Can White Northerners Say “No” To Black Run America?

Romney/Ryan 2012: the North's last chance to say "no" to BRA


After several months of watching the Romney/Ryan 2012 presidential campaign, I am left with a final thought heading into this election.

This is the last chance for White Northerners to prove themselves and say “no” to BRA at the ballot box.

If White Northerners choose to renig with Obama in this terrible economy, after all the shit he has done in office (read through four years of Eric “My People” Holder’s press releases), over two Yankees who will win the Confederacy in a landslide, then White Southerners will lose all confidence in the North.

It is November 5th and this ball is teed up and ready to be knocked out of the park. The only thing standing in the way of Mitt Romney becoming the next president is the possibility that White Northerners might close ranks and hold the line for Obama like the 20th Maine at Gettysburg.

A political hurricane is coming out of the South tomorrow. If it washes over Ohio or Pennsylvania, Barack Hussein Obama will be swept out of office. It would be the first (national) public repudiation of black people in five decades. If the tide is checked at the Mason-Dixon line, it will be another gallant, but futile attempt by the South to defend itself from the overwhelming numbers of the Union.

Can White Northerners say no to BRA? In 48 hours, we will know.

Note: The South doesn’t have a problem saying “no” to blacks. We firmly said “no” to Obama the first time around. We said “no” to Harold Ford Jr. in Tennessee in 2006 and most recently to Johnny DuPree in the 2011 Mississippi governor’s race.

The only thread that sustains BRA is the political support of White Northerners. If White Northerners started saying “no” to blacks again on a regular basis, BRA would collapse like Reconstruction did the first time around.

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  1. How about Romney winning the South and the popular vote and Obama riding the North’s E.C. votes to victory.

    That would spark so much white rage.

  2. CNN is backtracking and explaining their way out a Romney victory.
    CLASSIC, I just want to see Maddow and Mathews throw a fit tomorrow.

    That didn’t take much to change, Apuleius’s mind on his vote. Just a strong word from, SL.
    Definitely a man of light convictions.

    John, you’re a smart man, utilize your talents where they are most needed, with your own people in your own nation.
    Be a nationalist, like us.

  3. One idle musing on voting for Romney does not a conviction make.
    I have no convictions when it comes to the yankee BRA empire save one.
    I want it gone. Yesterday, if possible.

    John is much too smart to fall for yankee delusions and other such ridiculous twaddle.

    The only valid nationalism is Southern nationalism.
    An independent Dixie is vastly superior to the phony proposition nation that is BRA.

    Deo Vindice

  4. “White” is only a racial category.

    In Europe, no one would confuse English and Irish, or French or Germans, or Poles and Russians. “White” people are divided into rival ethnic groups. Yankees and Southerners are not the same people.

    Don’t be surprised when you see the latest confirmation of this.

  5. “whites get tingles when a black speaks in complete sentences or recites a story.”

    It’s the same feeling they get when the dog learns to potty outside the first time.

    They need to learn that niggers aren’t pets.

  6. Good for you, Apul.
    Nice to know you are nowhere when it comes down to it. From here on out, if I want to know what direction you are on, I will just read, SL comments.
    At least he sticks to his own principles.

  7. “Don’t be surprised when you see the latest confirmation.”

    That’s spin, not reality. Most people (in WN) can see the only difference between these welfare-warfare statists is symbolic. Their policies will be the same on the essentials. If Southerners wanted their freedom back, they could have voted for Southerners Ron Paul or Virgil Goode. They didn’t. They chose the Massachusetts liberal.

  8. Hunter,
    Get married, have a few kids. Maybe a divorce. For fucks sake, travel, alot.

    Get a real perspective on life. The south is not going to succeed. Too many outside forces in play. Reality.

  9. Everybody looks at a table and sees the same thing. Same with niggers. The difference is in what they see to do with it. The Southern man sees a way to make money. The Northerner sees a star in his morality play.

    The sane man sees a dangerous wild animal that needs to be kept away from humans so it doesn’t destroy their society.

  10. Sean,

    East Timor will never secede, South Sudan will never secede, Czechoslovakia will never break up, Yugoslavia will never break up, the Soviet Empire will never collapse and implode. Never ever. Too many outside forces in play.

