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  1. Yes Denise you are quite right. Of course I did not watch it, but from your description I learned enough. Yes, the younger gen does not realize how much the basic mannerisms have been degraded since 1945, we’re basically Howard Stern crossed with a ghettoid in the way we act.

    BTW the parents of the “Greatest Generation” were the last real Americans.

  2. I’ve heard enough from this despicable bastard. He really needs to go.
    It was heartening to see the robot manhandle him in the debate.

    Northerners, for the love of everything decent, throw this magic mulatto out of office.

    We know you can do it.
    Remember, if it ain’t white, it ain’t right.

    Deo Vindice

  3. @Apuleius

    Oh, so now we’re good and decent “Northerners”, huh? I thought we were “damnyankees”? I thought you insisted that we are so different from you Southron folk? Besides, I thought you hated Romney and wanted Obama re-elected so the “Collapse” would happen and you’d get your independent Dixie?

  4. I was trying to play nice. You are all still damnyankees, of course.

    If I could see your people grow some balls and reject their mulatto messiah, I would be perfectly happy. I don’t think they will, but let’s try to stay positive, Chris. Hell might just freeze over, too. You never know.

    Keep on the sunny side.

    Deo Vindice

  5. RRS sez I’m right about something? OMG! Clutch the pearls! I think I’m gonna faint!

    Thanks, RRS. (By the by – I’m ALWAYS right!)

  6. Apuleius says:
    ‘I’ve heard enough from this despicable bastard. He really needs to go.’

    Music to my ears!

    Apuleius says:
    ‘Northerners, for the love of everything decent, throw this magic mulatto out of office. We know you can do it.’

    What the heck is happening? Did I slip into an alternate universe or something?

  7. Being born a Southerner, I have to set the record straight as regards Yankees and DamnYankees.
    If you live in the North, and make no effort to export Yankeeism to the South, you are not a Damned Yankee. You’re just a Yankee and maybe even just a ‘Northerner’. Only if you attempt cultural imperialism against the South or carpetbag without assimilation are you a damnyankee.

  8. It doesn’t matter which feces eating shabbos goy candidate Israel designates as POTUS for JewSA.

    Meanwhile back at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a young psychopath is laying it out for the next Ziobot the Rothschild state puts in the White House.

    The new script is – ‘crisis initiation’ aka false flag attack.. The Tribe and its bought and paid for politutes, are tossing up the degree of difficulty involved for a POTUS in ‘getting us into war with Iran’. The Israeli is quite clear about the need for ‘crisis initiation’ if we are going to have WW III.

    He seems to take it as a given that the American objection to WW III is completely irrelevant.

    The fact that Romney actually has the brains to execute the script he is going to be handed from a place like WIfor NEP, if Israel designates him POTUS, shouldn’t this be in the debate? Shouldn’t this be cause for concern.


  9. “‘Northerners, for the love of everything decent, throw this magic mulatto out of office.”

    Just for the record, the Magic Mulatto would never have come within a hundred miles of the Oval Office had it not been for the hideous counterexample of the retarded semi-Texan George W. Bush.

    Let’s make this painfully clear. George W. Bush, the evil retarded monkey who despite his damnyankee lineage identified as an alleged Texan for his entire evil retarded life, who viewed the world as an alleged Texan, and who happily destroyed this country as an alleged Texan, was directly responsible for the presidency of Hussein Obama or whatever his name turns out to be when they unseal the Columbia records in a hundred years’ time.

    George W. Bush, evil stupid jew-puppet, and easily the worst president and the greatest traitor in American history, through the example of his disastrous two terms in office, from which he strove with all his might to destroy anything and everything good about this country, made possible the election of the evil ridiculous jew-puppet monkey Hussein Obama.

    You want to blame somebody for Obama, idiot Southrons? Look in the goddamn mirror. It was fucktards like you who elected the evil traitor George W. Bush, who proudly hails from the Great State of Texas.

    Lookit, I love Texas and I love Texans, but you people need to do some serious self-examination. Stop blaming the yankees. This is ALL. YOUR. FAULT.

    George W. Bush! I mean, really! George W. Bush: evil traitor, evil retard, evil puppet, DESTROYER OF AMERICA!!! And you ass-clowns elected him!!

    Live with that.

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