Black Undertow Sucker Punches White Elderly Bus Driver


Somewhere in BRA … this is the type of behavior we have come to expect from the free negro on public transportation.

Update: A reader informs me this incident took place in Kansas City, MO which is the home of among other things the billion dollar school which lost its accreditation, the 60-year-old jogger who was randomly shot and killed for no apparent reason, and the White teenager who was set on fire while his black attackers told him, “this is what you deserve, you get what you deserve, white boy.”

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  1. “Those Niggers will get thiers.”

    And just how will that happen pray tell? You gonna sic “the hubster” on them? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  2. That video is so infuriating. I wonder how many times that old man has been sucker punched, insulted, disrespected and terrorized by nigger beasts over the years? He seems to have been dazed but takes it all in stride. Just another day on the job in Coonville USA. Could have been worse he must be thinking to himself.

    Sad thing is no White politician, talk show host, commentator, celebrity or religious leader will have the guts to raise a stink over these incidents which occur daily.

  3. A reprise of the neverending lesson of BRA…

    …avoid the groid.

    Older working class whites are the invisible people to our government, so, as per multiculti PC protocol, they don’t deserve any protection or “cibbil rights” of any sort.
    We now live in the Rosa Parks inverted BRA universe. If you’re old and white you should avoid all forms of mass transit.

    This says it better than I ever could:

    Deo Vindice

  4. In the Reconstruction South, in 1875, whites expressed fear of negroes but claimed to disavow white supremacy-at least to a visiting Yankee journalist:

    The following, then, are the conclusions I draw from my observations in the Cotton States :
    1. There is not, in any of the States of which I speak, any desire for a new war ; any hostility to the Union ; any even remote wish to re-enslave the blacks ; any hope or
    expectation of repealing any constitutional amendment, or in any way curtailing the
    rights of the blacks as citizens. The former slave-holders understand perfectly that the
    blacks can not be re-enslaved. ” They have been free, and they would drive us out of
    the country if they thought we were about to re-enslave them. They are a quiet and
    peaceable people, except when they are exasperated; but then they are terrible. A
    black mob is a ruthless and savage thing,” said a Southern man to me; and another
    remarked, ” If ever you, in the North, want to re-enslave the negroes, you must give us three months’ notice, so that we may all move out, with our wives and children.
    They were a source of constant anxiety to us when we held them in slavery. To attempt to re-enslave them would be only to invite them to murder us, and lay the country waste.”

    In Mississippi alone did I find politicians silly enough to talk about the Caucasian
    race, and the natural incapacity of the negro for self-government ; and even there the
    best Republicans told me that these noisy Democratic demagogues were but a small,
    though aggressive and not unpowerful, minority ; and even in Mississippi, a strong Republican, a Federal law officer, an honest and faithful man, assured me that the northern half of the State, which, with the exception of the region lying about Vicksburg, is the most prone to occasional violence and disorder, was, when I was there, to his personal knowledge, as peaceful and orderly as any part of New York or Ohio.

    Even the extreme excitement of a political canvass in Mississippi this fall, in which
    the Democrats are trying to rid themselves of the justly hateful rule of a corrupt faction, has led to but few disturbances ; and we are not to forget that this State is a
    frontier country, in which every body goes armed; and that it has for its governor a
    man who has neglected all the usual means of preserving the peace, or preventing disturbances. With a governor alive to his duty to the State, there would, I believe,
    have been none. Nor is it just to lay the whole blame of all that has happened on
    the whites. In the South the negro is not always a lamb. He is sometimes the aggressor.

    Charles Nordhoff, “The Cotton States in the Spring and Summer of 1875”- p.10

  5. …. and somewhere white children are being told how evil and unfair it was that “African-Americans” had to sit in the back of the bus.

  6. This is a local issue whites’ rights activists can take up. Elderly only buses, or having a security officer stationed on every bus. Require teen youths to sit at the back, give elderly special seating at the front, etc. I don’t know but this is something local, grassroots we can work on.

  7. It’s a shame that Lawrence Kansas was only burned down once by Quantrell. The local niggers are probably taught a version of the the Bloody Kansas story that makes them feel they have free licence with YT.

    Where are the modern bushwackers?

  8. It is only a matter of time before Whites in America are ready for a politician who will say:
    No one will ever dare to beat you again!
    (To paraphrase a famous Serbian) I do my meager work in the attempt to prepare my fellow whites for such a Man.

  9. I hope you didn’t miss this comment. It’s hard to say if it’s a parody or not, probably not. This is how White liberals think (not only minorities who hate us).

