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  1. 95 percent or more of blacks will vote for Obama in the next presidential election. Why is Romney speaking to people who will not vote for him?

  2. Moreover, why should he CARE? Is he not a white man, is he not a Mormon, does he not know (because he’s old enough to remember- I DO!) that, behind all the rhetoric of the 1979 ‘Revelation’ concerning the Mormon Priesthood, that Blacks will NEVER inherit it? That they are ‘accursed’?

    I mean, you HAVE to know that the Quorum of 12 in SLC are saying to him, ‘Hello, Brother Mitt, this is ‘Spencer T. Kimball’ or whoever is their equivalent to the Pope. And wouldn’t YOU be shivering in your boots, if you were a ‘faithful Mormon’ if that sort of call came?

    Truly, the more I see of him now that the debates are over, the less I like him. A moral coward, and a businessman to boot, whose own state was the prototype for Obamacare.

    Good Lord, DELIVER US from all ‘Obamanations’ such as this.

  3. The chimps will fling their faeces anyway, no matter how much he abases himself infront of Kang Jealous.

  4. Here’s Romney lying about educatable blacks:

    “Romney rarely speaks to a predominantly black audience at political events. One exception was a May visit to a charter school in Philadelphia, where he cast fixing the education system as a way to help blacks and other minorities.”

    blacks are submorons Mitt.

  5. People need to lighten up a bit as long as Romney doesn’t fall down in to big time pandering.

    Everybody knows that Blacks who make up 12 percent of the US population will vote over 95% for Obama – the exception being some Black traditional marriage supporters.

    The reason Romney is speaking in front of the NAACP is to show moderate White voters that he isn’t racist and its OK to vote for Romney and not Obama and not be condemned as being racist and then the hope is everyone will stop taling about race and istead switch to the economy, where Romney’s business experience will come in to help fixt the US economy.

  6. Jack,

    we know. Just having fun. Of course he should abase himself before them. It might peel off fence sitting DWL.

  7. The only “white interests” Republicans have ever been interested in are strictly the corporate ones. The corporations sold out and betrayed their fellow Whites long ago.

    These traitorous, white run corporations are the only “white interests” Romney will be interested in supporting.

  8. Even the AP recognises that Romney has no chance of getting the Black vote. This speech is really to satisfy self-hating Whites (especially in Northern suburbs) who are riddled with racial guilt. It is also to reassure the GOP elites and big financial backers that the party is in line with the broader anti-White agenda of US society today.

  9. I think I’m going to have to swallow my gorge and vote for Romney.

    Here’s why:

    If BO gets back in, Lord only knows WHAT he’ll nag us to death about.
    If Romney gets in, it’s an unmistakable signal, NO MORE NAGGERS!

    And then hopefully, and almost certainly, the chimp feces will fly in the megatons in riots. So the Real Americans WON’T be able to go back to sleep.

    And that will do plenty to advance our cause, maybe more than if the Obamanation were reelected worse-is-better deal.

  10. I’m hoping for a great Chimpout. Hopefully there are disputes over ballots too. Even better riots at polling stations in vibrant areas. Expose the mendacious blacks for what they really are. So Romney by a whisker. Like Bush in Florida, but replicated in 2 to 3 other states. Ohio, Penn, Arizona…everything unravels, the beast exposed.

    However Romney is clearly a Jewish pawn. Obama for all his faults has kept them at arms length on Iran and Syria. I rate him reasonably high on foreign policy. Bush was a fugging disaster on that score.

  11. “So Romney by a whisker”

    Exactly! Paralyze Washington. If Romney can get nothing done, because the Dems dispute his legitimacy, that also means he can’t advance the anti-White agenda.

    Bring on the gridlock and the chimpouts.

  12. @barb,

    Thank you. Like you, my husband and I will vote Romney. Not because we want to, but because the alternative is the power that Obama will wield with another term.

    There are a lot of chest thumpers here who will vote third party thinking they are helping further white prosperity. Nothing could be further from the truth.
    Thank you for being a responsible adult and recognizing the danger we face and the sacrifice we must make.

  13. @John,
    I agree that numerous small scale chimpouts could be beneficial and wake up some whites, but I fear it is too late. It’s the glorious final chimpout that concerns me. Not for my own safety or that of my spouse, for I know what we are capable of and have prepared well, but for our children.

  14. @ “This speech is really to satisfy self-hating Whites (especially in Northern suburbs) who are riddled with racial guilt….”

    It’s telling that Northerners are the most self-hating.

    Logically this means that —all propaganda aside— they are the most guilty. Deep down, they know half a country does not take over the other half by WAR and then have things go back to “freedom as usual.” So, they did it to themselves; their children will be yankees, seeing the world through the lens of economy and cheap goods and strip malls, without ancestry and heritage, etc.

    Romney —like all the democrats— sees the country and world through the lens of economy.

    So money is all we are (again).

