Romney Campaign Back on Track – Supporting Welfare Reform

Yeah, the Romney campaign has had a bad past few weeks, pandering to the NAACP, pandering to the Jewish Israel lobby (also to Christian Zionists) – flouting ridiculous nonsense that “Russia is America’s #1 geo political foe”. And there appear to be all kinds of idiot Romney “advisers” from Massachusetts pandering to homosexual extremists. But, there is good news today to show that the Romney campaign is back on track.

Mitt Romney was in a Chicago suburb today speaking to White voters blasting the Obama campaign for dismantling welfare reform. Here’s a quote from the AP story, submitted for “fair comment”, protected under the 1st Amendment.

“ELK GROVE VILLAGE, Ill. — Making a play for middle-class voters, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney sought Tuesday to elevate welfare reform as a campaign issue, accusing President Barack Obama of encouraging a “culture of dependency.”

Campaigning near the president’s hometown of Chicago, Romney suggested Obama had dismantled the 1996 welfare reform overhaul signed into law by President Bill Clinton. Romney said that, if elected, he would make sure welfare recipients are required to work.”

So Mitt Romney is speaking to our people, promoting popular issues with subtle and not so subtle racial themes.

Again, I note that Mitt Romney is a racial “pussy-footer” – very similar to George HW Bush Sr (US President 1988-92). Pussy-footers are the most common American racial renegades. Pussy-footers look and act White. They marry White, they don’t have any real hatred towards our/their White American people. But, they rarely if ever defend our people and in live or die racial conflicts, racially charged political campaigns they pussy-foot around; they try to pretend that there aren’t any racial conflicts and any racial problems are some misunderstanding. Pussy-footers like to be liked and they tend to agree with whoever is in the room with them.

So today, please pass the word on to all of your contacts that you approve of the Romney campaign’s new direction:

Targeting our people, our voters – “hunting where the ducks are”. The Romney campaign is no longer pandering to NW voters who will never vote for White Republicans. Instead, the Romney campaign is connecting with the voters he/we need to win and the Romney campaign is standing up for the legitimate rights of our people.

There is no super conspiracy controlling the Romney campaign. Mitt Romney doesn’t hate our people. He doesn’t want to destroy the Whites in the South. He’s not trying to bring back Black Reconstruction or incite Blacks to riot and murder in you town. There is no reason to hate Mitt Romney because he is rich, was the governor of a Northeastern state or hate all the beautiful White people associated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Mitt Romney is a solid White guy with a large, very beautiful White family.

But he is a…..


Please understand the situation and act accordingly.


  1. Romney said that, if elected, he would make sure welfare recipients are required to work.

    I’ll believe that when I see it. There is no reason any city should pay people to sweep up trash. You think anyone is actually going to make that happen? Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, etc, should be the cleanest cities in the country. Their neighborhoods should be impeccable. but having to sweep up trash would damage their fragile egos. Give people a year, time to get a job. After that time to join the welfare squad. Anyone who had to wear a “Welfare Jumpsuit” and sweep up streets wouldn’t be on welfare much longer.

  2. “Rudel says:
    August 7, 2012 at 9:22 pm
    He’ll say anything to get elected. Even appeal to whites”

    Politicians pay attention to the people that pay attention to them. Have you called the Romney campaign, and told them that you will vote for him because he’s White? Or sent postcards, stating same? Have you asked politicians what they plan to do on behalf of White people?

    Why not?

  3. Jack – excellent article. Right en pointe. I can’t wait for the GOP convention. The Romney delegates are PLOTZING over the admittance of Ron Paul delegates. The little kerfuffle could evaporate before the circus – but I’m hoping it does not.

    Thanks for a real-world, practical-reality statementt!

  4. Denise, dear, have you called the Romney campaign and told them you’d vote for him because he’s white? Didn’t they drop the phone and make a beeline away from your voice as fast as they possibly could? Maybe they uttered some expletives and slammed the receiver down? Or maybe drew a deep breath and had a heart attack. Or they may be checking to see what crime they can charge you with. I know they didn’t say ‘thank you’.

