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  1. Anyway, what’s done is done. I won’t lose any sleep over this. Just another day under corruption.
    I lost any semblance of patriotism and love of the US govt along time ago. I hope it all goes to shit.
    My wife was laughing about all this.
    During o nig’s speech she said he looks happy, Greek accent.
    He sure is, he just won.
    Fuck him, fuck this nation. I never left this nation, it left me.
    To hell with it.

  2. “81% of Owsley County, Kentucky – the poorest county in America – voted for Romney.”

    Those are the good signs. I guess the big contrast will be in the union rustbelt.

    “I have never had a lower opinion of women than I do right now”

    The anti-whites will be playing that particular divide and rule card as much as possible from now on so i don’t think it makes any sense to help them. If you attack women as a whole you attack all the pro-white ones too.

    If 73% of the total vote was white then you’re looking at roughly 2/3 of the white vote voting the same way even with an extremely anti-labor ticket.

  3. All kidding aside, there are multitudes who recognize that R is just another piece of fish bait and insist on a little honesty with their communism.

    Get ready for increasing hostility to the USGOV.

    While Paul was imperfect and cowardly he was the last chance of doing anything the white way, so grab your hats.

    O will be the Nero of Jewish legend, as opposed to the real thing. We may yet come out of this democrazy with better results than Vlad’s demoralized folk.

    Drinks all around. I’m buyin’.

  4. 313Chris says:
    November 7, 2012 at 6:51 am

    I don’t know why anyone on here is still watching that funeral service. I turned it off hours ago.

    This is the Yank mentality. This is why the world sucks a Jew teat.

  5. Brutus, 313:

    Don’t you wish you could shut me up? Don’t you wish you could shut God up?

    Ah, but you can’t. Every time you log on, I’ll be right here. And every time you wish Him away, God will be right there.

    And there is nothing you can do about it.


  6. Hopefully this will put an end to HW ideologically copying and pasting Drudge.

    As for me: Dear Southerns, do not ally yourselves with Republicans! Destroy them instead! They are the Party of Gentile Jews.

    Meanwhile, get ready for 2013 celebrations from the oppressed tribes. Coming to a head isn’t only a Rabbinic fantasy.

    Oh, btw, did I mention?

    I told you so!

  7. Great thread & thanks to all. Stick together now-we’re going to need each other.

    Hunter, I’ll stick around a while now that the pissing match is over.

    I prayed with my oldest son tonight like I usually do at bedtime, he’s five. I told him to pray to God by himself because I wouldn’t always be here for him but that God would.

    In the meantime I fully expect God’s wrath on our Nation for what we’ve become. We’ve been given SO much & are about to know profound loss. Pray & prepare.
    God Bless you all.

  8. A whopping 5 counties in New England voted for Romney. He didn’t win a single county in Massachusetts, Vermont, or Rhode Island. A candidate who lives in Massachusetts, who ran his campaign out of Boston, was blown out 61% to 37% by a failed nigger president, and 77.5% to 20.9% in Suffolk County.

    Demographics is destiny. These states are predominantly Catholic… French Canadian, Irish, Italian…Boston and Suffolk are less than 50% White and the White population is Catholic. Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, (Pittsburg et al) is 84% White but the ethnic makeup is “20.0% were of German, 15.0% Italian, 12.7% Irish, 7.5% Polish and 5.1% English ancestry” as opposed to Somerset County, Pennsylvania, which went heavily for Romney, is 97.39% White of which “41.5% were of German, 10.4% American, 7.4% Italian, 6.4% Irish, 6.4% Polish and 5.8% English ancestry”. Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, heavily supported Obama. It’s 96.65% White, however, ethnically “22.5% were of Italian, 21.2% Irish, 15.4% Polish and 10.2% German ancestry”.

  9. “Fuck him, fuck this nation. I never left this nation, it left me.
    To hell with it.”


