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  1. And Denise’s efforts at “racializing” her Teatard friends what a waste of time with out the phrase “anti-white.”

  2. Jared -loosen up. You are wound too tight. Have some fun!

    I had a great time Counting Drunken/Stoned Coons last night. Woot Woot!

    I got feedback on some of my TeaPeople. They did not comment on my “Look at all the Drunken Coons – and their amazing facsimiles of human hair!” critiques – but I have gotten no mailer daemons back either…. HAHAHA!!!!

  3. Jared, the about section is written by me, AG. NOT Denise.

    Denise has every right to hate these Savage beasts. Nonwhites hate on whitey all the time. Instead of blogging about hating whitey groids rob, rape and carjack whites with glee.

    Paul Kersey moderates ALL comments and does so for a reason. His blog, his rules. My blog, my rules. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

  4. Fr John – thanks. Your insight does not fail you. ; } !

    The attempts at derogatory commants about me sez a lot more about the would be assassins, than it does about me.

    Keep the White Faith, my Brother! and the White Faith WILL keep you!

  5. On the verge of digression, I’ll still quote and “second” this comment: “Elderly? Aren’t we supposed to honor and revere our ‘white hairs’? That’s what the Good book says. (…) Frankly, as the human brain does not even mature until the late 20?s (which confirms the reality that college-co-eds — even grad students — should NOT be allowed liquor at ANY time, or free ‘sex’ in ‘co-ed’ dorms- I would mandate house mothers, ivory towers, and lockdown of all-women dormitories after 10 p.m. frankly, like the ‘good old days’ (?) of the 1970?s?????) I don’t consider comments from minds younger than thirty to HAVE much merit….” So true.

    Perhaps when we all reach Ron Paul’s age, we will all think he was not “too old” after all, aside from other faults or weaknesses. The cult of youth is deadly seductive.

  6. Aryan Goddess – oops – I neglected to cite you as the author of that lovely “About”.

    AG is much nicer than I am! She’s much more “high-minded”. She’s a living example of the Noble Virtues of our Race. (Really and Truly!)

    Me – I’m a Celt. Woohoo!

  7. given the way old folks tend to vote… they have no claim to wisdom nor should we give them one based on their age alone

  8. Ron Paul – all the Teens and Twenties I know LOVE Ancient Ron Paul. LOVE him.

    It’s sad – this insulting attitude towards old folks. 99.9% of the young folk, and children I know LOVE their older relatives – espeically their Grannies and Pappy’s.

    I’m middle-aged – not old. But when I am – so what? I know LOADS of people in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s with tonsc of energy, who are very physically fit, active, and doing all kinds of things.

    The attitudes expressed towards people over…20?…are just wierd and pathetic.

  9. “nor should we give them one based on their age alone”:

    We should not attribute wisdom to OLD FOOLS because they are old, but also not discount true wisdom of the aged.

  10. RobRoy – what are you doing?

    I like to use tactics that work in thew situation at hand. I have used the mantra – but your idiotic and repetetive ADD berating has caused me to decide to never use the mantra again.

    Because of your febrile idiocy – I WILL NEVER US THE MANTRA AGAIN EVER.

  11. Because of your febrile idiocy –I WILL NEVER US THE MANTRA AGAIN EVER.
    More of the same from, Denise. It’s not her age that makes her what she is.
    After all, when she was my age, she admits to being with the artsy crowd. Sodomites, niggers ect.

  12. “Rudel says:
    September 5, 2012 at 3:55 pm
    Here is some senior wisdom: Kill your television set.”

    Nope. Not when TalmudVision is doing such a glorious job of illustrating my points. I told my lovely Teatards what they would see, re: the DemonsNationalConvocation – and they did. Well done Talmudvision!

  13. Sean,

    there are no niggers at museums and galleries. Except the coatcheck.

    Okay, gays and jews. But here’s the thing, they are there because art is a central aspect of culture. Don’t give em the satisfaction of abandoning culture to them.


    Obviously, Denise hasn’t a clue as to what the Mantra is about. If she did she would stop screaming “nigger” and “kike” , realizing how ineffective and counter productive it is.