    There is no way any of that stuff could possibly happen, until they did.

  11. @Gottfried

    Then go ahead and secede tomorrow if your “Dixie” is so real. I’ll wait for the highlights on CNN.

  12. Just making a point General Sherman. Secessionism is not a powerful player in American politics right now but it may well be again.

  13. “That’s spin, not reality.”

    I’m not so sure of this. I think he is essentially right about there being no monolithic white people. I think the case has been well made and is persuasive concerning the many ethnic and other differences among whites. Clearly there is some kind of biological strain that runs through certain whites that makes them as susceptible to pro-nigger advocacy, as well as pro-queer and ultra anti-male, as niggers are to cocaine.

    I was born and raised in the North and frankly did not until recently realize just how pro-nigger many white people up here are. I always had put it off to other things, but it is now clear I was wrong. It is not just “self-interest,” Alex. That is essentially what I always thought, too. It is just what it has always looked like. I’ve been astonished to read what several white men I have long known have been saying on Facebook about the niggers and “equality and rights” in America and all of that garbage. Two years ago and less I would have laughed had anyone told me these people were like that and NOT “good ole boys” with the right attitudes about race and everything else. No, not all of them are that way, true, but I was wrong and so are you. A lot of them are.

    There are many things in this world that we just don’t and won’t believe until the day comes when we see it and hear it. And like many things, it often takes the right circumstance(s) to bring it out and also being in the thick of things and not just looking from afar and through the lens of wishful fiction mostly conjured from our own mind’s to fulfill some need or wish.

    I am here now to submit that there are indeed a lot of nigger lovers up North, not quite, maybe, as many as some Southerners charge, but far too many. I also see that they have always been that way. I just didn’t see it, or no, scratch that, I made excuses and labeled it something else and reasoned it another way.

  14. Chris surely you wouldn’t deny that the South is a unique culture in America. Dixie is very much a nation within a nation. Sort of like Quebec.

  15. And before any knothead comes back with the rejoinder, NO! I do not mean I got that conclusion from a few FaceBook posts. That was only an example. One of many I have had recently.

  16. Got fried,
    Yeah, all random. That happens all the time.
    Get back to me when you can tell me who FUNDED those revolutions.
    Then tell me who will fund the ten ten thousand or so Dixie revolutionary militias down south to overthrow the US government?
    Yeah, succession is a reality. Power to the people!!!
    Then they woke up.

  17. Dixie is very much a conquered territory in the USA, invaded, made war on, annexed against our will. Like Tibet for example.

  18. Sean I’m not saying any of that. If the USA fractures in the future it will be nothing like the War Between the States. Most likely it will be because we are just completely broke (I know we already are, broker)

    I’m not advocating anything. I’m just saying anything is possible.

  19. @ Gottfried

    Like I said, secede any time you want. I’ll be interested in seeing how much support it gets.

  20. Of course there is no monolithic White people in america. Various White ethnics showed up in the usa and then went to work to radically change our way of doing things, cutting the wages of native born White men, changing our culture etc. In 1848 ( I think) the Swedes bitched about an English only law being debated up north. Wisconsin or Minnesota? It goes back that far. To expect t our different people to pull together in one nation is… not based on historical reality

    The point of places like this and books like The South was Right is to get enough Southron White men on board. No one here says it will happen tomorrow but the worse things get, the more yankees double down on BRA the large our numbers grow

  21. Got fried,
    Ask Stonelifter who pays him.
    It ain’t dixie.
    Wars and revolutions cost money.
    Dixie ain’t got shit but the vote.
    In your mind, calculate what it would take to pull it off.
    The vanguard collapse theory is the only viable possibility. Where dixie can rely on rifles.
    Meanwhile, absent of full on collapse, the military would be fully armed with mind blowing advantages.

  22. Hello Hunter, notice that Alex Linder showed up and put in itz two shek-els worth. Both of you are wrong. Neither Northron nor Southron whiggerdumb is superior.

