Those Jobless Claims


Remember the headlines about 7.8 unemployment? The biggest jump in the economy since the early 1980s? Remember how the media and the comedians claimed that everyone who doubted the numbers were crazy “job truthers”?

“Last Thursday morning, the headlines on National Public Radio were jubilant. “Jobless Claims Drop To Lowest Level In More Than Four Years,” they crowed. NPR’s anchors repeated the news in their hourly and half-hourly updates. The sudden, seasonally-adjusted drop–from 369,000 to 339,000 new claims–was touted by NPR and the rest of the mainstream media as timely evidence of economic recovery under President Barack Obama.

This week, jobless claims have soared to 388,000–a four-month high. NPR explained, correctly, that both changes were largely the result of the fact that California failed to process all of its jobless claims last week and therefore submitted an incomplete report that was rectified this week. But it did not bother to revisit its cheerleading from the week before, nor did it try to imply broader conclusions about the direction of the economy under Obama. The headline is: “Jobless Claims Take Sharp Jump: Rose By 46,000 Last Week.”

Here’s the link to the Comedy Central video.

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  1. I don’t know if there is a video or a picture attached to this entry, but it’s just showing a black square for me.

  2. Slightly O/T, but somebody please riddle me this :
    How is it possible for any right thinking white person on earth, after watching this video about Haiti, to conclude that these creatures are human? :

    They are not human; they are higher primate, i.e. really smart apes with some devilish dash of human-like characteristics thrown in to confuse the be-jeesus out of gullible whites.

    To think that some whites would want to pollute their families’ gene pools by co-speciating with these things! (Heidi are you listening?).

    I mean, it is just so obvious.

    Watch that vid and cringe.

    – Arturo

    ps: You know, if we lived in a sane world, people like us – those who read OT – would probably be the ones who had the most sympathy for blacks, kind of like the way southerners’ respect for blacks was far more genuine than northerners’ during segregation. Instead, because we live in an upside-down world, and these creatures are forced upon on as our equals nay our betters, we are forced to react in a wholly negative and unhealthy manner.

    It’s not hte negroes faults; it’s the do-gooder evalnelical christian whites rooted as HW points out in French enlightenment ideals who brought this nonsense on.

    IN a sane world we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

  3. The shabby media with their three card monte operator mentality…truly despicable.

    Totally concur, Arturo. As you say, one banana.
    None of this is the fault of negroes. They are what they are.
    It’s all the handiwork of idiotic, perverse whites who are overwhelmed by their own smug self-righteousness and imagined intellectual superiority.

    Deo Vindice

  4. Remember the headlines about 7.8 unemployment? The biggest jump in the economy since the early 1980s?

    I don’t why anyone would make the later claim, but the unemployment number is just what it is: applying the same methodology it’s the lowest unemployment since the end of 2008, totally in line with the trend over the last couple of years and totally in line with what one expects to see during a recovery. There’s nothing crazy or conspiratorial about it at all, and it’s hardly contradicted by short-term fluctuations in weekly jobless claims, lol.

  5. John, I’m not preventing you talking about what you want, in whatever way you want. I’m just commenting, that’s all. If it were me engaging in such extreme stupidity as reflexively disbelieving positive economic news simply because it is positive, I’d want to know about it, because I don’t think there’s anything to be gained by stupidity, neither for oneself nor for the purpose of bringing others around to one’s point of view.

  6. Silver,

    I’d throw every black out of work and ship them back to Africa. What you call a good or bad job market is nothing to me.

  7. I’d throw every black out of work and ship them back to Africa. What you call a good or bad job market is nothing to me.

    Fair enough, but totally beside the point; the point here being that precious few people today see things as you do and, I imagine, precious few are ever likely to. The prospects of you achieving such a wild objective are hardly enhanced by the blatant stupidity of WN blather on economics (or another topic, for the most part).

    White & Confused,

    Who the hell would believe employment or economic statistics put out only a few weeks out from an election?

    WNtards don’t just disbelieve statistics released a few weeks before an election, they tend to reject all government statistics no matter when they’re released, on pure principle. Just what people are supposed to rely on to form a view of economic conditions is a mystery to me — their intuitions perhaps? Lollzy-pollzy.

  8. The statistics were inaccurate – California failed to process all its jobless claims on time, and that accounted for the magical dip in unemployment when there was nothing else in the economy that signaled a sharp turnaround.

  9. Silver is a curiously named lump isn’t he? He’s very slow.

    The California correction wipes out the claims made a week ago. Wipes them out.

  10. Silver, I was not limiting my incredulity regarding the acceptance of unemployment or economic statistics to WN. I did not ask what WN would believe such statistics this close to any election.

    You appear to be the one who is confused. That or you’re intentionally twisting what others are saying in order to make some condescending but inane point.

  11. The births deaths model is also spurious, and needs to be corrected every so often, but regardless of the specifics no one is fooled that the economy is in great shape.

  12. Sad that we have to rely upon a liberal Jew with a slight bent for funniness to present the truth of a story.

  13. Everybody knows that the stats are basically false anymore and are trading on the revisions, but the revisions are now not even believable because they are being revised as well.

    And I laugh my ass off at the “ADP Job Report” and it’s revisions. It’s a payroll company. They either know how many new checks they cut or they don’t.

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