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  1. Finally – do ANY of you EVER call Public Reps – Congressmen, Senators, wonks in office – and speak on on racial issues, from a Pro White standpoint? Have you attended piblic meetings?

    I do this, under my real name, all the time. Hunter -I’ve sent Reps to this site. I’ve emailed Color of Crime stats, using links to this site. Have you been rounded up yet? I haven’t.

    You must be able to read the “tone” of the room, when doing so, and tailor your manner to the appropriate “fitu.

    The GOP is the White Party. They suck, to varying degrees (and sometimes do not suck) – but they are ours. They can be REACHED. They will listen – if you keep hammering away. They won’t have a choice, in the end. Like the White Race.

    Be polite. Don’t yell or rant. Humour – subtle wit, sarcasm, etc, – use it, according to your subject.

  2. I will offer a reason to vote for Romney. Financial gain. Self serving? You bet. I believe the economy will take off by leaps and bounds if he wins.

    Obongo and his cohorts have done everything possible to hamstring growth. I have lunch regularly with one of my relatives who is quite wealthy, and a few of his pals who -ain’t- poor. He started with less than nothing. Opened a single fast food sit down/ carryout in a lousy location. Worked his tail off. He’s franchised in adjoining states. Obama says he didn’t do it. Yeah, right.

    Anyway, he and his buds are waiting to invest and expand their interests, but will not until the current bunch is sent packing.

    So, here I sit in my subdivision which is getting blacker by the minute. I would like to sell my home and buy another in a more desirable location . Very pricey, cannot quite swing it. Even if I could the taxes are punitive. My stock portfolio was hit hard. If I can recoup and advance some, I will make the move. Of course, the real estate market where I live is dead, so I’m hoping for a recovery to get a buyer for my home.
    Then, if all hell breaks loose later on down the road, I’ll not have to worry about being totally surrounded by ravaging hordes of bantus.

  3. Romeny will never enact this “dream act” bullshit, not because he’s against it, but because of the same reason Bush wouldn’t: his right wing base would have none of it. Romney is susceptible to pressure, he is a spineless cretin, but I think he can be gotten to with our pressure. Obama is an anti-white ideologue, he can never be swayed to act in our favor, that is the key difference in my eyes.


    Valid point. The best/ most logical/ most realistic I’ve read so far

    I will offer a reason to vote for Romney. Financial gain. Self serving? You bet. I believe the economy will take off by leaps and bounds if he wins.


    Also valid. I would never criticize someone for voting with your stated reasoning. I disagree with you though. To my way of thinking, the economy is based on the lie of consumer debt. Economic growth in a consummation based economy means more debt and therefore not really an improvement.

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