Louisiana Fake Hate Crime


Is the SPLC on top of this story? I haven’t checked.

“Forensic evidence indicates that a 20-year woman suffering from extensive burns set herself on fire then invented a story about being doused in flammable liquid by three men who she said also wrote the initials KKK and a racial slur on her car, state police said Tuesday.

On Sunday at 8 p.m., Sharmeka Moffitt called 911 from a walking trail in Winnsboro and told authorities she had been doused in flammable liquid by three men wearing white hoodies. She suffered extensive burns on more than half her body and was taken to LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport for treatment.

After two days of investigating the case, authorities said Tuesday that the forensic evidence indicates Moffitt set herself on fire.

“The evidence does not support the statement that she was attacked by three males,” said Louisiana State Police spokeswoman Lt. Julie Lewis.

Lewis said Moffitt’s fingerprints were found on a lighter and lighter fluid recovered from the scene. Investigators also believe Moffitt used toothpaste to draw the KKK initials and racial slur on her vehicle. DNA evidence also points to Moffitt, she said.”

Note: Before setting yourself on fire in a cliché fake crime and making yourself a national laughingstock, it is probably a good idea to make sure your fingerprints ARE NOT on the lighter!

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  1. Just finding out who her cultural influences are and what kind of enviroment they create for her would probably roll up the entire left half of the political establishment.

    Otherwise she is just another ghetto rat 90IQ and all and not even worth wasting hospital care upon.

  2. A quick check of “Black Kos” and this is not even mentioned God the left is a joke, without the stupid reactionary right they literally would be out in the fields pickin Massa Hunter’s cotton.

  3. The kneejerk tendency of most people is to assume that nobody would go to such an extreme of self-inflicted harm just to point an accusing finger at Whitey.

    Maybe Sharmeka thought the incident would make her rich.

  4. I wonder just how many attacks are like this. Crystal Magnum basically did the same thing. Just attempted to drag down others.

  5. “without the stupid reactionary right they literally would be out in the fields pickin Massa Hunter’s cotton.”

    Yes, but at least then, they would be productive, and we would be at peace.

  6. In these instances, we need activists to contact local political, business, labor, religious leaders and present the facts that this was a faked “hate crime” in their area and also work to educate locals that fake hate crimes are huge problem nationally.

    I suggest alternative right, Southern Nationalists here and elsewhere create constant contact accounts and start to send out our version of the truth, with is “just the facts” to locals.

    Become a trusted local source of the true news in your area.

    Don’t try to change everything at the top, elect Constitutional Libertarian patriots as President of the United States on obscure 3rd parties.

  7. Smells like last-ditch desperation.

    Increasingly I sense that regular, normal-intelligence blacks (not like this kwazy girl) just sort of know now that the game is up, and that they’re going to have to start acting like regular people who no longer have a Race Card they can use against whitey. It’ll take a good while longer for the real low-IQ rape-apes to get the memo, but I suspect it’s being slowly but surely translated into Nogspeak for their edification as we speak. Just anecdotally, I note an increase among my black acquaintances (who may not be rocket scientists, but aren’t stupid people by any means) who now routinely back down when I merely arch an eyebrow at their racial cat’s-paws. I think they’re starting to realize that Bammy maxed out their account, and from now on whites aren’t going to put up with their shit. They’re gonna have to settle.

    What that might mean for the future I don’t know.

  8. Don’t niggers watch any of the CSI shows? Oh, well. With any luck this will start a widespread trend.

  9. So did she plan this out(to the extent that one can plan setting themselves on fire), or was it an accident that she had the presence of mind to take advantage of.

  10. She was inspired by the Tunisian street vendor YouTube video. Or it was the Klan. Certainly not her own warped racial funhouse worldview.

  11. niggers are spontaneously combusting! this is great news, it be raciss to wisen up to the liberal victim mentality, it be raciss to pull a leech off your skin, it be raciss to not believe in wise nigger morgan freeman fairytales, it be raciss to not continue up the mountain of negroid bootlicking and worship, it be raciss to show anysort of weariness when Muh dick is mentioned, it be raciss not to love a race of dogpeople masquerading as heros inside of a culture they were introduced in as cattle.

  12. Blacks are just not smart enough to do this shyte.

    When the Jews go out and draw the swastikas on the synagogues they are smart enough not to leave the evidence trail back to the synogogue.

    Blacks do not get stuff like evidence, logic, forensics. They should not try to imitate the Jew ‘eternal victim’ schtik.

  13. I don’t remember there ever being a fake ‘hate crime’ claim by a heterosexual white. Perhaps there are some by feminists but that would be about it. There are simply too many actual anti-white crimes to have to hoax one. Besides Negroes are keen to set people on fire. I don’t see the KKK doing that. Anyone who has an inkling of Negroes saw through this hoax upon hearing about it.

  14. The crosss burning always struck me as bullshit too.
    What moron would wear white cotton sheets, soak a cross in gasoline and then stand near enough to light a match. The robes would be like effing cotton paper in musket. Wwwhoooop!