  5. Jack Ryan – my sister lived n MA for years. She’s totally familiar with Mittens. I heard about him for ages. She’s gonna suck down her gorge, and vote Mittens (providing the GOP prevents the Paulista delegates from stagng a coup d’etat. Which is likely – but Hope Springs Eternal and all that rot).

    She told me that he was always “slipping up” and appreciating White things. History, values, Things That White People Like, etc….

  6. Old White folks like my parents are the only ones who will vote for Romney in droves.

    His awful display of subservience to the Israel lobby should be more than enough to keep any White person who is truly awake from voting for him.

  7. Obama goes to Israel kow-towing to the Jews just as much as Romney, or any other politician does. The jew/Commie mob in Chicago are the ones who groomed Obama for the presidency in the Very First place :

    Obama also Officially Informed Netanhayu about 3 weeks ago that he’s willing to go to war in Iran. He’s waiting for orders. Same as Romney.

    The only difference: Obama is tied into the black panthers,and the Hard-Core Commies of Chicago ; Commies who want to see large numbers of White Americans murdered down on the streets of America ; Romney is not.

  8. Sorry to get off topic, Jack, but I was just wondering if anybody had heard any recent news about the retarded Negro who is supposed to get the needle today. I’m in NW Kansas today and my internet connection hasn’t been reliable, so I don’t know what’s going on.

  9. Apuleius says:

    “Romney for President! Because a full Yankee is better than half of one, any day.
    His truth is marching on!”

    Amen, and amen! Glory Hallelujah! Let us praise the Lord my brothers and sisters! For he that was blind – now seeith.

  10. Bill Yancey says:
    August 7, 2012 at 11:04 pm (Edit)
    Jack, if you don’t mind my asking, how many presidential election cycles have you experienced?

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Sure Bill. I was too young to remember 1964, but I remember 1968. 1968 was big year here in Chicago with the Dem convention, riots, near civil war and I was heavily involved with arguing with Leftists, Marxists, anti War Unversity of Chicago students – to a lesser extent arguing racial politics.

    So, I’ve experienced and been very involved in all Presidential Election “cycles” since 1968.

    ’68, ’72, ’76. ’80, ’84, ’88, ’92, ’96, 2000, ’04, ’08, ’12

  11. “Have you called the Romney campaign, and told them that you will vote for him because he’s White?”

    No, because I’m voting for Virgil Goode!

  12. All right, fun is fun but let’s look at this idea of voting for a man solely because he’s white.

    I can understand not voting for someone because of his race. Contrary to PC, discrimination in decision making is important. Now let’s look at what we’re hearing here about voting for Mitt because he’s white.

    Abraham Lincoln was a white man. At least he passed himself off as one. The same can be said of Stalin.

    Now, if Obama was running against Lincoln or Stalin, would you A)vote for Obama? B)vote for the white man? C)abstain or vote for someone else?

    Inquiring minds want to know, kittens.

  13. Thanks, Jack. I only have ya beat by one, so I don’t have a point to make.

    Chicago 68? Yuuwwweeee!

  14. @Bill Yancey

    What is there to suggest that Lincoln and Stalin weren’t white?

    As to your question, well, I would vote for Lincoln if the alternative was Obama. As for Stalin versus Obama, I would abstain. Unless it was really close. In which case I would vote for Stalin. 🙂

  15. Bill Yancey says:
    August 8, 2012 at 12:15 am (Edit)
    Thanks, Jack. I only have ya beat by one, so I don’t have a point to make.

