Andrew Sullivan: Confederacy Voting For Romney

American South

If Virginia and Florida go for Romney, Andrew Sullivan claims “it’s the Confederacy.” More like the Golden Circle.

Note: Romney has a 29 point lead over Obama among Hispanic voters in Miami-Dade County. 76 percent of Cubans in Florida are supporting Romney. The Cubans in Florida are less likely to vote for Obama than Yankees in Wisconsin and Michigan.

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  1. Sullivan is right in that the Confederate makes the GOP viable.
    With Sullivan you can ask,

    “yes, what of it ?”

  2. I TOLD YOU SO!!!! I wrote earlier this week, if you wanted your Golden Circle – vote Romney.

    His eyes glow when he speaks of Latin America….all those resources….he has the same dazzled. joyous expression that I get, when I’m in a high end jewellry store. I’ve written repeatedly that I completely “get” him.


    Hunter – start tallying up your order for Nigra Slaves. I’m sure your Southern Yids’ll be auctioning off “the help” – all those hight cost non-productive AA Nigras, in no time.

  3. Sullivan used to be a pretty good pundit by mainstream standards. He believes in racial IQ differences and has taken heat for it over the years. Now, he has gone full-on Obama shill. I think it’s because of Obama’s stance on homo marriage. He definitely hates Southerners. If Romney wins, Sullivan and the confederate haters will be out in force.

  4. I live in Virginia and while Virgil Goode is closer to my own views, I want Obama out. The funny thing is that while Romney will likely carry Virginia we may still end up with Tim “the eyebrow” Kaine in the Senate. Of course, George Allen was useless as a senator the first time, but I’ve always felt that white voters who deserted him over “macacca” should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. Too bad if Florida is a swing state, I’m voting for Goode. Suck it, Romtards.

    To hell with the traitorous Republican party in all its shameful mendacity. Southerners voting Republican at the federal level is like Vendeeans voting Jacobin, Ukrainians voting Bolshevik, or Jews voting Nazi.

    Yankee Republicans only mean to do harm to white Southerners. They always have and they always will. Niggers own them, totally.
    Example specimens: Peter King (R-NY), Mitt Romney (R-MA)

    Sodomite “conservatives” wailing about the Confederacy like Andrew Sullivan also own the Republican party. The Republican party needs to die. Soon.
    Example specimen: Lindsay Graham (R-SC)

    Cubans are the backbone of the Republican party here in Florida. That’s why the yankee Romtards here crack me up when they decry Marco Rubio as strongly as they do. He is both whiter and more pro-white than they.

    Deo Vindice

  6. His eyes glow when he speaks of Latin America….all those resources….he has the same dazzled. joyous expression that I get, when I’m in a high end jewellry store. I’ve written repeatedly that I completely “get” him….

    I don’t:

    A) The resources are not his. And yes, he could take them, but aren’t you tired of living that way? Can’t he create his own resources?

    B) Part of that deal is rubbing elbows with even more hispanics.

    —yes, I remember your post about liking to drink, get wild, and do those south american rumba dances or something—- but MOST Americans (definitely the colonials) not only have no interest in that, but find the idea really…. well.

    Better not to have the resources and have a society to live in.

  7. OT, but southern nationalists should be allies with the still-to-come politicized colonial groups, like the Vermont nationalist I saw Michael Hill was on t.v. with once. An energized colonial group has overlap, obviously, with non-transplant Southerners (from before WBTS)

    Living in cities, some southerners wind up hooking up with other colonials, the colonial diaspora, instead of the “documented workers” now brought in. Overseas colonials often seem to have more in common with the southern experience. The southerners in WBTS were already in county for generations by that war.

    So, on that, the north-south dichotomy does break down. The new Northerners (brought after WBTS) seem more like “Children of the Empire.” The Boers, the Southerners, for instance, just have a more similar experience– they share the wars, the inter-white struggle, the displacements, the hardships of colonial life, becoming the kind of people acclimated to those particular struggles, and so on.

    It made them hardy in the same ways, gave them similar perceptions in regards to power and freedom that the more recently arrived from European serfdom simply don’t have or share.

  8. Sullivan updated his blog with this interesting comment:

    I think America is currently in a Cold Civil War. The parties, of course, have switched sides since the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The party of the Union and Lincoln is now the Democratic party. The party of the Confederacy is now the GOP. And racial polarization is at record levels, with whites entirely responsible for reversing Obama’s 2008 inroads into the old Confederacy in three Southern states. You only have to look at the electoral map in 1992 and 1996, when Clinton won, to see how the consolidation of a Confederacy-based GOP and a Union-based Democratic party has intensified – and now even more under a black president from, ahem, Illinois.

    I find it troubling – and interesting.

