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  1. Wow. DHS has no guidelines other than let them go if they say they went to school here. So now there is by default no law stopping anyone from entering.

  2. Rudel – and the separation of powers isn’t keeping the executive branch in check, effectively proving that constitutional government is dead. Where can we go from here?

  3. Corporate mega-agriculture cannot be denied its unwhite labourers — at least not until affordable harvesting and pruning machines are developed that can take their place, and by that time they’ll ALL be settled here.

  4. Can’t allow traditional small to mid-size farms to compete on a level playing field with Megafarms can we?

  5. “Where can we go from here?”

    There is a Great Sort occurring where white people all over the country are concentrating in all or predominantly white towns and counties. This is implicit white nationalism even if these white brethren express mushy headed opinions. These locations can provide a political base for opposition and resistance to BRA.

    If we continue towards bad economic times ahead and experience both power black outs and black and Hispanic chimp outs I believe that many whites will become more explicitly racial.

    There is also this:


    If every White Man was driven by circumstance to take out just one non-white the country’s racial problem would evaporate overnight.

  6. “Obama is completely out of control. He is ruling by decree via executive orders that totally flout existing laws.” He’s a king. Haven’t many of you been wanting a king?

  7. “There is a Great Sort occurring where white people all over the country are concentrating in all or predominantly white towns and counties. This is implicit white nationalism even if these white brethren express mushy headed opinions. These locations can provide a political base for opposition and resistance….” Interesting comment, but obviously not true for some areas where many small towns WERE 99 to 100% white UNTIL very recently.

  8. “Interesting comment, but obviously not true for some areas where many small towns WERE 99 to 100% white UNTIL very recently.”

    The problem out west is the Mexicans. They are currently having race riots in Anaheim California. The beaners are concentrating on trashing their own neighborhoods though, sorta like the blacks.

  9. Mosin and Afterthought- Care to translate for the scientifically deficient among us?

    (Like myself- when I realized in high school that evolution sought to make Obongo into my ‘relative,’ I lost all interest in the validity of science- clearly, in my mind, science was and is still – witness its overt christophobia- anathema to believers.)

  10. As long as there are yankee do gooders there will be no more 100% White towns. BRA sets out to find them and destroy them by building section 8 housing and locating foreign born people in them

    hell the county I live in has been sued twice by BRA. Once by the naacp and once by the naacp and the federal election folks because we aren’t BRA enough for them. One day soon some beaner group will sue the county with the help of yankee lawyers.

  11. “One day soon some beaner group will sue the county with the help of yankee lawyers.”

    The South also has its fair share of native “New South” scalawags, the white big business elite of Atlanta being a case in point.

  12. “I lost all interest in the validity of science — clearly, in my mind, science was and is still – witness its overt christophobia — anathema to believers.”

    I see NO CONFLICT of natural science as such with holding and living out the essentials of the faith.

  13. When I say where do we go from here, I mean do we fight (hopefully no violence is needed) or do we become slaves? It seems as though with the influence of television and the abundance of shiny new consumer goods from abroad that whites will not wake up, they have their blinders on and are chasing the carrot dangled in front of them.

    The only scenario I can see happening is massive social unrest followed by one of two possibilities. One, a totalitarian police state after a long and bloody period of unorganized civil war or two, a fracturing of the country like the Soviet Union following civil unrest and the inability of Washington to act as a central government. What do y’all think?

  14. How come we never hear of the Minutemen anymore? Do they still patrol the southern border? Have the feds completely broken up that group or has infighting destroyed them? Pretty much like all the other pro-white/pro-American (founding stock) groups where infighting, corruption, or betrayal does them in.

    Come election time, all or most of the incumbents will be voted back in.

  15. small in number compared to yankee transplants; but it’s easy to be confused on the topic because some of those transplants have been here 2-3 generations or more. They are however, not Southron, but yankee invaders

  16. Ive worked on the border for the past two years and have watched it first hand. Gunfights on the river, trucks waved through checkpoints with illegals hiding under tarps, carjackings and murders. None of it gets reported.

  17. @Snowhitey

    Their image was demolished when a few of them were arrested for involvement in a shooting that resulted in the death of a child. And there are stories that some of them were killing drug dealers, stealing the drugs and cash, and using it to build an army. Basically they were degenerates. We have enough of these flakey militia-types in Michigan, to know that stuff is nothing but trouble.

    Far as the Nov. election goes, if the results of Wisconsin recall are any indication, then the Democrats are heading for devastating losses. And I don’t believe Obama is going to be re-elected.

