Proditors – White Traitors That Really Hate Our/Their People

We encourage our people to read Wilmot Robertson’s The Dispossessed Majority.

Wilmot Robertson lists 5 types of White American traitors to our people:

1) Pussyfooters
2) Gracchites
3) Trucklers
4) Old Believers/True Believers
5) Proditors

Today we will focus on #5 – the Proditors. Unlike the other types of White American racial traitors who’s treason is based on societal forces, the White American Proditor really hates his White American people everywhere he is in the world. The Proditor is not just trying to advance his career, curry favor with some other non White American group, or try to make peace, go with the flow. The Proditor works to see his/our White American people destroyed, persecuted and even killed.

John Brown - Proditor Incites the Blacks for Murder and Mayhem

Wilmot Robertson writes:

“The Proditor seems to take a savage delight in severing all his roots, deliberately seeking out his country’s enemies, foreign and domestic, and enthusiastically upending and destroying everyone and everything once closest to his heart and mind. The Proditor, in short, takes up permanent resident in that far country where the Gracchite and Truckler dare not penetrate. Though he may fancy himself a Robin Hood, though he may manufacture the most plausible and idealistic excuses for his great and small treacheries, the Proditor – why be euphemistic? is a common, or more precisely an uncommon criminal. As with the Gracchite, there is often the preliminary personal failure. The subsequent drift into exotic political philosophies is more of an indicator than a cause of the treason to come.”

Robertson continues:

A famous American Proditor was John Brown, who helped to ignite the US Civil War. “At Harper’s Ferry he seemed as eager to incite the slaves to revolution and mayhem as he was to free them…. Oregon-born John Reed, another noteworthy Proditor, actually became a member of the Communist Party Executive Committee in Moscow. He died, aged thirty-three, at the peak of the Bolshevik ferment and lies in a grave by the Kremlin wall – eight thousand miles from home, but only a stone’s throw from the bones of Stalin. More recent Proditors are: Jane Fonda and Ramsey Clark, both of whom openly trafficked with the enemy during the war in Vietnam; the (White) Majority men and women who belonged to the mixed-race, Symbionese Liberation Army that engaged in murder and kidnapping; the (White) Majority students who belonged to the Students for a Democratic Society, another organization dedicated not to class war, but to a minority racial ascendancy (The Dispossessed Majority 7th Edition, Pg 114).”

Jack Ryan continues:

Proditors don’t seem to be particularly prominent in the US – this year 2012; the White American Majority has been dethroned in most cultural, political areas – so what we’re left with under BRA is Whites trying to get by, curry favor, truckle, pussyfoot around, with some doddering old, Old Believers trying to spread THE TRUTH about the original intent of the Constitution etc, everyone else is just trying to muddle through and get distance from the worst Black underclass, 3rd world immigrant areas etc.

Michael Moore might qualify as a Proditor, though he has won financial success with his anti White American Jihad – so, he’s more the truckler. I’ll leave this open to OD readers – anybody know some modern day White American Proditors?


  1. Sometimes old men, such as the late Robertson was at the time he wrote, like to denigrate “oldness.”

  2. Mosin, not sure how to answer that. Really I don’t care if she in branded or not as long as men act as men should. Bare with me for a moment while I try to explain.

    The reality of WRA is divorcing your wife for her infidelity will cost you. She will get the kids, child-support above a dollar amount necessary to raise them, possibly even if the child is not yours by DNA test; alimony if the marriage went on long enough; more then her share of the assets, less then her share of the liabilities and a part of your retirement if the marriage lasted long enough. All for the “child’s sake” of course. So if the cuckold, simply moved out of the house, and provided the barest amount of fiscal support to not qualify as abandonment, I would say he has done what he could and should not be shamed. In such a case, what ever happens to the children is on her for breaking the marriage contract. If the cuckold searched out such a relationship, or does nothing to restore his honor, make him an outcast in every possible way.

    We as men don’t do enough shaming, and when we do, we shame over the wrong things. In this case, and in this point in time, the man or men should be shamed and banished from the company of men. No one should speak with them socially, no one should hire them, no one should do business with them etc. Complete and total outcast. The same for the woman.

    If I could wake up, and have my way on all issues, Patriarchy would be reestablished. Children would be the property of the father, women the property of her husband. The man who misused the other mans property would owe compensation to the man who owned the woman/ child. That could be money, or meeting on the field of honor or whatever the offended party sees fit. And of course the shaming/ banishing from above by other men. If the husband/ father saw fit to brand her, so be it, if not, so be it. The offended man would not be shamed or banished as long as he took strong measures to restore his honor and gain compensation for the lose of his property’s value. If a man finds out his child is being used in such a manner by her husband, then he should have the right to take her back, and demand just compensation from the husband, as he sees fit.

    So to answer the question, Mosin, I don’t really care one way or the other. As long as men act in such away to guard their honor and property, in the way they best see fit, and in way that others understand as being honorable of the old school variety. Brand her, boot her out of the hose with only the clothes on her back, strip her naked, shave her head and turn her out…. I simply don’t care.

    It is not my place to dictate to another man the details of his life. However it is our place as men to instruct other men in the general path they should take as relating to honor and proper masculine behavior, and we should accept the different path as long as its honorable

  3. Here’s something from Drudge that really makes me angry

    Gunfire erupts outside Batman movie in Port St. Lucie

    PORT ST. LUCIE — Another midnight showing of “Dark Knight Rises” has ended with gunfire, this time narrowly missing a 16-year-old boy at the Rave theater in Port St. Lucie.

    A Port St. Lucie man in his 20s fired two bullets outside the theater early Tuesday after he apparently felt threatened by the youth who shoved him and his wife and punched the man in the face, according to police reports. But police downplayed any connection to the fatal shootings by a lone gunman in a suburban Denver theater during the midnight debut of the Batman movie on Friday where at least 12 people were killed and dozens more were wounded.

    That isn’t gunfire erupting, that’s a man doing his job as a man, yet right form the head line the news folks are trying to spin the story a certain way.

  4. Stalin is probably the biggest of all time – he teamed up with Jewish Bolsheviks and killed and persecuted millions.

  5. See, White women don’t have skin in the game, they change sides to who they think will win.

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