The Soundtrack of Racial Violence

North Carolina

WND is quickly becoming the new CofCC/OD/SBPDL.

It is not known if any of the 1,000 black people who rioted in downtown Greensboro following the Fourth of July festivities this year were dancing to this kind of music. But there is no doubt they were part of the lifestyle.

Racial violence in Greensboro is hardly new or unique to that area.

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  1. Does art imitate life – or life imitate art ?

    I’d say it both.

    When people are free, their genes express themselves.

  2. On a lark with a friend, years ago, we went into a record store and got some of the music when rap seemed to be coming out. Must have been 1992, because I remember Body Count by Body Count (I love my kkk bitch when she sucks me…) There was a line in one of the songs (maybe Cop Killer, since removed) about doing in “tipper gore’s two twelve year old nieces” and now there’s no reference except about “loving them” in searches online, but I just can’t remember the lyrics now, though they stuck with me.

    It was a first introduction to the incredible violence being promoted. (beyond my two years in a black school, a long story)

    These experiences could lead a THINKING PERSON to believe that only Northern European Protestants really were able to handle “Freedom” (like of association, press, speech, religion, and so on)

    Nobody else seems to want to take advantage of (what was once that opportunity, anyway) for anything other than riots, fleecing your neighbors (under the guise of “saving them! because you are so Christian, of course), printing your own money, gambling away citizen’s money and living on the casino of “the market,” and so on.

    If I had FREEDOM: I would live away from violence, and read much of the day, and write poems, and enjoy general self-care like cooking and cleaning. I would experiment with growing new plants, and making new recipes. I would read about culture, politics, nutrition, nature and come up with fun, interesting places to go with the children in my life. I would exercise much more, (because I hate going to stinky public-style “gyms” which is what one is supposed to do nowadays).

    In a safe area, where with genuine Freedom of Mobility, people would travel much more and have a lot of kids, even if there wasn’t so much money for them, because they would be in a “real” community, with support other than just money, which is what we’re all supposed to rely on now.

    Obviously, freedom from oppressive government is of no interest to many.

    They want “free” health care, “free” housing, “free” education (just start READING books, for God’s sake; you can do it yourself), etc—-

    Isn’t that what a slave is? A complete state dependent?

    Why is is BETTER to be Dependent on the Fed than your Plantation Owner?

    (And this question goes for the Military Workers, too.) In fact, more so— as the deal for the check for them, involves a pact to “follow orders” and “not think for yourself.” Even Welfare Paygrade doesn’t have to agree to that, if you think about it.

    In fact, being Dependent on a Plantation Owner might be better than the Fed—- at least you were still living in their front yard. If you were poor and scraggly, they had to notice, unlike DC, which is “out of sight, out of mind.” Also, a plantation owner had a vested interest in your health and performance, unlike DC. (etc)

  3. Dixiegirl- excellent post (well, except for the foul language of the [c]rap music- see, even when you discuss the ‘cultural achievements of niggers, you have to use foul language!).

    All many of us want to do is be gentlemen/women farmers, living on our own land, walking the streets of our small towns, meeting/greeting our same-race neighbors, letting the children play in peace, and never seeing again the ‘goyim’ of the world darken (literally) our doors.

    Much like the vision of Bradbury’s ‘Dandelion Wine.’ May God grant this freedom again in our lifetimes. Amen.

  4. Hunter, WND won’t be the new OD until they start criticizing Jews and Israel. Farah is a notorious Jewish ass kisser. However I notice that many of WND’s readers are posting negative comments about Israel and the Jews at an increasing rate. Sooner or later, he will be forced the deal with it. Hopefully. he will realize that the Jews are not the persecuted innocents that they pass themselves off as. However, he will have to shake off that dispensationalist bs that he believes in before he can do that.

  5. Isn’t that what a slave is? A complete state dependent?
    Why is is BETTER to be Dependent on the Fed than your Plantation Owner?

    There’s as fundamental difference. With true slavery, the master determines what you do with your time, whereas complete welfare dependents do as they wish with their time (within the limits of their budget)

    (And this question goes for the Military Workers, too.) In fact, more so— as the deal for the check for them, involves a pact to “follow orders” and “not think for yourself.” Even Welfare Paygrade doesn’t have to agree to that, if you think about it.