    Chicago 68? Yuuwwweeee

    Jack Ryan replies:

    You’re very welcome Bill. Yes, Chicago ’68 was very rough, wild – I remember it like it was last year. Chicago has always been a rough place in my lifetime, but it’s where I am from, it’s one of the main reasons I am who I am – which I think is solid for our side. And please pass the word that despite Chicago’s very many bad NW criminals, corrupt politicians, anti White forces like Obama, Ayers, Rev Wright, Jessie Jackass Jackson – there are many individual good White people in Chicago. Please don’t hate on us and call us mean names like “Yankees”. My baseball team is the Chicago White Sox, we compete with “the Yankees”, I don’t hate Yankees, but they aren’t my team or really, my tribe.

    14 Words

  16. “Amen, and amen! Glory Hallelujah! Let us praise the Lord my brothers and sisters! For he that was blind – now seeith.”

    Sorry Sam, I done had a relapse. I tried, I really did, but I failed miserably at being a Yankee. Wound up getting really sick and throwing up all the cheezy grits I had for dinner. I only hope you can forgive me for the disappointment. I just want you to know I cried when I realized that I could no longer be a useful tool for the Republican party.

    Obama will surely mau-mau Amurrica now. If only we had picked our own cotton…

    Deo Vindice

  17. “if Obama was running against Lincoln or Stalin, would you A)vote for Obama? B)vote for the white man? C)abstain or vote for someone else?”

    Obama vs. Stalin or Lincoln? Probably flee the country or move to Idaho/Montana/Wyoming and bunker down. Of course, that’s with the knowledge of who Lincoln really was; without that knowledge, maybe I’d take Lincoln, then regret it in hindsight.

    Wait! Is that what you were getting at!?

    Seriously, though, Romney is no Stalin. And he’s probably not as bad as Lincoln ended up being. If things get really bad (debt crisis, serious depression), who do we want in charge? A man who is an enemy both racially and ideologically, or a white man with no real ideology?

    Look at Greece – announced that because the economy is so bad, they’re suddenly getting serious about illegal immigration. Would Obama do that? Hell no, he’d find a way to tax whites to pay for the illegals. Romney, facing re-election, would cast out the illegals if it would get him the votes he needs next time around. Romney’s weakness could be a strength for conservatives – he’ll hop in front of whatever parade us coming down the road.

    If Romney wins, there will be riots. Will it be enough to open many sets of eyes? If so, there will be a huge shift in public opinion, and related policy. The tolerance of AA, minority set-asides, generally coddling blacks, ignoring high rates of black crime; all could go away in a year or two. On its heels, there could be talk of illegals driving down wages, causing economic hardship to local governments and taxpayers. Illegal immigration could become a big issue. If its where the public sentiment is, Romney won’t resist.

  18. It’s my way of expressing contempt for them, Chris.

    All right, I understand the Lincoln vote, since you’re not a Southerner, in spite of all that’s known about him today.

    But Stalin? Remember, I’m talking about with the benefit of hindsight, knowledge of the past. You would vote for Stalin to make governmental decisions, over some nig who spends most of his time golfing?

    I guess I’ll chalk it up to your living in Detroit. Thanks for being honest about it. Nothing personal.

    Surely the others will struggle with it a little more.?

  19. JoeJoe: “You make a good argument Van. If we must vote, never ever, endorse non-whites.”

    There are too many unknowns to predict what a Romney presidency will end up being. I can understand why one wouldn’t vote for him, and I’ll doubt I’ll change anyone’s mind. I’m open to reasons not to, and am still not 100% sold, but as I said I’m terrified of Obama Unleashed.

    My state is regarded as safe GOP, but not an absolute lock. If polls right before the election show us out of reach for His O’ness, I’ll probably go 3rd Party/Ind. If its close, I probably go Romney.

  20. I think the prognostication of Romney doing anything about the border, even for votes, is ahistorical and fantastical. We will not have a border reestablished without revolution.

    There is only one thing that will certainly happen if Romney is elected. Whites will fall back to sleep and only awake long enough to cheer “Rah Rah” while Hannity and Rush explain away the policy compromises Romney had to make in the final evisceration of our nation, money and culture.