    It’s a shame. Denise has the guts and the smarts to have really made a difference.

  15. Sean,

    I think your ire would be best directed towards the real enemy of our race, which means all anti-whites.

    So what if Denise hung out with the wrong crowd as a younger woman? So what? If she knew then what she knew now she would have done differently.

    At least she takes the time to write insightful articles to educate those who don’t any better. At least she takes time from her busy job to educate clueless tea parties.

    I’ll tell you something Sean, Denise has a full time demanding job, a hubby with a full time demanding business and two aging parents. And yet she still works tirelessly for our race. I don’t know that many youngsters could keep up.

    I’ tell you what Seanadragging on us ofuddy duddies

  16. Passed a t.v. at somebody else’s house. Think it’s about time to simply turn mine off for good.

    @ A 35% black audience
    Maybe 50% white audience

    One interesting thing no one ever mentions about ‘mixed couples’ (like in the audience there)— they are NEVER EVER EVER older.

    Clearly, it’s young people motivated by propaganda, t.v., where there told this is cool, or where they appease guilt, or whatever.

    That’s why the grandparents, who didn’t approve, wind up with the kids if there are any. And if you see the mixed kid, it’s usually with two older white people.

    There are no such couples over 30. EVER. (Except Robert DeNiro—- and Dinero is Spanish for money. In Spain and Italy, it must have been exactly like naming yourself Gold or Goldman or Goldwhatever).

  17. To all of those insulting me – what do YOU do to improve ANYTHING?

    Go fuck yourselves. Better yet – go bang some AID’s ridden Nog -and die as fast as you can. Fuck off.

  18. By the by -the MANTRA is a WASTE of time. The parrots that constantly repeat the mantra come across as robotic and programmed as the Lefties. The Mantra is for RETARDS

  19. @ “….would stop screaming “nigger” and “kike” , realizing how ineffective and counter productive it is….”

    Was really thinking about this—-

    Sometimes when people come on with this, I experience it as an insult to honour.

    It’s Southern liberalism, maybe— and where Kevin Mac goes wrong in his “group psychology” efforts sometimes (he projects the assumptions of his own sub-group onto other white sub-groups and he adopts the ideas of BRA as the real motivations of people s/a Southerners, who have their own psychology outside of what BRA says they think and feel). There’s that thing in some Southern life, that’s more about responsibility (not “white guilt” which many go on about.)

    It’s that —if anyone around you acts up— it’s your fault. You are always implicated (somehow complicitous) with what’s around you in the world. It’s like if you gossip about a friend, you just look bad, because why are they your friend, if that’s how you feel.

    —that place where whatever you find yourself mired in, is a reflection of YOU.

    Noblesse oblige, sort of. Based perhaps in being Leaders of Society.

    But—- slavery is OVER. They DO NOT belong to us! (Ok, maybe we pay taxes for them…)

    However, many Whites still go along, as if it is their society, as if they have a voice in it, as if they still own the slaves (instead of having BECOME ENSLAVED by the new tax structure and empire).

    Many Whites really have not understood how much they have truly lost. Their silence is more about that than “white guilt.” The White guilt is what some people would feel, maybe, if all the t.v. movies about the issue were the way real history WAS, but that’s a lie.

  20. Yes, that’s it—

    It’s not that I care about the language, itself, LOL— but when people try to “bond” with me over putting down blacks and others— it’s like they are putting ME DOWN, because they’re implying that I can’t control the people.

    Of course, there is one SERIOUS problem there, lmao… in that I DO NOT own those people!

    Now…that’s the heart of liberalism, admittedly.

    And more to the point than the “white guilt” maybe that K. Mac ascribes as white motivation. Whites often assume they have more power and voice than they really do.

  21. @ So what if Denise hung out with the wrong crowd as a younger woman? So what? If she knew then what she knew now she would have done differently….

    There is truth in that. Virtually NO ONE today can escape bad programming. Most adults are bad company—and how can children help THAT?

    Whatever one’s experience, the effort to turn it to the good is what matters in the end.

