Romney Campaign Back on Track – Supporting Welfare Reform

Yeah, the Romney campaign has had a bad past few weeks, pandering to the NAACP, pandering to the Jewish Israel lobby (also to Christian Zionists) – flouting ridiculous nonsense that “Russia is America’s #1 geo political foe”. And there appear to be all kinds of idiot Romney “advisers” from Massachusetts pandering to homosexual extremists. But, there is good news today to show that the Romney campaign is back on track.

Mitt Romney was in a Chicago suburb today speaking to White voters blasting the Obama campaign for dismantling welfare reform. Here’s a quote from the AP story, submitted for “fair comment”, protected under the 1st Amendment.

“ELK GROVE VILLAGE, Ill. — Making a play for middle-class voters, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney sought Tuesday to elevate welfare reform as a campaign issue, accusing President Barack Obama of encouraging a “culture of dependency.”

Campaigning near the president’s hometown of Chicago, Romney suggested Obama had dismantled the 1996 welfare reform overhaul signed into law by President Bill Clinton. Romney said that, if elected, he would make sure welfare recipients are required to work.”

So Mitt Romney is speaking to our people, promoting popular issues with subtle and not so subtle racial themes.

Again, I note that Mitt Romney is a racial “pussy-footer” – very similar to George HW Bush Sr (US President 1988-92). Pussy-footers are the most common American racial renegades. Pussy-footers look and act White. They marry White, they don’t have any real hatred towards our/their White American people. But, they rarely if ever defend our people and in live or die racial conflicts, racially charged political campaigns they pussy-foot around; they try to pretend that there aren’t any racial conflicts and any racial problems are some misunderstanding. Pussy-footers like to be liked and they tend to agree with whoever is in the room with them.

So today, please pass the word on to all of your contacts that you approve of the Romney campaign’s new direction:

Targeting our people, our voters – “hunting where the ducks are”. The Romney campaign is no longer pandering to NW voters who will never vote for White Republicans. Instead, the Romney campaign is connecting with the voters he/we need to win and the Romney campaign is standing up for the legitimate rights of our people.

There is no super conspiracy controlling the Romney campaign. Mitt Romney doesn’t hate our people. He doesn’t want to destroy the Whites in the South. He’s not trying to bring back Black Reconstruction or incite Blacks to riot and murder in you town. There is no reason to hate Mitt Romney because he is rich, was the governor of a Northeastern state or hate all the beautiful White people associated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Mitt Romney is a solid White guy with a large, very beautiful White family.

But he is a…..


Please understand the situation and act accordingly.


  1. “Bill Yancey says:
    August 7, 2012 at 11:31 pm
    Denise, dear, have you called the Romney campaign and told them you’d vote for him because he’s white? Didn’t they drop the phone and make a beeline away from your voice as fast as they possibly could? Maybe they uttered some expletives and slammed the receiver down? Or maybe drew a deep breath and had a heart attack. Or they may be checking to see what crime they can charge you with. I know they didn’t say ‘thank you’.”

    Wow. What on Earth would suggest that intelligent, functional people behave that way? What….circles…. do you….move in? Have you EVER contacted or communicated with politicians at all? In any venue?

    That’s not what happens. They really don’t react. I’m very calm, and conversational. Pleasant and confident. They are, as well. They do NOT start chanting “White Pride World Wide!” or break into “Horst Wessel”. It’s more like, “Oh. OK. Well. Thank you.”

    I’m sure they are afraid of some Democrat subversive, just drooling at the chance to create a “racism” scenario. “Extremely guarded” and “non-commital” and the “personification of neutral” describes the clime. His staff possess excellent manners, and are very professional. If some-one is trying to play “gotcha” – then they can denounce “racism” in a trice.

    No worries.

    I do this to get Whites acclimated to the concept that it’s fine and dandy to be White, and there’s nothing wrong with being White, and acting in the interests of White people is a legitimate, positive, pleasant, and worthy endeavor.

    I’ve done this, by the by ,with local and State politicos. It’s actually better, face to face. I understand that the temper of the times can make such and encounter DISASTROUS, if done in front a crowd. That would be obscene; if would force the Rep to make some statement decrying “racism” blah blah blah…..tete a tetes are best. I, and my target – we can assess each other. Read facial expressions, and reactions.