  21. Apuleius says:
    “Sorry Sam, I done had a relapse. I tried, I really did, but I failed miserably at being a Yankee. Wound up getting really sick and throwing up all the cheezy grits I had for dinner. I only hope you can forgive me for the disappointment.”

    Backslider!! Who hath beguiled thee? Stonelifter? Well, it is my nature to forgive. I just hope you haven’t committed the unpardonable sin.

    Perhaps Fr. John will pray for your sorry ass rebel soul.

  22. No, Van, I’m not comparing cute and cuddly Mittens to either Lincoln or Stalin. I just wanted to know if voting for a man solely because he’s white is a good thing to do. When you vote for a man you’re endorsing him. You’re also saying he’s the type of man you desire to have as a candidate. And you’ll get it. Over and over and over again. Except he gets slightly worse each time.

    Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a negro that I’d vote for but I can think of several non-white men I’d vote for over Romney. And I’m certain that they’d be more pro-white than Mitt is. Which is not at all, except for his own family. And he probably pulls over to the side of the road and begs God to forgive him for that.

  23. @ Jack Ryan
    For Your Edification and Benefit, Factual Knowledge :

    The Bronx Bombers Won More Pennants Than Any Other Team Period.

    I have nothing against the Chicago White Sox, but they’re quite simply not any team I’d root for : They’re just not Our Crowd.

    Chicago : Fuggedaboudit.

    [ laughing online]

  24. How can you say romney is back on track given romney’s record as governor and his various panderings?

    Which is the real romney? Will the real romney please stand up? Let’s be honest, many of those who will vote for romney are hoping he will be better based on some vague inner feeling/ gut instinct. Which to my way of thinking isn’t all bad. However, the reality of romney’s past actions/ words and current campaign is uninspiring at best.

    Whites in Wisconsin’s have been a driving force of BRA since the war of northern aggression. Same with Germans. Noting their behavior and acting/ thinking accordingly is not hating on either group but acknowledging their history/ actions. Now it might sound like hate if your from either one of those groups and don’t like that history/ actions but that’s hardly out fault now is it?

    Lets say there voting records and the like change this election cycle, how long will it last before they go to being full core pro BRA? Our suspicions of them are well founded and it’s not our job to set them aside it’s the job of Germans and Wisconsin Whites to establish a better track record. Same thing applies to romney as well

  25. “Whites will fall back to sleep and only awake long enough to cheer “Rah Rah” while Hannity and Rush explain away the policy compromises”

    I wouldn’t call it a certainly, but its a legitimate concern. Conservatives were waking up during the last few years of W – the protests that lead to the Tea Party began not under Obama, but when W was still in office. But would they be so relieved with O’s defeat that they go back to sleep? Would whatever small amount of racial self-interest that O has awoken go back to sleep if he’s gone?

    I think more eyes open daily because of black crime, especially increasing black on white crime. I think we’ll see more of this as the campaign heats up late Summer and into the Fall. I think if Romney wins, riots are almost guaranteed, opening more eyes. But a blindfolded monkey throwing darts is only slightly less accurate than an expert at predicting the future, so who knows what will happen…

  26. “Please adhere to the OD comments guidelines (no hobby horse riding), address the topic of the post – in this case, the Romney campaign getting back on track campaigning against welfare cheats not working, ripping off White tax payers.”

    Never thought I’d see the day when OD would go PC to squelch criticism about an anti-white white Yankee politician.

    Open season on Christians, however. Yankees don’t much like religion, you know.
    “Kopf Hoch” @ Fr John : “Chin-Up” preacher dude. Someday your website will take off, I just know it. Just think, you could be on Mars by now if not for all the heathens.”
    “Perhaps Fr. John will pray for your sorry ass rebel soul.”

    And “white trash.”
    “You know what I be sayin cracker? Crackers like you be crackin me up.”

    Complete with more conspiracy nonsense.
    Do you think the Illuminati* has anything to do with plastering Ancient Egyptian Religious Symbols all over our Federal Reserve fiat dollars?
    * Illuminati = Jew bankers + Freemasons.

