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  1. “And just who is it that overwhelmingly commences divorce proceedings?”

    That women file more than half of divorce proceedings is used by womanbashers to suggest that it’s the women breaking all the marriages. But that conclusion does NOT necessarily follow.

    For ex.: If the husband cheated and the wife files, the fault for the divorce does NOT rightly lie on the woman. The man broke the marriage; the woman merely acknowledged the break by filing.

    In the old days, the common wisdom was, a rich man in his fifties often left a woman for a younger honey. That phenomenon still does go on, you know. In the old days a woman had to prove the infidelity to get the divorce, with all the attendent public humiliation — so she was more likely to suffer in silence while the man had his dalliances.

    But today’s no-fault laws means she can file and not tell anyone WHAT her reason is.

    Since no-fault means we don’t KNOW the reason she filed, the *fact* that she filed proves nothing about whose fault the marriage breakup was.

    My solutions certainly ARE revolutionary. Who but me is suggesting that us hated pro-Whites improve our public image by starting advocating REWARDING marriage with extra votes? (and get the voting clout we need to fix this mess, by doing so)?

    I *do* advocate to White women. All my friends and sisters and women I know well enough to talk racial realities to, know of my idea, and think it’s great. Of course, to be sure, my friends and sisters are all pretty much at least conservative, so I may be living in an echo chamber. That IS a risk of pro-White advocacy.
    That’s why I appreciate Steve Sailer’s graph — heres PROOF that married White women are our friends. And PROOF that marriage turns anti-White singles (both men and women) into pro-Whites. His graph is PROOF that the solution to the anti-White regime is to advocate that White folks get married.
    *My* addition is to say, hey, we have to offer singles an incentive to marry, and marrieds an incentive to stay married. Let’s give them extra votes, so their newfound pro-Whiteness is leveraged.
    It’s politically palatable, it makes us pro-Whites look good, and it’ll get us the right turn of this country we say we want.

    What it’s NOT, is satisfying to MRAs who hate White women.
    Which is probably why you are telling me to get lost.

  2. “I don’t know barb. I think men are getting fleeced the most with the divorce laws these days”

    Financially fleeced, sure, Landshark, I do agree with you.

    No fault laws, while they helped the women who had the age-old problem of a philandering husband, have utterly screwed over nice White guys whose wives are bored or annoyed with them. I’m right in that boat with you on that point, and with you that we must change the no-fault laws. But we can’t change ANYTHING without the voting clout to get our new laws passed.

    So the first step is to give the pro-White people (i.e., married White people) extra votes.

  3. “In the old days, the common wisdom was, a rich man in his fifties often left a woman for a younger honey. That phenomenon still does go on, you know. In the old days a woman had to prove the infidelity to get the divorce, with all the attendent public humiliation — so she was more likely to suffer in silence while the man had his dalliances.”

    That’s the way it has always been, and that’s the way it should be. Men shouldn’t cheat. But men are different than women, with different needs. I’m not saying it should be a culturally accepted norm, that’s not good, but busting the thing wide open simply because a man wants to enjoy a few of the fruits of success is wholly irrational.

  4. “Men shouldn’t cheat.”

    We agree. I can agree with you that no-fault DID bust the whole institution of marriage. It was the wrong solution to the problem of cheating husbands. It was taking a sledgehammer to a problem that required a chisel.
    What the correct sanctions against male cheating actually should be, I don’t have the answer — but it’s a moot point. Because

    Until we pro-Whites get sufficient voting clout, we can change nothing. Not no-fault.
    Not subsidizing the breeding of non-Whites, and not leftyism in general. We can only get that voting clout by enticing the anti-White singles to marry, so that the fact of marriage works upon them to make them pro-White, and entice marrieds to STAY married. That’s what giving extra votes for marriage would do.

    And those extra votes means their pro-White inclinations steamroll right over the anti-Whites. BRA would die a horrible twitching death. Next issue up: No fault divorce and abortion. End goal: Lots of happy White families populating a prosperous White country.

  5. “so I may be living in an echo chamber.”

    Ya think?

    And of course it must be that I hate women. It must be. What else could possibly be the reason I contradicted you, Barb? It must be that I hate all women. Only a hater of womankind would think to rebuke you (or any other woman).

