Bob Dylan Interview: “Stigma of Slavery” Ruined America

Bob Dylan tells Rolling Stone "stigma of slavery" ruined America
Rolling Stone

Bob Dylan has given an interview to Rolling Stone magazine in which he is widely quoted saying that the “stigma of slavery ruined America” because America was “founded on the backs of slaves.”

He also added that “people (are) at each other’s throats just because they are of a different color” and added that “it will hold any nation back.” He also says blacks know that some whites “didn’t want to give up slavery.”

In his view, “if slavery had been given up in a more peaceful way, America would be far ahead today.”

Where to start?

(1) First, the Northern colonies (and later the Northern states) were the first colonies in the Western hemisphere to abolish slavery. In 1777, Vermont adopted a constitution that abolished slavery. Connecticut finally abolished slavery in 1848.

(2) Second, African slavery had been legal for centuries. By the time Europeans started importing slaves en masse into the Western hemisphere, millions of African slaves had already been sold to Muslims in the Islamic world.

These blacks were sold into slavery almost exclusively by other blacks in exchange for guns, liquor, clothing, sea shells, and other European manufactured goods. Unlike Europeans, the Africans themselves saw nothing wrong with slavery, which was customary in Africa. In fact, West African states protested the abolition of the slave trade and continued to bring slaves to their coast (where they were illegally sold and smuggled to Brazil and Cuba) long after the slave trade was abolished.

It was Europeans who came up with the idea that African slavery was immoral. It was also Europeans who used military force to abolish the slave trade and who later abolished slavery in their African colonies. Were it not for European imperialism, slavery would be widespread in Africa today, and it still exists in some places like South Sudan and Mauritania.

(3) Third, few Americans realize how widespread slavery was until the nineteenth century. The Greeks and Romans had practiced slavery. The Vikings had practiced slavery. The Turks, Chinese, Aztecs, Inca and most other civilizations practiced slavery. Slavery wasn’t abolished in Western Europe until well into the Middle Ages. It continued to exist in Russia and Eastern Europe for long thereafter. The word “slave” originally meant “slav.”

Over a million Europeans were enslaved by the Barbary corsairs in North Africa. There is nothing unique about African slavery. The Bible is full of stories about slavery. The Greeks and Romans had practiced slavery. St. Paul, St. Augustine, and the Catholic Church sanctioned and justified slavery. The Justinian Code sanctioned slavery.

The idea that slavery is immoral was a radical idea until the early nineteenth century when Europeans began to stigmatize and abolish slavery in their colonies. Now, of course, Europeans are arraigned and condemned by non-Whites on the basis of their own “human rights” ideology, an ideology which wasn’t shared by the Africans at the time who were profiting from the transatlantic slave trade.

If the “stigma of slavery” ruined America, it also ruined … well, pretty much the entire world, which practiced slavery at some point or another.

(4) Racial conflict exists independently of slavery. In the United States, blacks and Hispanics are at each others throats in cities like Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Chicago, even though Hispanics had nothing to do with African slavery.

In places like Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago, where enormous numbers of Asian indentured workers were imported to work on sugar plantations after the British abolition of slavery, the American black vs. White dynamic is replaced by black vs. Asian racial division.

(5) The first state in the Western hemisphere to abolish slavery was Saint-Domingue in 1794 and later Haiti in 1804 – which is now by far the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, unlike Guadeloupe, where slavery was restored in 1803 and wasn’t abolished until 1848, or Martinique, where slavery was never abolished in 1794, but continued until 1848.

The United States was one of the last countries in the Western hemisphere to abolish slavery. It was abolished in Haiti in 1804, Mexico in 1820, Chile in 1823, Central America in 1824, Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, and Barbados in 1838, the Danish Virgin Islands in 1848, and Guadeloupe, French Guiana, and Martinique in 1848.