    “Yeah, there is much to smile about today. Try to see the good things in life. All is not dark, gloom and doom, our people are doing fine and we can do even better.”

    It’s all sunshine, roses, peace and love in BRA. Kumbaya.

    Just one more ride on the old Southern Nationalist nag. Pretty please, Mr. Jack, sir.

    When I see the name Jack Ryan in the future, I’ll know I’m about to enter another Yankee echo chamber.

    I reckon you guys will be starting up your neocon Lincoln worship session soon.
    Color me gone.

    Deo Vindice

  27. Just spotted your reply, Jack. Sorry.

    There are good and bad people everywhere, Jack. I certainly wouldn’t hate anyone because they’re from a different area. Or even because they may or may not be yanks. I used to have a best friend who grew up in the Bronx. My first wife was from the midwest, where I lived for over a decade (hint: it’s often known by four letters). My second wife was born in New York, on da island. I do think that trading humorous barbs about it though is actually healthy.

    Now, in pursuit of friendly relations with foreigners I hope you’ll consider my multiple choice question.

    Oh, and I have to go with the Cardinals. Only because my dad knew every bb statistic there was and they were his favorite. Probably because of their intense competition with the Yankees way back when.

  28. Landshark is 100% on point with his last comment.
    The “Free Trade” sham is nothing less than another end run around national sovereignty because “free trade” has come to mean not only the free exchange of goods, but of labor (aka populations) as well. It is all so very Marxist.

  29. I think if Romney wins, riots are almost guaranteed,…

    That’s because you’re thinking logically, Van. Remember who we’re talking about. I actually see more possibility of major chimpouts if O is re-elected. Look at it from their mindset (sorry). If Mitt gets in they’ll feel put down, and that could cause more resentment but will feel like they’re still not completely in charge. But with O re-relected it’ll be cause for endless celebration. And we know how they celebrate, right?

  30. “No, Van, I’m not comparing cute and cuddly Mittens to either Lincoln or Stalin.”

    That comes off as a little snippy. Not necessary; reasonable people will disagree, and this isn’t an easy situation – it merits quite a bit of debate and thought.

    If it is just the unintentional tone that comes across from written rather than spoken communication, no worries and my apologies for misunderstanding.

  31. Bill:

    Now I think the snippiness was not intended. Since you mentioned it, I think we see riots either way – anger or celebratory. Its what they do : )

  32. It was my attempt to assure you, in a collegiate fashion, that no such comparison could ever possibly be attempted. By anybody. Get it? Tyrants vs. empty bunny suit? Some of you boys need to grow a little thicker skin.

  33. “I try very hard in all of my posts and comments to get White Americans to just be decent and kind to other White Americans. Sure, it’s best to stick up with your own unique White social/region group – I have great respect for White Southerners who love the South and Southern history/heritage, but that’s no excuse for hating on perfectly nice, good White people in Wisconsin, White people from Catholic or LDS traditions. Kindness means being ‘kind’ to your own kind. German-Americans, Scandinavian Americans in Wisconsin are your/our own kind. Get to know them and they know you.” Very good, and thanks, Jack.

    Very good post, also.

  34. “Whites in Wisconsin’s have been a driving force of BRA since the war of northern aggression. Same with Germans.”

    Germans aren’t white? Most Americans have some German blood. I call these people Normal White Americans. Unlike whacko “The South Shall Rise Again” nut jobs like you. The South is just as fucked up as the rest of the country and is going down the shitter just as fast if not faster due to the excessive number of niggers which you won’t find in most of the rest of the country. And don’t try to deny it just because a few big cities have Negro ghettoes. The county maps don’t lie:

    Plus the climate in the deep South is just too hot for a white man to thrive in.

  35. “Whites in Wisconsin’s have been a driving force of BRA since the war of northern aggression. Same with Germans.”

    Let me take a whack at this too.

    First, consider the source.

