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  1. You know what they say about Pennsylvania, between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, it’s Alabama. LOL. I hope that Irish Catholic asshole Bob Casey Jr. goes down with or without Obama.

    In Ohio Democrats Sherrod Brown, John Glenn, and Ted Strickland, three of the Whitest WASP Democrats in America, are keeping Obama afloat—barely. The Republicans are running a jewboy named Josh Mandel against WASP Brown, and that’s not helping their cause either.

  2. The greater the investment, the greater the head snap!

    This is so wonderful, beyond expectations!

    Imagine the rank-and-file Southerner when confronted with 4 more years of O

    despite 90+% of Southern whites voting against him!

    As Palpatine would say:

  3. Now is the time for all of those Republicans who endured the ‘Rent-a-mob’ upon the Governor’s recall, and his standing up to the Unions (Obama’s stormtroopers), to REMEMBER, and NEVER FORGET that it was:

    Fags, Jews, Unions, and Niggers that tried to bring down EVERY SINGLE WHITE CHRISTIAN WISCONSONIAN, and deal them the DEATH BLOW they so richly deserve.

    Ryan, your state needs you- NOW. Hammer home the HATRED the LEFT has exhibited, with death threats, physical violence, taunts, vulgarity, obstruction of justice, etc. etc. etc. and say, ‘DO YOU REALLY WANT THAT- EVER AGAIN?’

    Like I said, I loathe Mitt Romney, but I am voting Anglo-Saxon, baby.
    Death to the paynim foe… first at the ballot box, next at the……

    And yes, I WOULD be doing God a service…..

  4. Ryan is Conciliar church which is what they call themselves btw, although just to confuse the uninitiated they also have the hide to call themselves the Roman Catholic Church. Hardly. In terms of traditional Roman Catholic social doctrines, what does Ryan actually support? Can’t find one.

    You would think the murder of the innocent, a sin that cries to heaven for vengeance would be obviously on the list of heinous crimes that Mr ‘novus ordo’ Ryan would eschew. But noooo.

    B’nai Brith would see Ryan as de Molay and very Chasid Umot HaOlam. As is Romney – in addition to being a ‘priest after the order of Melchizadik’ in the eyes of his Mormon sect which prominently features the Luciferian inverted pentagram all over their ‘temple’ in Salt Lake City.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  5. Lynda: What could possibly go wrong?

    How could any of that possibly matter? Are you electing a President or a High Priest?

  6. How could any of that possibly matter? Are you electing a President or a High Priest?

    Analog Man- the fact that you can even ask that question, tells me subconsciously, you already know the answer.

    Every elected official is the ‘unofficial’ Hierophant of a nation. Theocracy is not just something that applied to OT Israel- every king is the EXEMPLAR of his nation.

    That is WHY Obama was elected- the America we live in, worships the NIGGER IDOL. Cambria has written of this fact for four years. Don’t tell me you don’t ‘get’ it.

    Lynda is more valid that anyone recently posting on this forum, frankly.

    “Why not convert to Judaism? You speak Hebrew 20% of the time.”- John

    John- Catholic Christians (I thought Lynda was a fan of the conciliar church-forgive me, dear lady. I owe you a BIG apology) already ARE the “Israel of God” . St. Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians clearly points out that fact, as does Rev. 2:9.

    the “True Judeans” are those who are Christ’s. The FALSE Judeans [i.e., Jews] are merely Satan’s seed. [john 8:44] And very little more…..

  7. @John – not everyone is limited to one language. One would think even the Orange Lodge of king Billie would at least be bi-lingual.

    Hebrew, Greek and Latin are the official languages of the Church. To my recollection this is the first time I have ever quoted Hebrew – ‘pious among the Gentiles’ is the B’nai B’rith term for their shabbos goy masons. Chasid Umot HaOlam. Usually I use Yiddish against the Yids.

  8. @Fr John, your apology is accepted. We both hail the Lord Jesus Christ as King.

    We both understand the ethnic identity of the people of Jacob from the Bible and ancient historians. Neither the Russian Orthodox Church nor the Roman Catholic Church contradicts this or the role of ethne in the Church. Indeed the Great Commission is to nations (ethne) not geopolitical entities banged together by Jew wars.

    The Church is the Israel of God ethnically and spiritually. The first nations to be built up on the square of the Apostles and the Prophets through their baptism as nations was ethnic Israel which converted from paganism throughout the European land mass. We would dispute whether or not other ethne could be added as spiritual descendents by faith – but let us leave that for the present.

    We agree that the Bible is essentially an incarnational and kinist document. We agree on the two pillars of Scripture and Tradition – the sacred deposit of the Apostles. We agree that the Blessed Virgin is the Godbearer and Mother of God and that her prayers are most necessary in the Divine economy. And herein lies all the hope of North America – Jew bought and paid for – which has legislated all the sins crying to heaven for vengeance.

    We agree that very little time remains to Americans of ethnic European (Israelite) heritage to return to the holy faith of the Christendom.

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