In most cases (Haiti and the U.S. are the major exceptions), slavery was peacefully abolished, but it hardly follows that Mexico or Jamaica is better off than the United States as a consequence. In the 21st century, black people in the United States live better than black people do anywhere in Africa, or most of the rest of the world for that matter.*

They owe it to slavery. They should be thankful for slavery … which brought them to religion and civilization.

* The only real exceptions are black people who are fortunate enough to live in other European countries like the U.K., France, or Canada or in former slave colonies like Bermuda, Guadeloupe, or Aruba which are still tied to their metropoles. Literally everywhere else in the world free black people have demonstrated that they lack the capacity to a maintain a European level of civilization.

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  1. Bob “Dylan” is a musical fraud, pure and simple. He has the Ashkenazi facility with words, but his songs are mostly pure crap melodically and his voice sucks. By contrast, Pete Seeger was and is a race traitor, Communist, and general POS, but showed real musical talent. So did many other fifties and sixties folk musicians, despite their usually anti-White message.

  2. Upfront confession, I am a Dylan fan.
    For those willing to overlook what is undeniably a very bad singing voice, he paints imagery like no other. Thank you Rudel for the lyrical lapse into Dylanland.
    Having said that, I also will add that I am no fan of the Jewish influence and the damage it’s done our nation in so so many areas. Dylan’s contribution I think was neutral in the grand scheme of things.
    Just my thoughts…

  3. “I suppose Bob learned everything he new about niggers, slavery and racial prejudice during his formative years up on the Iron Range in Hibbing, MN.”

    Two points to remember. The first was, the initial place the Bolsheviks landed, once Russia’s Czar had abdicated, was the ports of Duluth, and Superior, WI- after NYC, of course. Because of the Iron Range, and non-unionzed blue-collar White Labor.

    Secondly, Duluth is that same dying town (they have NO infrastructure left- except toursim, and I boycotted it this summer, because of….) that had the ‘Anti-Racism/White Skin Privilege’ BS going on earlier this year.

    They are some idiot hardcore BULLSheviks up there. Zimmerman is just a chip off the old Khazarian block…..

  4. “Zimmerman is just a chip off the old Khazarian block…..”

    I have repeatedly shown you information which demonstrates that Ashkenazi Jews are genetically Semitic not Turkic yet you persist in propounding this insane Christian Identity crap. You are truly a dummy. Stop posting.

  5. Oh God said to Abraham, “Kill me a son”
    Abe says, “Man, you must be puttin’ me on”
    God say, “No.” Abe say, “What?”
    God say, “You can do what you want Abe, but
    The next time you see me comin’ you better run”
    Well Abe says, “Where do you want this killin’ done?”
    God says, “Out on Highway 61”

  6. They have been trying to make Dylan out to be a genius for years now. Why him of all people, pray tell, I will never know.

    I think it says much that the best work he ever wrote was “All along the watchtower.” And that had to be performed by a nigger. That’s pretty bad if that song is the best you got, and it had to be performed by someone else.

    And Rudel might think his poetry is good, but it is only second rate at best. Just look at it and read it. It’s obvious what his poetry is and what happened: Song lyrics that he wrote down and then decided they would be better as poetry.

  7. Brutus, I think the three albums he did all within a year Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited, and Blonde on Blonde are pure genius. Fucking incomparable. But the what do I know? I’m just a damnyankee!

    PS – Niggers are pretty good singers and dancers too. Dey got dat natural rhythm!

  8. Zimmerman, aka Bob Dylan, is running the same old guilt schtik on the goyim. He’s reading from the tribal script and sending Whitey to the Guilt Chambers.

    Why doesn’t he bang his head on the wall and wail in the Jew Press about how the Bolshevik genocide of White Russia was essentially a Jewish operation.

  9. Here’s that shabbos goy Alan Shatter of Ireland running the same schtik.

    “Ireland” he opines had a terrible record when it came to stopping the extermination of Jews.” Shatter, it should be here noted is overseeing the largest population transfer of native Irish out of Ireland since the Judeo Masonic so called ‘potato famine’ of the 19th century.