  6. Brutus,

    My point is it is BOTH white women AND white men. Both are to blame. I don’t blame white men or white women as individual groups. I refer to white sellouts. Perhaps you should do the same.

  7. “that I hate women. It must be. What else could possibly be the reason I contradicted you, Barb”

    Well, you certainly didn’t listen to my ideas and consider them on their merits. You only mocked me,
    “Gee! No one has ever suggested whites getting married. Wow! What a revolutionary idea, Barb! We’ve never heard that before!”

    Didn’t even bother to read my post,
    as shown when you asked:
    “And for who and in what numbers did single white women vote for, Barb?”
    because my POINT was, MARRIED White women are our friends. Single women are not. But it’s not the “women” part — it’s the SINGLE part — as shown by the fact that single men are only barely pro-White, less pro-White than married women.

    And deliberately missed the point and then mocked me:
    “I’m certainly glad that some white women are more pro-white than black men, Barb. (We really need that rolling-eyes icon here.)”
    My POINT was, black men + jew men + anti-White White men may well have brought the curse of leftyism, even had women never gotten the vote.

    Mocking, refusing to consider arguments on their merits and deliberately missing the point:
    That’s how jews argue.

    Then you told me to get lost.

    You certainly aren’t friendly to me. You can’t counter my facts and ideas. You just spew venom. Verdict: You hate me. Since you don’t know me, it can’t be personal. It’s not like I stole money from you or something.

    Impersonal hate by a man against a woman who never did anything to him, reasonable conclusion based upon the evidence is, yep, you’re a womanhating MRA.

  8. You’re right, I’ve decided I do hate you. And I never said it earlier, but I will now: Get lost. Take a walk.


  9. “That’s some reasonable thinking barb. For a woman.”

    I know. I won’t take the bait of your insult. I’ll just be amused and get a good laugh with you.

    But you ready for some more reasonable thinking — that won’t flatter you?

    I’m a good thinker as a result of my IQ. The “woman” part’s really not the key factor

    Consider: Most women are average IQ. That’s why most women aren’t good thinkers: Because average IQ people are not good thinkers.
    But guess what? Most men are average IQ, too. So THAT means that most MEN aren’t good thinkers, either.
    Which undermines the MRAs argument that if only MEN had the vote, we’d have no problems.

    Now, to be sure, the differing shapes and slight offset of the average line of the IQ bell curves of the respective sexes means that numerically, among good thinkers, more are men than women. But the fractions are tiny, so MOST men you encounter in a day, aren’t good thinkers.

    BTW The bell curve ALSO means that there are more male than female retardates, also.

    Again, though, most folks, male or female, just aren’t good thinkers.

    Which is why institutions — like marriage — that help the average folks stay on track need incentives. Like, give them extra votes so their natural pro-White instincts get leveraged.

    BTW: My professionally administered IQ is 130. Now, the fact I’m female DOES come into this. Because my dad had an Army-administered IQ test that came back 160. I scoffed when he told me this — until I had my son. His IQ test (to be put into the gifted program) came back 148. And we are seeing it. His academic achievement level is… well, he’s National Merit Semifinalist, for one thing.

    I tell you this to make a point. My daughter’s IQ is only 120. Mine is 130. I have male relatives with IQs of genius level. CLEARLY having 2 x chromosomes depresses IQ from what it can be in the presence of only one x chromosome — at the far tails of IQ. So, yeah, women are dumber — but only among those few of us who can do real thinking.

  10. “You’re right, I’ve decided I do hate you. And I never said it earlier, but I will now: Get lost. Take a walk.


    Hey, believe it or not, I don’t take it personally. And I’m NOT going to get lost, because I’m right. I know I’m right. And the existence of White people and a future for White children is on the line, here.

  11. It’s all about globalism.

    White males ARE the primary target. White males are being disenfranchised/dispossessed via many approaches. The defender of the race, of the Western World (the most powerful) has to be picked off first. Globalists are intentionally destroying the white male because he is their greatest threat. 90+% of globalists are white males. The globalists have women and minorities among their ranks to deflect attention as well as to aid and abet. White males are being attacked via affirmative action (white women are mostly a protected group), divorce (women often get the better deal), gay rights, demographic changes, and everything else where you have to be removed as leader. The others cannot build or maintain what you have created. The women, the gays, and the blacks are all tools to get this done. Useful idiots for destroying your Western nations. Your nations cannot be destroyed without first destroying you. You will not solve the problem until you recognize the problem. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s way out in the open. It operates by stealth. A new world order. Listen for it.

