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  1. ‘The operating principle of American foreign policy has been to work with our allies so that we can deter aggression before it breaks out into open conflict. That policy depends on nurturing our alliances and standing up for our common values.’

    This is directly the opposite policy of that advised by George Washington in his Farewell Address where he warned against entangling alliances and foreign intervention. If Washington were around today he would hate Romney.

  2. At heart, the neo-cons / mainstream republicans are bullies.

    They don’t have a drop of George Washington’s blood. They don’t THINK. They can only imagine a world that’s dog-eat-dog/ zog-eat-zog. They are paranoid, with people out to get them, unable to make equitable deals (i.e. STATESMANSHIP), where the essence of deals is genuine respect for the other party, an acknowledgement of their right to their own lives and property, an acknowledgement of their rights to say “no”.

    Empire-ists— just see to squash others. “If we don’t squash them, they’ll squash us.”

    This way of dealing is only necessary with true mobs.

    It’s not true with everyone—– but how the ms republicans treat everyone.

    They bully people when they could just as easily have practiced Statesmanship, but they seem to not know how to facilitate that.

  3. Those who plan to vote Obama “to bring on The Collapse sooner” should consider that voting Neocon to rev up the endless war (Iran next?) might bring on the Collapse even “more sooner!”

  4. @Mosin
    Obama is just as beholden to the Military-Industrial complex and the Federal Reserve as Romney is. If the big-shots want war in Iran, Obama will have to along, just as Romney will. As far as war in Iran, if the big-shots want war, there’ll be a war. Period.
    The news about Obama somehow standing up to the Israelis and refusing Netanahu his request to go to war with Iran is bullshit : A media show meaning nothing. Usrael is getting all it’s ducks-in-a-row, planning their strategy, and setting up the military game-plan. That’s all.
    If anyone thinks Obama is going to go up against the Federal Reserve, the Military Industrial Complex, the Pentagon, his Jewish advisors, and his Chicago-Jew- Commie handlers is just too pie-in-the-sky. It’s not reality. As it is, Obama is just as much a warmonger as Bush was. Obama expanded the Afghani war into Pakistan [ low-level warfare, but still war]. Iraq is still under heavy US military presence. The CIA under Obama, together with the Mossad, is fomenting war in Syria. Anyone who thinks Obama is some kind of “peace” candidate is very naive and/or mis-informed.
    @Mosin– I don’t mean to start a flame war. I just think you’re wrong about Obama on this topic of Iran. But yes, a collapse is coming. That’s for sure. Romney or Obama, a collapse is headed our way.

  5. The one good thing about Romney is that Romney is not tied into the Communist Party as Obama is, and Romney doesn’t have ties to intense commies like Alinsky, Ayers, etc : Communists who want to see White Americans killed en-masse right here in America ; The whole Communist party America. As the black panthers is a private army for the communist party, Obama is very much connected to the black panthers. Obama/Holder gave the orders to the panthers to declare War against White Americans down in Sanford. The panthers are not free agents, they are controlled from the very top of the communist party. The declaration of War has not been rescinded. The declaration of war still Stands. At least Romney is not tied into that. As far as Iran, like I said, Obama is not going to be able to prevent a war with Iran. Even if Obama really wanted to [ which is extremely doubtful].

  6. Any racially aware white person that votes to put the neocons back into power is a fool. Under George W. Bush Latin Americans were flooding across the southern border, Affirmative Action was 100% safe, the welfare state grew, and white kids were dying in Iraq by the thousands for Oil, Military contractors and Zion.

    No more wars for Israel.

  7. There’s going to be more wars for Israel, Romney or Obama. Obama is not going to go up against the Jews. The Jews own Obama 100%. I’m against the wars in the Middle East personally, but that doesn’t change the facts. Plus, Obama/Holder were behind illegals running massive amounts of weaponry into the States: That actually had the Okay and Full Support of Obama/Holder ; Ilegals are still crossing the border, affirmative action is still going strong [ as if Obama is going to put an end to affirmative action] The welfare state is still growing [ as if Obama is going to put an end to that] And white kids will be dying again soon in the Middle East as Obama/Netanhayu are currently fomenting war in Syria — to weaken Syria before the actual attack on Iran. Obama is just as much of a warmonger as Romney.
    The only difference is : Romney is not tied into the communist party in the country as Obama is. Romney is not tied into the black panthers as Obama is. That’s the difference between the two. That’s basically it.

  8. Communists are by far the weaker enemy than neocons. Communists are pikers compared to neocons.

  9. Communists take your freedom by force. Neocons make you beg to have it taken away. Neocons are the slipperiest, slimiest, disgusting bunch of traitors the world has ever known. The make the Russian communist revolutionaries look quaint.