  15. Y’all watch if mittens gets elected he will go to some pretty extreme lengths to help negros, mexicans etc. Just like bush did

  16. That’s a given Stonelifter.

    But Holder wont be AG, and Black Panthers will no longer intimidate polling booths.

  17. are you sure about that Amanda? Do you think a mittens DOJ would crack down on stuff like that? I don’t. He’ll be to afraid of being called racists. And the govt workers who do ( or don’t) do the real harm will still be there

  18. Jack (where were you? I went dancing anyways…), Barb, and Amanda – agreed.

    The Obama and Commie Ilk clamps are coming down hard even now. I know why Mittens made that repulsive speech. Trying to explin these things to the shallow wearies me, day in and day out. I could not listen to the speech, as I am exhausted from travel, and my powers of endurace are down today – but I know the reason he did this.

    we need to get used ot thinking long term. Our enemies have done so for centuries. We need ot LEARN.

    Mittens is a NIGHTMARE – but another Obama Admin – and we turn into SA overnight for REAL. Stop kidding yourselves, folks. The New Black Panthers becomes Your new boss. “We Da Prezdent Now”.

    Mittens buys us breathing room. Tiny wee gasps – but breathing room nontheless.

    John – I am horrified by the idea of a war with Syria and Iran. I had big time discussions with every-one, these past few days. So:

    Obama is re-installed, and the Commie Fury and genocide of Whites begins in EARNEST. They start killing us here, for real. For REAL. Obama and his kosher puppet masters will get their war anyways. But the slaughter starts here. First.


    The Grand Mal Chimpout will come either way – but with Obama it’s a Victory Whoop. Mittens – he will need to make a show of putting it down, however tepid.

    And his slavish obedience to Tel Aviv re: more war….

    What ELSE will crash everything faster? Harder and faster?

  19. Dixie – Yankees like Mittens do NOT hate themselves.

    It’s NOT “self-hatred”. It’s absolute hubirs and vanity. Make NO mistake about this.

    Mittens et al – those types regard themselves AS the most enlightened, wonderful, caring, generous people on Earth, people with true VISION, and that they are the best-est people the Earth has every been blessed with – and their all around Angelic Wonderfulness will heal all. The Darkies will FINALLY understand that Whites like Mittens LOVE them, and wish them well, and want to help, and will suddenly magically transform [the Darkies] into intelligent, hard-working, responsible Jeffersonian Republican entrepeneurs, who will “turn this country around” – if they are only given “opportunity” and mo’ money.

    It’s NOT self-hatred. It’s a pride, vanity, and hubris that rivals that of Lucifer.

  20. One of the factors in my vote for Romney is that I don’t think we can risk four more years of Eric holder. I also agree that ” theres not a dime worth of difference in the two parties”, but with Romney at least we get rid of Holder.

  21. “Phil says:
    July 11, 2012 at 9:46 am
    95 percent or more of blacks will vote for Obama in the next presidential election. Why is Romney speaking to people who will not vote for him?”

    Because he knows whites will vote for him even though he panders to these groups! Believe me, it won’t hurt him that’s for sure.

  22. Jack,

    Do you really believe blacks only make up 12-13% of the population. I don’t know about you but where I live (outside St. Augustine, FL) and all the travelling I do throughout the area (and having lived in other states), blacks are freaking everywhere! And, I’m not talking about an occasional black face. They just have to be more than 12%! After all, the government told us there are only about 9 million illegals in 2006-07 yet there were probably 20-30 million at that time.

    Does anyone else notice something wrong with the numbers?

  23. Snowhitey says:
    July 11, 2012 at 6:10 pm

    Do you really believe blacks only make up 12-13% of the population.
    Does anyone else notice something wrong with the numbers?

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Yes, I do – there are lots of areas of the United States where there are virtually no Blacks. California and Texas are being ethnically cleansed of Blacks. Mexicans do this to Blacks. Even in big American cities infamous for Black crime, Black politics. The Black birth rate is way down. The days of Black African American women getting free Public Housing, generous AFDC welfare benefits and cranking out 8 illegitimate children – those days are over.

  24. I thought Romney did fine. Of course it was a mistake to accept the invitation from the NAACP to speak. They expected Romney to grovel, instead he promises to end most every Federal program designed to pander to Blacks – good for him. So Romney got booed by the NAACP – good for Romney.

    So let’s move on.

    Romney passes his first really big racial test – didn’t pander.

  25. The ideal is Romney winning Florida, Penn or AZ or whereever with a Blaqtropolis in the catchment area by only 900 votes. Obama would have to put down his own people with bullets or face a complete breakdown of the Union and a true breakaway by disgruntled Southerners and Suburbanites.

  26. He’s smoother than expected. I thought the text was barbed but the delivery silky. He’s quite bright. I think he’s a cut above the McCain candidacy. Didn’t think so til this.

  27. Romney is a step up from McCain, since McCain spent his candidacy openly attacking the only people that voted for him.

    “Do you really believe blacks only make up 12-13% of the population.
    Does anyone else notice something wrong with the numbers?” – The percentage is correct, but blacks had to double their actual numbers to keep pace with the largest demographics shift in history.