  18. I’ve had BP agents at checkpoints laugh at us when we told them of wetbacks hiding in vehicles ahead of us in line. Not representative of all agents but after a few of those situations it became apparent that the Feds are in the act of committing open genocide of white Southron people.

  19. 313Chris, thanks, I never heard that information. I remember something about embezzling with one of them. And, I was hoping those militias would be our saviors.

  20. thats ironic because evolution should have described why you’re not like the other races. but instead cultural marxists say that humans evolved from chimps and having achieved humanity only changed superficially since.

  21. Ann Barnhardt, 20012.07.26:

    Of course Holder and Corzine are in bed together. Of course Edith O’Brien’s attorney is Holder’s best friend. Why are you people shocked at any of this?… As I said in the Puplava interview, the Republic is dead. This is no longer a nation of laws, it is a nation of men. It does not matter what you do – all that matters is who you know and are in bed with. You can steal a billion-plus dollars – like Corzine, or you can commit mass murder – like Holder himself, and NOTHING will ever happen to you.

    Do you think the people of the Soviet Union didn’t know that tens of millions of their fellow countrymen were being killed? Of course they knew – many times they witnessed it with their own eyes. It didn’t matter to Lenin or Stalin. Lenin and Stalin WERE THE RULE OF LAW, so therefore there was no way short of a war against them to ever hold them to account for their crimes – and the people of Russia and the other Soviet-controlled lands never waged that war – and so they were raped, pillaged and murdered by the tens of millions by the oligarchy which they permitted by cowering in self-serving fear and refusing to fight it.

    Further, Holder, Corzine, Obama and all the rest don’t give a shit that any of this is coming out. They are sitting back and LAUGHING at all of it. You know why? Because they know damn good and well that no one is going to actually do ANYTHING about any of this, just like no one did anything about it in Russia under Lenin and Stalin or China under Mao. Remember, Eric Holder is, as we speak, in both civil and criminal contempt of Congress. And … nothing. Absolutely nothing. There is no rule of law and there is no lawful recourse whatsoever because the government has been overthrown…

    That is how tyrannies, like the one we are now under, come to power. They are consciously playing on the normalcy bias and cowardice of the populace. You people STILL think that there is justice and that by merely exposing this crap that someone, somewhere is going to apply justice and all of this is going to be made right through the courts and the government.

    It isn’t. The government is the enemy. The government is the enemy of both the people, and of justice itself.

    You want to see justice? Kiss your wife and kiddies goodbye, gear up, and tell me where the mustering point is. Unless and until that happens, not only will there be no justice, but the crimes will only get exponentially worse until we are the New Vendee and infernal columns of the Free Shit Army are being sent into suburbia to kill every human being in their path in the name of hope, change and free shit.

    And understand that “Barack Obama”, Eric Holder and all the rest of the oligarchs have planned this overthrow and are executing it without any hesitation based on the assumption that in a nation of 310 million people, not ONE decent person will so much as lift a finger to defend themselves or their posterity, much less muster and go to hot war. Their entire warplan is built upon the moral and personal cowardice of the people, bred and inculcated into them by the Marxist takeover of the education system, the media and the clergy. [Source

    Please excuse any formatting errors.

  22. “I lost all interest in the validity of science — clearly, in my mind, science was and is still – witness its overt christophobia — anathema to believers.”

    Science is Christo-phobic? Anathema to believers? I see NO CONFLICT of natural science as such with holding and living out the essentials of the faith! But the century-old “CT” that “the Evil-lutionists” are covering up the evidence of a very recently-created universe, and of a worldwide flood, and the remains of Noah’s ark on Ararat, et cetera, IS harmful, in many ways, to the cause of the true religion.

  23. Re: digression on science and faith: Getting knowledge is not evil as such. “But with all your getting of knowledge also get wisdom.”

    Re: the border chaos topic: The religion of Greed is universal, HAS NO BORDERS, recognises NO NATIONS, no races or ethnicities, no culture, and no other faith.

  24. HarryO you believe the war is over; the truth is the war on our heritage has never ended. There’s been lulls for sure, but it’s never ended.

  25. IMO it’s only a matter of time before CA and all or most of the Southwestern states secede, do facto if not de jure. Viva La Raza!

    The Union is crumbling. Of course that’s not a new idea. IMO the only thing left to it by 2030 will be the Northeastern states, Washington, Oregon and maybe Northern CA. Hunter Wallace will have his dream. The new CSA will be a haven for Whites and a revival of our race. The anti-Whites and their non White cannon fodder will be expelled. The Feds will be powerless to stop it.

    For those who see this as imposible who would have thought in 1980 that the USSR would be broken up and finished by the end of the decade? There is nothing sacrosanct about the USA and the Constitution.