  10. Why do you call the potato famine “so called?” And what the hell did the Jews or the Masons have to do with it. It was caused by the English gentry forcing the Irish peasantry into medieval serfdom and then by an infestation of the oocyte Phytophthora infestans on the potato crop which the peasantry had been forced to cultivate instead of their traditional fare of dairy products, sheep, and grain.

  11. The Stigma of slavery…

    It’s a strange formulation of the idea. He could have said, Slavery was bad. But no Stigma. It’s not a word I’d have used in a million years. Like it’s still an active force.

    What’s holding America back is a devotion to black equality. Perhapsthat is an overcompensation for hurting blacks during slavery, but most likely it’s just propaganda. One must remember that Jewish people have masterfully used slavery as a myth for organizing themselves and as a profitable labour source when needed.

  12. Why Bob? Blacks in the US are doing far better than the blacks in Africa.

    Its Jew Hollywood that keeps spinning the slave thing and keeps it in people’s consciousness, therefore its Jew Hollywood that ruined America.

  13. He’s just arousing negative feeling towards Southerners. The timing of this statement along with the anti-South movies coming out of Jew Hollywood seems odd.

    Last night, I watched Amistad last on youtube and noticed it framed the slavery, and future War of Northern Aggression, solely around the South’s reluctance to give up slavery without mentioning the non-slavery economic reasons.

    Also, despite their significant involvement as financiers, transporters, plantation owners, and slave merchants, there were no Jews featured in Amstad – not even in the background – it was purely a white thing.

    Its odd that the black slaves (who couldn’t understand English) thought the New England Puritans were idiots even though they were instrumental in ending slavery – but that was really Spielberg’s spin – rather telling, I thought.

  14. Rudel, I call the Irish ‘potato famine’ so called because it was engineered by the Bank of England and the Corporation of the City of London, rather like the Holdomor in the Ukraine was engineered by Stalin.

    The English landlords of Ireland were the new shabbos goyim aristocracy of Ireland granted title after The Crown (this would be the Judaics who owned the Consols of the Bank of England) used King Willie (their front man) to settle the debt of the Parliamentarians over Ireland. The landlords, of course, proceeded to tax everything on their estates.

  15. So called also due to the use of famine for population transfers. The people for whom we are pawns have to move their armies around somehow—- so they starve you one place, then fling tons of money someplace else.

    It’s a good idea to keep present, that shows how things work.

    California and Toronto did not become Asian by accident.

    Northern and Western Europe is not becoming MUSLIM by accident. (Even while the U.S. masses are stoked for war by things such as the Bacile movies, etc.)

    Ultimately—- just as the “allies” did in Germany—- the goal seems to be the future destruction of Northern Europe (and where the Northern Euros live). Enough MUSLIMS have to be imported into those countries —like England— so that it can be seen as a rationale to attack them in the future. The “new populations” Asians and Mexicans will not mind (as they have no ethnic ties to Northern Europe, as do the most Generational American populations).

    It’s interesting to watch where WHICH people are INCENTIVIZED to go.

    They do not want muslims in Canada, particularly. Meantime, Toronto is over half Asian, for instance. And they want the mexicans seeded through what was the u.s., with multiple populations hostile to the Generational wasp population (many of the populations have anti-wasp propaganda tailored to their group).

    For instance, the “allies” bombed Asians (Nagasaki, etc.)—- You would THINK they’d be more quiet about that, lol. But no… the image of the naked Asian girl in the street running (you know the one) is played all the time.

    Slavery…Bull Conner hose… Hitler…naked hurt Asian Nagasaki image… Irish need not apply sign…. (with an occasional nostalgia “americana” show like pawn shop, or “antique road show” thrown in, so americans can at least feel like has-beens.)

    t.v. in a nutshell.

  16. That was truly OT.

    Dylan does have some strong religious content, and even his Christian phase (like Slow Train Comin’) Then there’s “…Where are you going my blue-eyed son…”

    The attempt to channel the nasal a cappella Appalachian sound is sort of offensive, however.

