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  1. I don’t like the GOP and will certainly not vote for those buffoons. But at least they were recognizable. Looking at the oafs gathered in Charlotte I see:

    A 35% black audience
    Maybe 50% white audience
    Rainbow flags abound
    A guy I would have assumed is white waving a sign reading “Arabs for Obama”
    Middle aged white women trying in vain to dance in time to a Negro hip-hop song
    Tributes to a band of losers such as Ted Kennedy, Mike Dukakis and Jimmy Carter

    If this is the “new” Amerika they can have my share.

  2. Bernie: The Marxist left only cares about Christianity when it’s useful for browbeating conservatives. Specifically those parts about loving, forgiving, giving and sharing. But you let anyone talk about God’s disgust of homos, sluts, adultery, divorce, judgement, punishment, or any of those things and they rapidly change their tune.

    Realizing that Christianity has become, at least in the modern West, just a tool to hammer conservatives (because some of us actually believe it), I do not use it any more to argue Marxists. I use something better–evolution. See, the Marxists browbeat Christianity out of me some time ago, like they’ve beat it out of the schools. OK, they want to talk evolution, let’s give it to them, but they will not like where this leads–to the place opposite of equality, and to a place where race is definitely more than the color of somebody’s skin.

    I found that when approaching debates from the Christian perspective the audience will mostly turn you off immediately, as they’ve been conditioned to despise the church. But when you talk evolution, you’re talking something they’ve all been indoctrinated into, then turning it back on them. It’s really lots of fun using evolution to totally destroy their Marxist ideals. Doing so you can quickly expose how fanatical and religious the left really is (and I believe it is a religion, just an anti-God one).

  3. “I found that when approaching debates from the Christian perspective the audience will mostly turn you off immediately, as they’ve been conditioned to despise the church. But when you talk evolution, you’re talking something they’ve all been indoctrinated into, then turning it back on them.”

    I understand, but the case is quite the opposite with our rural folks.

  4. The Republicans say that Mia Love is the future while the Democrats claim that Julian Castro is actually the future. Either way, the USA is not recognisable any longer. It’s a failure. And we have no future in this system. None. If you were an outside observer looking in on the US you would almost certainly write this place off as a dying land with a Third World future.

  5. If our (black?) grandparents could fly a [white] man to the moon!

    Jesus what a fucking retard she is. The convention is lunacy.

  6. Notice how the only white people there seem to be old, bitter looking lesbians and and young, not-so-attractive feminists?

  7. This is what our forefathers were concerned about when they restricted the franchise.
    It’s a convention of leaches, vampires and cuckoos.

  8. Sam! Thanks! I wish I was, too! WOO HOO!

    This is GREAT! Comedy gold!

    “Eric Hale says:
    September 5, 2012 at 1:12 am
    As always, it’s the fucking bar scene from Star Wars.”

    Sweetie pie – the Star Wars barflys were infinitely more attractive than the Orcs at that Convention.

    I understand that the planners had to BEG people to attend…they were giving away tickets. I think they highjacked several buses full of Black Church ladies (count the elaborate hats, and wig hats in the crowd) on the way back from Bingo Weekend Pu-raze Heeyim!, and various hookers, milling around the streets. They also apparently grabbed 7/11 owners, when they were locking up for the night. Losta turbans (and I don’t hate Sihks, by the by) and sadly – tons of middle-aged White homos. Sad. Tragic.

    If any of you watch in the ensuing nights – count all the stoned Nigresses barely sitting upright. I only really began watching shortly before Moochelle began trying to crib Ann Romney’s speech. I counted at least 3, in her speechifying.

    Woot Woot! Holla! This is FUN!!!!

  9. “Rodger says:
    September 5, 2012 at 3:26 am
    Notice how the only white people there seem to be old, bitter looking lesbians and and young, not-so-attractive feminists?”

    Yup. And old Homos. Sad.

  10. “I watched for less than two minutes before tuning out.” You missed nothing. If I were alone, or not encouraged, I wouldn’t have watched it at all. Review: A carefully crafted “mom” speech, aping Mrs. Romney’s speech but with much more exaggeration, and some outright falsehood. The audience scene amplified and interpreted her, many seats being filled with the non-white future majority — and degenerate whites (sodomites, etc.) were on display — all waving signs and chanting the stupid slogans on cue, like robots. “Forward!” “Not Back!” “Forward!” “Not Back!” Over the cliff! Over the top! Forward!

    We on the other hand DO want to go back — to conserve what still remains of ours, to preserve what still remains that is true and right and good.

