The Trial of Joe


Joe has been arrested and charged with the following offenses:

– Inability to use space bar.

– Attention whoring.

– Trolling.

– Thread hijacking.

– Spamming threads with dozens of Latin phrases.

– Posting tons of conspiracy theory comments about Freemasons, Bilderbergs, Illuminati, and links to and, etc.

– Posting multiple Google searches.

– Posting comments that make no sense whatsoever.

It is getting to the point where I am sandboxing 12 to 24 comments a day from Joe. Most of them are oneliner Latin phrases. He just posted half a dozen in a row.

The fate of Joe now rests with a jury of his peers: OD readers and commentators. Should Joe’s posting privileges be restored? You decide.

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  1. He is pretty cheeky at times, but I can never really tell if he actually means to be that way. The response to Denise’s support above is a bit bewildering.

    Some of that may be due to the fact that he is communicating in his second language. If you’ve ever lived in a foreign country, you know it ain’t easy to express yourself even when you know the native language. Nuance goes right out the window.

    Deo Vindice

  2. Maybe the hajiis hate us because Uncle Sam’s Yankee/Jew/Zionist/Communist military is ” literally raining bombs and bullets”* on people(s) who’ve never done this country any harm. I think that’s why they hate us.

    Usrael started all the wars in the Middle East, not the hajiis.

    Yankee imperialism goes Marchin On.

    At least the South deserved what they got, except Sherman’s March -to -the- Sea** . [That was a war crime ]

    Other than The -March to -the -Sea, the South deserved what it got. The Southern leadership back then, from Calhoun onwards, did everything they could to foment and start a war.

    * And tons of depleted uranium.

    ** How come Sherman didn’t burn down Charleston on his March -to -the -Sea? How come Sherman let the big-shot Southerners in Charleston off scot-free? The big-shot Southerners in Charleston played a Giant Role in fomenting the war in the first place.

    Why was Charleston, with all it’s Southern big-shots responsible [ to a large degree] for the war of 1861, Spared from Sherman’s wrath ? And Sherman’s Arson ?

    Why did Sherman burn down the farmhouses of Christian brethren farmers ? Christian brethern : An old-fashioned expression meaning : pacifists.

    One would think that Sherman would have gone after the big-shots in Charleston who played a Giant Role in fomenting the war in the first place, instead of the pacificist Christian farmers who played NO role in fomenting the war :

    But No : Sherman went after the pacificist Christian farmers, and let the big-shots in Charleston off -the -hook and scott-free.

    Funny that.

  3. @Lynda

    Yes. Tuscany is a very civilzed place. Many Tuscans, historically, stood up to the popes of Rome, and wouldn’t allow themselves to be pushed around by the Vatican. At the same time, many Tuscans stood up to the “Holy Roman Emperors” of Gebolte Land [what we now call Germany].

    The Tuscans were stuck between the struggle between the German princes and the Vatican

    The Tuscan people, after all is said and done , basically said a big F*ck You to both camps.

    That’s a big reason Tuscany has always been a civilized place , relatively speaking, considering fallen human nature.

    Her church bells rang out all across the hills of Tuscany in celebration, the day news of Washington’s victory over Cornwallis at Yorktown reached Florence.

  4. “Maybe the hajiis hate us because Uncle Sam’s Yankee/Jew/Zionist/Communist military is ” literally raining bombs and bullets””

    Okay. Then why did the hajjis hate us in 1683 when they besieged Vienna? or in 1529 at the prior siege of Vienna? Why did they hate us in 1565 when they besieged Malta, as a planned stepping stone to an invasion of Italy? Was it because of our evil bombs and missiles? Why did they hate us in 1453 when they destroyed Constantinople, and murdered, raped and enslaved its inhabitants? Or why, in 1071 at the Battle of Manzikert when they invaded Christian Anatolia and turned it into Muslim Turkey? Why did they hate us, Joe? Why? What did we do to them besides have the affrontery to not be a Muslim? Do you know what Voltaire had to say about it? Of course you don’t. Why did they hate us for 700 years in Muslim-occupied Spain? Because of our mediaeval Spanish F-15s flying reconnaissance over Kurdistan? Why did Muslim Barbary Coast slavers continually raid the European coasts and attack American shipping, until the feckin United States Marine Corps had to go bombard Tripoli (that’s where the line in the song comes from), a place they cared nothing about, to put a stop to it? Do you know why Jefferson had a copy of the Koran in his library? (As Obama-filth loves to boast about) It was because he was studying their religion to try to figure out why on earth they were attacking a harmless new nation on the other side of the Atlantic that had never done them any wrong. Do you know what the Berber ambassadors told him? That Islam granted them the god-given right to attack and rape and enslave anybody who wasn’t a Muslim. You claim you’re an Italian, you asshole: so tell me, what does the idiomatic Italian expression “taken by the Turk” refer to?