  12. There is NO West anymore. There is no White anymore.

    There is only those who wield power – and those who do not.

    There are Whites that wield power.

    They are “Liberals”.

    Do oyu think this wil hurt Karl Rove, or Mitt Romney?


    This will hurt us. Ordinary Whites.

    The Lefties (Jews, Shabbos Goy, assorted Orcs) they did their work. We did not. We Racialists – whatever term you want to use – TRIED – but millions of Whites are were not interested. The “One World/We are the HUMAN Race” BS is so appealing to ordinary Whites. The mindset is fun, “nice” “kind”, “caring” and completely divorced from reality.

    We are not dovicred fomr reality – but we are not fun. Not our message, anyways.

    Well – the Mainstream Whites I know are in an efffing PANIC.

    I hope they get everything they wanted – cause the Left wants them DEAD.

    Us – we must just survive as best we can.

    Fighting among ourselves accomplishes nothing – but it doesn’t matter in the end.


  13. Hunter is correct in pointing out that it’s Yankees. SIMPLE don’t complicate it.
    This was the Republican Gettysburg. There’s nothing you can do to convince Yankees to
    Say NO to blacks.

  14. The white folks in Wisconsin can be counted on to always choose the white man over the non-white as a matter of course, no matter what the circumstances. We saw that last night.

  15. Sure barb, I understand where you are coming from.

    But I’m a man, and I liked the man’s world. I do not like a whole mess of differing voices (black, latino, female, etc.) determining the fate of our nation. Because it means we get nowhere. Have white men gone off track? Sure. But the last thing we need are more voices in the mix, and men and women obviously have very different voices. One side needs to let go so the other can get to work. I think women need to let go.

    We agree on marriage. And I’m fine with married men getting four votes, as long as they are property owners over the age of 30. And should the men take consideration of the women when they cast their votes? Sure. But the women don’t vote.


  16. Denise, liberals are a tool, too!


    Repeat after me. The new world order. Think about what those words mean!!!!!!!!!! Or, are you still deaf and blind? The real wars are not fought on the battlefields.

  17. As long as a white woman is a regular Facebook blogger with Wil Smith and other blacks listed as her favorite celebrities should be allowed to vote. Anyone who thinks otherwise must hate all women.

  18. “Hunter is correct in pointing out that it’s Yankees.”

    “Yankees” is a strange word to me. I had seen it in actual use very rarely before visiting this site. To me the word referred to inhabitants of the New England states or soldiers in Lincoln’s army, or was misapplied to all Americans (often derisively) by foreigners, especially by Britts, like John. I never imagined it applied to all Americans born north of the Mason Dixon Line or west of Missouri, Arkansas and Texas. I have seen it written on this site that “Yankees are worse than n…..s”! Such flaming is bound to rile poorly disciplined tempers.

  19. Denise says:
    ‘There is NO West anymore. There is no White anymore.
    There is only those who wield power – and those who do not.
    There are Whites that wield power.
    They are “Liberals”.

    The Lefties (Jews, Shabbos Goy, assorted Orcs) they did their work. We did not. We Racialists – whatever term you want to use – TRIED – but millions of Whites are were not interested. The BS is so appealing to ordinary Whites. The mindset is fun, “nice” “kind”, “caring” and completely divorced from reality.’

    I agree completely, Denise. This “One World/We are the HUMAN Race” is appealing to Whites. Other races play that game too but realize it is only a ruse to deceive the foolish Whites who will become their prey in due time.

  20. There is no more West.
    Let that sink in.
    That means there is no more East either.
    Invite the world/Invade the world is over. Obama is leading the retreat away from not only the battlefields that we slaughter subhumans on (flypaper theory) he has torn this country apart culturally. The path to genocide is a multiracial state without a dominant white culture.

    There are thousands of Indonesian orcas in hijaabs waving obama posters and BRA carnival flags. Every non-white on the planet is a PRE-AMERICAN.

  21. New. World. Order. Got it?

    Next we should begin talking about the Illuminati and the Luciferian conspiracy to enslave mankind.

