Judge Blocks Pennsylvania Voter ID Law


Here’s the latest proof that voting is a waste of time:

“HARRISBURG, Pa. — A judge postponed Pennsylvania’s controversial voter identification requirement on Tuesday, ordering the state not to enforce it in this year’s presidential election.

The decision by Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson on the law requiring each voter to show a valid photo ID could be appealed to the state Supreme Court. The law could go into full effect next year, under Simpson’s ruling.”

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  1. It’s interesting to see a yankee state attempt to stand up to BRA.

    The law going into affect next years seems pretty damn convenient

  2. yes because devolution of federal power is an entirely south of the mason-dixon concept, LOL. get a grip buddy, resentment is not an effective means of forging a confederacy, you need actual ideals, not resentment and outdating economic ideologies (unless you acutually want to convert the south into a brazilian style sweatshop)

  3. I’m no gentlemen. I have no hospitality for yankees and yankees killed the notion of States rights with the war. yankees gave us this massive federal power. Hunter has done an outstanding job laying out the yankee vote and BRA. Deal with the facts of yankee creations

  4. Isn’t PA one of those potential swing states? Expect massive voter fraud, Obama’s insurance policy.

    “Vote early and often” as they used to say.

  5. ‘Isn’t PA one of those potential swing states?’


    Liberal Tyrants in Black Robes (aka ‘Judges’) are doing everything they can to subvert democracy.

    Given their behavior, it is almost like they WANT the ‘Turner Diaries’ to come true.

  6. Psychos are in charge. For the umpteenth time – I’m voting for Mittens cause he will get us in a war with Iran – and that will bring the whoke shebang down FASTER. Faster is better.

  7. Californians tried to stand up with Prop 187.

    We shouldn’t be too hard on California either. The “Golden State” was the first major transplant state. Riff raff from all across America moved there for surf and sun after the spread of the automobile and interstate.

    They destroyed California. The story of California’s downfall isn’t that different from Florida. A major difference would be that most of the Cubans who moved to Florida were fairly conservative White people fleeing communism.

  8. “Riff raff from all across America moved there for surf”

    It can’t be denied, the surf on the California is better and breaks more often and consistently. Don’t come to Oregon though as you will drown. It’s windy, desolate, there are huge rip currents at the many points and capes, there are sharks but no lifeguards, and it rains all the time.

  9. Stonelifter says, “I’m no gentlemen. I have no hospitality…”

    This hospitality thing cracks me up. To a yankee, “hospitality” means not making waves, never mentioning inconvenient truths, looking the other way, letting them get away with things, lying, the same thing as “nice,” etc., essentially how one behaves around usurers– very little to do with the Southern sense of it.

  10. Remember, this is another name to add to the list entitled “The People that Destroyed White America.” Try to include a photo of the less famous ones, so you’ll know who to look for. That day of reckoning is fast approaching.

    Vermin. All of them.

  11. Denise, the WWIII is not intended to bring the whole Shebang down, fast or otherwise.

    The mad plan will use WWIII to consolidate the global power of the Big Machers and their Cabal. The idea is to bring their global order out of the global chaos they create. Ordo ab chao. HG Wells, an Insider, wrote that the third and final UN would be in Basra.

    The covert objectives of their WWII was: destroy Germany (the Crown financed Hitler to lead the Gotterdammerung of the German nation), establish the basis of global governance – the UN (based on the Marxist platform of the CommIntern) built up Communism both East and West (Revolutionary Communism in the East, Monopoly Marxist/Leninism in the West), lay the foundations for Act III through this power dialectic and last establish the State of Israel. Adolf Hitler the Father of Israel.

    The objectives of their WWIII will be to roll out the global police state with its headquarters in Greater (Y)Idumea – the entire Middle East. They’ve even got poor Barry Soetoro signing Executive Orders at breakfast. Iran is a stumblingblock to banging together this great geopolitical echelon state at the crossroads of three continents. This landmass is intended to be the controlling state of the world order.

    You are right if you think that Romney, a total Ziobot, will facilitate this Agenda.

    Obama is good for signing the EO’s they need to set up the police state in the US for the world order, but that is about it. He does not have the brains to take command of the WWIII agenda or help direct their Alien Invasion movie down the track. Obama can’t even read the teleprompter.

    The Jew Money, therefore, is on Romney.

  12. Denise,

    I do not want to be a crispy critter. Romney could instigate a nuclear war because Russia might back Iran up with more than words. These are dangerous times and asking for mass destruction to come quickly is madness. Worse is worse and none of us have any idea what we are wishing for. Unfortuantely, the good Americans will be killed with the bad ones.