    Test, I see your point re women but I don’t care anymore. They’ve made their bed. Coddling them in attempts to win them over will get no where. Act like you don’t need them, ignore them, scorn them and they might wake up.

  10. “They’ve made their bed. Coddling them in attempts to win them over will get no where.”

    “They”, “them.” Which them?

    It’s not about codding anti-white white women. Insult the anti-white ones as much as you like. I’m saying don’t insult the pro-white ones.

  11. the White woman question is a much bigger issue to my mind then the jew question or anything else. Lets face it, “our” women turn their hand against us damn near every chance they get. How does a people survive that? and coddling them has made things worse in every possible way. The best I can figure is we need to have them suffer the full consequences of their actions as quickly and as early as possible to teach them. Like training a dog expect you know, dogs are actually on your side and don’t require much training

    “Fuck him, fuck this nation. I never left this nation, it left me.
    To hell with it.”

    That was me 2+ decades ago

    I do feel kind of bad for all y’all in your various stages of anguish. Can’t say I understand it none, but I can tell it’s real for you

  12. VDARE has some demographic breakdowns and other data. The main reason Romney lost the election and too much of the white vote is because of his imbecilic anti-auto industry stance and editorial, as anyone with the slightest knowledge of the North SHOULD know, and as I have been discussing here.

    In Ohio alone, if not for this and his other anti-worker positions and rhetoric Romney would have taken the extra two percent of the white vote and won Ohio. Romney’s national average white vote was 59 percent but in Ohio he only took 57 percent of the white vote out of 79 percent white voters. If he had only performed as well as he did for his national average he would have won Ohio. Instead Romney only led Obama by 15 points among white voters there. Ridiculous.

    The same can be said about the other Great Lakes states.

    In Iowa Romney only got 51 percent of the white vote, only 4 points more than Obama. It was 47 – 52 there, Obama. Again, if Romney had just performed at his average there, he would have easily won. Whites were 93 percent of Iowa voters. I’ve worked in Iowa. When you walk in a lot of bars there it is nothing but white construction workers and the bars are covered over with labor stickers like some of those restrooms in clubs and bars you go into in tourist towns the walls and ceilings of which are covered over with signatures. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are like Kryptonite in regions like this. A naked queer half breed Jew nigger with blue sideburns reaching the floor could defeat a Mitt Romney in places like this.

    A Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan humiliation defeat awaits ANY Alex Linder/John Bonaccorsi/Ron Paul economic doctrine in America. You will lose no matter how strong the racial message. You can’t even beat a blue gummed nigger in redneck country with these doctrines. You saw it tonight. And despite all the anti-Yankee sentiment and talk here tonight, IS THERE ANYONE ON THIS BOARD WHO SERIOUSLY THINKS ANY BUT THE MOST STUPID AND INCOMPETENT EXAMPLE OF A WHITE MAN COULD NOT HAVE BEAT THAT NIGGER IN THIS ELECTION? And that with the atmosphere that we have in America right now. It should have been a soft touch victory and everyone knows it. But you can’t do it with Randism or Rich Lowry doctrines. (And the South has not succeeded yet; you have those whites who will not stand for these polices to contend with.)

  13. White women happily rote for white-genocide!

    There is zero support among white women for white independence and massiv support for open border, high taxes and multi-racialism.

    The women of our race has tured our back.

  14. 4 more years of weak American economy, acceleration of white genocide. Then next election will be the same.

    European-Americans take back your nation before its to late.

  15. I was thinking really hard and I came up with something Southerners could do to hurt the Yankee Empire. Bear with me now….this is kooky, but it just might work:

    You could stop serving in its military.

    You know – stop taking money to advance your accursed enemy’s cause, and expand his power.

    Who’s with me?



    No, no, the “Hunter” “Wallace” is right: the real problem is Nancy Strumpfmeyer, a third grade teacher from Sheboygan, Wis., who voted for the mulatto instead of the Massachusetts liberal who’s the touchstone of all racial virtue (ignore his actual words, please).