    For a successful secession movement to work the opposing regions and sides must go beyond wishing merely to be free of their oppressors — they must want to exterminate their oppressors, or at the very least make it certain that neither side can ever live in peace together again. This is how all sucessful civil wars work, not by peaceful negotiation but rather by genocidal ruthlessness in which the aggressor has not the power to continue ruling over a People who will not abide further misrule. Sometimes, the aggressor winds up becoming the new slaves and thus the war is over — for a generation or two.

    So waiting for “Northerners” to save Southrons from nigger-jew [d]rule by means of voting is futile. In fact, it is precisely because Northerners and Easterners need whigger wage and tax slaves to prop up niggerkike [d]ruled AmurriKwa that they try to get the South and the West to put in a declining surplus into the common pot from which they will extract the dwindling means of survival.

    Now regardless of who ‘wins’ today, I see the end to it all and a means by which the breakup of ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final is cummin.’ Here in Moronsouri I see that evil skank Claire McCaskill winning slightly because “Establishment Repulsivec*nts” like Mittens and jewk Danforth and other such clowns betrayed the relatively honest Todd Akin, just like they got McCaskill [s]elected in 2002 by refusing to support the maverick nominee Al Hanson for state auditor because he beat their pet St. Louis lawyer Jay Kantzler (a jew.) Yup, Establishment Republic*nts got that gliberal whigger Obongo-bitch Claire McCaskill elected in 2002 and likely as well in 2012.

    In my state of Missery and county since the Missouri Republicans, Democrats, and LibberToons refuse to allow me to run for federal, state and local [s]elections because I’m an open “White Supremacist” I’ve decided to boycott the [s]elections and make the point that since these bogus elections are not open, free, fair or honest to White men, that this is thus not a representative form of government and thus White Men don’t have any moral or legal obligation to pay ZOG taxes, obey ZOG laws or oafishuls.

    Furthermore, by boycotting the [s]elections, since you can’t tell who piss-pul voted for, but you can find out that they voted, any whigger voting for slavery is to be branded, de-nutted, and to have their property confiscated while regime criminals get even harsher [mis]treatment.

    There is no political problem that cannot be solved by killing a couple million mental defectives and moral imbeciles.

    By the way, I still have video footage of Billy Roper’s May 2004 Topeka Rally in which both Linder and I spoke if anyone wants to see who is most likely to start a “Piglice & Racist Riot” sometime.

    Nor do I shake hands with niggers and jews, Hunter.

    Good thing for Linder that this little dark Swiss on the European documentary film crew wasn’t a jew. I was for sure that Linder was gonna piss hisself that day.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Chairman, Newton County Libertarian Party

  23. Apparently not. Pastor, whats his nuts talks a good one though.
    I wonder when he does what he preaches?
    He is always good for a hearty laugh!
    Especially when he writes like a nigger. Gotta love a so called Fr. rambling on about genocide as he sits behind a keyboard.
    Amazes me how a man so full of convictions does nothing in the elder years, but incitie others to do what he never had the nuts to do himself.
    Gotta love it!!

  24. Yeah, I’ve seen some of his ramblings here and there on the Net. Surely he is committed somewhere. Surely.

  25. I think I vaguely remember some WNist chatter, pictures and discussion about a Topeka rally. Didn’t they make you speak in front of a giant banner reading Kansas Welcomes Diversity!

  26. I think they made him dress up in a Colonel Sanders suit and hand out buckets of fried chicken outside a KFC while chanting “Have a Coke and a smile.”

  27. The rally was years ago, can probably find if you google it. My pics are on old computer. It was protesting Brown vs. Board of Education… I wrote an article about it. We were trying to hold it opposite a Bush speech as I recall, but, this being a country where free speech is more of a marketing term than reality, we were forced to put it off a couple days and hold it in a confined space – which antis bearing animus were allowed to enter by helpful police. Marty misrepresents my irritation at a filmmaker’s crew being allowed to circulate freely among us at the after-gathering, without our ever being informed us his presence (until Roper asked me to do an interview with him). I did the interview, I don’t think it was used. It never was clear to me whether the guy was a jew or not, although we asked him. Any case, the politics were the same. I think the film was “White Terror” or something. It’s probably free online somewhere. Not a good movie, even by anti’s low standards. Here’s my article about that rally if you care.

