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  1. shhh quiet john, the paradigm is shifting that is all, these morons will try to hold on to power by reframing their disparate attempts to continue to operate a “captialist” global society when in fact the oil is running out, we’ve reached peak growth, now the leaves are turning yellow and the dead limbs are gonna fall off that is all.

  2. The Evil Slaver Meme (code for anti anglo-scots-german-southern-protestants)—

    —worked for the New England Yankees

    —worked for the Jews

    —And now the Irish will try to milk it for all it is worth

    And who can blame them? A LOT OF MONEY went into that piece of propaganda.

    It’s been even more lucrative than the images of Hitler spitting while he shrieks speeches, lol.

    —-enough so, however, that the people whose families have been destroyed by DEFAMATION will never forget at this point, most likely.

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