  26. “……As long as there are yankee do gooders there will be no more 100% White towns….”

    They are “do-gooders” only when it comes to others, lol.

    That is the main North-South difference—– a Southerner fixes HIMSELF and the Northerner tries to fix everybody else.

    The Northeasterner can’t LOOK at himself, at how he affects people (he is a great blessing bestowing his perfection on others… or even worse, a dependent statist personality full of self-abnegation, bowing and scraping, the kind of “christian’ who gave all the christians a bad name, and giving “charity,” which usually means giving back a little bit of what he, essentially stole from the very person he’s giving the money to, lol—-just the way “elites” dispense the earnings of other people’s labor— redistributing to the poor for votes and feeling benevolent. But why not give away their own stuff, lol)

    Can a Northeastern person (with a personality based in these ideas, in this reality) even have a real relationship… by what the Southerner might MEAN by that?

    To be in a relationship with the Northeasterner—- is to be THE OBJECT of this endless need to fix other people. Really, it’s to be positioned as “less”….as in need of this fixing (no matter how psycho the Northerner is, himself)… is to be seen as devalued always (so then you can be FIXED, which is the Northeasterns usual orientation to being with others.)

    They will point out and find whatever in you MIGHT BE CONSTRUED as “lack,” or something wrong, or a vulnerable point—- then they zero in.

    The transplants must FIX the South. They will make it like NYC or L.A., and show us all!!!!

  27. Maybe I should be meaner.

    Every time I think of H.L. Mencken’s essay on “The South,” I realize how much they really do hate us. Talk about an overrated personality! Mencken was just a nasty vitriolic person. Although I never heard him talk, I imagine his voice being like that of Howard Cossell (sp, bc I never followed sports.)

  28. The Southern ruling class did alot more damage to “Dixie” than anything H.L. Mencken ever did to the South. See my commentaries* [ with links and with google search terms] about the Southern elite, the Confederate Secret Service, and the great harm the Confederate Secret Service [ controlled by wealthy Southerners] brought upon the South : Alot more harm than Mencken ever did, if indeed Mencken did bring any harm upon the South in any way.
    *Links and search terms at ” Caribbean Project: The American Revolution: A victory for Anti-Slavery” [ July 26th 2012].
    Mencken, like Twain , were curmudgeons. Sometimes, curmudgeons make good points. There’s no “hatred” in Mencken’s work [ same with Twain] . Just observations Mencken made : Don’t like the Mencken’s observations and conclusions ? Then make an intelligent and articulate argument to refute Mencken. Accusing Mencken of “hatred” is a lie — It’s a cop-out — Not to mention it’s a childish and irrational way to respond to Mencken’s work.

  29. Seems to me the Southerners had a burning desire to “FIX” things, not the Northerners. The Southerners wanted to “FIX” things in such a way so they could have a Slave Empire – “A Golden Circle” : Even if it meant ripping the US apart. The Southerners were going to “FIX” the Union by ripping it apart and destroying the Union so the Southerners could have a Slave Empire. The Southerners even thought to “FIX” the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution : Both documents the work of many Sons of the South. The Southern elite were going to “FIX” the work of their Own Ancestors — twist their words around and distort the message of their Own Southern Founding Fathers, so the Southerners could have a Slave Empire.
    That’s not what the Founding Fathers wanted — not the Northern Founding Fathers , and not the Southern Founding Fathers — forget the Northern Founding Fathers for a moment : The Southerners spat on their own Southern Founding Fathers so they could “FIX” for themselves a Golden-Circle-Slave-Empire. And the Southerners have the nerve and the gall to talk about pride of heritage and “love for their own kind” : After spitting on ” their own kind ” Founding Fathers and tearing the Union apart for the atavistic dream of a Slave Empire. Their dream of a Slave Empire in opposition to, and inimical to, The Declaration of Independence — written in good part by a Son of the South, Thomas Jefferson — ” We mutually pledge to each other other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor”.
    But the atavistic, talmudic, and barbaric dream of a Slave Empire meant more to the Southern elite than the Sacred Honor of their “own kind” Founding Fathers.
    ” But some Southerners can’t LOOK at himself and how he affects people”. The Southerners wanted to “FIX” for themselves a Slave Empire, even if it meant spitting on their Own Southern Founding Fathers. Take a good LOOK at that @ Dixiegirl.

  30. “I see NO CONFLICT of natural science as such with holding and living out the essentials of the faith.”

    I don’t either, NOW. But when I was in high school, and the ONLY option was ‘hugging the nigger, because we all came ‘Out of Africa,’ I wanted nothing of it.