    Back on subject, please.

    Obama holding at -360 as of 3:30 cst, with the betting window to close (at 5dimes) at 5:00 a.m.

  28. While that was going on they had Linder stationed outside a joint called Elroy’s Secondhand Boots polishing customer’s shoes while reciting passages from Ayn Rand.

  29. Well, actually Brutus, I’ve not been on forced involuntary psychotropic medication for my alleged Psychotic Disorder Not Otherwise Specified since I got this young whigger psychiatrist fresh from head-shrinker skrule to take me off the forced meds that these two nigger witch-doctors prescribed for me in order to keep me locked up. I was starting to file lawsuits since I got my legal papers and Matt ‘Runt’ Blunt wasn’t going to run for a second term for governor again and TraitorGlenn Miller made it so that open ‘White Supremacists’ and Religious Maniacs couldn’t run for state or federal office in Missouri. Plus, I pretended to think of hiring a lawyer so that he could railroad me on the bogus charges. I told the “LibberToon” whigger headshrinker that if he would stop doping me up there would be no reason to keep me in the State NutHouse and that I could answer my bogus trumped-up child molestation charges in Newton County. Thus a bed could be freed up for some real murderous nigger child molester who raped and killed and ate coontang chunks off’n his niglet-niece like my room-mate did.

    So I’ve been off of forced psychotropic medications since April 2008, and never ever asked for any voluntarily either.

    When I got back to Newton County in July 2008 I didn’t hire the lawyer, demanded a law library, got it, persuaded most of the other prisoners in the pod to ditch their pub[l]ic pretenders, was finally granted a $10,000 bond instead of a bogus $100,000 bond and the bogus case fell apart when my slightly retarded grandson refused to lie about me kissing his penis twice a day and 666 times on Sundays. That was on October 23, 2008, just in time to file a federal [s]election suit against Obongo and the State of Missouri and Newton County.

    And I did assure the Secret Service in April 2011 that I really loved the First Kenyan and wasn’t no Lee Harvey Patsy or James Earl Redneck. Or at least that I don’t get out much and if Obongo stayed away from Granby everythang would be fine. You notice that Obongo don’t cum around here much, don’t you?

    Anyway, Hal Turner is out and tanned and fit and ready to take the place of TraitorGlenn Miller over on Lender’s VNNF/TraitorGlenn Miller NNF/Greater Free Range Tard Corral NNF. Pay no attention to Lender’s querulous demands. He’s only recently made the change from having Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS to Ulcerative Colitis/Aryan ass-GAIDS. He will need faithfool meercats like you and Hadding to do some heavy-duty colostomy-bag licking.

    I notice that OPTT Tony and Stevie Buck and a lot of other former VNNF Tards have ‘faded away.’ Did they apply the ‘j-word’ to Lender/Linder? Looking at some old threads from two or three years back it looks like a neutron bomb or a Bolshevik Stalinist Purge took out almost all of the old-timers. Oh well, at least they got off better than Kommandork Bitch-Tits Bill White and Joe Snuffy/Kevin Harpham did by their ASSociation with Lender and VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF.

    That’s what I like about Hunter/Fade. He’d jewlag me and my DSCI fellow tards in a second, but he never banned us. Something which can’t be said for the new Belgian sephardic jew-run phorafags/feebs.

    I still keep in touch with three or four of my fellow maniacs still locked up in the NutHouse, though. I send them money and postage stamps and phone card minutes and book subscriptions. Perverts and pig-killers and maniacs that kills theyz’ daddy with a claw hammer are far more personally loyal than most free-range whiggers.

    You keep pitching and catching, Brutus. Lender/Linder needs you far more than you need it.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Chairman of the Newton County LibberToon Party

  30. I can’t possibly express the level of renewed enthusiasm and hope that has suddenly surged over me now that I know such a man as Lindstedt is active in the service of white America.

    This thing is wrapped up, folks. Rest easy. Forget the election, a white revival is at hand. Probably no later than this weekend judging from the incredible charisma displayed by Lidstedt. White people will be flocking to Our Cause by the tens of millions once they get a gander of this man’s fount of charm and persuasion.