    There are serpent shape shifters amongst us, you know. Diabolical is their will and black is their soul.

    Take heed brothers and sisters.

  22. You are rhite Snowhite: “The real wars are not fought on the battlefields.” They are fought with “mind weapons,” and with righteous disciplined hard-working living, and yes, even with love — especially with love — if you will believe the word of God. The more wicked a people becomes the more physical weapons they will need, but in the end they will still be defeated and swept away.

  23. There’s a West. It’s with the Golden Dawn, or with the young awake people of France.

    It’s also not entirely out of the question that as the left’s nuttiness spends a bold year or two in full display of America (they are now utterly convinced that they have completely trounced historical America), we could turn this thing around.

    Realistically, it was our best shot all along given that Romney was not going to change our demographic headwind.

    It could happen. We don’t really know exactly how regular Americans will act when this thing starts to get really, really freaky. We know whites usually do nothing. But who knows? At least it’s not happening 20 years from now. We’re going to find out what we are made of now.

  24. Just as long as people realize this was racial invasion. This election had nothing to do with left and right. Nothing to do with ideology at all.

    The election was a hostile elite and their minions taking away everything from you.

  25. Sam. Thanks.

    Barb – my impressions are preliminary. One loud mouthed blow hard family member -a young male – who is the family memberthat gave me the WORST time for YEARS was almost paralyzed last night. He told me he “…couldn’t..talk…right…now”.

    He always had Nigger Rapper posters on his wall, as a teenager, and young adult. I told his Mom to make him take those obscenities down. “It’s only a phase”. He had all these Mutli Culti pals. One of his coolest pals , a young White hipster that I LOVED to chat with, because he had such a fun, sardonic, quietly witty “take” on things, married a coal black Sheboon a few years ago. I was HORRIFIED. I could see the Negress for what she was IMMEDIATELY. Bossy, selfish, resentful – and ugly. She saw what I saw in her, too. We only ever said “Hello” to each other once. I LOVED this young guy. Hew was so talented,, and thoughtful, and interesting to talk to. We used to have the most wonderful conversations. He had a lovely lovely soul. (The son I never had…) I knew what was about to happen. Broke my heart. He kind of “blanked out” around me; he didn’t want to be disrespectful towards me – but he didn;t know how to handle my reaction. My relative’s friends thought my horror was hilarious. One of the snarky young Spics used make a huge point of tryng to chat with me, and shake my hand. They all knew I was a “racist” ya see…..

    Well time rolled on. The Sheboon bride PROMPTLY made Sweet Young Hipster’s life a living Hell. He turned fat, bald and haggard almost overnight. I’m 20 years older – and he LOOKS MY AGE. He works all the time now to get away for her angry Black Woman Hate (what a wonderful atmosphere ) and to pay her bills. She creates a LOT of bills. I think he’s afraid of her family. I can’t help him. He has to find the inner strength to help himself….he has to decide that he HAS been conned, he has been USED, and made a fool of. Tha’t what I mean by “I can’t help him”. He has to find the inner resolve ot Just Say No to the BRA. Just like millions of other Whites.

    The actual relative used to be so coarse, disdainful and EVIL in his defense of Nigs. Then he began to spend time around ACTUAL Nigs. He is finding lots of competition among Browns, on his job. They support each othe.r Hire each other. He gets picked whe some-one needs to FIX their screw ups. But he’s alone and adrift….he was almost paralyzed last night. I could hear it.

    Other Whites – gnashing teeth and lamentations. The realization fo the truth has emerged in flashes – but they IMMEDIATELY start quoting Scripture. Jeebus will save them – and turn all Darkies “nice”. The frozen smiles are plastered to the faces – but the desperation is screaming out of the eyes….

  26. You’re so ignorant Brutus. Stretching things out of proportion like a real liberal.

    Let me guess, you’re a union worker.

  27. Denise, a natural culling of the herd is healthy for the group. The weak and the sick are akways the first casualties.

    It will be interesting to see if Obama comes for our guns now. I say ‘yes he will.’

  28. John – “This election had nothing to do with left and right.”


    In all white states, elections are about ideology and differences of opinion.

    In the very mixed states, it is about race race race.