  10. Joe, if Sen. McCain were President right now we would have been at war with Syria for a long time now. (Not to mention, Iran, Lebanon, maybe even Egypt in an attempt to save Mubarak) Not to mention there would have been an amnesty of some kind for illegals, that was always one of McCain’s big issues.

    I’ll never praise Obama but I’ll put it this way. I’m glad John McCain isn’t the POTUS.

  11. Landshark
    Communists are not “pikers’. Communists are Ascendant in Washington. Neo-cons /Republicans are Communist-Lite, Democrats are Communist-HeavyDuty. As the Communists control Washington, calling communists “pikers” , as if the Communists are harmless and insignificant is absurd.

  12. @Gottfried
    Obama is just as much a warmonger as McCain and Romney, Bush, etc.
    I’m glad McCain never made it to the Oval Office as well. But, that doesn’t change the facts about Obama. Everything you said is speculation, speculation based on the premise the president actually makes the decisions about going to war or not. The President is just one aspect of government. US presidents have their hands tied in a million ways, and are not as powerful as many believe. The Federal Reserve bankers make ALL the Ultimate decisions in the country, not the president (s).

  13. Communism is a Jewish ideology and program that is downloaded to the goy society in many forms. The Revolutionary Communism of Marxist Leninism, Trotsky, Jablonski, Alinsky is only one kind.

    The Cultural Communism (i.e. mulculturalism) of the Jew, Antonio Gramsci is the partner of Globalism which is the final phase of the Communist Revolution.

  14. Mitt Romney’s ‘Anglo-Saxon’ gaffe: the mainstream media will not let this go

    ” Someone on the Romney staff needs to be sacked – fast and publicly. On Tuesday, a campaign insider told the Daily Telegraph that Mitt wants to heal the divide between America and Britain that has emerged under Obama’s watch. “We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage,” they said, “and [Romney] feels that the special relationship is special. ”


  15. Joe, if you are going to be a writer, at least make an effort to learn and then utilize some basic English Composition skills. For a BIG start, use paragraphs. Do not write en entire wall of text with not a single line break.

    I’m sorry, but this pisses me off really bad. I’ll tell you why. There are a lot of good writers today. Really good writers, even. Hunter Wallace, for example, is good. Many other people are good writers and thinkers concerning politics and ideological issues of today that we so badly need and even worse need to be dissimulated to the public. We need these writers and their works made public and accessible.

    The very same is true even for fiction writing. There are some good fiction writers today that are not hardcore Liberals. These writers and their works very much need to be published so we can get them.

    Today, despite all the nay saying and defeatist attitudes of many on sites like this and elsewhere, such writers and their books are really published by the big publishing houses and put on the shelves.

    Eventually. And in a very slow drip and pace.

    The real reason for this?

    People like Joe. Yes, you heard right. I am not joking, using hyperbole, anything. I just stated a rock solid fact.

    I am familiar with the publishing business. I know several people who work in the editing departments who read submitted manuscripts. People like Joe, every single friggin day, send in 200,000 word manuscripts to major publishers seeking publication of their work, with not a single paragraph break. Not a single iota of editing. Not a single iota of proofreading. Nothing but raw rough draft with no effort whatsoever put forth in making their work readable.

    Several editors confirm that they get as much as a six feet tall stack of such manuscripts every single day. Guess how long, then, it takes to wade through all of this to get to a few decent manuscripts? Guess how long it can take to get a book on the shelf after you produce a good final draft? It can take two or three years.

    The Joe’s are constantly being told about making a few changes and learning to do a few simple fundamental writing basics, and the Joe’s go right on ignoring the advice. They know better, they say. A wall of text without break nor editing is just as good as fucking Shakespeare, man. There is no reason at all the Joe’s are not famous and wealthy writers except for the wrong editors who don’t know a masterpiece when they see one. They think nothing of sending a 700 page manuscript of a single, non broken wall of text filled with typos and grammatical errors off to Doubleday or Random House thinking it is going to be a best seller.

    And the few good writers who have something to say and need to be made available have to wait years to get sorted out from this mess of wannabe writers.

  16. The first American ship to enter the Mediterranean was the USS George Washington. It sailed to Algiers to pay tribute to radical Islamic pirates. After paying tribute, the ship was told by the Dey to sail to Constantinople to give some more money to the Ottomans. They did. It was disgusting then as it is now. Confronting rogue anti-American Islamic states is classically Jeffersonian.

  17. The worst kind of traitors are those that refuse to recognize the good in the system they oppose. They’re the infantile ineffectuals of history and have emerged in this country as Day of the Ropers. Jews apparently aren’t the only group fixated on “What’s good for Jews?”; for Gentiles it’s a loser outlook that demonstrates the isolation of the anti-Semite from his own culture.

    Jewish Power is a shadow on the wall.