    This election never mattered. What does matter for race-driven White men is what’s going on in Greece right now, which isn’t discussed here. When Golden Dawn-style political action comes to the USA, it won’t start in the South. If we had to rely on the South to lead, we’d end up in the grave clutching our bible, just like the South Africans.

    I notice no one bothered to answer my question why these heroic, racially-sane Southerners rejected local boys Ron Paul or the Goode fellow, both of whom favor legal reforms that would make White communal protection possible, thereby just possibly paving the way to the holy grail of secession. Instead all y’all voted for a Massachusetts liberal — a MASSACHUSETTS LIBERAL! — who pulled over to the road and cried tears of joy the day his jebus honcho had a revelation that niggers could be Mormon priests too.

    Take a moment to stand outside yourselves and look down at what you see. Is that really who you want to be?

    Great thread, though, the inadvertent humor is priceless. I’ve got you #2 right behind jezebel.com .

    Isn’t it more than a little funny and pathetic that out of all the commenters here, only me and the dual-peeline CI kook dare use our real name?

    Naw, y’all go on and show us how it’s done, sons.

  16. My name is Robbie Burns.

    Fifteen years ago when I started on the Internet I always used my name. I stopped when I realized about everyone else only used “handles.” Frankly, most of the people who use their name are still as obscure as people who go by “zonewarior” or whatever. Giving an address, picture and phone number still means little to me; I just don’t know you (And don’t care). The truth is everyone on the entire net are only internet personalities to me. I have no interest in knowing anyone “on the computer.” Never have. No offense to anyone, that is just the way I feel about it.

    I operate and socialize primarily outside my door.

  17. ” Jesse Jackson Jr. won re-election to Illinois’ 2nd Congressional district by a landslide Tuesday night, beating his two opponents, Marcus Lewis and Brian Woodwoorth. ”
    He won as he is admitted in a mental hospital

    Yep, hilarious! I have to admit it was really the only genuine laugh of the night …

  18. That’s about where we are at this point. White people are just too individualistic: they could not cluster around their interests, even for a moderate candidate, and win. They had to talk about Libertarians, 3rd parties, not voting as a protest statement, etc. – Brett Stevens

    A comical interpretation. The national GOP has been exploiting, demeaning, using and abusing White folks, the subset that rejects the vision of blue America, for decades. Yet you blame the people who spoke out against the Republican party.

  19. Robert Oculus III is right that Whites not blacks are the principal enemy. Page back and read his comment.

    I would include Jews as well.

    This is not a victory for the nigger.

  20. As far as Golden Dawn, the better question is WHERE are that many white men in America who would do that? Yes, it would be nice, but we DON’ T HAVE IT, Alex. That is the problem with all of your solutions and ideas.

    All of your plans are like those of an engineer’s or architect’s who has blueprints calling for materials that are not yet in existence and probably won’t be for a hundred years or more. I can plan like that all day long , you’re not doing anything groundbreaking. We need solutions that work and that utilize resources that are available now.

  21. If there’s an economic break-down as extreme as Greece’s then there will be the potential for a Golden Dawn type reaction in some places automatically so there’s no harm preparing for it in advance if that’s your thing but even if you’re into that you still need something else practical to do in the meantime that helps speed things along.

  22. “Why not hold non-jews responsible for the cultural products they make?”

    Because it’s different. A certain level of conflict and competition between different ethnic groups in the same space is normal: Anglos, Irish, Italians, Germans, Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox etc blah blah. However despite all the conflict they’d all assimilate eventually even if took a few hundred years….

    I know what you are saying, but —and to Apuleuis also— Northern Euros who want it, should be able to survive as such, and have a neighborhood on earth somewhere.

    Living in a big Northeast area, it was really weird to never ever look into blue eyes anymore. All the older gramps had them. And they just… vanished.

    Nothing personal. Just one of those strange things. Don’t know you’d miss it til it’s gone. Literally, just never saw them again.

