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  1. The clowns at PMSNBC slowed the tape to make Rush sound slurred. I’ve never heard Rush talk that slow. It’s a lame-assed grade school DJ trick.

  2. Go after a minority? Just say it, Hes a bloody stupid nigger who smoked dope, did lines of coke and bragged about it in a book that was largely fiction. On top of it all, Obongo wasn’t even born in the USA nor is he a servant of democracy but a lover of communism which is God less though he does seem to bend over for islam, Perhaps its a distraction from him bending for his other gay friends who seem to have gotten sick and/or died suddenly.

  3. Whoa! I am surprised that Rush would go that far!

    Perhaps the kosher conservatives (remember Rush was a big water-carrier for the Bush Wars) do have a role to play…

    “He prepares people,” (David) Duke said of Limbaugh. “And everybody has a role to play in this effort…. He can take them about half the way, and I can take them almost all the way. And between… the two of us, there will be a heck of a change in this country”

    The Rise of David Duke ( http://tinyurl.com/7ulc2n2 )

  4. MSNBC or NBC News whatever they go by now a days is accusing Limbaugh of ‘racism’ when they have a race hustling pimp like Sharpton on their network? Wow, that is the pot calling the kettle black. You’d hope that one day the ‘respectable conservatives’ like Limbaugh would figure out that they’re respectable to the Left only when it’s useful to the Left. But I don’t think they possess either the intelligence or courage to face the facts and embrace race realism.

  5. So Lawrence O’Donnell, a world-class Jack-off, declares Limbaugh a “racist”. What-the-fuck-ever.

    O’Donnell is a worthless piece of shit who can go fuck himself. Next.

  6. Come the Revolution, there will be many who are now taking score of the Traitorous actions of the Quisling Whites of the this country, who will exact vengeance on this sort of dirty dealing.

    Thankfully, ‘Jews (and their minions) have an expiration date.’
    May that day come speedily.

    Payback (as they say) is gonna be a bitch.
    And, while ‘vengeance is mine, saith the Lord,’ isn’t it nice to know that We Whites are God’s arms and legs on earth; for is it not written, that ‘we will judge angels’?

    “Do you not know that we are to judge angels? How much more, then, matters pertaining to this life!” – I Cor. 6:3

    How much more, then, as St. Paul teaches, are we to judge (and sentence) sinful and race-traitorous men such as this?

    “Arise ye men of God, have done with lesser things…”
    Deo Volente.

  7. Does O’Donnell really think he’s personally immune from all of this? That’s the vibe I get from him anyway.

  8. Look at the self-righteous contortion draped on O’Donnell’s face when he detonates the atomic “R’ world! Look how the camera is used! Then, he flagellates again, as he takes a moral victory lap by reliving the moment: “Imagine me listing to Rush when I drive,” gesticulating wildly as he prepares to be moralized by a sub 85 IQ affirmative action negress.

    My oh my … these people are fucking sick.

  9. Council of Conservative Citizens website has an article today, : “Al Sharpton and the New Black Panthers “. The black panthers Declared War against white Americans in Sanford. That doesn’t bode well for White America. Especially in an election year that will decide if the african-born communist Obama will be an african-born communist lame duck president : Lame duck presidents don’t have to worry so much about political fall-out. In a sense, lame-duck presidents are much less constrained. As Obama [ and Holder] is a communist and the black panthers are a type of army for the communists [ with units/divisions in every city and many suburbs of the country, well-funded, well-armed, well-organized, well-trained in military tactics, unto massive arson]. It’s important for white Americans to read articles like this to know what our enemy is thinking : So you can better protect yourselves and your families. The website is listed on the blogroll here at Occidental Dissent. It’s important reading.
    It’s also a good idea to online and google “black panthers”, ” marxists + black panthers”, etc.
    Learn what our enemy is thinking and what they’re up to. Prepare for possible large-scale racial violence this upcoming election. If Obama wins again, be prepared for a very large increase of racial violence in a next term, as the black panthers will — very good possibility– be given The Order to go on the attack big-time. Please Keep In Mind The Order Of The Declaration of War By The Black Panthers Against Us White Americans Came From Obama/Holder, the Declaration of War against us is not to be taken lightly. The black panthers are not free agents. The panthers are funded by, controlled by, and take their orders from the communist party.They are very well-organized and take their orders from Washington. Obama being a communist + the president [ and possibly a lame duck president] it’s not to be taken lightly. Please take measures to protect yourselves and your families : For the upcoming election itself, and for the possibility Obama may win another term.

  10. She says she was amused, because “Rush is speaking to an average age of 67 plus…people living out in the hinterlands…(and it) seems like he’s talking to 2o million people but…he really isn’t…and he’s got a declining product…and an angry, miserable base….” O’Donnell isn’t afraid of them either.

  11. I couldn’t watch the whole video. After Rush stopped talking, I stopped watching. I can’t abide Chris O’Donnell or any of his ilk. I despise them. I hope Fr. John is right about their day of retribution coming.

  12. Speaking of ratings, MSNBC is a private club for negroes, beaners, jews, feminists, and DWLs. Everything that is decadent and diseased, the White society’s parasites. The takers who are dragging the US down.

  13. Nope, no one’s afraid of whitey any more. Whitey’s an impotent chump. Unless you have some blame to pass, then he’s all powerful.

  14. “….Look at the self-righteous contortion draped on O’Donnell’s face when he detonates the atomic “R’ world!….”

    —-These people don’t have the sophistication to see themselves in context— they are in a highly insular world, usually working hard, long days, taking car services to work, and using spare time to catch up on whosdoingwhattowhom, reading the ‘right books, articles, etc, as the careerists they are.

    So, they are cut off from what’s going on around them. On t.v. O’Reilly, not that I like him, is one of the few who seems to have inkling about the larger world. He has more sophistication in that regard than, say, Hannity and these people.

    The country is 2000 miles across. They live on a two-mile island.

    Also, they saw the “internet” as simply another opportunity to repackage the content they were already selling.

    But what really happened was akin to the printing press and the protestant revolution—a sudden opportunity for a long-silenced group to have a say. And that was 15 years ago now.

    They are sooooo behind the curve.

  15. This also speaks to the point about MERITOCRACY the other day.

    It’s only a MERITOCRACY if you are non-white.

    Whites are ‘children of privilege”—- just because they were born white (in a WELFARE STATE, lol)

    It’s embarrassing to see people not be able TO TAKE IN that their ascendency coincided with the debt enslavement of the people who were non-minorities and had lived in the country prior to the 1965 Immigration Act.

    The black woman really does not seem to understand this: Barak “pulled himself up by his bootstraps” (we are now pretending JFK was not done in, and radical welfare policy and immigration did not occur). We are in a MERITOCRACY where everyone is on equal footing…

    Rush, otoh, was BORN TO PRIVILEGE. She is quick to say he was born white and upper middle class… and (somehow) just “couldn’t cut it.” (Why? He’s been pretty successful, btw, lol)

    To her, this is how much better Barak is…. because being president should have been easy for Rush (seeing as he was born white and privileged), and would not have to pull himself up by his bootstraps.

    This ILLUSION that people are beneficiaries of “Meritocracy” in SPITE OF “white privilege” will —-back in reality—- be embarrassing for much of their audience to watch.

  16. That’s right Joy honey, keep your gleeful attention focused on all those “angry” old White men on the way out.

    At the same time keep your attention unfocused on all those angry young White men on the way up.

  17. Great point m.o.t.s. They have no idea that it could all backfire on them. They don’t even consider it a possibility.

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