Connie Chastain, Fort Deposit, BRA, and Southern Nationalism


Dear Connie,

I noticed on the League of the South Facebook group that you are itching for a debate on Southern nationalism with me.

Don’t play stupid. You know exactly where to find me. You are more than welcome to come here and make your case for the Rainbow Confederacy in an open forum like Silver or anyone else.

It’s interesting that you should bring up Fort Deposit: that’s in Lowndes County, AL in between Greenville and Selma in the western section of the Alabama Black Belt, not too far from here.

From 1962 to 1968, you claimed that you lived in Lowndes County and that White people lived in nice houses (they still do) and that black people lived in shacks and hovels (they don’t anymore).

Well, I was born in 1980 so I was hardly around to see these “niggardly” shacks and hovels that you witnessed when you lived there. I wasn’t around to see these “niggardly” schools either when they were open.

By the time I was a teenager in the 1990s, those inferior schools in the Alabama Black Belt had either been closed down or integrated with the White public schools across this whole region which forced the creation of underfunded private academies in Lowndes County and elsewhere.

The federal government has also spent countless billions of dollars of taxpayer money trying to equalize per pupil spending in Alabama public education. The public schools in Washington, DC and Detroit are among the most lavishly funded schools in the country.

As for the shacks and hovels in Fort Deposit and Lowndes County, the federal government tore those down a long time ago and built government subsidized housing projects through HUD for the negroes who live there.

Affording to, the federal government under Obama Africanus I has spent $56.6 million dollars in Lowndes County under BRA’s stimulus alone.

Lowndes County, AL has received $5,000+ per capita in BRA’s stimulus funds. This dwarfs the Alabama average of $1,400 and the national average of $1,600 per capita.

The gallery will notice that the Lowndes County unemployment rate increased from 7.4 percent to 13.2 percent over the past four years. That’s significantly higher than the unemployment rate in Alabama at large which is below the national average.

Looking through BRA’s stimulus projects for Lowndes County we see two federal grants for $29 million dollars for the Lowndes County School District and smaller million and half million dollar grants for other programs.

Tellingly, we see the Fort Deposit Housing Authority got $102,000 from BRA’s stimulus. How much do you suppose the Fort Deposit Housing Authority gets every year? How much do you suppose it has got over the course of 40 years of BRA?

Do you want to know what I would do with black people in an independent South? I would quit transferring millions of White taxpayer dollars every year to Fort Deposit to create free government housing for African-Americans because it is a case of moral hazard and government waste.

If black people in Fort Deposit retrograded into living in shacks and hovels again after 40+ years of government housing assistance, then I think we can safely say that their circumstances are largely due to a general lack of racial capacity to better themselves.

If average per pupil spending in black schools plunged after the burden of black education was shifted from the backs of White taxpayers to African-American taxpayers, then I think we can also attribute their substandard schools to their lack of racial capacity to maintain an economy and property values comparable to that of Whites.

In 2009, 44 percent of African-Americans in Lowndes County, AL were SNAP EBT card users. If the EBT card suddenly stopped working in Lowndes County in an independent South, I suppose we could conclude that black people have lost the capacity to feed themselves in another clear case of moral hazard and government waste.

You know what, Connie?

If black people were forced to rely purely on their own resources for food, housing, healthcare, and public education, I bet their situation in Lowndes County in 2012 wouldn’t be that different from how you found them in 1962, while the racial gap between blacks and Whites would have probably dramatically expanded by now.

In The Reality of Tuskegee, we saw that black entrepreuners lacked the business acumen to maintain a Wal-Mart and downtown business district in the city of Booker T. Washington in spite of millions of federal dollars shoveled into Macon County. In 2012, Tuskegee looks more like it was bombed by the Luftwaffe than the other way around.

As a Southern nationalist, I would put an end to BRA. All it would take to put an end to BRA is (1) to gut the welfare state and (2) return power to the states and local government. Then stand by while the people sort it out at the state and local level.

What do you mean my Section 8 is denied? What do you mean you no longer accept SNAP EBT? What do you mean my TANF welfare check isn’t coming in the mail? What do you mean there is no Medicaid anymore? What do you mean the White people don’t have to pay for my child’s education and free lunch anymore?