    The nasal sound (while his version is like jewish new york) has separate Appalachian roots, and to hear genuine country Appalachians do it is really something. This real sound is sort of hard to find, and Dylan does it badly.

    Gillian Welch is another one. NYC born, LA raised, she’s presented as “possibly North carolina raised” and has “gotten critical acclaim” for trying to channel that voice.

    They will DO ANYTHING IN THE WORLD before they’ll simply let the people who are really from those living cultures speak a word, lol.

    They SUCK the life out of cultures other than their own… since they have none.

  17. SEE—

    The nasal Appalachian voice (posing as authentic) singing “orphan girl” (of course): “I have no mother, no father, etc…”

    That is THEIR FANTASY of who the “appalachian” is.

    Trouble is, they are very good mimics—- and many southern girls will think that Gillian Welch is a “southerner” or “speaking for them” when she hates them, is not from them, or for them, and so on.

  18. Ireland hasn’t been able to industrialize after 80 years of freedom. It’s like Montana without the raw resources. The Celtic Tiger is also a myth. They are now being colonized by Nigerians with the support of “ethnopatriots” like Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams. A white ethnic Ireland will disappear extraordinarly quickly. 4 million or so people will go much quicker than Norway for example. See
    for details. At least the Brits are genetically very similar to the Irish, and many Brits have Irish ancestors. Look into it and you will find a great many Irish Catholics have a Brit in the family tree too.

  19. @Dixiegirl
    “The nasal Appalachian voice (posing as authentic)”

    Never heard of her but that’s showbiz for you. According to your silly reasoning only Germans should play Bach… LOL!!!

    Musicians are talented folks and often sing in different cultural styles. Here is one of my favorite Southern singer/songwriters, a native of Savannah, GA and a direct descendant of both Revolutionary War and Confederate generals and on his mother’s side a Union blockade runner:

  20. Bob Dylan owes his success to his fellow Tribesman promoting one of their own in the cultural sphere.

    Jews have controlled the music industry for years.

    This dymanic also shows up in litertature. Jews have controlled the publishing industry since at least WW2 where Jews have relentlessly promoted their own over superior White talent. It’s why genuies like Gore Vidal got shabby treatment while third-rate Jews like Normal Mailer were hailed as a geniuses. The New York Times (hint, hint) was always attacking and criticizing Vidal.

    When Gore Vidal passed away, a Jew cackled as follows in on the Slate web site (my emphasis):

    At some point in his career, Vidal seemed to realize he would never rank among the literary titans of the postwar age—an age that would belong to others, including Bellow, Roth, and Mailer, a troika of Jews. Politically marginalized, literarily confined to the second or third tier

    The Jewish anti-White agenda never sleeps.

    The entire article is typical Jewish set piece: one part Jewish triumphalism and one part sneer at the old Anglo-WASP establishment.

  21. “It’s why genuies like Gore Vidal got shabby treatment “

    Get a clue. Vidal was a contrarian faggot and the media ate it up. Gore Vidal’s books were widely hailed by Yid reviewers in the Jewish controlled press including the NYT where he was on the cover of the Sunday Book Review on more than one occasion, widely promoted by his publishers, and were monster best sellers. 30 or 40 years ago he was on Jewish controlled TV all the fucking time. If he was treated shabbily it was only by the taxi driver while he was on his way to the bank to deposit his royalty checks!

  22. Dixiegirl says:
    The nasal Appalachian voice (posing as authentic) singing “orphan girl” (of course): “I have no mother, no father, etc…”

    Orphan girl is an appropriate song for her to sing.

    Wiki: Gillian Welch was born on October 2, 1967 in New York City, and was adopted by Ken and Mitzie Welch, comedy and music entertainers. Her biological mother was a freshman in college, and her father was a musician visiting New York City.
    Welch has speculated that her biological father could have been one of her favorite musicians, and she later discovered from her adoptive parents that he was a drummer … “from an address they had been given, it appeared that her mother … may have grown up in the mountains of North Carolina.