    I changed interests from science/math to something else. And yes, I was in the ICR camp for about twenty years, until I saw that they, too, were jumping on the ‘All races are God’s Chosen People’ Bullshirt- and it took me a long, long time to unlearn all of THAT.

    I’ve noted it on my blog, Mosin. Don’t know if you read those posts, or not.

    I now understand that micro-evolution is normal, but that Macro-Evolution, is not.
    I can see why moths can change color over multiple generations, but cannot believe than an orangutan can become a Negroid- or a Negro a White man!

    I now have read Schroeder’s ‘The Science of God’ where he speaks of red shift in the light/time of stars, and find amazing that Genesis 1 can describe six real “24-hour days,” and (at the same time) describe the 14.5 billion years it took to come to the final summit of Creation- Caucasoid Adamic Man. And, as I have noted, Schroeder is a ‘Jew.’ But he also has a mind given to understand that which the Evangelical ICR/Hamm-ite types cannot.

    I merely asked what is the column talking about, that you mentioned, because, having come this far, I still get lost in understanding the (still) pagan/multicultural evolutionary approach, in discussing things like DNA, etc. I didn’t need, nor (I feel) deserve an insult. I merely wanted to learn from those who know better than I do, in a field in which I have no expertise. That is all…..

  31. Fuck it. I’m voting for Romney. I know he sucks, but what’s the alternative? Four more years of this yahoo? I’m not sure we can survive that.

  32. Good post Fr. John. Science and the Christian faith are not at odds. One is knowledge, the other wisdom. One is necessary to understand the other, and vice-versa.

  33. “Every time I think of H.L. Mencken’s essay on “The South,” I realize how much they really do hate us.”

    “They?” He might have been the lowest of the low type of Southern scalawag but Mencken was born, raised, and lived his entire life in Baltimore Maryland, a slave city in a slave state below the Mason-Dixon line.

  34. Fr. John,

    Shroeder’s books are fascinating, the red shift in the background radiation that gives credence to the 7 days = 15 billion years is quite the hypothesis. Those books really changed the way I think. While I only consider myself a Deist, his writings turned me on to Kabbalah and until further notice that is basically my operating belief system. There is much yet to learn, and I am young.

    When you speak of macroevolution I can say, and I mean this dissent most respectfully, that I do not find it hard to imagine macroevolution taking place, at least for the most part. But my intuition tells me there is more. So my personal opinion is until we have knowledge of the entire universe, all other dimension included, that we cannot know the true nature of what our physical senses observe. I could digress for hours on this topic, I’m just elated that someone has mentioned that book.

  35. Fuck it. I’m voting for Romney. I know he sucks, but what’s the alternative? Four more years of this yahoo? I’m not sure we can survive that.

    as much as I can’t stand romney I can’t fault you for thinking that, but please tell me why you think mittens will be any different in the practical sense? Folks keep saying romney is better, but no one has any proof of that.

    Have you checked out vdare’s article on romney’s latest add?

  36. I am leaning towards Romney, myself, Stonelifter.

    Yes, I think the Neocons will be positioned to involve us in Iran, BUT a White has to volunteer to join the military. He doesn’t have to volunteer to be harassed by a Negro flash mob.

    The stuff with Romney is interesting.

    The Spanish ads do not surprise me. In view of the fact that most Hispanics are Democrats and are going to support Obama, it strikes me as a waste of time and money. Hispandering is classic Rove the Architect of Republican Stupidity 101. This kind of nonsense has been going on since the Elian Gonzalez Brouhaha made Dade County decide the 2000 Presidential election by going from solid blue to red.

    Clinton really messed Gore over by not waiting until after the elections to send the brat back to Cuba where he belonged.

    But I am wondering if under all that moussed hair, Romney does not have a working brain cell or two? Or maybe an aide who does? I am inclined to think that the Hispandering may be a diversionary strategy to keep the Usual Suspects from noticing that Romney or some one else in the Romney campaign is dog-whistling to the racially conscious White vote who usually sit out elections like these because they can see no discernible differences between the candidates.

    Viewers expecting to see Romney abase himself to the jeering NAACP convention a`la John McShame in 2008 were surprised. The man simply stayed on message. It was like any speech he would give to a Republican convention. IOW, he simply thumbed his nose at them by using the free air time and publicity they offered to him. He didn’t give them a damned thing.

    If you think about it, Romney blew off the Negro vote the way Obama blew off the White vote. He was just more subtle about it.

    His lily-White campaign ads are bothering all the right people.

    Then there was that WASP flap that arose out of some friendly overtures to England.

    Either Romney or someone in Romney’s campaign is loosely following the Sailer Strategy.