I mean that there is a Freedom Ride gased up and ready to go at the Greyhound bus station in Montgomery that will take you on a one way trip to Vermont and Massachusetts where the world still revolves around you. Please go there and escape from our white privilege and structural racism.

Update: Lowndes County receives $8,766 in federal transfer income per capita. This accounts for 30.5 percent of income in Lowndes County.

From shacks and hovels to housing projects:

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  1. We got a Connie type baby-boomer at our church. I have enjoyed crushing her many a’ time with factoids they don’t teach you on Glenn Beck’s radio show.

    Just go all-in on being a liberal, Connie. The halfway-house stuff is really pretty embarrassing.

    Anybody want to crash Glenn Beck’s “restoring butt-love” rally? I would love to just go on a drunken Confederate truth-rampage at an event like that.

  2. Connie Chastain Ward marginalizes herself with her endless, “that’s too much” talk about self defense equipment and tactics, and “that’s not enough” talk about cutting out welfare kings and queens.

    Yes, we’re going to send the United States packing, and no, there’s not going to be welfare for negros provided by wealth transfers from whites to them. Like Abe Lincoln said, it’s going to be “root hog or die”.

  3. Bravo, Hunter.

    Can’t wait for a debate with any of her Ilk.

    Great, simplistic, and focused presentation.

  4. Great article. I posted some of the high points to my FB along with the gunshot vid. I’ll see how long it is before I get reported and banished. Its funny that when I post anything anti negro my inbox is flooded with “great post!” comments but nobody will touch it in public. People that I would never think would open their eyes are doing so in rapid fashion. Maybe a few are reached each time. A man can dream can’t he?

  5. In Virginia/West Virginia before the Civil War if you bought a farm or a nice piece of property, the seller usually threw in a slave, or two, or three as a bonus. They probably did that in Alabama too? You can read the old property sales advertisments in the ante-bellum newspapers.

    I don’t know that any one has ever written on the subject of ante-bellum property sales south of the Mason Dixon Line—it’s really fascinating to look over those old newspapers advertisments.

  6. “Just go all-in on being a liberal, Connie.”

    Sounds like she has. Funny how they never move to a black neighborhood, join a Negro church or send their kids to majority-black schools though.

  7. Hunter- absolutely brilliant.

    Esp. the refrain “their lack of racial capacity to…” (fill in the blank).

    I think you should send this column to as many ‘pro-white’, ‘true Southern’ sites as you can, and FORCE THE ISSUE. Make a date, televise it on some forum (Jew Tube, David Duke, LOS, whatever) She’s either blowing steam out her head, or she truly believes the Mantra of the Satanists.

    Then PACK THE HALL WITH WHITE ADVOCATES, and do to her what Lipstadt and Die Juden did to David Irving; utter annihilation. We can no longer stand in the path of genocide, and NOT realize that this is a RAHOWA, as well as the ‘deliberate dumbing down’ of America, as Isserbyt noted in her book…. God would ask no less of His People.

    [P.S. You who are Christians, pray for us. I have a job interview in the SOUTH- almost tailor-made for me, and in an area that will be perfect for a life post-Secession.]

  8. Hunter- Something like this, between opponents in an ideological battle. “Art Robinson Calls Out Peter DeFazio”

    “The public already knows, Peter, that you are a liar. Do you really want to be known as a coward, too? Why don’t you stand up and debate me in events in which we ask each other questions and the public – freely admitted to the event – evaluates our answers? If you can overcome your fear; if you can face me man to man in actual timed, back and forth debates of the real political issues – rather than continuing to hide yourself behind “moderators” and “forums” where rules made by you and your friends protect you from your opponent, you might at least rise to the level of a courageous liar – a level considerably higher than your current situation.”
    ~Art Robinson

    This man invented the Robinson Curriculum. A stalwart in the HS movement.

    (Yeah, he’s LDS, but he’s a lot more ‘my kinda Mormon’ (if there can be such a thing) that Mittens…..)