  9. Dixiegirl has a point. A viler bunch of atheistic communists than the Parti Québécois ne existe pas, but as bad as they are, they are for the dissolution of an extant federal republic (Canada) and the establishment of an ethnostate on the North American continent. That’s what we want, too. And where shared goals exist, common ground can be found. We ought to be reaching out to the Qubeckers, despite our political differences. The same goes for the Scottish National Party, that crew of socialist Euroweenies in kilts who nevertheless want to dissolve the United Kingdom and form a sovereign Scotland. And once Scotland leaves the UK, can independence for Wakes, Cornwall, or even England be far behind?

    Top-down ideological empires are creatures of the 20th Century. Ethno-nationalism is the wave of the future, and that wave is breaking around the world. Vlaams Belang, Hawai’i, Taiwan (Republic of China) — they all want what we want: an end to fake”nations” based upon parchments and manifestoes, and the restoration of real nations — peoples united by blood, soil, and culture.

    To us in the USA, secession seems an impossible dream — today. But tomorrow? FedGov’s reach and resources are not infinite, and the day will surely come when Uncle Sam’s reach will exceed his grasp. And the? Well, all it will take is one successful secession and the whole Lincolnian Union could come apart.

    Proposition “nations” like the UK, the USA, and the USSR are like dams, immense structures holding back the pressures of surging nationalism by brute force. But even the biggest dam can be undermined, overtopped, or cracked. And one need only recall the disintegration of the “unbreakable union” of the Soviet empire during the years 1989-91 to realize what can happen when one crack in such a dam is allowed to remain unplugged.

  10. Robert—

    One odd thing that happened while meeting tons of people in the Northeast: was how the VERY FEW remaining old school New England style WASPs actually often really LIKED the southerners. They were so few, and so under siege, and so attacked (I’m talking chicago, ny, l.a. places, not Vermont)— that they were just happy to see another wasp.

    In some very real ways, it was the New Englanders who LOST the WBTS.

    The Southern movement will eventually get its mind around that.

    Quickly, after the war, the Northeast cities became a place they could no longer tolerate. And they know it. They have no power in “their own homes.”

  11. —It’s been awhile, but had friends in school who actually left the u.s. for Quebec. At the time, I thought it was really strange—as it was very out of synch with their background (not French, not leftists, etc.) They were cow folks from Texas, lol.

    But there you have it.

  12. —“non-Christian, Yankee thug(s)”

    That is how the South sees the Romney-Ryan ticket.

    They will probably go for it, but —to a person— by a hair’s breadth. They are not enthusiastic, nor do they see that team as anything to do with them, their values.

    How Romney-Ryan will “do business” (and how they see the “country” as a business) is horrifying and odious to many Americans.

    The RNC has called here EVERY FREAKING DAY—

    Worse, they call with ROBOT recordings.

    Imo— private property means Romeny and RC sidekick would “get” that we don’t pay phone bills for THEM to use our private property (the phone).

    It is not a marketing device we pay for, for their use.

    That alone makes them scummy.

  13. Literally—- not five minutes just passed between RNC ROBOT CALLS.

    We must be stuck on some serious “undecided” list for right wingers, lol

  14. Finally—

    Lew, it is scary.

    Take this Sullivan person. He seems as lost as Obama… as Sullivan is not really Irish anymore, nor is he really English, nor catholic which he was, nor american, etc, etc.) Ultimately, Sullivan still clearly identifies as Irish Catholic, but why is he here??? Why does he presume to speak for Americans to whom he has no connection, whatsoever, not ethnically, not via “the proposition” either? Why presume to speak for people he’s never even met??? Who brought him HERE, really? Who’s he a front for???

    A lot of American (millions) just see a pontificating alien—- he’s sort of Irish Catholic but seems to be faking an English accent he’s sort of lost. So WHAT is he? Who’s paying him, really?

  15. For some reason I thought Andrew Sulivan was dead, or dying?

    I must be thinking of that other Lib/Leftist writer Brit who wrote for the Atlantic Magazine.

  16. Dixie – Sullivan is an HIV-ridden fag. He got in trouble years ago, when it was idscovered he had a prediliction for “bare-backing”. “Unsafe” rubber-free sex. This has al lbeen forgotten – the sanctimonious Homo crowd doesn’t wnt any-one questioning their Protected Social Designation of Spotless Innocence, by examing the actuial practices of the Queer ‘n Proud gang.

    Sullivan is an American. He lived inthe UK for years. The BAD accent may be faux, as an affectation, or not. He’s not Irish, per se. He’s not a White Man. He’s a HOMO. Just like the Kenyan Usurper.

    Do you understand what you are seeing, now? I’ve been derided and insulted on this site for my youthful experiences – but I’m glad I travelled the path I did – because [it’s] provided me with a wide frame of reference.

  17. Sullivan is a walking talking timebomb.

    I think he became a US citizen though. His people in the UK are Conservatives.

    Sullivan simply worships power.

    He hated Clinton, liked Bush, likes Obama.

    He was against an NHS system because he felt it would have slowed down the deveolpment of AIDS drugs. Real piece of work.

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