    This come closer to being true, but not really. In the military, you need to be in compliance with certain conventions, i.e. your uniform, your haircut, saluting officers senior to yourself. These are outward manifestations of obeisance, while you’re on duty. When off duty, your life is not appreciably different than a civilians. Your time is your own to do with as you please (the more so, if you don’t actually live on base). But as to “not thinking for yourself”, I didn’t find that to be true at all. People comply with the outward manifestation part to the degree that they must to keep their arses out of hot water, and it’s quite easy to do so, but you can (and do) still think however you wish to think.

    It seems to be a somewhat common misconception that service members are mindless drones, who have lost (or willingly given up) the ability to think for themselves. Just not the case. Sure, they enter into a bargain that does set up some proscriptions on their behavior and dress (most specifically while on duty), but it’s nowhere near the draconian system that many believe it to be.

    You can’t behave or dress any which way you want to at the vast majority of civilian jobs either, and there too, is a chain of command, although not with a global rank structure (and obviously without the blatant outward manifestations like uniforms, and saluting, etc). People enter into all sorts of bargains for money or a paycheck. Having to wear a uniform and saluting is really not all that onerous (it’s more a contrivance). But your mind is still your own.

    I would add that the structured environment is a really good thing for NAMs. They seem to not do well with complete freedom. When their paychecks are tied to comforming to certain standards, they, by and large, do so, and without strict proscriptions on their behavior, they create third world conditions wherever they are. I think another poster nailed when he said “When people are free, their genes express themselves.”

  6. Fr. John, you might want to look more closely at Dixiegirl’s comment. If I’m not mistaken she doesn’t believe either one of us is capable of freedom since neither of us are Protestant. You’re Orthodox if I’m not mistaken.

  7. Dixie is quite bright with well thought out comments. I think you have to realize the Southern thing is sectarian.

  8. Whether you like it or not, Catholics have a long, well established track record of voting for BRA and bigger govt. When govt increases in size, individual liberty decreases.

    I know Catholics hate this being mentioned, but it is what it is. Instead of being angry when WASP’s bring it up, perhaps Catholics would be better served understanding WASP’s have good cause suspicion. Instead of dismissing our suspicion with some vague claim of anti Catholicism, maybe y’all would be better served recognizing this voting trend fact and working to offset your groups voting track record.

  9. @Stonelifter

    Unfortunately liberals do not just come from the Catholics, they come from all member churches of the World Council of Churches and National Council of Churches, the JudeoXtians, Xtian Zionists and the White seculars (larger than all Christian populations combined) . When I was at university in the 1970s no one was a Christian of any type, but it was all White and all liberal.

  10. @ Mary

    I saw that. The Thought Police from the Greek Democratic Left who are violating her freedom of speech and thought will (of course) be the Jew Thought Police operating under the cover of a political party. I think the idea of censorship of young minds is abhorrent to Greeks of all types and stripes.

  11. All of my church-going, Anglo- Protestant -Christian neighbors support BRA and wars for Israel — and every present-day Uncle Sam government policy — To The Hilt. It’s not really a Catholic/Protestant issue, not really.

  12. Lynda,

    You spend a lot of time on here defending James II AKA James Stuart.

    It seems that he is the guy who lit the fire under the slave trade as far as it goes with English involvement.

    In the years he was supposedly defending true liberty against Jews and defending the conscience of mankind he was turning a profit with the RAC. I have no problem with him doing this, but HE monopolized the slave trade for himself. It’s astounding how much money he was personally making. I’m not having any more of this funny business with you defending him and promoting unverifiable stories about William III (who probably made money off the trade too)

    As a disclaimer I’m Catholic with Catholic Irish roots among the Irish Bishops, and a very Irish sounding name. Though my mum is from an Anglican family. The Irish called James, “Jimmy The Shit” for a very good reason. He was a pushy Catholic Ultramontanist SOB who ruled over a nation of Anglican Protestants who were very forgiving of his foibles for many many years.

  13. Evangelical protestants are the worst. They can’t wait to marry their daughters off to African “Christians” and send their sons to die for God’s “chosen”.


  14. Lynda,

    On another note it appears to be the case that the Stuarts were hopelessly in debt to the Orangists with direct loans between two royal houses dating back to the 1640s. If the Orangists were fronts for Jewish bankers The Stuarts were just as in cahoots with them as anyone else. The Parliament, depended on the good will of Londoners and East Anglia more than anything else and a good dose of their own bigotry. The Royalists were sucking up money from Amsterdam like a floozey with a straw in a marguerita.

