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  1. Rudel says:
    September 5, 2012 at 6:27 pm
    “Without people coming through the fire, then warning others, no one would even know.”

    What fire? Know what? Warn who? Why would no one know?
    Your posts are an unconscious core dump of female neurosis. You make no sense….”

    The FIRE of the horrible crap that every child in the u.s. is born into, nowadays. But a lot of idiots still don’t even realize there is something wrong all around them, they have no discernment, and just happily take their prozac or whatever, and eat the crap food that isn’t even food, and feed it to their kids, and couldn’t care less how they are indoctrinated, and so on.

    That FIRE.

    Just having your eyes open is a service to mankind because most people are robots.

  2. @ Denise… I use Racial slurs with my specfic 3D targets, (and others) for a distinct purpose – to show it’s OK to do so. The very very very Nice White Christians I deal with a absolutely clueless about what real Negroes, or other Races….

    Oh, that makes sense, lol. Well, you must be a saint. I avoid people such as you describe like the plague.

  3. Caught the end of Clinton’s speech: Impression: Fairly powerful and persuasive — for those who lack knowledge — and the “southern oratory” style much more to my taste than Christie’s New Jersey talk. The theme song (“I won’t back down”) was better than the “black noise” last night. Clinton and Obama embraced at the end.

  4. “The very very very Nice White Christians I deal with a absolutely clueless about…real Negroes”: Some may never have encountered any in real life.

  5. Reason Tv channel on youtube has a clip of their reporter interviewing various DNC attendees about government spending and debt. I kid you not, they interview a delegate from the US Virgin islands, wearing a mickey mouse top hat (with what look like Obama and Biden buttons on it) saying, “you have to spend money to make money”.

  6. “Yet you yourself admit to watching TV. How do you explain that?” Hurrah for TV non-watchers! It will be in print soon enough.

  7. @ “they have no discernment”

    Yet you yourself admit to watching TV. How do you explain that?…

    Rudel, if you look at my comments, you will see that –when I reference t.v.— it’s usually prefaced by saying “I passed it at someone else’s house…” Probably, I could not name 5 t.v. shows. I mostly read, if you must know.

    HOWEVER, Daddy did used to sit us down, in front of the t.v., and watch with us— giving us lessons in propaganda and how it works.

    So, that’s what I most advocate. There’s nothing more gullible than the kind of kids who are raised without any instruction in HOW to ask questions of the media, or are raised to be so Arrogant that they think they can live in a little bubble “never watching t.v.,” (and therefore stupidly acting as if that thing called “other people” does not exist).

    Even if I don’t watch anti-southern movies (for entertainment), sheer self-protection would dictate that I pay attention to what those who HATE me are producing and feeding to their minions as “entertainment.”

    Daddy knew that. He was –and is— awesome.

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