Proditors – White Traitors That Really Hate Our/Their People

We encourage our people to read Wilmot Robertson’s The Dispossessed Majority.

Wilmot Robertson lists 5 types of White American traitors to our people:

1) Pussyfooters
2) Gracchites
3) Trucklers
4) Old Believers/True Believers
5) Proditors

Today we will focus on #5 – the Proditors. Unlike the other types of White American racial traitors who’s treason is based on societal forces, the White American Proditor really hates his White American people everywhere he is in the world. The Proditor is not just trying to advance his career, curry favor with some other non White American group, or try to make peace, go with the flow. The Proditor works to see his/our White American people destroyed, persecuted and even killed.

John Brown - Proditor Incites the Blacks for Murder and Mayhem

Wilmot Robertson writes:

“The Proditor seems to take a savage delight in severing all his roots, deliberately seeking out his country’s enemies, foreign and domestic, and enthusiastically upending and destroying everyone and everything once closest to his heart and mind. The Proditor, in short, takes up permanent resident in that far country where the Gracchite and Truckler dare not penetrate. Though he may fancy himself a Robin Hood, though he may manufacture the most plausible and idealistic excuses for his great and small treacheries, the Proditor – why be euphemistic? is a common, or more precisely an uncommon criminal. As with the Gracchite, there is often the preliminary personal failure. The subsequent drift into exotic political philosophies is more of an indicator than a cause of the treason to come.”

Robertson continues:

A famous American Proditor was John Brown, who helped to ignite the US Civil War. “At Harper’s Ferry he seemed as eager to incite the slaves to revolution and mayhem as he was to free them…. Oregon-born John Reed, another noteworthy Proditor, actually became a member of the Communist Party Executive Committee in Moscow. He died, aged thirty-three, at the peak of the Bolshevik ferment and lies in a grave by the Kremlin wall – eight thousand miles from home, but only a stone’s throw from the bones of Stalin. More recent Proditors are: Jane Fonda and Ramsey Clark, both of whom openly trafficked with the enemy during the war in Vietnam; the (White) Majority men and women who belonged to the mixed-race, Symbionese Liberation Army that engaged in murder and kidnapping; the (White) Majority students who belonged to the Students for a Democratic Society, another organization dedicated not to class war, but to a minority racial ascendancy (The Dispossessed Majority 7th Edition, Pg 114).”

Jack Ryan continues:

Proditors don’t seem to be particularly prominent in the US – this year 2012; the White American Majority has been dethroned in most cultural, political areas – so what we’re left with under BRA is Whites trying to get by, curry favor, truckle, pussyfoot around, with some doddering old, Old Believers trying to spread THE TRUTH about the original intent of the Constitution etc, everyone else is just trying to muddle through and get distance from the worst Black underclass, 3rd world immigrant areas etc.

Michael Moore might qualify as a Proditor, though he has won financial success with his anti White American Jihad – so, he’s more the truckler. I’ll leave this open to OD readers – anybody know some modern day White American Proditors?


  1. Nathanael Strickland says:
    July 23, 2012 at 9:16 pm (Edit)
    White converts to Judaism or Islam are Proditors.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    It would depend on the reasons the Whites converted to Judaism or Islam.

    The slut, whore, PC Leftist pop singer Madonna converted to Judaism or something close for some reasons, just to thumb her nose at White Christian America after all of her insults. That White former Labor MP – Gallaway who championed the cause of NW Muslim immigrants in the East End is certainly a White traitor, might be a mix of Proditor and Truckler.

    I would agree with you that virtually all White converts to either Judaism or Islam are racial traitors that fit the 5 types described by Wilmot Robertson, but these traitors are not necessarily Proditors.

  2. Any mudsharks you see at the supermarket at 11:00 PM when you run in to get carton of milk, are Proditors.

    The Prius-driving, low-testosterone white guys who only date little yellow slants are Proditors.

    Anyone white person who roots for a black fighter against a white fighter, is a Proditor.

  3. I agree that it might not be the case in every instance, but it seems to me that conversion to one of those two intensely hostile religions to Western Civilization would be the definition of “severing all his roots” and “deliberately seeking out his country’s enemies” even if the converts haven’t around to the full-scale destruction part yet.