    You’re an ignoramus and a nuisance, Joe. Just shut the f#ck up and leave the serious people be. Take your meds. Take up bocci. Do anything. Just piss off already.

  5. @Apuleius

    I try not to do “nuance” . Nuance annoys Denise. She told me so herself when I first found “OD” website.

    Considering English is my “second” language, I think I’m doing pretty good.

  6. Well, if we’re going to be stuck with Joe for a while longer, we can but hope he will moderate his sometimes truly psychotic rambling.

    Just one question, Joe: what the hell does “disambiguous” mean? Apparently it’s something nasty. You use it a lot.

  7. @oscar the grinch

    Be of Good Cheer. Only :

    133 Days
    19 Hours
    02 Minutes
    10 Seconds


    Just think of all the fun you’re going to have ” stealing ” Christmas.

    Be of Good Cheer ! Christmas is right around the corner.

    Google :

    ” How many shopping days until Christmas” : for daily updates.

  8. If Arabs hate us because we have concentrations of blonde blue eyed women and we are generally much richer than them. 🙂

  9. @AnalogMan

    Before one can even begin to discern what “disambiguous” means, one must ask oneself :

    ” Maybe it’s time One gets oneself a Dictionary ? “

  10. “If Arabs hate us because we have concentrations of blonde blue eyed women and we are generally much richer than them.”

    Don’t kid yourself. Every year, in our own time, hundreds of horny scions of the House of Saud descend into Western Europe for what is basically a gigantic whoring festival: and the only thing they want is blonde, blue-eyed women. Back in the days of Ottoman might, the favored wife of the Sultan was always a Russian. The white-slave trade is alive and well in the petroleum kingdoms and emirates, yet you somehow don’t hear much about it from the YKW-owned media though, do you. (It’s big business within our dear ally Israel, too.) The sex-slave markets of Istanbul were going gang-busters as late as early 20th-century; who do you think was most hooked in to the racket? You. Know. Who.

    The entire Muslim world is sick with jealousy over white women. Look at the rape rates in Norway and Sweden. Look at the child-rape circuits in Britain. These people should not be allowed anywhere near our countries, much less permitted to live in them, much less permitted to come here as welfare dependents, much less be permitted to defile Minneapolis and Tennessee with their depraved, repulsive mosques.

    Open your eyes.

  11. I’ll bite.

    in what dictionary would you find disambiguous?

    There’s a word “unambiguous” already which covers the potential meaning of that word construct. There is “disingenuous” too. There is a tech neologism “disambiguation” used to desribe winnowing down multiple search items for one term. But no disambiguous. Or disambiguousness which is a pretend word like supercallifragilisticexpealidocious. Or Demoislamunnofascism.

  12. Oscar that’s what I said. We have better looking women and we kick their ass most of the time. These are as good a reason to beat the shit out of them as any other.

  13. @John
    Google :

    ” Horse Shit + Cognitive Dissonance + Deflection +Cow Shit + Distraction + Donkey Shit ”

    Bite that.

  14. There’s dissembles, dissembler and other words that might fit me better.

    Joe is very truthy. Displaying truthiness and educamisapplications most of the time, his intellections enlightonifate the intertubes of underverstandenification.

  15. While Uncle Sam has troops all over the world attacking people who’ve never done anything to the the US, our nation is in great decline and about to crash in so many ways.

    There’s a very timely and informative article about this over at PPJ Gazette website. I think it’s important reading for All White Americans.

    ” Deconstruction of the United States”

    [ http://www.] ppj [.me]

    Or, one can Google : ” PPJ Gazette”

    Article dated : Aug. 12th

  16. Joe just has his feathers ruffled, from his temporary ban.

    Joe- I was inviting you to have fun – not prove anything. I think you’d be fun to hang out with. We like to laugh, and enjoy ourselves, at the conferences – and we do.

    I did stick up for you. I’m sorry that you can’t see that.

    Lear to EDIT. One idea – one post. Your posts will have much greater impact -and you won’t make other wish you were banned. You are subverting your own posts, with your “style”. It’s not about changing what you write – it’s refining the process, and the result. Why do you think professional editors exist, in the first place? A good editor is a writer’s best friend and ally.

  17. Hunter – Joe did put a lot of thought into his Apologia. That’s why I spent a wee bit o’ time trying to chisel the effluvia out. I want the “sculpture” within to stand on it’s own glorious merits. It could use a lot more work, to turn into a masterpiece – but I didn’t want to re-write the thing. That’s up to Joe.

  18. I Stand By Everything I ever said here at “OD” from my Very First Post to This One I’m now typing out, And ALL my posts In-Between.