    It’s really interesting. If done correctly – they don’t react with verbiage – but the BS politician act drops like a stone. This sort of thing must be done correctly, though. I don’t want to ruin the career of the genuine potential Public Servant, that could be an asset, in advancing White interests.

    Nope. You are totally wrong. I actually feel sorry for you, that you’d think I’d contact a candidate’s office, and engender that sort of a reaction, and that you’d imagine that the staff, in the office, would behave that way.

    Republicans don’t behave that way.

  2. Apuleius says:
    “Open season on Christians, however. Yankees don’t much like religion, you know.”

    I’ll have to make a note reminding myself not to interject humor into my replies. As for religion, I’ve paid my dues. Several decades of my nose stuck in Bibles, studying them from Genesis to maps. Had bookcases full of concordances, Hebrew/Greek lexicons, stacks and stacks of commentaries and literature. Trips to Israhell, conferences, door to door witnessing, home studies, prayer meetings, church 3 days a week and twice on Sunday. Tithes and offerings? If I’d have kept half, could have retired years ago. I came to the conclusion that much of what I believed to be true is bogus. Simple as that.

    Almost everyone holds to some form of religion. There are countless religious sects, creeds and doctrines. Each group with their own inspired holy texts, prophets. Many kill non-believers/infidels/heretics for their cherished version of god.

    If distressed, hurting people find comfort and happiness in churches – good for them. I still enjoy gospel music.

  3. “Playing Roots Backwards says:
    August 8, 2012 at 3:38 am
    Mitt Romney is the man who is going to lead America into the future. For a preview of the future, watch “The Nine Lives Of Fritz The Cat” on Netflix.”

    El Oh El! Nah – he’s going to be the Captain on the Titanic. English Captain Smith. Civilized and dignified.

    It’s either that, or General Butt Nekkid, as Captain, as the ship goes down.

  4. “If distressed, hurting people find comfort and happiness in churches – good for them. I still enjoy gospel music.”

    Religious people are actually thinking only metaphorically, they just don’t realize it. I know that the Salvation Army has saved many a poor soul from a life in the gutter and that can’t be all bad. J.S. Bach wrote the Mass in B Minor and he was a believer so I tend to keep my criticism of other folks peaceable religious practices to an absolute minimum.

    But when folks start in singing songs along the lines of The Battle Hymn of the Republic then all bets are off.

  5. Republicans don’t behave that way.

    Uh, I’ve dealt with them extensively for almost half a century and, yes, they often behave that way. But especially in reaction to anyone who comes off the way you do, which is why I related my question to you the way I did.

    Thanks for answering my multiple choice question, btw.

    If you haven’t seen it, allow me to ask it again.

    If Obama was running against either Abraham Lincoln or Joseph Stalin, take your pick, would you:

    A)Vote for Obama?

    B)Vote for the white man?

    C)Abstain or write in?

    Thanks in advance for your gracious reply.

  6. I’ll have to make a note reminding myself not to interject humor into my replies.

    You ain’t the only one, Sam. Whooosh.

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  8. I made a horrible typo : I misspelled Apuleius’ name. Now I probably won’t make it to Christmas. Uh oh.

    My apologies, my Caesar Apuleius.

  9. Romney’s record shows he likely to support new gun restrictions.


    1994: In his unsuccessful challenge to liberal Democratic Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Romney sounds moderate on guns, supporting an assault weapons ban and insisting, “I don’t line up with the NRA.”

    2002: Running for governor of Massachusetts, Romney says he supports and will protect the state’s “tough gun laws.” The NRA gives his Democratic opponent a higher rating on gun-rights issues and makes no endorsement in the race.

    2003: As governor, Romney upsets gun owners by signing a law that quadruples the state’s gun-licensing fee – from $25 to $100 – as part of a widespread effort to eliminate the budget deficit.

    2004: Romney signs a Massachusetts ban on assault weapons. He mollifies many gun rights advocates by coupling it with looser rules on gun licenses and an extension of the duration of licenses, reducing the effect of the earlier fee increase.

    2005: Declares May 7 as “Right to Bear Arms Day” in Massachusetts.