  4. With Moore I will say this.

    He was right about why Americans want to be heavily armed: feral nigs.

    He didn’t say it like this but the instinctive recognition is legit. However he was wrong to suggest whites are paranoid about the dark menace.

  5. Gun ownership was first enshrined in 1689 in the English speaking world explicitely as a means to protect a sectarian group. Specifically Anglican Protestants from Catholic Irish. But since then it’s obviously about protection from niggers.

  6. Hollyweird is chock full of proditors!

    Weirdos like Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin and of course Hanoi Jane just HATE White people and blame Western Civilization for the failures of their beloved brown-skinned idols and the Communist Hellholes they inevitably gravitate toward.

    However, don’t place Jews in as proditors, because they are NOT White. What Jews are in fact are enemies of God and Life, but especially Truth. They are the Spawn of Satan and HATE anyone that is not as EVIL as they are…

  7. The Weather Underground

    The other night, I watched The Weather Underground documentary on the 1970’s leftist radical group that comprised of Proditors and Jew college students who got involved with government buildings bombings, bank robberies, and prison breaks, and were even somewhat aligned with the Black Panthers – but many black civil rights groups publicly distanced themselves from the WU. However, one white member admitted in the doc that he was remorseful for his involvement, so he may be a just a “useful idiot” rather that a Proditor.

    They were hoping that 1000?s of students would join their violent revolution to over throw the US government, but only about 30 radical college student got in involved.

    The doc is highly recommended.

  8. Any mudsharks you see at the supermarket at 11:00 PM when you run in to get carton of milk, are Proditors.

    Ha .. ha … that is so true – it must be universal. They are ashamed so they go during off hours.

    The other truth is that the black fathers only stick around for a short while before going AWOL. Sometimes they don’t even stick around for the birth and leave their mess behind.

    I know of one situation in a remote mining town of 10,000 where everybody was white except one black dude that worked at a hotel. He and mudshark co-worker had a fling at the work place and she got knocked up. The complication was: she was married with 2 kids. The black dude split before the birth. Anyways, her white unsuspecting husband was all excited about the 3rd child and brings his expecting wife to the hospital and she shits out a black kid – and he was WTF. Unbelievably, they stayed together and raised the black love child in a Lilly white mining town were everybody knows each other’s business. When the 1/2 breed finished school he split for Jamaica – where he probably works as a Renta-Rasta.

  9. outlier- what a HORRID story. Kudos to that man, but they should have put that illegitimate bastard up for adoption the moment it came out of the womb.

    To raise it, and then have it leave for a nation of drugs and indolence, is the greatest confirmation of the predestination of the ‘goyim’ to non-elect status I have ever read.

    Misericordie, Domine

  10. Idiot white christian couples who decide not to have kids, so they can focus all their energy into doing missionary work in 3rd world countries.

    Antifa retards.

    White people that promote the holocaust myth …..

    “oil drillers” ( the male equivalent to a mudshark)

    Drug dealers. The IRA didn’t like dope dealers and would knee-cap them because they were screwing up the Irish and undermining the struggle.

  11. are you sure this wasn’t some type of perverse relationship?

    A 3 way? Who knows?

    But its a TRUE story – whether a workplace fling at a hotel workplace, or a 3 way, I’m not sure.

  12. David Myatt would be on my list. He let his love for his race become outstripped by his hatred for Jews, and became a Muslim. (Some) Jews are a symptom of Western society’s problems, not the root cause.

  13. Though Outlier brought him up in a round about way by mentioning the Weather Underground I’ll go ahead and mention him specifically. Bill Ayers is one. Don’t know if he Jewish or not though.

  14. This completes my series documenting Wilmot Robertson’s categorization of the 5 main types of White American Majority traitors. I hope that OD readers received some insights in to the reasons so many White American leaders and regular citizens don’t defend the legitimate rights of our people.

    Please learn to identify who, why, where for the:

    1) Pussyfooters
    2) Gracchites
    3) Trucklers
    4) Old Believers/True Believers
    5) Proditors

  15. That White former Labor MP – Gallaway who championed the cause of NW Muslim immigrants in the East End is certainly a White traitor, might be a mix of Proditor and Truckler.