    Without people coming through the fire, then warning others, no one would even know.

  22. “Without people coming through the fire, then warning others, no one would even know.”

    What fire? Know what? Warn who? Why would no one know?
    Your posts are an unconscious core dump of female neurosis. You make no sense.

  23. The GOP legion appear to be jumping on the Obama speech change of venue with glee.
    Vdare raises the question that the ebonic coloured convention so far has been a disaster. So the TV producers have shifted the speech to a fully colour corrected (meaning white audience) arena venue instead.

    There’s a great deal to be said for this quick shift in venue being a recognition that there are too many blacks on camera.

  24. Dixie – I use racial slurs as a tool. Slurs and insults have been used over time,for all Races, for all OTHER Races, to create psychological barriers, In Group vs Out Group.

    EVERY-ONE does this. Every-one. All humans, over time.

    I use Racial slurs with my specfic 3D targets, (and others) for a distinct purpose – to show it’s OK to do so. The very very very Nice White Christians I deal with a absolutely clueless about what real Negroes, or other Races, are like in the real world. Most – not all – but most – have never ever ever ever ever seen REAL Negroes, in person. They have only dealt with Negroes, and Others, in carefully modulated, controlled settings. For very short periods of time. Their version of Negroes are the Huxtables. The Huxtables can turn into the New black Panthers in a second, of given the right triggers.

    My people don’t know a thing about this.

    When the Hubster saw the real world, stoned off her gourd Ghetto Nigress, with her sto’ bought hair – he really NEVER saw anything like that in his life. His surprise and alerm was very genuine.

    I use excellent diction and 20 dollar words, in conjunction with my racial slurs, when speaking to my targets, whne I do this ( I don’t use racial slurs 24/7). I do this for a specific effect. I AM dealng with Northenr Christian Do Gooder Yankees. The sorts of folks that they have been taught that uses slurs are toothless Redneck Hillbillies. I scramble their programming. especially if I’m wearing expensive clothes and jewellry.

    The idea is that it’s offically OK to use slurs – to set barriers. “That Ghetto TRASH, ove there, are NIGGERS. Those Niggers ARE Ghetto Trash. You don’t owe them ANYTHING, etc”

    They need to create the synapses in their brains, that makes them understand that they don’t owe the Other a THING. White Southerners like you know this already. My Volk do not.

    It’s working with the men. I nearly got one old lady to say “nigger” at the last meeting. I know how my crowd functions. When I get an old lady to say Nigger – the dam nreaks. Believe me. They have to be able to SAY it. They are so polite and considerate, and proper. I need to get their Berserker/Viking/Celt warrior gen codes reactivated. I know my demographic.

  25. Is it possible to track the amount of blacks who show up in the audience at the Dem convention on each night?

    Last night was a cat5 disaster for the Democrats in terms of optics.

  26. There’s almost no way that Romney can win the election without a place like Michigan or most likely Ohio flipping. Romney is in a really bad spot. It’s likely to be very close
    one way or another though.

  27. Denise, do you find that the little old ladies are more comfortable with ‘Negro’ than ‘nigger’? If you can get them to start using ‘Negro’ will their racial attitudes progress to harsher terms?

  28. General Paulus Von Ryan, He lost the MMXII Corps in Obamagrad against Commissar Josep Bidenov and his 66th Black Lesbian Shock Army. Ryan’s got the black hair and pale blue eyes too.

  29. “There are no such [mixed] couples over 30. EVER.”

    Completely untrue. I see mixed couples in their 50s and 60s all the time. In fact, I see more of them than I see mixed couples under 30. They also seem a lot happier and well-adjusted to each other — they probably got together back when the whole civil rights theater thing made them feel all gooey inside about it.

    One thing I’ll say about older BM/WF couples is, I almost never have the sense that this portly, smiling old black dude in unstylish square old-guy clothes is going to chimp out and kill his wife, whom he’s clearly been with for decades. Who knows, maybe he was a psycho dashiki-wearing Panther or SLA symp back in 1970, but now he’s just some retired dude.

