just Another Yankee Transplant” Scott trying, in true Kabuki theatre fashion, to curb voter fraud (translation: illegal immigrants voting).

    Ain’t BRA just grand?

    Deo Vindice

  11. I’m sick of all the foreign immigrants . I live in was a great suburban retreat from the multicultural cesspool of Houston, Texas. I moved here in 1984. In the last election they just elected the 2nd Indian-Hindi city councilman. The Indians and Chinese are all over..I hate this government. MittRomney wants more!

  12. “It’s all part of the great 21st Century political/demographic shift: As the Democrats invade and conquer the once-Republican but increasingly non-white Warm States, they leave their stronghold in the mostly white Cold States vulnerable to GOP counterattack.”

    You write as if the GOP has a future other then the dust bin of history.

  13. I am surprised at how few commenters understand that 43% approval for Obama at this point in history is catastrophic.

  14. When I worked for UPS in New York City , the union representing the workers ( I was in low level management, not in the union) took money out of the workers paycheck for the Democratic party. It was taken out worker’s paychecks even if any individual worker was a Republican or an Independent. Money was taken out of the paycheck and the worker was ipso facto put on the Democratic voting list– didn’t matter how much anyone complained about this policy. It is the policy ( at least in that union in NYC representing the UPS workers). I apologize because I forgot the name of the union.
    I worked at UPS in the early to the mid 90’s.
    Long story short: Part of my reponsibilities was to work with union officials. My experiences with them was so awful and stomach-turning I blocked out the name of the union in my head. They had the spirit and the attitude of thugs about them. All in all, it was putrid. I guess it would be easy to do an engine search, but it would only bring back alot of lousy memories.
    The point is ( at least with this union, I don’t want to extrapolate because I don’t know about all the unions nationwide): The workers are automatically put on the Democratic voting list. Money from the paychecks automatically goes to finance the Democrats. The workers have no say.
    Quite a few of the UPS drivers that I knew were very conservative. They were not true leftist democratic types, not even close. Many thought and felt that that the whole set up was (is) very overbearing. It is very overbearing.
    The workers names are automatically put on the Democratic roster. Now with electronic voting, my guess is that all their votes automatically go under the Democratic column, even if any individual voter votes otherwise. The name is already in the computer file as democrat. Dieblod will ipso facto consider the vote democrat.
    Many of the blue-collar types that I know back in NYC are not happy with the whole set-up. Most of them are conservative in attitude, behavior, and thinking. Many of them detest the democrats.
    The union ‘welfare” mentality exists in NYC (that’s for sure), but not to the extent that many think. I would say, from my experience, it’s about 50-50.
    50% have the classic union welfare mentality. 50% do not like it, and resent how overbearing the unions are. Unfortunately, those who love the union welfare mentality have the biggest mouths, are very intense, plus the union leaders (communists) have alot of power in Washington and in NYC/NY State.
    Unfortunately, Diebold is an Israeli company ( big suprise and shock). Our votes are counted in Israel by jew communists.
    My votes in NYC were never considered valid and legal. I was always registered properly and legally. That wasn’t the issue. I always registered as an Independent: That doesn’t count in NYC.
    The jewish communists hate that. I ALWAYS recieved a letter about a week and a half after voting stating that “they” could not include/count my vote. I was always– according to the communists at the NYC voting board– not registered “properly”.This was before electronic voting even.
    Funny name, think about it: “Die” and “Bold”. We are to die, as per the communists who own “diebold” company. But, don’t worry white Americans, our deaths will be “Bold” proud deaths.
    Orwell knew what he was talking about.
    Lots of info online about Diebold company, electronic voting, lack of oversight of the voting process ( very convenient),and how easy it is to electronically switch a vote from one “column” to the other “column”.
    “They” might as well dismantle washington,dc and declare Jerusalem the capital of the country and declare the Israeli prime minister as our King.
    I wouldn’t be happy about it of course, but at least it would be truthful. At least.
    US domestic and foreign policy is formulated and written in Jerusalem. ALL politicians in the USA — even state politicians– have to get “their” approval.

  15. May Woodrow Wilson burn in the f*ckin deepest pit of hell until eternity, along with Abe the emancipator, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, and Lyndon Baines.
    ( to all those who are religious, I already know that christians are not to wish hell for anyone– I don’t give a sh*t. Don’t bother writing a post lecturing me–it will mocked and disdained).

  16. Joe- what makes you think that we should not wish the destruction of our avowed enemies (not that your list is such, but…..)? Have you never heard of imprecatory prayers, or liturgies of malediction? Then you truly haven’t read your bible….


  17. @Fr John
    Bless me father for I have sinned. LOL
    Yes Fr John, I have heard, and have been taught, and know about the things you mention. I went to Catholic schools from kindergarten through college. lol
    I know what you’re talking about. Still, I was trying to head off flack by a certain poster who calls us to read papal “bulls”. It’s best to leave it at that. lol
    I’m quite the protestant curmudgeon in spite of my Catholic upbringing.
    I am not opposed to your religious agenda, really. I just don’t think there are too many white Americans around who really care about The Faith.
    The ‘do your own thing” mentality that has been ascendant during the last 50-60 years has taken it’s toll big time on the collective spirit of the white race–both here and in Europe and throughout the West.
    If you succeed in bringing many, or even enough people, to start a church and/or to make some kind of difference in the world we live in– I would not begrudge you that at all. Not in the least. ( please don’t let “them” tempt you with 501c, please?)LOL
    I think a great purging is coming. It’s all in God’s hand at this point ( and yes I know it always is), but because of the collective behavior of the white race for the longest time, the day of reckoning is coming.
    After reckoning, your church very well may take off, so to speak. But, the day of reckoning and purging is going to have to happen first, I think.
    In the meantime, I enjoy busting your chops as you and Mosin enjoy busting my chops. LOL ( that’s a NYC expression: It is said in humor and goodwill, and there is no hidden meaning to it. Sometimes it’s difficult to translate light-hearted humor online. That’s why I mention it).
    I got my “boxing gloves” on today as I did yesterday. In spite of my love of debate and sometimes causing trouble (quite intentionally) , I’ll do my best to remain the Christian gentleman.
    Please be sure to remind me if I stray from the “straight and narrow” so I don’t ever stray into enemy territory. I woul hate that. That would really annoy me,to say the least.
    I detest Woodrow Wilson. I think he saw hell on his deathbed. He was sore afraid of death. He confessed his sin of selling the country out on his deathbed.
    Personally, I don’t think deathbed confessions mean much of anything. I hope God ignores the majority of deathbed confessions. Most of them are bullshit.
    Again, I stray from the catholic fold. I will stop here before straying anymore. LOL
    A very heartfelt and sincere collective Attende Domine ( with an attendant change of behavior) on the part of white America would go a long way to saving us, but that is just not to happen at this point.
    Let the debate continue……

  18. Vote 3rd party. Like I’ve said before, all politics happen at the margin. If republicans lose because of 3rd party spoillers, it forces them to become more nationalistic and give up something else to maintain their 50% +/- a few percent required in our political system.

    wrong. they did not change when they lost to clinton via ross perot

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