    2006: As he prepares for his first presidential run, Romney becomes a lifetime NRA member.

    2007: While campaigning, Romney declares he sometimes hunts “small varmints” – a comment ridiculed by some as an awkward attempt to pander to pro-gun voters.

    2008: In a Republican primary debate, Romney says he would have signed the federal assault weapons ban if it came to his desk as president, but he opposes any new gun legislation.

    2011: Making his second presidential bid, Romney’s campaigns on a promise to protect and promote the Second Amendment.

    2012: Romney tells gun owners that Obama wants to erode their rights. “We need a president who will enforce current laws, not create new ones that only serve to burden lawful gun owners,” Romney told the National Rifle Association’s annual convention. “President Obama has not. I will.”

  10. I’m not voting for RINO Romney to save or fix FEDGOV! I HATE FEDGOV!
    FEDGOV should burn to the ground with all the kikes, niggers, and die-verisities inside!

    No, I’m voting against Idi Amin, or Nelson Mandela, or Whatsisname.

    No niggers is Good niggers.

    Nobody can SAVE FEDGOV now, its gone and needs a burial. Vote RINO Romney for Funeral Director! He’ll look good giving ZOG its LAST RITES!

  11. Well. Crumbs. Apuleius has quit the scene, but not before he took out the trash.
    The Romney discussion needs satire as much as it needs an comment and analysis of just what the Southland as an emerging White nation state would gain from a Romney presidency.

    It also needs Yiddishkeit – which you could supply, Joe, if you would cut the crap.

    Although Romney is a shabbos goy for ZOG he is not a Manchurian Candidate posing as a Manchurian Candidate, like Comrade Prez Soetoro. Brother Nathanael Kapner points out that he is not demanding a military strike on Iran.

    And in the official obeisance to the Rothschild state he only referred to Jerusalem as ‘the capitol of Israel’ rather than the preferred ‘eternal capitol of Israel’. So he is not going into this campaign as juiced as Comrade President Soetoro. The Big Machers of Zion will be supporting Obama.

    What postive strategies is he prepared to put into place for the South as a White demographic?

    The Jew want to know: “Is it good for the Jews?” And in ethnopolitics, the South should want to know ‘is it good for the South?’

  12. John says:
    Here’s an idea. Dress up as Antifas and forest Romney for being racist. If you have enough Q-Ships (idea from ww1 btw) following him around protesting him with slogans like:
    “it’s Racist to run against a black president!” or
    “whites are finished it’s a black world!”
    it will encourage racists to support Romney JUST because. We just saw how much damage the GLAAD hags like Adam Smith did to themselves. So why not stage a few cointelpro demonstrations of your own?
    Just a thought.”

    Almost hate to admit I like that idea. I need sleep real bad.

  13. Denise, August 8, 2012 at 3:47 am to Bill Yancey:
    What….circles…. do you….move in?

    A white circle in a red field, with a black swastika in the center of the circle.

    My advice is to avoid getting into a conversation with our new resident Aryan Superbeing. He has an opinion on everything and unlimited free time to express them — a tedious combination. And since his third (fourth? fifth?) wife never goes down in to the Y-bunker, his ability to converse with ladies in a polite and coherent fashion has decreased dramatically.

    Remember: spay or neuter your Vantard before it bores an innocent person to death.

  14. Yankee Hubris as Enemies of the White Race

    “The negro is superior to the white race. If the latter do not forget their pride of race and color and amalgamate with the purer and richer blood of the blacks they will die out and wither away in unprolific skinniness.”

    –Abolitionist Henry Ward Beecher, Massachusetts

    The hostility displayed by your so-called WN Yankee friends, the unfairness of their actions and the venom of their remarks really got me to do some soul searching. I realize that they are enemies of the South as implacable and ardent as any DWL liberal. Probably even more so.

    The Civil Rights Movement was a political move designed to strip Southerners of any remaining political power in the US. It worked, but it backfired horribly for the Yankees in their cities. Rather than admit the mistake, they abandoned their cities and fled to the South and other places.

    The unholy alliance of Yankees and negroes has been catastrophic for many parts of the South as we both know. It will continue as long as there remain enough Yankees up north and Yankee transplants here in the South to keep us in check. We will never be free until the Yankee population has diminished significantly from its current level. The only hope we really have is ironically enough, Latino immigration.

