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  1. Look for suppression of genetic science to begin in the West. They won’t be able to control it in China or India however.

  2. This is definitely a positive development. Science has a great deal of authority in Western societies.

  3. Good point.

    In some ways we are bacteria on a petridish already. All you need to know is what you see with your own eyes in you city, town or village.

    But yeah I guess Watson and Crick need to be thoroughly expounded upon as biochemical evidence too.

  4. One of the funnies that I’ve heard from blacks is that YT was lucky because he was first with the guns.

    1. The Asians got them first and are actually closer to coastal Africa than you think.
    2. The armaments Europeans designed were not flukes. Everytime an American, Belgian, French , British or German company designs a new weaponsystem it’s the result of incalculable work hours and the occassional flash of genius by that genus.

  5. No John, you are wrong. It’s just luck. Blind luck. There is no cause and effect.

    Trayvon just can’t catch a lucky break for “nuffins”…

  6. Every PC nostrum becomes in the end Militant Stupidity. Go ask a DWL if they still believe in the Blank Slate Theory in the face of so much research. The BST is just silly and no one wants to appear to be silly. So there they are between silliness and a hard place called BRA.

  7. Why is it that humans are exempt from evolution, except of course with the accepted notion that blacks are better athletes? We readily accept that humans from all corners of the earth can have a wide range of genetic variance, except of course in the brain. No, no, we can’t have that, that would be racist! A spaniel and a German shepherd are the same species but yet clearly have genetic traits that make the latter breed smarter than the former. The Great Dane is obviously different than the Dachshund. The black bears in Tennessee are vastly different than the Polar Bears. In the case of the canine they are all the same species but have obvious, discreet phenotypes that can only be derived by discreet genotypes.

    The thing is, when it comes to Europeans and sub-Saharan Africans, both subsets of our species adapted to vastly different environments. sS Africans are hunter-gatherers as food and game was/is abundant year round. This is an environment that does not necessitate the continuance and therefor prevalence of a genotype that would govern the development of a brain that is used in long term planning, something that can be seen in the Africans in America. With Europeans, especially Northern Europeans (you know, where a lot of great scientists originated), the weather patterns governed when one could grow food. With agriculture, the Euros had to be able to preplan for the harvests and the planting seasons so as not to starve over winter. In time, and in conjunction with the development of civilization, this meant that a genotype that governed the development of a brain with problem solving skills and foresight was absolutely necessary.

    In my opinion, this is plainly obvious.

  8. Someguy: You hit the nail right on the head. Many Republitards and nearly all libs demand we accept evolution as long as it is a helpful too to destroy Christianity, but then they expect us to immediately drop the tool when it comes to destroying silly theories of equality. They expect us to believe that by magic, evolution no longer applies to humans. Most Christians believe exactly the same way.

  9. Thanks for letting us know of this. Just as I noted, Darwin’s publication of “Origin of the Species” was not to pull Whites down the evolutionary ladder, but to give Niggers a boost up! – Just like Harriet Beecher Stowe.


    Well, men like Huxley also used Darwin’s theory to enable them to escape God’s law, so that would be considered a ‘pulling down’ White, Victorian society….


    Either way, the idols are falling, and ‘great is the noise thereof.’
    Deo Gratias.

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