    If you can’t have fun at five in the morning on an Internet thread board you might as well pack it in.

    All in good fun and a breath of fresh air.

    BTW, I am not the Brutus from VNN. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.

  31. Well, you seen one whigger like Sean or Brutus, you’ve seen them all.

    They like to talk a good game. If they have ever been locked up in a prison or jail at an early age, then 666 times out of 667 they will have a big prison-tatt of an eagle and swastica on their entire back. Sean and Brutus, being eager to please sorts, will also likely have some SS runes on both butt-cheeks, as they likely ‘ride for the brand.’ Many is the time while at Biggs Maximum Security NutHouse that these young nutty criminals show up with their ‘prison sleeves’ and can’t wait to get a clothing package from home of long-sleeved shirts to cover all the nutzi tatts. You see, all them nutty nutty niggers figure out that there is nothing behind them skin paintings and they beat the crap out of the “raciss whigga.”

    Now it isn’t so much the racism that makes groids attack as it is weakness. I was an open Aryan Nations pastor and Klansman so I only got attacked by niggers twice and both times I seen it coming through the ‘Silverback Stare’ as they worked up their nerve over three-four days. In either case, both groids were scared and the attacks weren’t much, although one of the delusional niggers had GAIDS, but there was no cut.

    Now punks like Sean and Brutus may start out mouthy, but give a level-one week-one nuthouse nigger a candy bar and a pack of Ramen noodles to ‘straighten out’ them punks and they will soon become far more polite than they ever were growing up.

    What kept me in line were “Tens & Fives” — Ten milligrams of Haldol and five milligrams of Ativan. I only got 10’d & 5’d three times, once for refusal to take the 2 mg Risperadal when it first was forced upon me and twice for “crowding the line” by causing trouble on the ward. That was illegal as hell, but they do pretty much whatever they want at the NutHouse. These shots would make me drool for a day and a half and behave for several months trying to avoid the needle.

    So I’m not too impressed by tards like Sean, Brutus, and Lender. They have weak minds and weaker wills.

    Linder has his own spin about what happened at the Topeka May 2004 Rally just like TraitorGlenn Miller has his own spin as to what happened in my office in my mom’s doublewide in August 2000. Fine. I do notice that Lender still hasn’t gotten over asking some guido- or jew-looking documentary maker if they are a jew and then pissing itzself waiting for the answer. Linder admits doing the same thang with some character named Marty M from this Canuckistan film crew earlier this year. I think that Lender has a compulsion to ask some jew if it is a jew in order to see if they detect that Linder is a self-loathing jew too. Shame that my videocamera battery was dead so that I didn’t get Linder looking fearfool.

    Anyway, anyone wanting to send me five ZOGbux for a DVD of the Topeka Rally for postage and a blank disk can do so at [email][/email] . The Topeka Rally had Billy Roper, Lender/Linder, Ron Doggett, Craig “Corn” Cobb, Rick Spring, and four deep-woods DSCI there as Pastor Richard Butler’s bodyguard as well as myself. The main reason I went to Topeka was to meet and see Pastor Butler before he croaked off. This was about two months from when TraitorGlenn met Alex and put out some ZOGbux.

    I don’t see why anyone thinks Lender/Linder is a great speaker or leader. Linder would read parts from some notes on paper and then apropos of nothing yell and scream about jews every so often. Me, I talked about prion poisoning and how ZOG/Babylon needs to die for stealing my grandchildren the month previously.

    And far from being shy with the European film crew, Lender wanted the exposure. That little dark Swiss two-thirds Linder’s size never had to force Lender to boast.

    But be that as it may. What and who you believe is a function of what side you are on.

    By the way, Linder. Fade’s/Hunter’s blog isn’t your very own tard corral, Linder. You don’t get to make any demands unless you ‘think’ they will be honored. Oh, and the “John Reltney” that you banned for ridiculing you three years ago for ‘gay elves’ on VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF — that was me. Sometimes I go by the alias of “Dick Reltney.” “Dick” has also been banned from phorafags/feebs and $permFront when Hadding squeals me out. You really need to bring back WhiggerSwill Welass Williams to be jewr guard meercat. WhiggerSwill at least can bluster more coonvincingly.