    Gallaway is an odd case because its rumored that he converted to Islam 10 years ago, but he denies it. Also, he may be pro-Muslim but he’s anti-Israeli (and by default anti-Jew), so on one hand he a he’s a Proditor/Truckler, but on the other hand, he isn’t.

    ” George Galloway denies claims he converted to Islam ”

  16. Proof of Alec Baldwin’s anti-Whitism, please?

    Baldwin is in my mind a good man of the New World whose unfortunate circumstances with a crazy ‘Kwa Squaw remains a cautionary tale. The American White woman’s beauty is matched only by her cruelty and cunning.

    Galloway’s anti-Zionism doesn’t make him less of a proditor/truckler, rather it makes him ideologically consistent. He’s a rabblerousing fool that opposes civilization wherever he spies it.

  17. Obama’s mother. She hated white people so much, she ran around the globe hooking up with one dark-skinned individual after another, most prominantly the Kenyan who treated her like the whore she was and the Indonesian who tried to be a husband to her and a father to the kid the Kenyan had abandoned her with.

    Her family ended up raising her black baby.

    Her kid ended up writing, as one of the two memoirs he wrote before he turned 40, not “Dreams from my Grandfather”, not “Dreams from my Stepfather”, but “Dreams from my Father”.

  18. Yep, Jack, a lot of White folks need to die. Your guy left out one important group of traitors, though. He didn’t make up a name for all of the unprepared, low IQ White Trash pukes that we are all going to have to exterminate when they come to try to take our stuff after the shit hits the fan.. I think I’ll just call them “Moving Targets”.

  19. I liked how Galloway school Levin and other Neocon’s when they dragged him in front of congress.

    He gave that nitwit Chris Hitchens a classic put down that was antebellum in its elegance.

    “You’re a gin soaked popinjay, your hand is unsteady, you badly need another drink!”

  20. 313Chris,

    Do you know what is worse than the Mudsharks you see in the supermarket late at night? It is the Mudsharks’ moms that you see in the supermarket in the middle of the day with their little grand-niglets sitting in the cart. I don’t know if they should be called collaborators or enablers, but I know that when the great day of reckoning comes I will show them no mercy.

  21. @Tamer,
    Thanks, I had missed that. Although he isn’t that much better nowadays from his Numinous Way website it seems.

  22. Outlier,

    I would add drug USERS to the list. Mao Tse-Tung was a commie piece of shit, but he had the right idea about culling undesirables. First thing he did when he took control of China was to kill all of the dope dealers and users, all of the gangsters and all of the queers. I would have stopped there, but Mao had a much longer shit list than I have. If China had had niggers, I’m sure they would have been near the top of his list.

  23. At the pool in Y at Carondelet there are a few proud G-Pa’s of niglettes.

    Someone might explain that his own genetics have literally been scrubbed out of existence with that particular mutant.

  24. Mighty,

    Yep. I ordered it from Loompanics Unlimited about 30 years ago. “The Turner Diaries” and “Hunter” both had a lot of contrived crap to hold the stories together, but the shoot ’em up and blow ’em up details are what passes for porn in my library. I also found the descriptions of media celebrities and colored folk decorating the street light poles to be pretty stimulating.

    The thing that pisses me off is that I’ve been waiting for the party to start since I was around 14 years old. I thought we were close as I watched Detroit burn in 1967 from 35 miles away in Detroit Beach. Now I’m 59 and everybody is still just talking.

  25. OK, someone please help me with this quote from the article, “Old Believers trying to spread THE TRUTH about the original intent of the Constitution etc”. I’m still learning some of these terms, so what is wrong with, original intent of the Constitution? Thanks.

  26. Any man who keeps an unfaithful wife in not a man. He should be driven from your group of friends and shamed every day of his life. At the point his only value is as a living warning to other men

    Sorry outlier, the IRA sold dope to fund their war. It’s a common occurrence for those type of groups.

    Alec Baldwin is a liberal, and anti White by default. Not sure what type of anti White he is matters from a practical stand point. Its enough to know they are the enemy

  27. Roger,

    The original intent of the Constitution is moot. The fact of the matter is that the Constitution has been used as a rubber stamp to approve all of the laws that have shoved niggers and Yankee values down our throats since before the War of Northern Aggression.