    So your notion that William (married to a Stuart, also descended from a cadet branch of the Stuarts) was some alien fiend is a flight of fancy. If anything he was able to get the finances of the Crown in order after the profligacy and aggrandizement of his uncles and cousins.

  15. @John,

    I spend time here defending historical facts of matter.

    Wiki is a Jewish source and it claims that the Jewish role in the American slave trade was minimal.

    David Duke’s research on the other hand has uncovered the historical facts that demonstrate the Jewish interest (aka the The City and The Crown) were key to the slave trade in the Americas. A good introduction to this is

  16. No, it does contain facts though. One of the most notable things about England is that it had an infinitely small Jewish population up until 1800 and perhaps until 1900 really. And NONE whatsoever openly existing there before the late Commonwealth/Restoration.

    In 1690 there were no more than 400 present. Even a group that aggressive ( and they are aggressive) can’t control policy if the numbers are that small and they are deprived the vote (which they didn’t get until the mid 1800s).

    William can be explained as a rival branch of the Stuart clan who respected the wishes of the vast majority of English people. Have you ever read the 1689 bill of rights? The US second amendment stems from his agreement with Parliament. Free association and the ban on cruel and unusual punishment are also partly his work. He wasn’t a bad guy by any means. He ended the profligacy of the restoration courts too.

  17. Lynda- for what it’s worth, I agree with your first comment above.

    White and Confed- Dixiegirl may be a protestant, because her faith “works” for her.
    I would still be an RC if that faith still ‘worked’ for me.
    I am an Orthodox Western Rite cleric- why, both because it ‘works’ for me, as well as being quite clearly White, Anglo, Patristic, and Beautiful.

    A Full House theologically. Actually, throw in Anglican Church music, and you have a Royal Flush- which is also why I tend to favor narodnost Monarchical stances, I guess….

    “However, he will have to shake off that dispensationalist bs that he believes in before he can do that.” If Farah can shake off THAT heresy, what works he might do for the Lord, before the end! Deo Volente! Pray for Joe Farah, everyone. Seriously.

    Even those who are not ‘on our side’ may yet be BROUGHT to our side, as it were…..

  18. I think Duke is attempting to tap into a slightly unhinged suspicion of Britain that many Americans share for both rational and irrational causes. William delivered a chance for Protestantism to survive an onslaught from ultramontanist monarchs like Louis 16.

  19. Folks, please remember that monarchy is not bad- it is FILIOQUIST, Western Monarchy that did not keep the Church and state as guardians each of the other.

    There is a difference, even though Western (and often jewish- as they were the first ‘beyond the pale’ to write [sic] “objectively” about the ‘Russian royalty,’ when there appeared a market for it- and, since 1920, most of the writers ARE/WERE “Yids” – save for a very few. Modern writers of Russian History, BTW, include Matthew Rafael Johnson (a convert) who has written a good comprehensive introductory history of the Russian monarchy, which I have mentioned on this forum.

  20. oops addendum to prior post:

    “There is a difference, even though Western [writers who were Jewish tried to make the West view Russia and the Slavic/Orthodox states through filioquist/Rationalist eyes.]

  21. Lynda, I don’t see enslaving blacks as a great problem. I get the idea that Hunter doesn’t have an issue with the historical enslavement of blacks either. It’s was a general good for whites. I’m not denying that Jews were involved (how disproportionatly) but James actually had a verifiable monopoly that he enriched himself with. If he was in the trade he traded with Jews and Dutch and French alike.

    Duke, in his efforts about England appears to be deflecting some blame for the trade in an effort to seem a bit rainbowish. He’s got his own motives for this. Like Larouche does. I’m not denying the English are a disproportionately powerful people either.

    To reitterate — it’s not a problem that the English and Colonies conquered subjugated

  22. My favourite English King is Harold Godwinson. He monopolized the slave markets of northern Europe through his Danish and Sussex connections. No Jews in sight. It’s even suspected he was an Orthodox Christian by many Orthodox.

  23. @John

    “..I don’t see enslaving blacks as a great problem.”

    Tell that to every white American who was ever robbed, assaulted, raped, or murdered by the descendants of black slaves. Tell that every white American who was driven from the neighborhood where their family lived for generations, by the criminal behavior of the descendants of black slaves. Tell that to every white American who was forced to close his business, because of the economic devastation caused by the descendants of black slaves. Tell that to every white American who was denied a job they were fully qualified for, because Affirmative Action reserved it for a descendant of black slaves.

