Should Arizona Secede?


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Yes. Today.

Arizona can either secede or become California. Take your choice: revolution, serfdom, or secession.

“How much does one state have to take?

Arizona, struggling to fend off illegal aliens overrunning its largely unprotected border with Mexico, passes a strict anti-illegal immigration measure in 2010 designed in part to grant state and local law enforcement the authority to assist the federal government in identifying trespassers; the Justice Department responds by filing suit against the state. The suit reaches the Supreme Court, which in recent days has held much, but not all, of Arizona’s law unconstitutional on grounds so outrageous they would seem to preclude a state’s right to help enforce any federal crime at all. Further, the one section the Court upholds — Arizona’s right to check immigration papers during routine police inquiries — is effectively nullified 24 hours later when ICE, the federal immigration enforcement agency, refuses its cooperation to Arizona and declares it will ignore all such referrals.”

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  1. Look at America as an organism:

    Function – How does the behaviour affect the animal’s chances of survival and reproduction? Why does the animal respond that way instead of some other way?
    Causation – What are the stimuli that elicit the response, and how has it been modified by recent learning?
    Development – How does the behaviour change with age, and what early experiences are necessary for the animal to display the behaviour?
    Evolutionary history – How does the behaviour compare with similar behaviour in related species, and how might it have begun through the process of phylogeny?

    If America is a type of animal how would you describe it’s behaviour in relation to

  2. I say Arizona and all other states should start ignoring the federal govt on the things/ issues the state citizens say to ignore. The fed’s won’t send in troops, they’ll try to repeal some funding but that’s it.

    However, yes AZ should secede. Look at what they face. Destruction by the horde of mexicans or in the worst case of secession, destruction by BRA. Might as well stand and attempt to make things better because one path (staying in BRA) leads to certain ruin and the other may save their asses.

  3. John, I assume that secession is “the behaviour” and “the response” is to secession.
    Do you mean by “America is a TYPE of animal” that America is a group of similar animals? Then “its behaviour in relation to secession” means how the group behaves in relation to, or responds to, the behaviour of secession by some of its members.

    What groups of animals allow, or disallow (discourage, punish, prevent) separation of members?

    Very good, John.

  4. Of course Arizona should secede,along with Texas and every other state. Tyranny or freedom,take your choice. You are not being represented, and Washington has created the largest debt of any nation in history with your hard earned money. And if those liberal,socialist,democrat racists want to withhold funds from the state,stop paying the illegal income tax. Any state would be far better off without those parasites.

  5. Here’s a thought. The Rothchild Federal government exists only because you allow it to. It has made you slaves and has run up a national deficit unlike any nation in history. The 17 % illegal income tax paid by every adult funds them. Stop the money flow and they cease to exist. It’s that easy folks. The Rothchild Federal government created the debt crisis….let them pay it

  6. These comments are for a worst case scenairo such as government collapse,chaos,default of the currency,or possibly foreign occupation, etc. Any disaster where absolute immediate attention is required.

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