    The other day I mentioned that Jew commie leaders and Sikh ledership worked together in the Soviet Union fomenting division and violence. I stand by that, as well as every post I’ve ever shot off to ” OD”.

    Just this morning, I came across an article at Truthseeker website about the Sikh Temple shooting :

    ” Surveillance Cameras Turned Off During Sikh Temple Shooting”

    Article dated : Aug. 12

    Go to : Truthseeker []

    Proof Sikh leadership and Jew commie leadership [ Communists being Ascendant in Washington] are murderous, and work hand-in-hand causing division, hatred, mistrust, and violence between ethnic/racial/religious groups. It’s how Jew Commies Rule :

    The Epitome of Divide-and-Conquer.

    The Jew Commie big-shots and the big-shot Sikh leaders did the very same type of things in the Soviet Union : Very similiar to the recent Temple Shooting here in the States.

  19. Communists have been traditionally called ” lords of chaos”.

    For information and facts about Communism : It’s Very Important for White Americans to know as much about Communism as possible, Go To :

    OverlordsofChaos website : [ .com ]

  20. I never cared for Bocce. It bores me to no end. I will never care for Bocce.

    Same with Golf. ditto.

    I don’t do Bocce : ditto

    I don’t do Golf : ditto

  21. I played Baseball, Hockey, and Rugby when I was younger.

    Never cared for American football.

    Swimming is the best exercise Ever, for those interested in remaining youthful, trim, and vigorous.

    Yoga + Swimming = Best thing you can do for yourself.

  22. Ban his ass and ban it good. If it were possible, I’d recommend a “nuclear” ban (ie ban him and delete all his posts). He is a complete and utter dickhead, with no redeeming qualities. He is clearly reveling in the attention being lavished on him here. Ban him and be done.

    Take a cue from your old pal Robert Lindsay. That old commie’s been on a tear regarding the nigger problem lately (he doesn’t dare use the dreaded n-word, though you can tell he’s thinking it). For a pack of leftards, the discussions have been pleasantly productive. The key is his no-nonsense banning policy. You put one foot wrong you’re banned, no questions asked. You can start with Joe (or even with me, if that’s what it’ll take to make you see sense).

  23. Nice posts Oscar, and moslem aggression goes back to their foundation. Much of what is now hajji land was Christian at one point in time.

    nemo me impune lacessit

  24. @Silver
    What you be sayin? What’s crackin cracker? Sheeit dawg, this nigga be hustlin 24/7. My flo-pen be dropping science on you crackerzz, and you all be like hot 110 dat nigga. F*ck dawg.

    Don’t get twisted. You be xerox white dude. Ain’t my problem whiteys.

    You all gettin twisted. Sheeit. I ain’t fakin jack dawgs.

    I be collecting dead presidents like just like all you whiteys. Stack paper. That be American as all out. Sheeit.What you be sayin to me? You be lifted cracker?

    I be bombing, dropping science on your whitey’s asses. Sheeit.I be wantin my propers. You be hearin me white boy? F*ck.

    Sheeit dawg, now they be sayin hot 110 that nigga.

    You whiteys be all twisted. It ain’t my problem dawgs whitey wrecked show. Know the ledge dawgs. You all be fakin jacks on this nigga. Whitey assed-out. I be breaking it down for you crackerzz. F*ck. I be from The Boogie down, and don’t be takin sheet from no cracker. You be hearin me?

    Dawg. These whiteys want to hear the word nigga. Sheeit. I’ll give you nigga all you want white dude. What be the beef honkey?

    This sheet ain’t aight. Learn to be ace cracker. We be crew. Sheeit.

    One Love niggazz.

  25. wow, it really doesn’t plan on modifying it’s behavior in any fashion

    Hunter you should break out the ban hammer

  26. “Silver says:
    August 13, 2012 at 2:18 pm
    Ban his ass and ban it good. If it were possible, I’d recommend a “nuclear” ban (ie ban him and delete all his posts). He is a complete and utter dickhead, with no redeeming qualities. He is clearly reveling in the attention being lavished on him here. Ban him and be done.

    Take a cue from your old pal Robert Lindsay. That old commie’s been on a tear regarding the nigger problem lately (he doesn’t dare use the dreaded n-word, though you can tell he’s thinking it). For a pack of leftards, the discussions have been pleasantly productive. The key is his no-nonsense banning policy. You put one foot wrong you’re banned, no questions asked. You can start with Joe (or even with me, if that’s what it’ll take to make you see sense).”

    Really? I usually don’t bother reading Red Robbie – but if he’s kinda almost Naming the Negro – that could be interesting.

  27. That ebonics routine has me laughing my ass off again. Especially this:

    “bene legere saecla vincere*.