    You’d have had Dozens of Krispy Klux Klan Kremated immolated along with the cross. Only a moron starts fired for fun and intimidation.

  15. jack ryan says:
    October 24, 2012 at 6:06 pm

    “In these instances, we need activists to contact local political, business, labor, religious leaders and present the facts that this was a faked “hate crime” in their area and also work to educate locals that fake hate crimes are huge problem nationally.”

    What do you think blacks are going to do to vulnerable Whites they come across, if they think the KKK, setting blacks on fire? She and anti-Whites like her, are inciting violence against White people when they play these games.

  16. I can’t help but think she planned to burn herself in a minor fashion, and things went way out of control. Either way, we’ll all be billed for her medical costs, as well as a very long lifetime of gubmint disability payments due to “inability to work due to stress related disorders”.

  17. “Fake hate crimes”.

    Not “fake hate crimes”, they are hate crimes targeting Whites.

    You guys play by their rules every time…

  18. Since the media or others aren’t talking about anti-white crimes but ‘hate crimes’ against Negroes or Jews or homosexuals or women then they are in fact fake ‘hate crimes’. It is a fake ‘hate crime’ against Negroes and simultaneously an actual anti-white crime. One does not exclude the other.

  19. Fair enough. What she did was of course a manifestatio. Of her own hatred for white people. The Klansman in her head. I assume she will learn nothing from this, the courts will go easy on her and live the rest of her life on the state’s dime.

  20. good point jamie G, this is a hate crime, it is someone creating or attempting to recreat a climate of critique amongst the whites in her environment, she is trying to reboot the victim modem, if you will. this is a hate crime against whitemen, a psychological hatecrime

  21. This is a good line of reasoning. It is both an incitement to riot and a hatecrime directed against white men.

    Reginald Denny for example was a nice normal man. Doing his job faithfully. A black mob high on hate caved in his skull. Stacey Koons was absolutely justified in helping to subdue Rodney King. No permanent damage was inflicted and the cops could have just as easily shot King out of hand, no one would have ever cared if he’d been shot.

    The hatred in these lunatic people is so ferocious that they cannot be reasoned with.

  22. yes they can john, remember that part in africa addio, where the anglo-merico-dutch officer busts up the niggershines? you know about 2:50:00 into the movie i believe

  23. The national media seized on it of course with no skepticism or fact-checking.

    I knew it was bullshit the second I heard it, just like the “Jena 6.” In that incident, the anti-whites insisted that 6 nigs be spared criminal prosecution even though they beat a White kid almost to death because he supposedly hung a noose in a tree.

    – Rope in a tree
    – Near fatal beating

    They viewed the former as the more serious crime.

    As sickening is these incidents are, it is important to keep the eye on the ball. The real enemies are the Jews who run the media and other Whites. They are the parties who like to whip up anti-white hate at every turn, while suppressing all reporting on black-on-white brutality.

    I know Alex Linder is controversial. I surely don’t agree with everything he says. He did make a good observation about the 12 year old girl who was murdered (and almost certainly raped) by two blacks in New Jersey. It is not an original observation but neither is it said often enough IMO in these conversations. Linder observed these attacks are possible because of deliberate government policy that forces us into close proximity with blacks in the first place. And, again, Whites, not blacks, are the driving force behind these policies.

    They look like low-IQ predators, which is exactly what they are. Somewhere in the gray area between animal and human; something our INSTINCTIVE reaction is to kill as a threat to our community.

    {snip a few insults at Southerners and some valid points about Christianity}

    …this was not a tragedy, it was the entirely inevitable result of a deliberate human-made policy.


  24. DailyKos had an article, from their notorious race-baiting clown Horace Boothroyd III, who frequently in the comments gets in shouting matches with moderately sane Democrats over whether all cops are scum.

    But they pulled it, because this hoax was figured out too quickly.

    The police should have given us a few days for leftists to start grandstanding before pulling the plug.


  25. The way I see it, if white folks started doing bad things and leaving Star of David’s behind, to incite against Joos, there would be no question of the media and government, treating it as a “Hate Crime” targeting Jews. And the same would occur if black groups were targeted in the same way.

    Yet when these anti-whites get caught doing this to whites, it is hushed up.

    There is nothing fake, about what these anti-whites are doing.

  26. The problem with White people is we are too damned nice. We don’t see these activities as attacks on us, as a people, because our brains aren’t wired in the devious ways, that our enemies are.

  27. John: Go to North Florida and share your opinion about cross burning with the folks up there. I guarantee that you will get a thorough education on the subject. Columbia County would be a good place to start. Hamilton and Suwannee counties would also be good.

  28. Roots, what do you mean?

    Im Just commenting on how fugging dangerous it is to light fires with gas soaked sheets. It seems a bit comic.

  29. John: I don’t think that it’s ever been a problem. I do agree that the sight of folks running around on fire is absolutely hilarious.

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