  18. I’m saddened when I stumble across posts here about Jews sometimes, especially when rank gets pulled. The other day I think it was, Sean wrote he’d spent “years” researching the Jews. That’s time that could have been spent mastering a new language or instrument. We need to focus more on becoming better people and by extension a better race and less on crusading against a high-IQ caucasian ethnic group.

  19. Tamer of Savages says:
    “I’m saddened when I stumble across posts here about Jews sometimes, especially when rank gets pulled. The other day I think it was, Sean wrote he’d spent “years” researching the Jews. That’s time that could have been spent mastering a new language or instrument.”

    Years well spent! Btw, I learned to play an instrument and have acquired a new language while doing all the other things required in life. Geez, we’re not negroes. Not vain enough to call myself a master, yet.

    Because of the internet it is not necessary to spend countless months or years researching jewry. Just viewing a half dozen or so of David Duke’s videos on the subject would suffice.

  20. I know Joe. There is nothing wrong with your writing. Just gather it all up and send it to to any publisher and they will have an advancement in the mail before the work day is out.

    If anyone thinks I am mistaken, or wants to see for him or herself the validity of what I’m saying, just Google and research writing and writing markets and all the blogs of the “Indie” publishers and others who self publish on Amazon and the others.

  21. Tamer, do you consider the time you spend here a waste as well?
    Perhaps you should spend more time learning spanish or learn some self defense. Next time your up in Harlem running away from some savage with shit in your drawers, you could actually tame a savage. Or at least talk your way out of getting your ass kicked, providing your in spanish Harlem.
    No need to waste your time posting here.

  22. Tamed – I believe a Worthy Oriental Gentleman recently saved your limpid, flaccid Gluteus Maxima, as said Maximi skeedaddled speedily into the night…n’est ce pas?

    Perhaps your time would be better spent researching the best deals on accomodations, for the next Annual Gay Pride Celebration, in Tel Aviv…. don’t want to miss the fun, do you?

  23. Hi Sean.

    Love Spanish and have been trying to pickup Dominican dialect to see me through in Santo Domingo next week – over dominoes in Sp. Harlem. I’m really looking forward to exploring DR and sympathize with their “anti-Haitianismo” policies, note the Juan Pablo Duarte gravatar. I’m a racist flaneur of the New World.

    Now, it’s almost surprising you didn’t call me a hosenscheisser yet I don’t actually expect you to know German. I imagine you reading books about Nazis and keeping a pet squirrel.

  24. “The worst kind of traitors are those that refuse to recognize the good in the system they oppose.”

    No, the worse kind of traitors are those who see that a system works good enough for them and so choose not to oppose it. The truth is there is some good in all systems. The lie is that is enough.

  25. Well Tamer, you would be surprised at my lot in life. I live quite well and am very well traveled. Don’t pull your cowardly arrogance with me.
    You just keep running away when shit hits the fan. You remind me of some of the yuppie types I used to come across when I lived in NYC.
    Did your Indian cab driver clean up your soiled slacks as he ushered you to safety?
    Or were you in full sprint to get away from some nigger. Seen it so many times, pathetic.

  26. Those that don’t oppose the country aren’t traitorous. Unless you want to start calling BRA’s supporters and loyal opposition, race-traitors. But how could neocons be race-traitors when they’re overwhelmingly Jewish and Jews aren’t white?

  27. Neocons aren’t race traitors. They are loyal to Jewish interests. Traitorous to me and white non-zionist Christians who elected them, loyal to themselves.

  28. As went the Romanovs, so went the remnants of the Republic. Only the neocons were smarter than the communists. A bit of theater and we walked to the ideological gallows on our own. We didn’t need to be marched to gulags or starved.

  29. From Vdare,

    Memo From Middle America | Latest Romney Spanish-Language Ad Hints At Amnesty. But What About White Working Class?
    By Allan Wall on July 26, 2012 at 1:02am

    The Obama campaign has been spending millions of dollars on ads geared to Hispanics. Not to be completely outdone, the Romney campaign wants to do some Hispandering of its own.

    So, on July 18th, in its latest desperate attempt, Team Romney released a Spanish-language advertisement entitled País de Inmigrantes (“Country of Immigrants”). It’s Romney’s ninth ad in the Spanish language.

    You can view the ad here. Thankfully, it only lasts 30 seconds.

    País de Inmigrantes is narrated by youngest Romney son Craig, who speaks Spanish because he served as a Mormon missionary in Chile. Here is an English translation of what Craig says:

    I’m Craig Romney. I would like to tell you how my father, Mitt Romney, thinks. He values very much that we are a nation of immigrants. My grandfather George was born in Mexico. For our family the greatness of the United States is how we respect and help each other, regardless of where we come from. As President, my father will work on a permanent solution to the immigration system. I invite you to listen to him.


    I see less reasons to vote for mittens as time goes on

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