    Dixiegirl says: ‘ Trouble is, they are very good mimics—- and many southern girls will think that Gillian Welch is a “southerner” or “speaking for them” when she hates them, is not from them, or for them, and so on.’

    Why would you say she hates them? You gotta try hard to be offended by her. Google Psychological projection.

    Wiki: ‘In college, a roommate played an album by the bluegrass band The Stanley Brothers, and she had an epiphany:

    The first song came on and I just stood up and I kind of walked into the other room as if I was in a tractor beam and stood there in front of the stereo. It was just as powerful as the electric stuff, and it was songs I’d grown up singing. All of a sudden I’d found my music.’

  23. “Orphan girl is an appropriate song for her to sing.”

    She’s a very proficient musician and singer just a trifle too smooth for my taste.

  24. <i."Interesting link on Vidal, Lew."

    Sniping at a reputation of a dead man is easy. They were huge promoters of him during his lifetime especially when he was in his prime grinding out product.

  25. ‘In most cases (Haiti and the U.S. are the major exceptions), slavery was peacefully abolished’

    Were there any battles fought over the Thirteenth Amendment? I don’t recall any. Or are you suggesting that worn-out tripe that the War For Southern Indepedence was all about ending slavery? Ho-hum. That’s one tired story, but, hey, if you tell a lie often enough …

  26. Brutus said:

    “I think it says much that the best work he ever wrote was “All along the watchtower.”


    “And that had to be performed by a nigger.”

    Jimi rearranged it and made it all his own.

    As much as I detest Blacks (familiarity breeds contempt), Jimi Hendrix was no “nigger” and is unfair to categorize him as one, unless you consider all Blacks “niggers”.

    He was a one-of-a-kind anomaly, a super freak, a quintessential, most exceptional “exception to the rule.” Jimi has two brothers who are still alive: one named Joe, who is physically deformed and semi-retarded, and another named Leon who suffers not in this way but whose guitar playing ‘skills’ and singing are unlike his famous brother’s, to put it mildly.*

    Jimi, by the way, had a good amount Cherokee Indian genes in his body plus a bit of Irish and Mexican ancestry. Ah, the ‘wonders’ of race-mixing.

    “That’s pretty bad if that song is the best you got, and it had to be performed by someone else. “

    I heard Hendrix’ version first; then later, Dylan’s. Dylan’s sucked and never would’ve attracted my interest in the first place.



  27. Lynda says:

    Here’s that shabbos goy Alan Shatter of Ireland running the same schtik.

    “Ireland” he opines had a terrible record when it came to stopping the extermination of Jews.”

    Right here, Alan (sticking out both my middle fingers). There was NO “extermination of Jews”. That’s holocaust horsesh*t 101, disproven countless times over by holocaust myth debunkers (i.e., revisionist historians).

    Btw, Lynda, this Alan Shatter is NO “shabbos goy” nor a real Irishman. His name set-off my highly-sensitive and highly accurate Jew meter, and lo and behold after doing a quick search, my initial hunch was substantiated:

    Alan Joseph Shatter (born 14 February 1951) is an Irish Fine Gael politician.

    Born in Dublin to a Jewish family, Shatter was educated at The High School, Dublin and Trinity College, Dublin. He has always lived in Dublin — he grew up in Rathgar and Rathfarnham and lives now in Ballinteer with his wife Carol and two children. He is the only Jewish member of Dáil Éireann.



  28. “I heard Hendrix’ version first; then later, Dylan’s. Dylan’s sucked and never would’ve attracted my interest in the first place.”

    Dylan has acknowledged himself that Jimi’s cover is better than his original, something he rarely does. And for all you communist hippies out there The Dave Matthews Band plays All Along The Watchtower at a lot of their concerts.

  29. When did Zimmerman not suck? You have to be a tin-eared boomer wearing 1960’s colored glasses to find his “performances” anything but hackneyed.