  11. “John says:
    September 5, 2012 at 3:35 am
    This is what our forefathers were concerned about when they restricted the franchise.
    It’s a convention of leaches, vampires and cuckoos.”

    YES!!!!! It’s GREAT. See the damage. It’s MUTANATION. Agghhhh!

    HAHAHA!!!! I’ve been sending emails to the various factions of my Tea Party peeps. My SOLE reason for involvement is to racialize them.

    I make a lot of them very nervous. Talking about Race, in a less than flattering towards Minorities Who Just Want a Better Life, Here, is Not Nice. (I have a few of the guys solidly on my side. When we have our meetings, I get ’em going…we are the Bad Kids Table…some of the ladies are coming aorund though – cause we are obviously having a really good time, being RAYCISSS) Anyway – I just sent a flurry of Emails, predicting exactly what the Conventioneers would look like. In explicitly racial terms.

    I received no replies, of course – but I am gleefully gloating that the members will watch, and my words will spring into their minds, unwanted and unbidden….mwa ha hah haa haha hahahha…

  12. The hubster has not spent a lot of time around real World 247 Blaque Nogs. I was Counting Coons on Weed, near the end of Moochelle’s speech -and ther wa one mutant Nigress that inspired the Lord and Master to exclaim, in dismay, “WHAT was THAT?”

    I cheerfully explained. This is just too mcuh fun.

    FYI – I was on the phone with Haughty Blonde, earlier…she turned on the spectacle – and and immediately began SCREAMING in horror.


  13. The weather channel had huge ratings the week of the Republican convention. Too bad there isn’t another hurricane in the Atlantic. It is obviously more interesting than watching the RNC or the DNC.

  14. You guys need to change the channel.

    “Somebody Up There Likes Me” is on TCM right now. Paul Newman as Rocky Graziano in his life story.

  15. John – thanks. I will steal your stuff. I always steal good stuff!

    FYI – I loved Blackadder. The Elizabethan and Medieval series are the best.

    I never finished watching the WWI series; it was simply too sad.

    I never saw that episode. In a way though -that scene perfectly illustrates the Great Tragic Flaw of the White Race – why the HELL did they obey orders?

    Have you evern seen Gallipoli? I did – and was HORRIFIED. Beautiful beautiful Archie – BEAUTIFUL Archie – running into a barrage of bullets for NO damned reason. I went on for weeks, screamng aobut that scene. I knew it was a mere movie – but I knew it happened.

    Why the HELL do White men do that?

    When you know you have no reaosn to fight – and your rotten officers order you to die for NOTHING – it’s best to turn around and shoot your officers.

    Years ago, when a was a sweet wee lass, trying to figure out what to do with my life, once of my male pals exhorted me to joing the military. He did; he joined the Navy and he did see the world. (He did first rate drugs where ‘ere he went.). He told me that I could probably get free training in the medical field (I was notorious for not being squeamish, way back when…). I told him I’d never make it through boot camp, unless they changed the starting hours to 11:00AM, and I they had better improve the uniforms. I did investigate, went to a recruitment center. Once. The recruitment officer picked up on that “shoot the officers if you don’t agree with the orders” thing right away. Blind obedience isn’t something I do….

    Video made me sad. Sad face.

  16. I don’t mind your pro-White blogging, Denise, but you certainly make a liar out of yourself. This is from your “About” section:

    “I do not hate anyone. I love my race and only want what is best for white children. All other races have their advocacy groups. I’m an advocate for white children.”

    …and this is from your recent entry about the DNC:

    “I hate them all. I’m not making threats. I would just prefer that a Great Holy Meteorite would take them all out. I’m not a Jew. I don’t control HAARP,. I can’t do a thing about the grotesque parade of Demonic Imps – but wouldn’t it be great is the Earth opened up – and they all got sucked back into Hell?”

    Again, I’m not knocking your pro-White views, but such obvious contradiction and rantings about “niggers” aren’t very helpful to us. You can be pro-White and condemn Blacks without doing it in such a hateful fashion. Paul Kersey is an excellent example of clearly laying out all the negatives of Blacks without resorting to racial slurs and wishing death upon them. But hey, all that is your business….I just think you might want to consider making some changes to that “About” page if you’re going to adopt that kind of tone. At least then you wouldn’t be portraying yourself as dishonest.

    Anyway, as far as the DNC, I cannot bring myself to watch any of it.

  17. Hate should not be discouraged in War. Hate is Stronger than Love, and much more useful as it lends energy to endenvours rather than leeching it.

    Hate the Enemy! Feel the Power of Hate rising within you, and realize that the Enemy is Ruthless, which you should be towards them!