  29. barb I have shown you the stats time after time most of those women filing are filing because they are unhappy. In Va cruelty and the like was less then 10% of the reasons stated. Infidelity was slightly more but not what your trying to spin

    get over it, women love divorce because they profit from it. the enemy knew if they took away the penlites women would run wild and they have. deal with it. you are your sisters are the enemies tool

  30. Brutus, don’t you know if you show the demonstrable faults and actions of women you are by default anti woman? No matter how well verified the stats are?

    White men don’t get married. Take them as common law wives so you won’t get hit up on alimony and lose out in divorce theft (check your state laws) but remember, butter cups is one hormonal flip flop away from using lies and the full force of black ran america/ woman ran ameirca against you. It’s time as White men that we put the interests of White men above all else

    Don’t take my word for it. Study up on it and see how common these things are. You are not special, she is not special, “love” is chemically induced driven by lust and she’ll turn on you like countless other women have and do every damn day.

  31. I’m going to take a page out of the Unsterblichen playbook. Don’t know where I’ll get the mask, but it’s time I simply started putting my money where my mouth is and we took white advocacy to the streets. How does “Missing: A Future for White Children” sound? With all the GOP hand wringing over reaching out to the cucarachas Aztec parasites and the MSM gloating over whites loss of political power, maybe it will turn heads.

  32. Anyone talking about “white women” like they’re a solid bloc just because they’re butt-hurt over a prior relationship are doing the enemy’s work for them.

  33. “look at the stats test. look at the stats”

    If the stats aren’t 100% you’re doing the other side’s work because you’re butt-hurt over some past relationship.

  34. if it was just me it would be no big deal, but its millions of men and millions of women who never speak up for their sons, fathers brothers etc etc.

    you need to wake up to the reality of the gender war like others need to wake up to the reality of race

  35. “barb I have shown you the stats time after time most of those women filing are filing because they are unhappy.”

    No you haven’t.

    I got curious so I started googling.



    “A recent national survey79 found that the most common reason given for divorce was “lack of commitment” (73% said this was a major reason). Other significant reasons included too much arguing (56%), infidelity (55%), marrying too young (46%), unrealistic expectations (45%), lack of equality in the relationship (44%), lack of preparation for marriage (41%), and abuse (29%). (People often give more than one reason, so the percentages add up to more than 100%.)”

    Discussion: The survey doesn’t say WHO was the one lacking commitment. Wife might have filed because SHE lacked commitment — or she might have filed due to HIS lack of commitment. You can’t tell from the study.

    In fact, no-fault divorce by its very nature means the stats about WHO did the cheating, those statistics are no longer gathered. All we have are answers to social science surveys. Soc science surveys are the LEAST reliable of the scientific evidences. Arguable, even, about whether the social sciences ought to be rightly called science, in fact.

    So all your insisting, LS, that it’s the women lacking the commitment is just your assertion, until you do in fact provide links to compelling evidence. Cuz I sure haven’t seen ’em.

    Meanwhile, this:
    “Other significant reasons included too much arguing (56%), infidelity (55%)”
    So, infidelity 55% certainly belies your assertion that cheating was only slightly more that 10%.
    It it is as you say that 70% of divorces are initiated by women, it’s reasonable to assume that it’s the men doing most of the cheating (because why would a cheating woman be the one to file? Why would she be the one complaining about infidelity in the marriage? She’s having the grand time, right?)
    That men are doing the lion’s share of the cheating that leads to divorce is also in keeping with the old, common, wisdom that men are more strongly tempted to wander (it’s like you say, men have different needs, and, hey, simply because a man wants to enjoy a few of the fruits of success…right?)

    Having seen Steve Sailer’s graph about who actually votes pro-White and who votes anti-White, and now, having read this USU study, I’m even more convinced the MRAs are just, simply, bitter womanhaters overgeneralizing about all White women, likely due to failed personal relationships.

  36. give women the vote and they turn against you. Better to invest your efforts into creatures that capable appreciation and gratitude like dogs and horses.

    even here the women won’t admit their sisters are a problem, only more blame the White man bullshit. Let that soak in White men, these are the “pro White” White women your supposed to chase after

  37. “you need to wake up to the reality of the gender war like others need to wake up to the reality of race” True. It’s not a side issue, but fundamental.

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