  9. Texan,

    Salt your FB page with high culture stuff too. She a bit of learning in other realms. It innoculates you to banning. But also serves as nectar to persuadable whites.

  10. I try to sprinkle some high brow things in the mix. If I’m banned it’s not much of a loss. Most of the friends are actual friends. The ones I’ve lost on FB and in the “really real world” are of no account and enemies of my people anyway. I’m just a working man with a wife to love and kids to raise who has come to realize that the north and her followers have been robbing from my kith and kin for a 150 years. I drew my line in the sand last year and have never looked back. Coming to grips with my true inner beliefs about my heritage and my family’s future was a giant weight lifted. Be unashamed of who I am and what I want for us as a Southron nation has been liberating.

  11. Racism certainly is an epiphany. It’s like the weight of the world lifted off your shoulders when you realize famine in Africa or inner city failure isn’t your fault.

  12. Connie Chastain needs to explain what SHE would like to see in an independent South. So far, it appears to not be too different from the DC regime. She blatantly mis-characterizes Mr Wallace. There is no need to bring back Jim Crow through law. End the welfare state and end the prohibitions on freedom of association and the chips will fall where they will.

  13. Read through the comments.

    As I said above, I would end the oppression of Whites under BRA. Simply getting the federal government out of our lives would solve the problem. We can start by getting rid of the welfare state, federal civil rights laws, and by returning power to state and local government where it belongs.

    Would I bring back Jim Crow? Each state, county, and city would be free to do as they please. There would be no more Brown decision, no more Loving decision, no more Civil Rights Act of 1964, no more Great Society.

    I know that state sovereignty and local government must be terrifying to someone who has grown up where Washington has made every decision for them. And yes, black people would fall off their pedestal after the demise of BRA for purely natural reasons because they have been artificially elevated.

    They lack the racial capacity to achieve full equality with Whites. Fifty years of the federal government forcing them on us has proved that beyond question.

  14. Connie,

    (1) I would return power to the states, counties, and cities. Do you object to this?

    (2) I would put an end to the Great Society welfare state. Do you object to this?

    (3) If power was restored to the states, counties, cities, and to private individuals, THEY would be free to govern themselves. THEY would be free to choose integration or segregation or some other arrangement that suits their local character.

    Instead of having one uniform system of BRA imposed on all of Dixie by the federal government, competition would be the rule of the day. Whites would be allowed to choose integration, segregation, or gosh, even exclusion!

  15. You sure about your opinions Hunter? Ms. Chastain sounds fairly certain that want to re-institute Jim Crow. LOL

  16. “. . .Robinson has written critically of child protective services after an incident in New Jersey. Child protective services were called in after Matthew Robinson was taken to a hospital. Art Robinson writes: “Back at the hospital, they {child protective services} still refused to release Matthew. However, after I agreed to participate in meetings and examinations the next morning, they let him out. We, of course, immediately drove out of the state.” [31] Art Robinson alleges child protective services have pecuniary motives in investigating child abuse: “When a child is seized, these programs provide over $100,000 per child which pays the people who seize the child and their retainers in the police dept., child services, foster homes, etc. Our family was worth at least $500,000 to the social services industry of New Jersey.” (wiki)

  17. Jim Crow was instituted by the states and cities before and after the Plessy decision.

    In an independent South, there would be no need to conform to any Supreme Court precedent like Plessy. Jim Crow as it evolved in the United States was wholly the creature of Plessy and wouldn’t come back in that form.

    Instead, we would get to see how the South would have evolved if the Confederacy had won the war and been left alone as an independent nation. The states and cities would have REAL POWER to do as they please on race and other issues.

  18. You know, the more that I think about it, the more I realize that dissolving the Union and dismantling the federal government as we know it would solve all our racial problems in a single stroke.

    The racial problem is a symptom of the consolidation of power in the federal government: the welfare state, affirmative action, lack of border security, Obamacare, the threat of frivolous lawsuits over “disparate impact,” civil rights laws, voting rights laws, etc.

    It is all ultimately reducible to the overlordship of Washington. It would all work itself out naturally if Washington were ever put in its place.