    Loving your family and your Race is fine in Peace, but in War the Hatred feeds the fire for Survival!

    The left and the Anti-Whites fear the Hatred of Whites, because that will lead to Retribution for Years of Misdeeds, and Revolution against an Anti-White FEDGOV!

    Their Hate Crimes legislation is a Vain Attempt to Stop the Righteous Hatred of Whites that have been abused and dispossessed by the Judeo Anti-White Coalition of niggers, spics and other colored turd world gutter trash!

    The Dumbascrap Party is the front of this Foul Debased Coalition of Subhuman Anti-White Filth! Get to Know your Enemy! See them for what they are in Reality! Trash!

  18. Denise is far from rational, Jared. She has shared her hatred here for White men on many occasions. She went so far as to say she wants to see White men slaughtered in Iran.
    In her insane view, they all deserve to die.
    For an old woman, she is quite vulgar and discusting.

  19. White people aren’t that great at all.
    Just a hell of a lot better than other races (subhumans).

    Demise gives non-whites a good tongue-lashing alright, apparently while wearing “hot” outfits and giggling with her ballbuster friends at normal white men that aren’t “awake”. Like BRA she is running on fumes (she’s elderly) and uses what’s left of her sexuality to sing a siren song of anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism means death and destruction of white men and white property. Demise is a cryptkeeper to this legacy of long discredited and widely deplored intrawhite violence.

  20. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that Michelle Obama’s hairstyle and facial features give her sort of a faint, vague resemblance to the Creature from the Black Lagoon?

  21. Like Michelle O’Nigger, I’m too busy to watch the DNC on TV.
    But I have a valid reason.

    I’m homeschooling my children, and this year, we are reading:
    “The War Between the States” by John J. Dwyer as our history ‘spine’ for the older ones.
    As well as “Maxims of Robert E. Lee for Young Gentlemen” for the boys, and
    “Beautiful Girlhood”by Mabel Hale for the young ladies of the brood.

    Ancillary texts are “Slavery Defended” by Eric J. McKitrick,
    Robert Penn Warren’s ‘John Brown, Abolitionist’, etc.

    Copywork is my own compilation of White Racialist sentiment, starting with the opening poem from Rbt. Louis Stevenson’s “Child’s Garden of Verses”-

    “Little Indian, Sioux, or Crow,
    Little frosty Eskimo,
    Little Turk or Japanee,
    Oh! don’t you wish that you were me?”

    Never let it be said that the DNC represents America- since about Kennedy, 1962…..
    ORION. Now, and always.

    Can we secede, yet?
    Fr. John+
    Unreconstructed Yankee

  22. What’s with you guys, ‘hatin’ on Denise?

    Elderly? Aren’t we supposed to honor and revere our ‘white hairs’? That’s what the Good book says.

    I don’t consider the feisty Celtic diminutive Denise to be ‘elderly’ or even ‘old’. She’s what- 40? at the very, VERY most?

    Frankly, as the human brain does not even mature until the late 20’s (which confirms the reality that college-co-eds- even grad students- should NOT be allowed liquor at ANY time, or free ‘sex’ in ‘co-ed’ dorms- I would mandate house mothers, ivory towers, and lockdown of all-women dormitories after 10p.m. frankly, like the ‘good old days’ (?) of the 1970’s?????)

    I don’t consider comments from minds younger than thirty to HAVE much merit- witness 666Chris, for instance. QED.

    But Denise, old? I hate to think what that makes ME…. Methusaleh-like?

    Or is it just snarky males, not wanting to hear the truth from a member of the opposite sex, who knows your ‘story,’ and isn’t impressed- at all- which is why she becomes the target practice bullseye for all women, from whom you can’t get any? (As a married priest, I can say this, you know….)

    [Just my observations, as I note the ad hominem attacks continue, even with HW’s desire for an ‘intellectual discussion’ is being constantly ignored, time and time and time again…..]

  23. A good old bunch of bollocks…. Republicans or Democrats, they are both the same. the first ones want to take away ur rights, the second ones want to take away ur liberties. Same shit, different scam, just like religions…. True patriots dont even vote….

  24. Do you read her post Fr John? How she celebrates the misfortune of White men and wants them to die in Iran? How she blames White men for the misbehavior of White women? How she runs down White women she’s never meet? She hates White men, and spits venom at any White man that stands up to her. Be a man, don’t put her on some mythical pedestal just because. You’d not put up with her behavior coming from a man and you know it

  25. Yes we Can !


  26. The gimps at National Review and some other liberal outfits had to flee their DNC assigned motels because they were pure BRA, read this at v-dare.

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