    Lastly, I don’t seek out a parade in order to run to the front of it and pretend to be a fearless leader’ like Lender/Linder did at Hal Turner’s Kingston Rally or with these Greek mamzers of Golden Dawn. Rather, what I do is try to decentralize the bowel Movement into Ten Thousand Warlords and tell them that it is Righteous and Just for them to wage a bloody civil and racial war and call it the Great Tribulation.

    Everyone thinks that ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final is forever. It isn’t. Every mighty Evil Empire ends up one with Nineveh and Tyre. This collapse is inevitable. What will neither hinder or help this collapse is siding with the racially treasonous Establishment of either Mittens or Obongo. Rather what should be done is for the natural leadership to simply do what they do best, like Hunter does with his blog here. Even Lender/Linder got tired of itz mamzer and whigger mattoid meercats and had to cum-cum over here with a fresh colostomy bag. Fade/Hunter is doing well with what he has got, far better than he did when he was running phorafags/feebs.

    Thank you for your openness in the comments section of your blog, Hunter.

    You need to scurry back to jewr meercats over on jewr VNNF tard-corral where itz safe, Lender/Linder. Or, if not, to pack a lunch and six fresh colostomy bags.

    Looks like Obongo is gonna beat Shittens like a Mor[m]on step-child.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Chairman, Newton County LibberToon Party

  32. “…..Any white man who approves government’s forcing a person to give up something of his substance to another, either directly or indirectly, by the funding of welfare or of public schools or of a supposed pension system such as Social Security; or by forcing him, as an employer, to deal with a labor union; or in whatever other way, is the enemy of every other white man…..”

    Please don’t forget the military. They suck up more of other people’s creativity, labor and innovateness than all the Welfare programs combined. (Heisted by the Romneys who are who HATE the idea of a country as “A People” and say it should be run “like a business.”

    Well…you get what you ask for. Oh…but while they cut the aid that they a) made necessary and b) fed from and c) made illegal not to take— they are “pro life.” So contemptible.

  33. Oh, Marty. Just man up for once and admit it. You were butthurt I wasn’t interested in your stupid and inadvisable blathering about prions. Which I patiently listened to for the better part of an hour, only intermittently giving you what most people (except a type of boor common to the midwest) would recognize as distinct social cues that I was bored off my ass listening to you, time to heave off and go bore someone else. Yeah, at some level you knew this, but…as you show above, you don’t care. It’s all about you. Screw the rules (like the rule against going off topic that supposedly obtains here) just repeat your lies for the 10,000th time, maybe someone will listen this time. You are what I first called you: a little kid tugging at someone’s, anyone’s, sleeve to get attention. There is no lie you wouldn’t tell, no character you wouldn’t try to assassinate, if you thought it would get you five seconds of attention.

    I’ll post here in line with the rules until such time as “Hunter Wallace” sees fit to ask me to leave.

    Now, resuming our theme:

    Obama -425, a jump from -360 all night. If Romney wins, some people are going to be out a lot of money, that’s for sure. On Fox yesterday I saw ol’ toe-sucking, curly-mouthed Dicker Morris (jew) predicting a Romney landslide.

  34. Pastor joker, Your time has passed old man.
    But continue your satire gramps. You’ve apparently been a joke all your life and I do enjoy laughing at old fools.
    It’s a good day, Obama is getting his black ass kicked out of Washington.

  35. Please don’t forget the military. They suck up more of other people’s creativity, labor and innovateness than all the Welfare programs combined.

    Amen to this. Anti-intellectual Southerners see no contradiction in serving ZOG for a paycheck while whining about Germanic socialism / Northern wars of aggression. I have no objection to Southerners exercising their dim-witted bellicosity through the wonderful medium of, say, paintball, or the useful occupation of deer hunting, but when the rest of us are made to serve as the treasury for their endless wars to aid Israel, we must rise in objection.

    If ye greybellies hate the ‘Yankees,’ why then do ye serve them?

  36. That’s an important distinction. While whites certainly exist biologically they will never act in a coherent political or ethnic way. It’s not possible. Whites will vote 50/50 ~ 60/40 even when they see a race enemy ruining their lives.

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