How ‘Bout Them Dores II

Occidental Dissent’s primarily Southern/Neo Confederate readership probably contains some “older” readers who can remember a time (up to the early 1970s) when SEC Football – South Eastern Conference Football was overwhelmingly White.

MIghty White of Vandy

Now, with the exception of my alma mater – Vanderbilt University, the SEC is overwhelmingly Black African American. Since American football is the #1 spectator sport in the US, especially in the US South, the enemies of our people have implemented a “Caste Football” (link) system to deny talented White American football players the opportunity to compete and win glory on the football gridiron. We’re all supposed to worship Black football stars, offer up our beautiful White daughters as their cheer leaders and accept BRA as the political price of the reality of Black African football heroes to America’s (Southern) American youth.

Those of us in the know, understand the Caste Football fix against talented White Football players – most of us are taking the route of simply walking away from this corrupt game/cult. Another option is to treat college football as not the be all and end all of American culture, but to instead support college football teams that have quality programs and offer talented White athletes a fair opportunity to compete.

My alma mater – Vanderbilt, along with other universities like Stanford University, NorthWestern, BYU manage to field competitive football teams with predominately White student athletes. Last week, my alma mater Vanderbilt managed to SMOKE Hunter Wallace’s virtually all Black African American Auburn team and this week “Vandy” (hate that nick-name) buried the University of Kentucky 40-0!

Vanderbilt is led by quarterback Jordan Rodgers, the brother of NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers – we’ve been competitive against all the SEC Football (all Black) powers and we’re 5-4 on the season – might make a bowl game even if it is only the (home turf) Nashville Tennessee Music City Bowl. No, Vanderbilt isn’t going to win the BCS National Championship, but – we’re a good, competitive team – lots of hard working White boys hanging in there and making us proud. So for those of you former rah -rah, “I luv Ameri-cuh, worship SEC (Black) football” types, consider taking a moderate approach from completely walking away from US “College” (yeah right) football. Consider supporting some very White real college football teams like Stanford University or…

The Vanderbilt Commodores!

Yeah, we can all ask/brag this weekend:

“How ‘Bout Them ‘Dores”!


  1. I think Caste Football is an important site, and I’m happy for Vanderbilt’s success. But let’s not pretend the cultural issues around football only apply in the South. Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Penn State, Boston College and the other Northern teams don’t play in front of empty stadiums. Northerners love their negro football players too.

  2. Slightly O/T :

    Hunter : As per your suggestion a while back, I am looking at Walking Dead.

    I simply cannot believe how the jew who wrote this amazing series, (what’s his name again?) didn’t shit on the two hard-core rednecks in it. In fact not only did he make them not the typical Hollyjew southern stereotype – so far in the story as I’ve followed it anyway, I think I’m in season 2 episode 2 – he also has made the redneck with the cross bow look positively heroic.

    Meanwhile, the solo negro is portrayed as unstable and presenting some kind of risk (after the black dude cuts his arm while the group is hiding under cars on the highway as the walkers pass by).

    This is simply amazing. So far.

    Could it really be true that Walking Dead is pro-white to the Core?

    I practically teared up when I saw how sympathetically the family living in the farm house were portrayed (the Greens – the Doctor who turns out to be a veterinarian). Even the giant fat redneck deer hunter who shot the kid (Carl?) by accident is portrayed extremely positively so far.

    Can this really be happening?

    Apart from Breaking Bad, which is pro-white in a subtle way (Greg Johnson has commented brilliantly on this), Walking Dead is looking like one of the most unusual, latently pro-white series I have seen in a long while.



    – Arturo

  3. Upon the recommendation of a young Croatian-Irish bar tender, I am checking out “Breaking Bad”, not bad.

  4. If you want to see something blatantly pro-homogenous society, watch the movie The Cabin in the Woods. It says it all, man. It really says it all.

  5. “But let’s not pretend the cultural issues around football only apply in the South. Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Penn State, Boston College and the other Northern teams”

    But teams like Wisconsin and Boston College field mostly white teams with 14-16 white starters. I saw some of Bama and LSU tonight and each team started 4 whites (out of 22 starters). I quickly turned the channel.

  6. Had a book still need to get around to reading, Revolt of the White Athlete, around the time made it a rule to never date anyone who watched u.s. football.

    A shame, as the Americanized game was a good one. Now all the European Imports are making their kids play soccer (sp?) which always seemed boring.

    People think of sports like movies—- as if it is just “entertainment” but sports encodes the “values” of the society.

    Always seemed strange blacks did not get upset—- a big subtext of it is “buying and selling” the largely black players and thuggery.

    For a lot of young people— that’s what they get out of it. That, and criminals make a lot of money. Or that impoverished people might have their “Cinderella Story” and make tons of money if they can play. (The lottery fantasy).

    Totally sick, all around.

  7. If Vandy is such a pro-white team, why does every photograph you show have a negro in the center of it? Coincidence? I think not. Freudian slip? Perhaps.

    You can’t dress up an ugly baby.

    Deo Vindice

  8. Apuleius says:
    November 4, 2012 at 12:58 pm (Edit)
    If Vandy is such a pro-white team…

    Jack replies:

    Vanderbilt is clearly the Whitest college football team in the SEC – Vandy has a White quarterback, most of the team’s players on offense and defense are White. Vanderbilt has academic standards for all students, which means that “Vandy” (hate that name), like Stanford, BYU and Northwestern attracts White student athletes instead of Black thugs/criminals like the rest of the SEC.

    Hope that clears things up for you.

  9. Hunter – congrats on the success of the mostly White Vanderbilt football team.

    I do not like football at all; never have – but at least Vanderbilt seems to have a FOOTBALL team.


  10. I’m with Chris on this one. Sports has some use, but most modern sports are worthless amusement.
    Dixiegirl: Athetes are entertainers, same as comedians, actors, and whores.

  11. Jack, just a little fyi… his last name is spelled “Rodgers,” just like on his jersey.


    Perhaps some white men are just as enthralled as some white women with the endowments of those black bucks as they run around the field in supertight lycra. The bending over, the fumbles…. lots of rough, suggestive positions….

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