  19. For example, there is no need to round up blacks and deport them back to Africa: the instant the welfare state is dismantled, the instant that they cease to be put up on their accustomed racial pedestal, the instant that the threat of federal interference in the states and cities subsides, then that would be the precise moment that they would flee the country in a mass exodus.

    It would be like watching the Portuguese leave Angola or Mozambique in the 1970s. They are now so accustomed to BRA that its demise would be unthinkable and they wouldn’t have any other means of supporting themselves except through a resort to violent crime.

    So they would move to the Northeast en masse.

  20. They could be offered a one time only bounty to relocate too. Considerably cheaper than jail or welfare paid by the taxpayer.

    To Hell or Vermont!

  21. My simple, honest answer to Connie:

    (1) I would dismantle the welfare state.

    (2) I would restore power to state and local government.

    (3) The success of White people in building institutions like public schools for their children and better housing for their families, and the total failure of the free negro to build comparable institutions (compare Tuskegee to Auburn or Greensboro to Tuscaloosa), is indicative of an intractable lack of racial capacity on the part of the negro to rise to the White level which has been common knowledge for centuries.

    (4) Without the assistance of the welfare state or the power to drive White people out of their neighborhoods and cities due to the ban on restrictive covenants, the negro would in all likelihood revert to living in the modern equivalent of shacks and hovels as he has done in Haiti and Jamaica and everywhere freedom was tried even when he inherited the fine old housing stock of St. Louis and Detroit.

    (5) This would bring closure to a 50 year foolish utopian experiment in racial equality which would be officially declared a failure due to the intractable lack of racial capacity to maintain the White level of civilization on the part of the negro.

    We knew going into this liberal experiment that the negro was not the equal of the White man (Calhoun, Jefferson, Jeff Davis, Rhett and everyone in the Confederacy knew better) and that God or Nature had made him that way and that short of H.G. Wells-style eugenics or genetic engineering there is no way to raise him to equality even when literally TRILLIONS of DOLLARS has been thrown at his feet.

  22. I should also think that long prison terms for many criminal offences and capital punishment for murderers and rapists would also encourage emigration of the crime prone out of the South. The incarcerated would be put to work on farms to pay their own way and not be a burden on the taxpayer.

  23. Great facts and all but can Connie answer why she is an anti-white and why does she propose things that hurt whites.

    She is Blank Slatin yer behind, at best HW you are playing for the tie. Because all she has got to say is the usual drivel about how we all bleed red and the next program gonna make it all better.

    Now if you really wanna win and not look like a Mitt you take an axe to their moral superiority supports, whack it to hell.

    I know we CONNEDservatives were instructed to play fair, but I say fuck it, whack em down to size.

  24. It is anti-white to assume that because White people live in nice houses and black people live in shacks and hovels that the former is to blame for the situation of the latter.

    The proof of this is Detroit where blacks drove Whites out of the city in the 1967 race riots, took over all the fine old middle and upper class housing stock, and utterly destroyed it to the point where it is being razed as I write this.

    If further proof were needed, see Memphis where housing projects were built for black people at great expense, which became notorious for violent crime, which were then demolished and the residents of the projects were given housing vouchers, which exported the violent crime and drug dealing from the ghetto to the Memphis suburbs.

  25. Who can forget the multimillion dollar magnet school – one of the most expensive public schools ever designed – that was built for the Black Undertow in Kansas City?

  26. Everything that the free negro touches magically becomes “niggardly” over time – Birmingham, New Orleans, Detroit, St. Louis, Selma, Lowndes County, Haiti, Jamaica, Zimbabwe, South Africa, etc.

    All the White public schools that were given to the free negro after integration became “niggardly” which forced Whites to build whole new cities from scratch in the suburbs with property values high enough to keep the urban yoofs priced out.

  27. Ask Connie what she thinks of Israel deporting the black Africans. Is Connie complaining about Israeli jews treatment of blacks? Or is she only attacking Celtic European people in the South?

  28. Mr. Wallace:

    This post is, in my opinion, the finest thing you have ever written.