    As the Zimmerman case shows, many of them are as race realist regarding the negro plague as you and I are. What is more, being residents of the same place, they have a stake in our future that our northern tormentors do not. Latinos were never behind renaming schools named after Confederates here in South Florida. That was all the work of Yankee transplants and their black lackeys. Most Latinos here seem quite puzzled by the Yankee animus delendi against all things Southern.

    The real threat to all Southerners is the out of control federal government that is currently drawing up plans to make an example out of the South to intimidate all “far right extremists,” which is only a code word for those who oppose BRA. This will happen eventually, whether we want it to or not. It would happen most enthusiastically under a Republican Romney administration as a show of strength. Obama quite simply lacks the credibility and support needed from neoconservative. You have more to fear from the federal government that any negro chimpout.

    I will not waste words with those who despise my people, however disingenuous their denial. They have made me their enemy. I do not wish them well, for they do not wish my people well.
    Fellow Southrons, the time is short and we must prepare as best we can. I caution you all that many of the Yankees who frequent this site will be among the first to betray you if and when they can. Beware.

    If this site ever does become a Southern nationalist site again I will return. If it remains the plaything of the Yankee enemies of our people, so be it. Yankees are and always have been the truest enemies of the white race. Jews will not be pulling the trigger on white Southerners, but Yankee soldiers will do so in a heartbeat. Some things never change.

    Deo Vindice

  15. Apuleius,

    Alternatively, you could just avoid Jack Ryan’s comment threads. This is hardly the first time that Jack has clashed with commentators and it has spiraled over editing and deleting comments.

    I like both of you and know that both of you mean well. I feared this shit was going to happen again.

  16. As far as Northerners and Westerners go, there is a large class of people who I consider to be “Normal White Americans” (NWAs).

    The NWAs tend to live in the Lower Midwest, Lower Northeast, and the Interior West. There are also many, many, many NWAs in the Northeast, Upper Midwest, and the West Coast. Some of these people are personal friends of mine.

    Politically speaking, the NWAs are almost indistinguishable from us because our racial and cultural problems are no longer contained to the South. We agree on almost everything. We agree that the Black Undertow is out of control. We agree that immigration is out of control. We agree that Jews are up to no good. We agree that DWLs take the side of blacks and Hispanics.

    I have nothing against NWAs like Mosin, Fr. John, Denise, etc. Insofar as there is controversy in the comments, much of it is due to clashing with NWAs over the actions of DWLs in the North and West, and the former getting defensive about it and responding in turn.

    I use DWL because not every Northerner who is a problem is a Yankee. Joan Walsh, for example, has that new book out this month – What’s Wrong With White People – and she is an Irish Catholic like Ted Kennedy. Joe is an Italian who lives in Northern California.

    As a practical matter, the South will never become independent without the support of NWAs in the North and West. One of the biggest mistakes we ever made was turning those people against us and forcing them into a mutually disastrous alignment with Yankees.

    In spite of the tension in the comments, we still want pretty much the same thing, and we have a mutual interest in undermining the government that lords over us both and forces the Black Undertow down our throats.

  17. Not everyone who lives in the North and West is our enemy. Not everyone who lives in the South is our friend. It just so happens that most of our enemies live in the Northeast, West Coast, and Upper Midwest.

  18. WN has attracted NWAs from all corners of America because it has long been the only game in town. It is the only discourse out there that identifies the racial threat and offers a positive sense of White racial and cultural identity to NWAs.

    Until recently, the Rainbows dominated SN and thousands of people who would otherwise have been receptive to our message got involved in WN and libertarianism and wasted more than a decade on those dead ends.

    So immediately, the task at hand must be to finish off the Rainbow hegemony and pull the NWAs in the South who are already alienated and radicalized back into the fold.

  19. I will also add that we are having a lot of success in defeating the Rainbows and reenergizing and radicalizing the Southern movement. The wheels are spinning for the first time in years with Connie Chastain being marginalized and HK looking set to flame out in a similar way.

    So, we can push forward on the front that really matters, or we can instead get involved with fruitless clashes with NWAs who basically agree with us on every issue of real importance.