    I wish he or they would go full-bore and find some way to go after the Democrats old core voters; the White working class by promising to end ALL immigration until all legal Americans were gainfully employed, like Sailer also suggests.

  37. Clytemnestra I don’t blame you one bit. It’s a shit choice and I’ll not condemn people’s decision when faced with it.

    I don’t give pol’s a pass for pandering. How do you know what the truth is when people speak out of both sides of there mouth? I’d rather vote for an honest man I disagree with then a pandering who I’m unsure of

    There will be no war with iran as long as Russia supports iran. Neocons etc will not tango with the Russ, even if they are weaker then most folks think. To much risk, to little to gain

  38. “as much as I can’t stand romney I can’t fault you for thinking that, but please tell me why you think mittens will be any different in the practical sense? ”

    Romeny will never enact this “dream act” bullshit, not because he’s against it, but because of the same reason Bush wouldn’t: his right wing base would have none of it. Romney is susceptible to pressure, he is a spineless cretin, but I think he can be gotten to with our pressure. Obama is an anti-white ideologue, he can never be swayed to act in our favor, that is the key difference in my eyes.

  39. To any of you wondering at the difference betwene Romney and the African Abomination (7th Commandment in lving flesh!) – Romney is White.

    Romney is White.
    Romney is White.

    Romney is WHITE.

    He’s a Liberal Yankee Do-gooder. Daddy was a Niggerlover extraordinaire. The Romney’s spent a lot of time in MeHEEco. Romney pulled all kinds of destructive business deals, getting American industries outsources to foreign slave labor.

    He’s CRAWLING with Israelis.

    But Romney is WHITE.

    Romney is in England, for the Olympics. Did any of you watch his recent interview with Piers Morgan, in London? Morgan – a genuine world class POS? Morgan was totally hostile, and baiting, and sneering. The Jewglish press is being unbelievably hostile to old Mittens. EVERY thing he does engenders a RAIN of abuse, and loathing, and shrieking outrage (the Sign of Die Jude. England is….irrevocably?… corrupted by the infestation of the Jew. They may not ever come back). His wee little remark about Anglo Saxon relations set of a firestorm of abuse. Every word he utters provokes spasm of horror. They can’t seem to STAND the fact that he draws oxygen, itself. They are practically grabbing him, and defecating in his mouth. Unreal, in their fury.

    That speaks well of him. That’s a plus, for him. They hate his WHITENESS.

    There’s always a Telling Moment, for me. Morgan asked Mittens about ONigger’s foriegn policy. Mittens refused to answer. He reply was inherently honorable. HONORABLE. He basically stated that he would not attack a sitting President while he was on foriegn soil. It wasn’t his words, though – it was his facial expression, and his hestiancy to d osomething sleazy, and petty. I saw an innate decency. For all his faults – and there are PLENTY – Mittens retains shreds of White decency, and honor.

    Attacking ONego, in consultation with a demented, corrupted, acid-dripping-from- their-glistening-fangs press corps ghoul would not have helped Romney, The Nigger worshipping Jewglish press would have pounced, and gone into an ORGY of howls and slurs and ravings. But that’s not why Romeny refrained from attacking President ZipCoon. His unease with bitchy, You could see his fundamental, bedrock discomfort from doing something HE thought was dishonorable, and beneath him.

    I saw it. And I detest him.

    Romney’s a MESS – but he’s still White. That’s all we have. I know and confident that my most basic sense of him is correct. He will give us breathing room. He married White, and produced White kids. His wife Ann is sharp as a Sheffield Steel. They are, despite obvious selfishness, and financial corruption, implicitly White. They will not GUN us down.

    ONegroHolder will do JUST that. Count on it. They are WAITING. There’s info on a huge, second-term, massive amnesty. I can’t even imagine what that means, Ship in EVERY low-life Shitskin on Planet Earth, in ? How’re we doing managing our current MudPeople issues, right now? Are we beating them back? We will be FINISHED, if Obama is re-installed. Look at the stunts ObamaHolder’s pulling now. It’s in every move they make.

    You are the captain of a ship. You are about to set out to sea. You steer your vessel one degree to the left, or one degree to the right. One teeny tiny little degree will make a WORLD of difference, in reaching your final destination, when going to sea.

    Lord have MERCY is the White Race ever at sea! We are lost, and drifting…we’d better begin to learn to steer…

    Romney is not my choice – but he’s White. There’s one degree of difference, between him and the Nigger. That one degree means everything to us, right now.

  40. By the by – did any of you bother to view the voting count link I posted, on the Audit the Fed bill? Real world demo of the real differences between the Dems and the GOP.

    Voting still matters.

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