    You don’t live in America, so don’t make ignorant statements from the safe perspective of foreign soil, about things you have no real experience with.

  24. Actually Stonelifter the voting pattern for Catholics depends on the extent to which the individual Catholic practices the Catholic faith. Observant white Catholics who attend Mass weekly or more and who pray daily are fairly reliably Republican and are socially conservative. Although white observant Catholics are a little less conservative politically than white evangelicals or fundamentalists they are far more conservative than the average white voter. Non-observant Catholics (i.e. cultural Catholics) do tend to vote overwhelmingly Democrat and have liberal social views. It isn’t right to combine the two as if they were one group. Non-observant ‘Catholics’ aren’t actually Catholic in any reasonable sense and once eliminated statistically white observant Catholics vote more conservatively than mainline Protestants and a little less than Protestant evangelicals/fundamentalists.

  25. The south, if it had been left to it’s own divices and borders would have faced the problem of blacks by itself. Probably mass deportations right after mechanization.

    I would lump catholics together as a group for certain purposes though. They/we tend to have certain assumptions about universality. Even though they may differ in class attitudes. This has positive and negative characteristics. Polish catholics are ferocious nationalists. The faith kept them together as a people. It’s done the French no end of harm to be as Catholic as it is though. It’s literally destroyed them. But it’s kelt the Quebec people together.

  26. I’m Catholic and I swore if one of the pastors or deacons ever *went there* again I’d stand up and walk out of Mass. But they’ve backed off since the last hothead associate was sent somewhere else.

    Do remember that Flannery O’Connor was a devout Catholic and southerner, but did not sentimentalize the blacks in her stories, ever. They were a different people who were phony to whites – always – and kept their own counsel, and could assimilate with whites.

  27. Slavery as an institution is a ticking time-bomb. No white civilization in all of history, ever kept non-white slaves and didn’t crumble to ruin for it.

  28. John, could not the same be said about Protestants? National churches can for a time keep societies together. I speak of England and CE. Whether it can continue to do so depends on how strongly the ‘national’ church maintains its traditions and how long the people continue to keep the religious identity as an integral part of national identity. Because of the French Revolution and periodic anti-clerical anti-Catholic governments thereafter religious identity ceased being an integral part of French identity.

  29. “John says:
    July 25, 2012 at 6:41 pm
    My favourite English King is Harold Godwinson. He monopolized the slave markets of northern Europe through his Danish and Sussex connections. No Jews in sight. It’s even suspected he was an Orthodox Christian by many Orthodox.”

    Edward I, all the way!

  30. Harold Godwinson WAS Orthodox. He was the last Orthodox monarch England ever had. He also cared for his own at home. It was the Papally-blessed Normans that started the whole feudal system that ended up in teh Reformation.

  31. @John

    Of course you would kiss King Willie’s Loff, John. He tightened the penal laws over all Ireland, taxed every window on every house, every tool of trade. He started the clearance of the Scottish Highlands with burning, rape and great loss of life and his successor closed the Commons and drove the villagers of England into the industrial slums. This was a bonanza for transport and immigration to the Americas and to Australia and NZ.

    From the time of William III – the UK and its Commonwealth was the property of the Corporation of the City of London. They were owned by a Jewish Bank.

    This is the same story of America under its the Bank of England subsidiary, the Federal Reserve.

  32. “Folks, please remember that monarchy is not bad- it is FILIOQUIST, Western Monarchy that did not keep the Church and state as guardians each of the other.”

    Father John,
    please educate me. When you say filioquism is the problem, what do you mean?

  33. I will gladly conceded that point White& Confederate, it carries over to Protestants as well. Many fine Catholic men fought for our cause, Irish and Cajuns, like my ex- father in laws family. I do not wish to sully their fine reputation, yet there still remains the facts to be dealt with.

    As usual I tend to think the issues isn’t with our Catholics, but with yankee Catholics. The problem isn’t our Irish, but yankee Irish etc, and I need to do a better job relaying that.

  34. Has anyone noticed all the cars with new york tags and the gay pride flag and rainbow symbols plastered all over the cars? What’s up with up with folks asking about people giving money to gay rights outside of the new science research center in downtown Raleigh?Shouldnt there be conservative and Christian groups out to oppose them?What’s going on? They are trying to get us from the inside out.

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