    You are precisely correct: we don’t need a race war to beat the blacks, because the blacks are not our enemy. The American central government, which I call the Union, is our enemy. (Note: I don’t call it the United States of America any more, since it is in no way bound by the United States Constitution.)

    Think about it: America is integrated today for one reason: the 82nd Airborne Division. (For younger readers: this is the Army division used to forcibly integrate Little Rock High School in 1957.) The Union controls the 82nd Airborne Division, and the 82nd Airborne Division enforces integration at bayonet point. We can’t fight the 82nd Airborne Division. We’d have to have our own 82nd Airborne Division to do that. Therefore, until we get our own 82nd Airborne Division ( or until the Union’s 82nd Airborne Division comes over to our side), the Union will win.


    The ability of the Union to maintain the effective striking power of the 82nd Airborne Division is not guaranteed. Today, they can put the 82nd Airborne Division on the ground anywhere in the world within a few days. But tomorrow? Ten years from now? That’s much less certain. It costs an awful lot of money to maintain the 82nd Airborne Division, after all. It may come to pass some day that the Union can no longer afford to send the 82nd Airborne Division anywhere they like. It may come to pass that the Army overall becomes much smaller due to budgetary cuts, and the 82nd Airborne Division may end up being unavailable due to pressing duties elsewhere. It may come to pass that the cost of maintaining the 82nd Airborne Division in its current form becomes unsustainable, forcing the Union to reduce the 82nd Airborne Division’s size, or capabilities, or range of action, or all three.

    At that point, the 82nd Airborne Division will no longer be able to enforce integration as they do today.

    But we will still be here. If we survive. If we strengthen ourselves. If we stay true.

    We can’t beat the 82nd Airborne Division. But we don’t have to. All we have to do is stay alive, preserve our culture, and keep having White children. Sooner or later, the power of the Union will no longer be there. On that day, the ability of black people to terrorize us ends.

    That will be V-BRA Day.

  29. Please note that I made a mistake in the above post. The unit that enforced the desegregation order in Little Rock in 1957 was in fact the 101st Airborne Division, not the 82nd Airborne Division. I apologize for the error.

  30. I just had a peak at one of Connie’s blogs … she’s looking for acceptance in liberal society, that’s the feeling I get with this woman. She’s brimming with White guilt to be sure.

    “If black people in Fort Deposit retrograded into living in shacks and hovels again after 40+ years of government housing assistance, then I think we can safely say that their circumstances are largely due to a general lack of racial capacity to better themselves.”

    The mental gymnastics Connie must perform to convince herself otherwise must be exhausting.

    Reading through her self-medicating delusions gives me no doubt that she will fall in lockstep with reality when PC culture fails. Until then, she’ll continue to appease the false gods of liberalism.

  31. I’ve been searching through HUD statistics trying to find spending on the Fort Deposit Housing Authority. So far I have confirmed that there are hundreds of “units” in Lowndes County and that 100 percent of them are occupied by minorities. HUD maintains public housing and housing vouchers there.

  32. Connie is a needless distraction. She’s nobody. Why waste all this breath on this deluded woman? At least she has staked out her position. Consider going after the fence-sitters at Hill & Co. For every pro-White statement the President of the LOS has made in the last 20 years you’ll find a Connieism coming out of his mouth. And he’s in a much more important position than she is.

    I don’t sign up for things like FB so I don’t know what’s being written on there, so is it true that she’s spewing this stuff on an official LOS page? Well??

  33. Re: Connie

    (1) Like most people my age, I was born into a world where American Christianity is so thoroughly compromised – a world where the Episcopal church recognizes “transgender” clergy, and the Southern Baptists have a negro president – that it is nearly impossible to distinguish it from Americanism.

    (2) For years, I identified Christianity with anti-racism and multiculturalism. Later, I came to realize through my study of history that anti-racism has nothing to do with Christianity anymore that it has an intrinsic connection to secular universities or the military.

    (3) The churches are just one example of an institution that has been compromised – the Southern Baptist Convention, for example, was founded on the basis of opposition to abolitionism. Every mainstream institution has been similarly compromised.