  20. All you Southerners are delusional if you think FEDGOV would allow you to secede. You think Yankees are bad? The Vampire Squids are Worse. They’ll nuke the World if they can’t exploit it!
    FEDGOV will collapse. It cannot continue at the rate of decay and expenditure it currently uses. Trillion Dollar Deficits every year is totally unsustainable.
    Hopefully, RINO Romney will send the Military to Iran, and Finally Bankrupt FEDGOV! With FEDGOV destroyed, a New Order will quickly rise to kill off the Vampire Squids and their darkie die-versity pets!

  21. We all know there is more to nationhood than race. I mean, if Ireland is peculiar enough to be worthy of a sovereign nation apart from the other White nations of the British Isles, then surely the people of Dixie are as well. That’s why I’ve never bought into WN. Race and common language are important components of nationhood, but not the only ones. All you have to do is look at the red state/blue state maps from the last several US elections to see that there are at least two distinct nations of people within. The Union is a sham, and it has been that way for over 150 years.

    We realize that we agree with many Whites in other regions of the empire on a lot of things, such as the perils of “BRA” as HW calls it. But that doesn’t automatically mean we should be considered part of the same nation.

  22. Jared,

    good point about that map. Two (perhaps three nations) stuffed into one Federation.

    Overlay that with a stateless Negro blob that lays waste to all it touches and moves freely anywhere in that territory.

  23. “Romney’s record shows he likely to support new gun restrictions. ”

    Romney’s record on damn near anything is inconsistent. The differentiating factor between him and Obama is what policies is each likely to push? If a Dem controlled Congress (both Houses) were to put a gun control bill on President Romney’s desk, and their was broad public support for it, he would probably sign it. Gotta’ get in front of that parade!!! But if Romney wins, the GOP will retain the House and likely take the Senate – he won’t see a gun control bill to sign. And its not an issue he’ll actively push if there is no one to pander to

    But an Obama Unleashed will actively work to undermine the 2nd Amendment, and he’s shown a complete willingness to ignore the will of Congress and legislate via ExOr.

    **In many ways, Romney is like Bill Clinton – ideologically malleable to fit the prevailing opinions of the time. Clinton was initially resistant on deficit reduction and (especially) welfare reform – his signature accomplishments. In reality, Newt was the driving force on both, and he rallied public support to force Clinton’s hand. Like Clinton, Romney seems to like hopping in front of parades as the round that last corner.

  24. Let’s not forget the likely reaction of blacks if Obama wins. There “collective” rule will be unchallenged. Look at how bad they’ve been since his election – increased black on white violence, especially mob violence. Public calls for vigilante murder of Zimmerman by the NBP, ignored by the federal DoJ. Imagine how much worse it will be.

    We’ll end up in a police state, with increased affirmative action, whites taxed for reparations, massive increases in the indoctrination of white guilt and black entitlement, regular mob attacks on whites (who will deserve it, of course), no ability to defend ourselves and prosecution if we do, fully open borders…

    Unless you believe that a Mad Max dystopic total collapse, where there is no functioning federal government, is imminent; or that even though four years didn’t wake whites up, four years and one month will; then there is no logical argument to be made that Obama Unleashed is somehow better than controllable Mitt.

  25. “spay or neuter your Vantard before it bores an innocent person to death.”

    What the hell’s a Vantard? Do I have a poorly chosen nickname?

  26. “Politically speaking, the NWAs are almost indistinguishable from us because our racial and cultural problems are no longer contained to the South. We agree on almost everything. We agree that the Black Undertow is out of control. We agree that immigration is out of control. We agree that Jews are up to no good. We agree that DWLs take the side of blacks and Hispanics.”

    Plus some of them actually have a sense of humor like Normal White Southerners (not that there are many who actually post on this site.)

  27. Despite all the scary prophecy being foretold by various supporters of Mittens if we stubborn real conservatives don’t fall in line and vote for him, I think I’ll still pass. I’m in the camp which is betting that a lame duck Obama presidency with a Republican congress will spell deep trouble for the glorious Union, which is welcomed news for disunionists such as HW and myself. There is no salvation for Western civilization in America to be had under the rule of Washington, DC. It’s time to stop kicking the can down the road for future generations to deal with, who would face an even greater challenge given the serious demographics makeover that is well underway.