    Take that Yankee banner down and run up the Bonnie Blue, my brother.

    And listen to this:

  28. The IRA kneecapped rival or unauthorized dealers. They did keep the “murder” rate down though.

  29. Roots,

    Thanks for the response. And, “Take that Yankee banner down and run up the Bonnie Blue, my brother.” I no longer fly the 50 star flag. I fly the 13 star and the Gadsden flags and now I am looking for the first 11 star Confederate flag.

  30. Well said PBR

    My knowledge of the IRA and dope dealing is at the international level. I have no idea how they ran their street level operations, but selling dope is more lucrative and less risky then robbing banks. Wars require money

  31. Roger,

    Yeah, run with that. It won’t confuse people.

    A waitress at the place I usually eat breakfast knows where I live and she recently asked me why I have a Somalian flag in my yard. I explained that I am originally from Somalia and that’s all the answer she needed.

    I hope she was born sterile.

  32. Ted Kennedy & Philip Hart!

    I find it hard to believe Sinn Fein is pro-Nigerian immigration. How about a link to that?

  33. Has anyone taken a look at the NOI and connected them to industrial scale dealing? The various drug epidemics in the black population strike me as their handiwork. The machiavelian black theory that the CIA was trying to exterminate them with crack never seemed credible. We know nigs think nothing of gunning one another down in the tens of thousands so it’s no stretch to think they are profiting from the trade. It’s the only thing they are much use at. The Dreadlocked rasta is basically a schizoid hashishem time bomb. Strong hash is a good way to create mindless assassins, coke even better. The chaos in the ghetto suits their leadership and they profit from the drugs, the welfare administration, lawsuits, deranged hitmen, cut price property and get to act indignant
    at YT for creating the hell of the ghetto.

  34. Michael Pfleger & Bill Clinton, the first black president (and for his anti-white diatribe at Stanford (I believe it was there))

  35. Gerry Adams is literally the worst. He fouught closely related as a Nationalist but effectively opened up Ireland to third world elements. The guy is a Cathalo-Proditor. His cultural Marxism is plain to see.

  36. Roger says:
    July 24, 2012 at 2:34 am
    “OK, someone please help me with this quote from the article, “Old Believers trying to spread THE TRUTH about the original intent of the Constitution etc”. I’m still learning some of these terms, so what is wrong with, original intent of the Constitution? Thanks.”

    Jack Ryan replies:

    I will be happy to explain Roger. First, check out this OD post on the subject of Old Believers:

    Wilmot Robertson describes “Old Believers” as sincere, honest (usually old in age) White Americans who seek to “turn back the clock” to bring back some forms of government, economic or monetary systems, religious organization/morals back from a time when America was virtually an all White/WASP country. Old Believers insist that they know the TRUTH and some form of laws/government that worked OK, well back when America was all White/WASP (in 1776 Blacks were mostly slaves, judged 3/5 of a man, without voting rights) – these old systems of White laws/constitutions will somehow be brought back now and everything will work fine even though America is now a racially chaotic nation with tens of millions of low IQ Mexicans Mestizos, the Black underclass etc.

    Old Believers like Pat Robertson or Ron Paul are usually very nice, honest, sincere OLD White men – they simply have no clue about how to handle the racially chaotic world of 2012 America and they just don’t want to live and think in the real world of today – they want to go….

    back – make things the way they used to be.

  37. Stonelifter wrote: “Any man who keeps an unfaithful wife is not a man. He should be driven from your group of friends and shamed every day of his life.” Yes, whoever puts up or goes along with that, “sharing” his wife, is truly sick, and there are lot of sick “men” who do. What do you think of the Puritans’ branding with the scarlet letter?

  38. Re: “please help me with this quote from the article, “Old Believers trying to spread THE TRUTH…I’m still learning some of these terms”: We don’t need to accept EVERYTHING Robertson says, do we? “Old age” prejudice is a wrong direction, I think.

  39. I’m middle aged, but I think “OLD White men” probably have MORE wisdom of experience than even middle agers, and they don’t necessarily “have no clue about how to handle the racially chaotic world of 2012 America” — and they really can “live and think in the real world of today” — and they don’t all “want to go back (and) make things the way they used to be.”

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