    I agree. And, until most folks realize that reality is a controlled delusion, the end will inch closer and closer…

  13. the call to be nice, be a gentlemen, be hospitable etc is a way to side step the brawl and is the woman’s/ liberals way of arguing. Which isn’t arguing at all

  14. Here’s the latest proof that voting is a waste of time:

    What do you mean? If we vote for Romney, we will get judges in the mold of Roberts and then stuff like this won’t happen right?

  15. Nuclear War my Ass! Russia doesn’t give two shits about Iranistan!

    Bedtime for Bonzo, however.

    The only question: Is he SHOT BEFORE or AFTER the Election?

  16. Exactly; the destruction of the white race is coming, and there is nothing you can do about it; the best hope for whites is to learn how to get along in the new order. Even the Japanophile Adolf Hitler realized this; he made an alliance with a nonwhite nation, Japan, which went rogue and attacked the US; he was tricked into going along with it. Like the Confederacy before it, Nazi Germany was self-destructive and had contradictory goals; freedom is slavery? Hahaha. Now back on topic, let’s celebrate the damaging of the PA voter ID law and have fun watching Obama win the debate tomorrow.

  17. Proud Globalist Race Traitor will be fair game in the not too distant future. Can’t wait. You and your kind will be weeded out one by one.

  18. @ stonelifter, “Which isn’t arguing at all”, all regional politics aside, im sure your a “alpha” male southron or whatever, but this conan the barbarian talk is posturing, it is destructive to constantly be at each others throats, ready to tear one to shreds over formalities. its what fools in celtic noblity did whist their more consolidated and “nice” (read able to cooperate) anglos and norwegians and frisians and danes took their prize women and slaughtered the rest. ultimatle this is about conserving the southern tradition, so taking slight at anything a yankee says is infantile, especially when it comes to the southern characteristic of cooperation and loyalty and honor to ones people, etc. how do you suppose to create a functioning dixieland when everyone is constantly posturing and unable to meet a consensus, im sure y’all will be rounding up purported yankees, and soon y’all will be pointing fingers at each other, but oh yeah i forgot, this is just a blog and we are all just posturing, oh well time to go back to work in the machine, see you in the fema camp.

  19. yankees aren’t my people and they are problem #1 on the shit that needs fixing list. Fla and other states were having their attempts of voter ID laws blocked way before PA got into the mix. Hell the fed’s have been dictating election stuff to the South for a long time, which means yankees have been dictating our election laws. So yea they are behind the power curve.

    if there will ever be any kind of Southron yankee alliance the 1st step has to be yankees owning up to what they have done.

  20. this blog points out the true “new right” stance of LOCAL governance, which is white, as the FED did this to almost all of us, that is what this yankee takes from this, i myself have begn to study my own states history, that is much more tangible than neo-odinism or sieg-heils.

  21. It is not surprising that the lambs should bear a grudge against the great birds of prey, but that is no reason for blaming the great birds of prey for taking the little lambs

  22. “the 1st step has to be yankees owning up to what they have done.”

    I may own up to any number of things. I absolutely refuse to apologize for any of it!

  23. @conchobar

    Don’t take anything Stonelifter says seriously. The guy is just a middle-aged, divorced, drug-addict playing Rambo on the internet. He doesn’t speak for white Americans in the South, nor do any of these other delusional jackasses. I probably have more actual friends and aquaintances in the South than Stonelifter does.

  24. ‘I have no doubt that there are people like Mosin and Denise in Pennsylvania who think the same way that we do. They are outvoted by the “47 percent.”’

    One of my liberal co-workers described Pennsylvania: ‘Between Pittsburgh and Philladelphia it is Arkansas!’

    He meant it as a put down, meaning they are like ‘poor Southerners.’

    I reckon there are some good White Folks in both places…


  25. my horse’s barn cost more then your house 313piss. you can think what ever you want, but many here will tell you the truth about what Southron White men think. Leastwise us unreconstructed White men

    now run along and go pick up your nigger boy friend at that art school a few blocks away from your hovel

  26. The FED you dislike so much was yankee doings when they forced lincoln and the gop on the nation. What you want with local governance was the Southron way, fedzilla is the yankee way.

  27. “What you want with local governance was the Southron way, fedzilla is the yankee way.”

    The Republicans and their Radical inner circle of New England abolitionists, who unlike the Democrats were only a regional party at the time, were able to stage an Electoral College coup d’etat in 1860 by winning with only 39% of the vote due to the Democrats splitting in two at the their convention and the ensuing 4-way race.


    In 1864 the Democrats were deprived of Confederate votes (they were the small government economic libertarians back then) but still waged a close election with Gen. George McClellan and would have won (and negotiated a peace) if Sherman hadn’t managed to take Atlanta.

  28. Most folks should learn the real roots of the gop and lincoln. It would be a big step toward gaining some common ground to work with. Until the truth is learned and implemented there will be no such common ground and the same mistakes of the last couple of generations will be repeated

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