  23. Ha! Ha!

    Linder makes some good points but his reasoning that O-voting northerners have more on the ball than R-voting Southerners is obviously defective.

    Northerners vote for O because they stupid enough to believe in him.

    Southerners vote against O because they’re not stupid enough to believe in him.

    Neither has latched onto the concept of voting for him because what he represents cannot sustain itself. It’s that stupid! But that’s precisely the reason to vote for him, so to hasten the demise of faux Amerikwa!

    Got that, Alex?

  24. “…By the way, I have never had a lower opinion of women than I do right now….”

    Spoke with a NET on her way to vote, yesterday. Because she had children in the school system, I asked who she would vote for for school super— she said she didn’t know anything about that. She never read about ‘those other people,’ and she just eenie, meenie’d through that part of the ticket after she voted for president.

    She could not even be bothered to find out about what the candidates would do for her children in the schools they attended.

    They are not like Mothers, maybe— such as some are blessed to have mothers.

    Real mothers would look out for the interests of their babies and children. Such women are called weak and want “to be LIKED.”

  25. Sorry for the grammar, above. Still some gin in me from last night.

    Has anyone ever seriously argued that the nineteenth amendment wasn’t a terrible mistake? I mean, mis-take?

  26. I think all this talk of the Jew and the Negro misses the point.

    White liberals want universal equality and in order to get it, they’ll destroy whiteness.

    They want to win.

    This has nothing to do with right or wrong. It’s a power struggle.

    They would rather be miscegenated, rich and in power than just ordinary citizens.

    Liberals murdered the best of France, they did the same in Russia, and they’re doing the same here.

    These people are Soviet Lite because all liberalism is Soviet, it’s just hiding its true stripes behind a lesser degree of extremity.

    The problem is liberalism.

    Liberalism convinces people to vote against their own interests so they can be “morally right.” They get a little squirt of happy chemicals in their brains.

    Liberalism makes people hate national borders, culture, language, values, heritage, even true love. All they know is power.

    They want power to fill the holes in their souls. They have holes in their souls because they’re proles pretending to be kings, and because they’re underconfident because their fantasy world doesn’t match up to reality.

    How to fix that?

    Smash anything that reminds them that they might be wrong.

    Control not just power, but reality itself, by forcing other people to think like they do.

    The Jew, Mexican, Asian, Negro, etc. are weapons of white liberals, not the other way around.

    In everything you do from this day forward, smash liberalism.

    Smash it as an idea. Make sure you discriminate against liberals. No exceptions.

    Make them see there are consequences for their bullying, and they’ll start to go back to where they came from.

  27. I am sick and tired of these anti-white white women diatribes. I am a white woman and I have never, ever voted against white interests as best as humanly possible.

    How about blaming all those f-ing white men who have allowed this country to turn into one big shitpile? And, what about all those f-ing white men who voted for Obama in 2008 and in 2012? How about saying fuck them for once!

    All you do is lay around on the couch blaming everyone else for the position WE are in. It was white men gave the vote to women, Jews, and minorities. White men often sell their souls, their familities, and their people.

  28. Dixiegirl
    “Northern Euros who want it, should be able to survive as such, and have a neighborhood on earth somewhere.”

    Sure. That’s kinda my point. Most groups prefer to live as a homogenous majority and there’s conflict if they don’t.

  29. This site and every other sites like it talks NONSTOP about white men who are liberal or anti-white and that allowed women to vote. You know full well that is so. So why are you now lying about it?

    What the hell do you expect from a pro-white site and commentators when we have verified information that white women are practically the sine qua non of the anti-white political machine? Do you think we did not see all of those white women at Obama’s victory headquarters dancing and waving their flags? What are we supposed to do, applaud their “courageous” denunciation of “hate” and embrace of non-white empowerment?

    What I am sick and tired of is so many white women who come to these sites and pose as supposed enemies of the “progressive liberal” status quo AND DEFEND LIKE HELL the very type of women that enthusiastically embrace everything that you claim to dislike. That’s what I’m sick of.