    “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” – Thomas Paine

  28. As others have pointed out quite specifically, everything is at stake.

    I’ll be volunteering to drive voters to the polls, not that it will make a difference, MS will easily go to Romney.

    Those of you actually thinking that a second obama term won’t be hell short of the collapse you’re not preparing for are foolish. Worse, you’re dangerous.

  29. Amanda,

    I’m not going to bother arguing with you about Romney. He has chosen to run his campaign on the basis that he can “fix the economy” and social issues like gay marriage and immigration are a distraction.

    Again, that is his decision. It is a calculated attempt to win over moderate and independent voters. It also puts him at 55 percent of the White vote which is not sufficient to win the presidential election.

    Romney is going to match McCain’s performance with White voters in 2008. He is going to lose. It certainly isn’t our fault because few of us here live in states that are actually in play.

    Bush barely defeated Kerry with 59 percent of the White vote and around 40 percent of the Hispanic vote.

  30. If you think the system is so flawed that some guy could gain power and go absolutely berserk, you are dangerous yourself for having such a tenuous grip on reality.

    And if in fact our system has become so fragile, than we’re all sitting ducks anyway.

    Obama will either triangulate and come to the center, or he will get JACK SQUAT done.

  31. @Jared:

    “We all know there is more to nationhood than race. I mean, if Ireland is peculiar enough to be worthy of a sovereign nation apart from the other White nations of the British Isles, then surely the people of Dixie are as well. That’s why I’ve never bought into WN. Race and common language are important components of nationhood, but not the only ones. All you have to do is look at the red state/blue state maps from the last several US elections to see that there are at least two distinct nations of people within. The Union is a sham, and it has been that way for over 150 years.”

    Yes, there are two distinct nations living in the USA. If you think about it, just because one country has been defeated and occupied by another, doesn’t mean that country does not or never existed.

    Ironically, it was the hard-core posters like Stonelifter and Aupuleis who made me conclude that the South may be a de jure part of the USA, but is the de facto Confedracy. And, when I compared it to the attitudes of those Poles who had been partitioned by Austria, Germany, and Hungary, it is identical. It is that of a people living under an occupation. So the hostility of folks like Stone to Yankees is very understandable if viewed in that light.

    And again, I have to come up with the Canadian analogy. The United States tried to forcibly annex Canada during the War of 1812, but was successfully repelled by them. IMO, the culture of Canada is a lot more similar to the Yankee culture than that of the South.

    It is a damned shame that the Union didn’t peacefully dissolve when the North and South could no longer come to terms. I don’t believe the states would have reunified, but I do think there would have been a whole lot less animosity that is felt even today.

  32. I think it is being set up to change this current dialectic from Communist vs. Tea Party to Pro-Jew vs. Anti-Jew as soon as and if Romney gets elected.

    The Communist vs. Tea Party is a battle we can win. There is hardly a person alive who isn’t sick to death of PC garbage, and no producer likes seeing his hard-earned skimmed for FEDGOV social projects. We gain converts every day on this front. Communist thugs become comical in the light of simple logic.

    But if Romney is elected, the dialectic will quickly change from domestic politics to the spiritual plane. And then 80% of our anti-communist, anti-PC brothers-in-arms who happen to be modern American Christians will turn in a second into our bitterest enemies, as they march, slobbering for blood, into the fray to save their “elder brothers” the Jews.

    The Obama battle we can win. The Tea Party can win. Unless it is conveniently turned by an Uber-Zionist Mormon to other motives. How many of your “awake” friends consider conversation about Israel verboten? How many Americans do you know would crucify you over criticizing Israel but wouldn’t hesitate to criticize blacks?

    That’s why guys like Bush and Romney can win but guys like Buchanan can’t. I tell you this, Romney will take the dialectic into far more frightening territory than Obama would even care to. There may even be an argument to be made that Obama is keeping a lid on some things that Romney will gladly remove.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  33. Obama wins, we’re fighting the same old battle we’ve been fighting for 80 years. We know this battle well, and we are right and we will win. Romney wins, America will be unrecognizable inside of 2.

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