    I see way fewer BM/WF couples these days, and also way fewer WM/AF couples: the Asians, increasingly, are only dating amongst themselves. (They’re starting to sense that they don’t need white people for anything any more, and that in fact they have it over on us.) The interesting thing about the BM/WF couples that I do see is, they almost never look like normal, regular people. It’s nearly always some pumped-up, way-too-stylin’ college afflete with his trophy blonde (probably bought for him, one way or another, by the college) — and boyyy are they blonde. I never see some normal, mildly overweight, pleasantly schlubby black guy with some moderately attractive redhead who could use a makeover or something. I don’t visit areas where you’d be likely to see Ghetto Trash meets Trailer Trash, so I suppose that combo is still extant. But among regular people under 30, the evidence of my own eyes is increased segregation.

  30. “the MANTRA is a WASTE of time. The parrots that constantly repeat the mantra come across as robotic and programmed as the Lefties”

    I agree that the Mantra is repetitive and quasi-robotic, and wouldn’t be persuasive simply standing on its own. But I tend to view it as someone casting a vote — one more person allowing himself to be counted among those who’ve woken up. So I don’t look to it for persuasiveness, I take it as a rough tally of how many are coming onside. In that sense, I’m usually glad to see it.

    BUGS are however getting better and funnier with those animated cartoons and short films. Those I think will be useful as their skills increase.

  31. Denise, I strongly disagree with you about the mantra. I had the same view until I just started trying it out on message boards. The point of the mantra is not that it is perfect or particularly incisive on its own, but people notice the mantra. Sometimes, they even make fun of it, but that is the whole point, because you can draw them into a debate. When you start explaining to them why you think its genocide, they start thinking about things in a whole new way. I swear it works. If you have a minute, look up the following link and look at JustAWhiteMom’s work with the mantra. You have to see the mantra in action to understand its power.


  32. Denise, come to think of it, all the comments are worth reading for their excellent mantra thinking. You can clearly see that these liberal Nords are experiencing cognitive dissonance. I’m only challenging you on this because BUGS really needs bright people to help field questions about the mantra on message boards. If one bugser sees an article, they can drop the mantra, and then when another bugser stops by and sees that someone has taken the bait, they can answer a question, and then maybe another question will be asked, and another bugser will stop by and answer that one, etc. Of course, its wonderful if you can see a debate all the way through, but sometimes you only have time to do one post. Anyway, like I said take a look at the comments in that article and see what you think.

    I find that I am usually able to really engage several people a week using the mantra. You”re right in that just seeing the mantra posted by itself may not drive the point all the way home, but again, it gets them thinking and asking questions. That’s what we need!

  33. W&C – unlike so many other tools here – I do one on ONE racializing.

    I deal with the person at hand.

    I am very convival. I am a “nice White lady” – that is NO threat to ANY-ONE. I could not possibly physically intimidate to threaten ANY-ONE.

    My manner can be very “professional” and analytical – but mostly I am friendly, funny, cheerful, and …conspiratorial.

    Unlike some of the sad specimens that haunt these boards – famileis are very tight around here. Grandchildren, especially LOVe their Nanas, and Gramps. Younf folks LISTEN to them.

    If I “get” and old lady – I get her grandkids. Not right that second. It’s all aobut planting the seeds………

    That old lady in question, at the last meeting? We were talking aobut the State Budget issues. After the formal Speaker’s talk. There was a coffee break. The folks at the Tea Party KNOW about my “beliefs”. I can’t stresss this ENOUGH – I am very funny. I express things in a way that makes people laugh.

    I nice White lady – married to a very respectable, locally known man, dressed nicely (good clothes – but not too fancy to be threatening – but good. I don’t look “cheap”) – and i’m FUNNY. Why do oyu think Jews use humour? Humour and laughter are literally disarming. Nothing is really scary if you laugh about it. Right?


    anyway – after the Speaker – we had a coffee break. The Old Lasy started talkng to ME. She was outraged. She knows how hard she worked all her life. For EVERYTHING she has. How hard all her family works. Families are tightly knit here. People DID and DO work hard. My locals are suffering. Middle class and Working Class Whites get NOTHING. She was expressng her righteous and JUSTIFIED outrage at the abuses of our State Gubmint.

