The Quiet Californians


Here’s Victor Davis Hanson’s latest dispatch from Mexifornia:

Note: I would imagine that a lot of Blue State readers are quietists of the sort that VDH describes in this essay. Who can outvote the mob in places like Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, or Chicago once it learns that it can vote itself a living at your expense?

“No state has suffered the last four years as much as has California — given that its progressive governor and legislative majorities serve as force multipliers for the Obama national agenda. We live in a 2X Obama state. And it is desirous for twelve or sixteen, not just four, more years in Washington.

The bluest state is polling at a 20 to 24 point lead for Barack Obama. Who cares that it is struggling with nearly 11% unemployment and facing a $16 billion budget shortfall? What does it matter that its public schools rated variously from 45th to 49th in the nation and that it is home to one-third of the nation’s welfare recipients, forty percent of the nation’s illegal aliens, and the largest prison population in the country? If Ohio supposedly has a million Obama-phones [1] , I shudder to wonder how many are in California.

Bleak? But such stats do not necessarily translate into the bad life for those Californians who vote — a least in comparison, I suppose, to Minnesota’s winters, Mississippi’s rate of welfare payouts, Baltimore’s streets, or Mexico’s police. We are living on the fumes of natural wealth and a century of prior investment by some pretty hard-working and far-sighted long dead Californians; and it takes a long time to screw all that up ….

When the UC chancellor writes alumni that without a new tax hike “higher education itself is imperiled,” don’t assume that he means the UC diversity czar and his horde of $100,000 per year assistants are slated for lay-offs. He means instead that students will pay more fees and the French or classics department may be shut down. (And no, reader, there is no irony here: the targeted French professor never makes the connection that his job is in the cross-hairs because there is a new bureaucracy to figure out how Berkeley is racist by having Asians “overrepresented” four-fold, whites slightly underrepresented, and Latinos in much smaller numbers on campus than their percentages of the state population.”

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  1. I’ve always like VDH. It’s a shame he falls short, like a the other MSM conservatives. He just refuses to connect the dots.

  2. It’s all true. They won’t connect the dots until the entire state collapses of its own weight. As Denise’s blog noted, it’s the Cargo cult mentality- how much free stuff am I gonna get- to hell with fiscal responsibility, denying one’s self, working for a living… you know, WHITE virtues.

    And therein lies the problem, as it has always been….

  3. What a waste, such beautiful property occupied by sloth. The devil must be having a ball with this cowardice thing.

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