    *Know the ledge crackerzz.”

    Do some more, Joe. C’mon…don’t be a playa hata.

    Deo Vindice

  28. @John
    Speaking of getting knocked out : I kinda felt knocked out last night watching the really lame closing show for the London Olympics. I mention this because you live in England [ as per you yourself]. Really lame, bloke-dude, just like the opening.

    I notice your beloved Queen was a no -show. While I don’t particularly like her, I can’t truly say I blame her. She was bored out her mind at the opening show [ I don’t blame her ] She probably didn’t want to yet again have to struggle so hard to play-pretend she was having a good time [ I don’t blame her].

    What’s going on over there in England where you live? Do you British not know how to put on a good show, or even a half-ass good show, at least, at least that ? Even the Chinks put on a Much Better Olympics show than did you Brits : Sad.

    As you are Soooo Full of Good Advice [ as per you and you only] Perhaps you can go spend your time shooting off commentary to British websites, in order to Help and Assist your English country-men on how to do things right ? Just like you’re soooo FULL -OF -IT in All, and I Mean ALL, the commentary you shoot off to “OD” non-stop, every 3 seconds, 24/7.

    The “show” outta your England was soooo lame, even bored housewives are over-it, bloke-dude, who lives in England, but shoots off posts to an American website non-stop, every 3 seconds, 24/7. Everything coming out of England these days is really tired and useless, especially your posts : Sad.

    The situation is so bad, even bored housewives don’t want to be bothered :

    Go To: The Thinking Housewife website.

    Article : ” Let The Flame Die”

    That’s how tired eveything coming out of England, where you live, is : Just like your tired and useless commentary : Sad.

    Now people are actually talking about cancelling the Olympics all-together, that’s how lame your posts, O000ps, I mean, the really lousy show you Brits put on with the whole world watching :

    Pathetic : Just like all the commentary you shot off from England, where you live, to “OD” non-stop, every 3 seconds, 24/7 : Sad.

  29. @Apuleius

    It will be awhile before I shoot off another Mamba-Jamba post.

    Yeshly k’ev rosh right now. You understand : John just knocked me on the head, so yeshly k’ev rosh.

    Later dude.

  30. No one got back to me on why Sherman torched the farmhouses of the Christain-pacifist farmers, but spared Charleston, where the Southern big-shots who played a Giant Role in fomenting and starting the War of 1861, lived.

    Funny that.

  31. @John

    I shot off a post to Laura Wood about 3 months ago*. It was about radical feminists. Both Laura Wood and I, don’t like radical feminists. I shot off a commentary to her in support.

    * It’s really none of your business, but I, “JOE”, grant you The Liberty of knowing the Above information, including The Facts/Information in All of my Above posts on this thread.

  32. Joe: I don’t need to open a basic English text book. This is 2012. I often tap comments on my phone. For this reason, I don’t bother with typos, spelling or grammar errors.

  33. Sherman was busy burning Columbia South Carolina, after taking it on February 17, 1865.

    Charleston surrendered to some other yankee on February 20 1865, and was harder to take then Columbia. Sherman was busy with softer targets.

    But I’m sure you’ll tell us it was really because Charleston was home to the communist jewish cabal of free mason shape shifting reptilian alien Illuminati in league with the CIA and our Southron planter class using super, super, extra secret time machine technology stolen from your home planet

    We all get the fact you know all types of “secret” knowledge no other scholar is privy to. We just don’t believe it or you

  34. Joe,

    This is because OD is a front for HRH’s MI6 and SIS! That’s why I post. I’m sitting in an office overlooking the Thames around the Vauxhall Bridge across from Tate Britain.

    Sherman? Sherman had orders from Victoria to burn out the southern yeomanry as revenge for King’s Mountain and the death of Major Patrick Ferguson grand mason master of the Scottish rite.

  35. Old Black Joe?

    He’s the one from Porgy and Bess who was the boyfriend of Mammy from Gone With The Wind?

    While the Yankees were burning down Atlanta, and forgot All about that little ‘ole “innocent” town of Charleston?


  36. Perhaps *JB’s* friend and buddy-buddy up north, August Belmont, whispered into Lincoln’s ear, and asked Licoln politely, of course, politely , ever so politely, to please spare Charleston, pretty please?


  37. Just like All of Germany was left in rubble in WW2, except the IG Farben factories. Not one IG Farben facility in Germany was bombed.

  38. or it could be that the general that took Charleston was a German marxist but still not the monster sherman is. Could be he didn’t have orders to burn anyplace and he wasn’t under sherman’s direct command. Or it could be they wanted the port intact to move supplies into

    But yea the rational money is on a magical jew unseeing his physic abilities learned from the free masons to contact lincoln….

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