    It was so easy.

    I just started telling her where the money goes. Where our tax money goes. My tone was light, and conversational….but I began giving her details.

    I know my demographic. Hard work is the BEST THING the God LOVES. Being a Hard Worker is …the Elect.

    Not being a Hard Worker – and just ….taking…from those that do Work Hard (and they do!) – because you are too lazy, and not disabled ot anything – well….that’s BAD. That is pure SIN. (and it is!)

    You must understand – I’m not screaming or yelling or angy. I utter – intonate – racial slurs as though I am speaking Shakespearean poetry. As though saying these things is the most normal and natural and pleasant thing in the world. In most cases…

    In this lady’s case – we were sitting together….like old pals. Like woman. I had gottne her to a slow boil, when I detailed where the money goes – and then I began cracking jokes.

    “I leanred about reality when I lived in the City. I saw it first hand. You wouldn’t beleive the stuff I saw….”

    I told her a few choice anecdotes. FUNNY anecdotes, about thos Silly Negroes. Silky Childish Foolish Negroes. Who Never Learn.

    “We had all these names for them…”Niggers” seemed kinda mean…we only used “Niggers” for really MEAN Niggers (flicker of shock, in her eyes, for hearing the word uttered)…we called them Nigs, or Rasheedas…for all the Welfare Rasheedas and La Quintas and Dooreeshas and Pavementeeshas IcePopsicleseeshas and….just put and “eesha” behind it!” (she’s got a smirk on her face. Her eyes are beginning to twinkle. She’s knows this is true! She’s starting to giggle, in spite of herself. When they get a Silly Naughty Joke Between 2Naughty Little Kids sparkle, in their eyes – they are YOURS).

    The coffee break is nice and leisurely and neighborly. I shift tone again. I say “The thing is – we’ve been trying to turn the Poor Oppressed IcePopsicleehas, and the Tyrone’s into decnet responsible citizens for so long…it’s really been 200 years….and it’s …aaah.. ..not working. The more they get – the worse they get. Now all the Hispanics are getting in on this. They don’t want to work – not really (Working is what makes you the elect White and Confederate. This is MY crowd. God German Farmer stock. Other emotional triggers will work with other demos. I don’t lie about ANYTHING. Our position is moral, and just. We must find the emotional triggers for Moral and Just, with each particular demo ) They see the Negroes have gotten all KINDS of things they never earned (I hammer in the They Don’t WORK trigger. HAMMER HAMMER HAMMER) – all kinds of of welfare – and they want in. They do little jobs – gardening. For the rich folks. Big deal. Like who doesn’t know how to garden? Shame on the rich people (GERMAN FARMERS KNOW HOW TO GARDEN. SHAME ON LAZY RICH PEOPLE SHAME SHAME SHAME) They take a LOT more out of public taxes – the taxes we pay – then they ever put in -and then the Hispanics send them ney back home, out of our country! I’m SICK of this!!!!”

    She is too. Really really sick of it.

    W&C – I don’t really hate people of other Races. Nigs and Orcs do what they do. Powerful Jews….are another kettle of….devils from HELL – but…

    What I do is not about Nigs, Orcs, or the Spawn of Satan.

    It’s not White Guilt

    With DWL’s – it’s White VANITY.

    With my Little old ladies – and their kin – it’s about White Responsibility.

    As Good White Christians – and they ARE – they are supposed to be good, and do good. They are enjoined to be responsible for making the world better. Cause that Is what White people do.

    If the world was peopled by my Little Old Lady, and her kith and kin – we would have no real problems! She and Hers are LOVELY people.

    Their Being Good and Working Hard Fundamental Moral Vision are killing us. Us and them. She and her Volk are GREAT! My job – my real job – it to lovingly detach her genetic thus sense of cultural responsibilty fro mThe world – to those that deserve and need this. Which is herself – and her kith and kin.

