Race, Abortion, and Dixie

The most dangerous place to be black is in the womb


I ran the numbers.

In every Southern state with the exception of South Carolina (there was no data available at StateHealthFacts.org for Florida and Texas), abortion is a demographic tailwind that has the effect of preserving the White majority.

It turns out that evangelical Christians are right about abortion clinics having a “disparate impact” upon the African-American community.


In Mississippi, there were 2,770 abortions in 2008, 654 of whom were to White women, and 2,084 were to African-American women. 75.2 percent of abortions in Mississippi are to black women.


In Alabama, there were 11,240 abortions in 2008, 4,428 of whom were to White women, and 6,589 were to African-American women. 58.6 percent of abortions in Alabama are to black women.


In Georgia, there were 32,599 abortions in 2008, 9,954 of whom were to White women, and 20,909 were to African-American women. 64.1 percent of abortions in Georgia are to black women.


In Louisiana, there were 5,991 abortions in 2008, 2,408 of whom were to White women, and 3,475 were to African-American women. 58 percent of abortions in Louisiana are to black women.

South Carolina

In South Carolina, there were 7,051 abortions in 2008, 3,945 of whom were to White women, and 2,873 were to African-American women. 55.9 percent of abortions in South Carolina are to White women.


In Tennessee, there were 17,873 abortions in 2008, 8,698 of whom were to White women, and 8,722 were to African-American women. 48.8 percent of abortions in Tennessee are to black women.


In Arkansas, there were 4,786 abortions in 2008, 2,771 of whom were to White women, and 1,630 were to African-American women. 57.9 percent of abortions in Arkansas are to White women.

North Carolina

In North Carolina, there were 28,511 abortions in 2008, 12,647 of whom were to White women, and 14,673 of whom were to African-American women. 51.5 percent of abortions in North Carolina are to black women.


In Oklahoma, there were 6,478 abortions in 2008, 4,602 of whom were to White women, and 1,194 of whom were to African-American women. 71 percent of abortions in Oklahoma are to White women.


In Missouri, there were 7,379 abortions in 2008, 3,880 of whom were to White women, and 3,107 of whom were to African-American women. 52.6 percent of abortions in Missouri are to White women.


In Kentucky, there were 4,266 abortions in 2008, 2,840 of whom were to White women, and 1,031 were to African-American women. 66.6 percent of abortions in Kentucky are to White women.


In Virginia, there were 26,562 abortions in 2008, 12,569 of whom were to White women, and 12,324 were to African-American women. 47.3 percent of abortions in Virginia are to White women.

West Virginia

In West Virginia, there were 1,963 abortions in 2008, 1,724 of whom were to White women, and 209 were to African-American women. 87.8 percent of abortions in West Virginia are to White women.

Note: This doesn’t necessarily mean that family planning is a net winner for White Southerners. Whites are probably much better at using birth control, condoms, and putting off having children altogether for the sake of frivolous careers. Junior is less likely to be interdicted at the abortion clinic than in the bedroom.

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  1. abortion favors Whites, no doubt about it terms of numbers, but what does it say about Whites that they value children so little? Because you know the vast majority of Whites who support abortion don’t do so because it kills so many feral negros to be, they do it because they see kids as a burden to themselves

    funny folks say this or that Christian thing is bad for Whites but yet Whites were at the top of our game when we went to church more often, and we’ve gotten weaker as we’ve become more secular. Faith equals traditionalist. Of course there are always exceptions but exceptions make for shit policy

    Today the only Whites having children above replacement level are religious Whites, even the White “under tow” tends to be more religious and don’t murder their kids. Last I read, upper end whites were more likely to murder their children in the womb because it was a bad time for them to have kids, not done with college, or their career etc

  2. What is the actual NUMBER of white people who go to church regularly and consider themselves Christians today?

    And how does that NUMBER compare to the past.

    I don’t want a PERCENTAGE of the population as a whole, I want a number. Percentages can be misleading. If a set has increased five fold, say, but the percentage of a particular characteristic or trait is said to have decreased, it is possible for the original number with aid characteristic or traits to double and still show up as a smaller percentage.

  3. The top of the game?

    1770s thru 1830s probably our high point. Many people smeared at religiosity. I’ve read memoirs of officers at Waterloo and they had a detatchment from religion. They won.

    Fast forward to the Crimean war and the officers were all preachermen. They were beaten by the Russians.

    Some of the change was intellectual fashion but the differences are quite telling.

    Abolition was a godly pursuit.

  4. Good for you, Robert.

    It never occurred to me that people didn’t know all these things, (maybe not specifics, but the general idea). I guess it felt hard to miss that southerners are attacked, lol, the populations most used against them.

    But there are transplant yankees around here—- and I really think, even though they are about 40, that they don’t know much about history. Not that I do, either, but you hear things! Just knowing older relatives, that kind of thing. Often, they don’t even know their grandparents and so on, much less have exposure to greats.

    I’m trying to muster some compassion for them. But it’s hard. The power of the blind and stupid can’t be underestimated and they cause so much damage.

  5. Dixiegirl I am ashamed of you. yankees are no more deserving of compassion then negros

    My great grandfather use to take me around, show me the place family use to live before damnyankees burned us out. that’s a powerful reminder to a boy and I did my best to do the same for my sons

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