    (4) Ultimately, I came to realize that what I truly disliked – the epitome of which are Rainbow Confederates – was not Christianity so much as it was the peculiar degenerate culture of the late twentieth century Baby Boomer which has utterly destroyed this country for future generations.

    (5) As anyone can tell from reading this website, I love “Southern heritage” which can be defined as the South as it was before the Dark Age of the modern Baby Boomer.

    (6) The Baby Boomer is not just opposed to us on race and other important issues. They are opposed to all previous generations and particularly on the subject of race.

    (7) This is not true of ALL Baby Boomers. It is definitely true though that the great majority of them have failed to preserve our heritage and have lost their way.

    (8) The major reason Southern heritage is so wonderful and enjoyable to study is because of its irrepressible conflict with the modern Baby Boomer – just look at your comments.

  34. He did? Well, that’s great! Let’s see what he says next week.

    Maybe I’ll have to break down and sign up.

  35. This is a post Dr. Hill left on the LOS FaceBook page.

    ‘If you are a rainbow, politically correct “Southerner” who worries about being called “racist,” “xenophobe,” or any other epithet thrown at us by the left, then you don’t belong here. This Facebook page is for truly unreconstructed Southern nationalists. If you fit the description above and are not open to change, then you need to go elsewhere. You are not among compatriots here.’

  36. Most people I know have never received anything at all— and many not on any form of “state dependent” occupations (working for government in some capacity, military, or on their contracts.)

    It’s really amazing, slowly learning the real numbers.

    No wonder it’s so hard.

  37. “Mr. Waverly, please don’t be disingenuous. You sincerely believe blacks were not economically oppressed in the past? That their schools were not deliberately underfunded? That they were not underpaid and cheated by their employers, landlords, lenders, elected officials and so forth? You really, really believe that?”

    It’s amazing to see the positions Ms. Chastain is putting forth. She doesn’t even take the old 20th century “conservative” position that the problems of the blacks are their own fault due to cultural traits she actually blames white people. She is a full blown anti-white.

    The other thing I find fascinating is the degree to which she identifies “conservative” thought with 20th century libertarian ideology, i.e. the state or local government has no right to regulate community morals. There is nothing classically Southern or American about that idea at all. It was the English colonial legislatures that passed the anti-miscegenation laws and sodomy laws. These laws were modified, reenacted and upheld by the people in the South for centuries.

    Both sets of these community laws were overthrown by the Supreme Court of the United States Government using the Radical Republican Reconstruction 14th so called “amendment” to the United States Constitution.

    It was precisely the refusal of Southerners to ratify the 14th Amendment that led to the Reconstruction Acts of 1867 which divided the Southern states into occupied military districts.

    The ideology that Connie Chastain is telling people is “conservative” and “Christian” is no such thing. It is not the Constitution of our Fathers. It is the handiwork of Charles Sumner.

  38. That woman is flat out crazy. She’s completely bonkers. No if’s ands or buts. Perhaps she really really really NEEDS those horse urine Crazy Old Lady pills. Some old bats really do need those things. She is SERIOUSLY mental.

    Scary. Seriously. I am persuing the “debate” – Hunter – she’s NUTS.

  39. Dear Hunter, or “Darren” – I cannot deal with jumping into that debate (I have other irons, currently firing) – but please educate the demented Ms Chastain to the fact that the continent of Africa has HALF of the planet’s very best farmland, and is wildly abundant in all types of resources. Plants, animals, minerals, etc. Only Africans could figure out a way to starve, in Africa.

    H/T Sean.

  40. A couple of things still bother me about Hill. Noticeably he won’t use HW’s phrase about the South being the White man’s country, or anything close to it. The other thing I want to know is why most people in the LOS are more like Connie than, say, HW. What does that say about its leadership?

  41. I am completely baffled by this woman. It’s like trying to reason with a 12 year. She talks in circles but mainly out of her ass. Its a simple concept….no freebies. Without financial guilt support blacks will revert to mudhuts and cannibalism….period. Tilting one way or the other makes no difference. Whites and blacks are not alike and are not intended to coexist in the same space. Cut off the money and they will self deport to Yankee town. Maybe Connie will take a few in and try to civilize them in the name of the new south.

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