    “jay santos
    For all those who are criticizing me for standing up for this young African-american, let me tell you this, you don’t know this young man. Suppose his grand father was a slave from Mississippi. He would have been beaten every day, starved and abused every minute of his day. He was treated horribly and probably was lynched. Over 570,000 African-americans were lynched until this was stopped in 1963. The young man is probably hungry, living in a food desert, without access to fresh vegetables and fruit. The kind of thing so many of you white people take for granted. He should not have pushed the elderly bus driver, but the bus driver is no saint either. The chances are good that the man came from a slave owning family himself. I think the young man has a pretty good lawsuit that he could pursue against this driver for putting him in danger in that bus in the first place.”

  10. Rather OT, but Matthew Heimbach, founder of the fledging White Student Union succeeded in getting Jared Taylor out there to speak.
    Say what you will of JT and the AR crowd, but this does represent a first critical step in some real world activism. Now those libtards and Marxists know we are here and aren’t going anywhere!
    Here’s a link of the story for anyone of us who want to go there and give them lefties a bit of their due!

    Apologies Hunter, I would have posted this in the recent appropriate topic on Oct 1, but for some reason the comment making option wasn’t available there.

  11. Why do you show us this? Do you wish to provoke me? What can I do, I am but a man(from Mars granted but still just a man)? Should I go out and find the coon and give him one or how about hope futilely that the ” justice” system will serve out justice( laughs or rather does not)? Why do you show this it does not prove anything, it won’t enlighten anyone or tell us something we don’t know… so why?

  12. The problem is we have several nations cohabitating on one piece of turf.

    I want to solve that problem,

    the 60s solution was integration and Rodney King’s “getting along”.

    That failed.

    The solution is a political and territorial divorce.

    Among the benefits:

    a fiscal reboot

    physical security from anti-white terrorism

    the social engineers won’t have columns of black and brown voters to effect unpopular changes

    the neoconservatives won’t be able to leverage white insecurity into “lesser of two evils” politics

    a resumption of technological growth, especially space colonization

    I don’t say this lightly: we will be richer and live longer, happier lives if we buckle down and get this done

    Let’s do this!

  13. Yesterday, a US appellate court upheld the language enabling indefinite detention of American citizens without due process.

    As a person of both faith and logic, I have, and have had, reasoned, peaceful disagreements with many past administrations, as well as the current administration.

    But the way in which the language of the NDAA is so loosely constructed, any rational, fact-supported statement I might make, which in no way advocates any violence, can now be construed as “giving aid and comfort to the enemy” (du jour).

    Logic can now be punished in this country with indefinite detention, and without due process.

  14. In my state we just had an item on the ballot to increase the state sales tax to get more money for public transportation and road improvement. Luckily there are still enough Whites were I live, and the item was soundly defeated. Apparently the politicians do not have to ride public transportation, if they did the attempt at such a rate increase would never have been put on a ballot.

    This poor old assaulted White man. When a nigger that young is evil enough to sucker punch an old defenseless man like this turd from hell did, just think what he will do when he gets a little older. Date your daughter perhaps?

  15. BRA is so bad that some big metro bus services are installing barriers around the drivers to keep them safe from Negro crime!

    Metro considers Plexiglas barriers to protect drivers (pict. included)

    When I was living in San Francisco the bus drivers there were in these fully enclosed ‘capsules’! I think they had ‘Hal’ from ‘2001 s space odyssey in there!

  16. I guess that’s one of the reasons they were relegated to the back of the bus in the days of the Old America. Seriously though, “Murican” Whites will do nothing but take it in the shorts, they are like the Boers, both groups had ancestors who were smarter, bolder and more courageous than the subsequent lesser generations. My God, the Boers had A bombs (gave them to Israel upon advice of their SA Rabbis prior to turning the government over to the Communist ANP) and control of their armed forces. They could have annihilated all 30 million simians if they had to and held NATO at bay – instead they rolled over and are now whining about being exterminated – like the result could have been anything other than. Same in Murica, the overwhelming majority of White’s just don’t have what it takes to continue when the evidence is in their face. Hell, the jerks out West didn’t get behind George Wallace back in 68 (as I recall) when he ran on the American Party ticket and carried Dixie – now the dumb butts are being shoved out of their states by the Mestizos. Hopeless.

  17. Revolutionaire, would this elderly-only bus allow elderly people of minority races? That would be an interesting compromise. Anyway, mostly white areas have their own crime problems, with bus drivers being harassed by white meth addicts

  18. “Proud Globalist Race Traitor says:
    October 5, 2012 at 10:29 pm
    Revolutionaire, would this elderly-only bus allow elderly people of minority races? That would be an interesting compromise. Anyway, mostly white areas have their own crime problems, with bus drivers being harassed by white meth addicts”

    I think there will be no worries about an Elderly Only bus, and most Nogs pop op out early.


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