  28. Yes, they booed off and on during the speech, but they also gave him a standing ovation when it was over. Probably congratulating him on his testicular fortitude. Of course they’ll all vote for Obama. Hell, they’d vote for a filthy old pair of socks . . . as long as they were black.

  29. “Do you really believe blacks only make up 12-13% of the population.
    Does anyone else notice something wrong with the numbers?”

    Blacks have a way of seeming more numerous that the are. For example, whites win about 70% of the medals in the summer Olympics and over 90% of the medals in the winter Olympics. But when was the last time a non-black Olympian really was the face of a U.S. Olympic team? Bruce Jenner in 1976?

    Blacks just stand out either through their buffoonery or due to the media fawning over them.

  30. What in the hell is smooth about putting oneself in a position of seeking a boon which will not be given in circumstances assuring exteme public ridicule?

    What a moron this New England governor is!

  31. They appear to be younger than the white demo though. More third world in their age distribution.

    Also think on this. 1,000,000 or so are in jail at anyone time.

  32. The dumb blacks just provided white suburbanites evidence of what will happen to them if they dare to fend for themselves. The nigs will boo you to even if you politely disagree about policy… What do they really think of you YT? They acted like apes.

    I’d be spinning this as “Daniel in the chimp enclosure.” as well.

  33. So this is Mitt’s plan:

    (1) “Open up” energy – why does energy have to be “opened up”? If energy is so abundant on private land, there is nothing stopping the oil companies from developing it right now.

    There used to be a cornucopia of energy until 1970 when oil peaked. The North Slope of Alaska – the biggest conventional oil field ever discovered in North America – started pumping out the crude in the 1980s, which temporarily boosted American oil production, but even with the North Slope going at full blast America never achieved “energy independence” under Reagan or Bush Sr.

    What does Mitt mean by “opening up” energy? There are some oil plays in ANWR and offshore and elsewhere on public land. Eight years of George W. Bush as president including almost six years with a Republican Congress didn’t make America “energy independent.”

    (2) Free trade – LOL, he is going to rev up the economy with free trade. What about the new free trade agreements with South Korea, Panama, and Colombia? How are those working out?

    (3) “Cut the growth of government” – This could help the economy, but it is just another Republican talking point that never happens. Are Republicans going to cut the growth of government? The Republicans couldn’t even cut the Farm Bill which contains the SNAP program with anything more than token cuts to make it look like they are doing something.

    (4) Educate tomorrow’s leaders – Since the 1970s, America has wasted more money on public education than any country in the history of the world, especially black education.

    (5) “Restore Economic Freedom” – Doesn’t economic freedom give companies the freedom to offshore jobs to China and other low wage countries and then export back to the American market?

    Oh wait, he’s going to “get tough on China.” Because China isn’t “playing by the rules.” And what rules are those? The rules of the free trade model which are based on wildly unrealistic assumptions about how nation-states behave.

  34. Voting for Romney doesn’t buy time or provide “breathing room.” Romney is a reflexively anti-white zombie and will not stand up for white people.

    Voting for Romney give whites more time the same way the snooze button on the alarm does. It is just another opportunity for the complacent majority of whites to go back to sleep. Anything that threatens BRA threatens their comfort.

    Hitting the snooze button helps you avoid the uncomfortable task of getting up and being on time for work. Voting for Romney helps you avoid facing the uncomfortable reality that BRA will continue regardless of who is in charge. Complacent whites demand it.

    Deo Vindice

  35. “Hunter Wallace says:
    July 11, 2012 at 7:34 pm
    He promised the NAACP that he would use public education funds to allow blacks to attend any White public school for the first time in American history.”

    Good. GET those Diverse types into the far flung DWL enclaves. ASAP.

    Thanks for posting the high-lites. Saves me the trouble. Urrgghhh..

  36. “Molon Labe says:
    July 11, 2012 at 7:47 pm
    Watch Romney go out and get a negro VP candidate……”

    Let’s bet he doesn’t.

  37. Not if the election is a close contested one. If it’s controvercial there will be a mega chimp out.

  38. Romney and Obama both support BRA and will continue to do so.

    Democrats don’t think BRA is anti-white enough yet. They push for more changes to improve BRA and make it better. They rest easy knowing that every change they make simply becomes part of the status quo and will never be undone by Republicans who will eventually accept and then defend their changes.

    Conservative Republicans are fine with BRA as it is now. They don’t think it should be changed. They want to “conserve” BRA. It’s got just the right amount of anti-white for them. Presumably the amount that doesn’t personally effect them.

    At the end of the day you’re still living in BRA. Not a dime’s worth of difference. Buying time when time is not on your side is a foolish strategy.
    Emotional”feel good” strategy is seldom sound.

    Americans have been trading comfort for liberty for a long time. Won’t stop anytime soon. Just press the Easy button..vote Romney! Frog in a pot…a bubbling pot.

    Deo Vindice

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