  30. Hendrix had to move to London to be fully understood. A handful of blacks are not that big of a deal. It’s the concentrations that kill property.

  31. Rudel says:

    “Dylan has acknowledged himself that Jimi’s cover is better than his original, something he rarely does.

    It’s more than just a cover. Hendrix’ version of All Along The Watchtower is a like totally different song, with guitar playing and sound mixing light years away from anything Dylan has ever done. Ditto “Like a Rolling Stone”, another song written by Dylan (and equally weak) and performed by Hendrix live but never recorded in the studio.


  32. John says:

    “Hendrix had to move to London to be fully understood.”

    Hendrix didn’t blossom until he went to Great Britain. Jimi’s playing style prior to leaving for London in Sept. 1966 in his Greenwhich Village days (1965-66) was like two different guys. The British influence, Marshall amplifiers coupled with special effects boxes that were instrumental in create his very unique, signature sound, were created exclusively for him by electronics whiz Roger Mayer. Add to the mix mind altering drugs that were a heavy part of the British music scene, all contributed to this transformation.

    In my opinion, had Hendrix not been discovered by ex-Animals bassist Chas Chandler (via Linda Keith, Keith Richards’ ex-girlfriend) and remained in NYC as a studio session guitarist and continued to perform at small night clubs, I truly believe he never would’ve blossomed into a superstar along his playing style and songwriting skills transformed radically (and magically) the way it did.

    Like I said in my previous post, Jimi Hendrix was an anamoly, an extreme one. No other Black or mulatto guitar player has ever approached the creative genius and technical skills of James Marshall Hendrix.


  33. I can’t believe anybody is tripping the hell out! The truth is us as a nation AS A “FREE” NATION is built on lies and corruption if are founding fathers were so holy and grate then why did we have slavery here as a “free” nation? Europe fought it long before the U.S. tried hell I recall going to president Andrew Jackson house and there was a spot about his slaves and there was a thing he wrote about a slave saying how nice it must be to be white then Andrew Jackson replied with nothing because freedom is a big responsibility he wouldn’t understand WTF I never blow up like this but as a 21 year old white male grown up with whites in a wealthy family!!!! I or anybody alive will never be able to comprehend how gory and inhumane we as a “FREE” “EQUAL” nation really were and in ways still are really should say ok boom lets go back rewrite the history books and constitution its truly says slaves are something like two fifths of a human that way no taxes or something like that fucked up I’d say.
    Im fully proud to be a American but NOT proud of the lies we have and made us sound so grate damn at this point at least the Nazis troops were forced and we wasn’t

  34. Brandon:
    1) Show me anywhere in nature where any two creatures are equal. You cannot because it exists nowhere but in the fanatic minds of utopians like you.
    2) Organisms adapt to their environment. In the case of blacks it was a tropical environment that rewarded early sexual maturity and more mating with as many partners as possible. The environment afforded warm weather and enough sustenance through hunting and gathering for the female and child to survive.
    3) Whites evolved in the frozen north where the behavior described above was rewarded with death. They were forced to learn complex skills like building shelter, fabricating warm clothes, hunting large game. Whites evolved with a more prolonged adolescence, and a superior ability to plan for the annual freezes by sacrificing immediate gratification for long term reward.
    4) The founders never set out to create a diverse, multiculti equalocrcy. There only goal was to create a land for themselves and their POSTERITY, meaning white people.
    5) Slavery has existed since the dawn of time. Guess what race ever fought to end it– whites, via the British Navy and Union soldiers. Where’ s the gratitude?
    6) You are a brainwashed fool. No nation on this Earth was created without bloodshed and conquest. Ever read what happened to the white Christians of Constantinople when it fell to the Turks? Or what happened to innocent European villages at the hands of Attila the Hun?
    But you don’ t hate anyone but whites. You are an Anti- white, plain and simple.

  35. Errr…Brandon – slavery is thriving all over Africa, and is expanding as a result of the spread of Islam. When will African Nations start an Abolition Movement?

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