    Then, in the way of a reply: They fought in the Union army because they were told it was their duty. The same reason Americans of all regions have been fighting wars ever since. If ever there was hostility between states it was between Massachusetts and South Carolina, or between New England and Deep South regions. Wisconsin was a noobie. Which takes us back to the first point.

  36. @ Apuleius

    ” Our native soil draws all of us, by I know not what sweetness, and never allows us to forget”

    [ Ovid : The Poems of Exile ]

  37. If you live in a swing state, please vote OBAMA.

    There probably won’t be a collapse, but there will be a Black face on it if there is one.

    If there isn’t one, Obama’s policies are on the whole better for ordinary Whites.

    The Republicans will block him from getting too out of hand. The most important thing is to keep Romney out of the White House.

  38. Following up on the German or Wisconsin problem, it should be remembered that there were primarily three Euro places where Union recruiters were sent to obtain fodder. Two of them were Germany and Holland. But unlike those two, the largest exporter of men to the good ole US of A for war maneuvers brought the Pope into it, attempting to stop it. That would be Ireland.

    No serious person would suggest that these peoples were inherently bad just because some of their men were promised opportunity and did what they were told to do to get it. But there were cultural differences between these groups and most Southerners. But least of all, again, the Irish.

  39. I’ve never said Germans are not White. And I praise them often where praise is due. Nor do I say they are inherently bad, but they do seem to inherently favor large govt, and the like. Things I oppose

    I’ll ignore the personal snipes.

  40. “If you live in a swing state, please vote OBAMA.”

    – Maybe you and I ought to trade houses. You can come live around niggers squatting in vacant colonials and living on welfare, and I’ll go live among human beings in wherever it is you live. We’ll switch back a couple days before the election, and we can see if the experience didn’t clear some of that shit out if your skull.

    “There probably won’t be a collapse..”

    – Then why would you want a radical nigger with a free hand and nothing to lose, in power while there is enough economic life to sustain whatever further degradation he wants to inflict on white Americans?

    “..but there will be a black face on it if there is one.”

    – Some of us don’t have the luxury of voting based on abstract projections that aren’t guaranteed to happen.”

    “If there isn’t one, Obama’s policies on the whole ate better for ordinary whites.”

    – Do you even bother to read the stuff you’re posting, or are you really this stupid? Do you think gelding the 2nd Amendment is good for whites? Do you think the continued extortion of white taxpayers to support niggers who destroy cities and suburbs is good for whites? Do you think affirmative action pushed to unimagined extremes is good for whites? Do you think the fucking demoralizing sight if that nigger filth occupying the highest office in the land is good for whites? Fucking thoughtless idiot.

    “The republicans will block him from getting too out of hand.”

    – Like they did with health care? Like they did with the immigration ruling? Like they’ve done with any these other instances of rule-by-executive-order which he’s used to undermine the system of checks and balances?

    “The most important thing is to keep Romney out of the White House.”

    – No, the most important thing is too keep retards like you out of the voting booth. You’re either a Jew instigator, or a demented Covingtonista, or some unemployed leech who doesn’t care either way, because he doesn’t have suffer the consequences of his stupidity anyway.

  41. “Rudel says:
    August 8, 2012 at 12:01 am
    “Have you called the Romney campaign, and told them that you will vote for him because he’s White?”

    No, because I’m voting for Virgil Goode!”

    OK then! ; }

  42. I’ve restored some comments: political debate is fair game, but personal sniping, personal flaming, men vs. women flames, vulgarity, conspiracy theories and things of that nature ought to be culled out.

  43. Jack, and Chris, and others – FYI Obama is now talking about nationalizing IRA’s The Gubmint will take control of your IRA.

    Yup. “Worse is better”. Yup. Voting for Romney is just crazy talk. (Heavy sarcasm).

  44. Mitt Romney is the man who is going to lead America into the future. For a preview of the future, watch “The Nine Lives Of Fritz The Cat” on Netflix.

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