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  1. I predicted it would “end as a fully multicultural soap opera.” The mass entertainment media can be counted on to waste our time and offend and degrade us, if we watch.

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    Can’t stand watchin’ this show for ONE reason. The stupid drama interludes between morons dying ‘cuz they can’t pick up M16s and nobody seems to know where the Restaurant Depot or WalMart is. Hellooooooo ??? Walkie Talkies at RadioShack…… ammo at the army base…. yellow school buses running on diesel should give years of dependable transportation. BUT NOOOOOO !!! We gotta walk thru town and carry single shot bolt actions and PC 9mm revolvers or arrow-launchers or machetes. I’m waiting for them to run across the Magic Negro who quotes Shakespeare and Elliot with the ability to sling sharp soupcan lids like Ninja throwing stars to decapitate the undead, living walker Zombiezoids.

    Didn’t even ONE U.S. MARINE survive, at all ??????

    They oughta rename the show “Survival of the dumbest twits in Georgia”

    Arrrgh, this show is nothin’ but aggravation and yelling-at-the-TV-time for me.

    So, how was your day?


  3. The thing that drove me crazy about the show (only watched the first season, won’t watch any more) was that nobody seems to have ever seen a zombie movie before, and said, Hey, you know what? This is an awful lot like all those zombie movies I used to watch!

    Also, physically, the zombies can’t be perpetual-motion machines, they would have to break down, rot, run out of energy and the ability to keep moving. I would expect a “real” zombie epidemic to just sort of burn itself out within a few months.

    Well, one way or another, one season of zombies was more than enough for me.

  4. “I’ve never seen one single episode of the show.”

    And indeed why should you? In Detroit you’ve got a real life horror show right outside your front door!

  5. oscar the grinch says:
    October 14, 2012 at 4:50 pm

    “I would expect a “real” zombie epidemic to just sort of burn itself out within a few months.”

    There’s some fun articles on the net titled, scientific reasons why a zombie apocalypse is impossible.

  6. Anonymoose says:
    October 15, 2012 at 12:58 am

    “So how much pro-miscegenation propaganda is in this show?”

    We are talking about the MSM in 2012 aren’t we?

    The comic book the show is based on is full of it and the show is no different.

  7. “So how much pro-miscegenation propaganda is in this show?”

    Hang on to your hat this season.

    “AMC Networks Inc. is committed to embracing and encouraging diversity within our company. We foster this philosophy by actively recruiting multiethnic, multicultural candidates, supporting diversity organizations within the cable and entertainment industry, and creating and distributing content that reflects a broad world view.”


  8. That sword wielding sheboon sure was ugly. Not sure which is worse, the hoards of half rotten flesh covered faces or that scowling, swollen lipped one below a sloped forehead.

    I guess we know which Nubian princess the MSM will hold up as the new standard of attractive.

  9. “Guess what? I get to miss the entire season of The Walking Dead because Dish Network dropped AMC!”

    Not to worry. You can watch each episode on Amazon a day or so after it airs for $1.99 (or $1.89 if you buy the whole season.) I’ve ditched cable completely and can still watch my favorite shows like Sons of Anarchy and Justified more cheaply via the internet. The big four networks plus PBS and CSPAN show their shows for free. You can usually find a pirate feed of CNN too.

  10. Gotta agree with Chris on this one.

    Who but 1950s children would want to watch a show about zombies?

    Excuse me, my sailboat is double parked.

  11. You people are going out of your way to PAY to see MSM propaganda intended to glamorize the genocide of your people? 😮

  12. “You people are going out of your way to PAY to see MSM propaganda intended to glamorize the genocide of your people?”

    Sure, after all it’s a sign of things to come and who doesn’t like sex and violence anyway?

  13. To those of you that to not watch “The Walking Dead” or anything else on TalmudVision – bugger off.

    Run along and surf the Jew-controlled porn on the Net.

    Stay off this thread, or any other threads related to TWD.

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