The Cost of the Union: Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare

District of Corruption

In a 5-4 decision, Obamacare has been upheld. The individual mandate stands under the tax writing clause of the Constitution. As we saw in Arizona vs. U.S., disputes over the boundaries and power of the federal government are decided in federal courts, which have a vested interest in consolidating all power in Washington and stripping the states and people of their reserved rights.

Note: OD has said all along that the federal government is a consolidated despotism. The Constitution died 147 years ago under Abraham Lincoln. No one should be surprised. Obamacare and Arizona are in the nail in the coffin of “Take America Back” Tea Party-style “mainstream” conservatism.

Deo Vindice … thanks to the Union, you have Obamacare!

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  1. “(E)veryone enters into predatory relations with everyone else, coveting their things, getting from others the way the state gets it; the state that tosses the public’s money back at them in small increments, making them beg for their own belongings….”

    This is the nature of MOST countries, if not openly, then hiddenly so behind their tourism and p.r. facades.

    AmeriKa will become yet another amoral society ignoring Jesus’ precept: “Do unto others.” Let’s not become infected ourselves with this disease.

  2. My Dad says just about every bad decision can be traced to an individual seeking approval from his peers. Who some hangs out with on the weekend means everything. Which begs the question, who is John Roberts hanging out with? I wanna see the pictures…

  3. Did Justice Roberts just do more for the conservative movement than anyone has in the last 50 years?

    I mean he’s right, is he not? We know what has to be done. It’s not really for him to do it.

  4. Anyone who critically reads the Constitution will note that there are no real limits on the central government. Read the Anti-Federalist Papers. This was all pointed out centuries ago. Read the Federalist Papers after the Anti-Federalist and you will hate Madison and Hamilton, with the tongue-in-cheek arguments.

    The Constitution didn’t really fail us, it was meant to allow exactly the kind of centralized despotism we have now. The idea that it was all about protecting rights is bullshit, it was NOTHING about protecting rights.

  5. Jackson says: “A simple reading of the Constitution would leave one with the correct opinion that creating, running and requiring citizen participation in various insurance schemes, including Medicare and Medicaid, is far outside the powers delegated to the US Federal Government by the States.”
    Read it again, sir. The powers in that document are open ended enough to drive a cruise ship through. Think about it: “We the People”. That phrase right there dissolved the States.

  6. Landshark said: “The cost of the Union just went parabolic.” So true. I wonder if they will need a new administration, complete with marble pillared Greek facade and 50,000 employees to make this Marxist contraption work.

    Everyone knows we can’t afford it. Here’s the scoop: this is a recipe for rationed health care, plain and simple. The filthy rich won’t be affected, they’ll fly out anywhere for their care. The welfare dregs don’t give a shit either, it’s more than what they already get. The white middle class will suffer. And, by the way, guess who will be at the bottom of the wait list for rationed care…..that’s right, your white grandkids.
    Let’s also not let our traitorous corporations and defaulting States (ie California) off the hook. Many have promised life-long pensions and healthcare to employees, promises they cannot pay. Could this be a way of writing off the cost of health care to the Fed (not really the Fed, but the responsible States)?

  7. If I were to add an amendment to the Constitution it would be that no decision of the Supreme Court would be binding unless it were unanimous.

    That would have stopped this disaster dead in its tracks long ago by keeping a modicum of regional legal autonomy.

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