    If I used the Mantra on her – in that situation – it would sound like Martian (I have used The Mantra – word for word, on my group, in the perfect circumstance. It hit home like a laser. I SAW it. The situation was perfect. ) I tailor my arguments and tactics to the person or situation at hand. The squandering hard earned resources on shiftless ingrates ploy I used worked. Cause she Sees, now. It’s hit her and hers personally. She knows i’m telling her the truth.

    The coffee break ended. I was just tellng her these great names for Hispanics – “We call them Orcs. Do you know what Orcs are?” Her eyes were sparkling like radiant jewels, in fire light. She was DELIGHTED. A whole new world of wonder began to unfurl before her….it was right on the tip of her tongue…

    We have a BIG public event coming up this month. I will be able to point out Orcs and Genuine Rasheedas to her, in person. This will be fun!

  34. Oscar and Amanda – I really simply wanted to insult RRRetard, and his ilk., in my disdain of the Mantra.

    Amanda – bingo. Dealing with DWL’s and professional Antis – the more the Mantra drives THE nuts – the better. It can realy be great to make an Anti go mental, on a Board It’s great! God -I’ve used it in the most bizaare settings…..it must be the right situation.

    Sorry about all the typos in the above post. I write that whilst being constantly interrupted.

    I wrote it out to illustrate what I actually do – and why. The Mantra would have meant nothing to my Little Old Lady. We are going to a big event. She will see Antis up close and in person. The Mantra will have meaning, after she experiences the existence of the Antis.

  35. AGGHH – Jennifer – I was addressing you!!! Arrgh. I’m off. I’m going to just do what I must do now – and focus. Aaarrggh. Sorry! I’ll be back.

  36. Thanks Denise. Great response. Bob Whitaker does recommend that once a person possesses enough experience that he or she can go beyond the Mantra. It’s important to have the experience though.

  37. I use the Mantra in specific and intentional ways and find it helpful in certain situations. I particularly like the ‘My Tram experience:Mantra response Video’ (featuring Horus) that Emma West inspired and I use it often.


    However I too have been ‘scolded’ on occasion by ‘Bugsters’ telling me what I should or shouldn’t be doing with it and it does indeed grate as these controllers have no idea what I get up to nor the impact I have in my own pools.
    I just tend to ignore those types. You’d think they’d have better things to do than annoy people already on board.

    Ps: Today’s installment of ‘why you need to avoid niggers’ :


    Be warned: it’s horrific.

  38. “John says:
    September 5, 2012 at 8:50 pm
    General Paulus Von Ryan, He lost the MMXII Corps in Obamagrad against Commissar Josep Bidenov and his 66th Black Lesbian Shock Army. Ryan’s got the black hair and pale blue eyes too.”

    HAHAHA!!!! Choking on toffee!

  39. I don’t understand the controversy here, I guess. These are simply different approaches and the more the merrier, I say. It’s all good.

    The mantra approach is like a shotgun, it is useful on groups, where the spread is important to effectiveness. Denise’s approach, which has a very specific target, is more like a sniper rifle. She knows her audience and knows what works with them.

    The important thing is that they share the same pro-white perspective.
    Besides who says we all have to think and talk the same way and march in lockstep with one another? Variety is important to the effectiveness of the message. Just ask our enemies.

    It’s not like we have to adopt the Yankee faith in mindless uniformity to be effective. If you want that, go back to watching teevee.

    Denise, please let us all know when the little old lady finally says “nigger.” Every life has its important milestones. It is important to cherish those moments.

    Deo Vindice

  40. Apuleius says:
    September 6, 2012 at 12:54 am
    I don’t understand the controversy here, I guess. These are simply different approaches and the more the merrier, I say. It’s all good.

    The important thing is that they share the same pro-white perspective.
    Besides who says we all have to think and talk the same way and march in lockstep with one another? Variety is important to the effectiveness of the message. Just ask our enemies.”

    Indeed! That’s my position.

    “Denise, please let us all know when the little old lady finally says “nigger.” Every life has its important milestones. It is important to cherish those moments.

    Deo Vindice”

    Will do! Most assuredly.

    I will make sure she comes here, and tells you herself.

    ; }!

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