    But of course we all know what the deal is. Just like the Northeast whites will fanatically support and empower niggers over white people every chance they get, a large percent of white women like you will fanatically support and empower ANY woman, no matter what. All that ultimately matters is that women be put on a pedestal and be held above ANY criticism, even if they are chronic nigger fuckers or whores or thieves or house wreckers. So long as they are women, that is all that really matters to you.

  30. This country is definitely a gynocracy at this point.

    Mexicans or blacks? Hell, the big question is how we get our WOMEN back under control.

  31. I hear ya Brutus.

    Yeah as soon as I heard of the huge white vote for Obama, I knew that white = our white women for the most part and sure enouph what I suspected was true.

    This is one of the reasons that I do not care to pander to them. Only white males matter and only pandering to them matters. They are the potential warriors and the only thing that can turn any of this around.

  32. “am sick and tired of these anti-white white women diatribes. I am a white woman and I have never, ever voted against white interests as best as humanly possible.

    How about blaming all those f-ing white men who have allowed this country to turn into one big shitpile? And, what about all those f-ing white men who voted for Obama in 2008 and in 2012? How about saying fuck them for once!”

    Thank you, Snow Whitey.

    At last we have some data.


    Steve Sailer shows in his vdare entry that White Married Women go for Romney at 63%. Single White men go for Romney only 52%. Here we have a demographic of White women MORE pro-White (at least implicitly white, using Romney voting as a proxy) than White MEN!!!

    And Married White women are FAR more pro-White than Jewish men (33% of singles and 39% of marrieds) or black men.

    In fact when you add up all anti-White men (the overwhelmingly anti-White Jewish and black men and the 48% of anti-White single White men and 33% anti-White married White men) I don’t have the numbers to prove it, but common sense says, it’s far less of a slam-dunk that leftyism wouldn’t have occurred if women had never been given the vote, than the MRAs like you to think.

    Now, were Pro-Whites ever to listen to my suggestion to knock it off with the White women bashing and start advocating marriage, we COULD vote our way out of this.
    Because not ONLY do White women become more pro-White when they marry, so do White MEN!! If marriage were advocated, including advocating REWARDS for marrying, like a law to give married couples two extra votes, the sensible married White people in America could have the voting clout to TAKE THE COUNTRY BACK.

    Making giving rewards for marriage is feasible, because there would have to be some kind of enticement in order to change the status quo. You can’t just say, “Oh, take away women’s vote,” because as it stands, women won’t vote for it. (Duh.) But tell women, get married and you get an EXTRA vote, hey, that’d sound good to them. And the guys, too.

    And strategically WE pro-Whites would benefit, because marriage itself makes White folks more pro-White. Double their effective share of the electorate by giving them the enticement to marry of twice the voting clout, they’d be unstoppable, such that the anti-White single people and minorities would utterly lose any voting battle set out. (With the added benny that blacks don’t marry, anyway, it’s not in their nature. So their 14% of the electorate share would be effectively halved. And they’re not smart enough as a group to even think of this.)

    But do the MRAs listen to my effective, politically feasible suggestion? Nope. Why not? They want America to turn hard right, don’t they? Don’t they? Hm. Maybe not. Maybe what they REALLY like, is bashing White women.

  33. Barb, anti-abortion laws are pro-marriage. It’s about making someone buy the cow. If you’re pro-marriage, you should be anti-abortion.

    Who is going to bitch the loudest if there is an end to no-fault divorce laws?

    These social issues are now impossible to resolve. And the consensus among the idiots is that Republicans lost because they are too far right!!!

  34. Blame is irrelevant. All the cards are on the table. It’s obvious. Justification/blame is clear. The point is secession/southern nationalism viability and implementation. The question is A) How does a state or group of states actually, literally secede? B) What constitutes/How does one constitute an actual symbolic gesture of secession/southern nationalism?

  35. Gee! No one has ever suggested whites getting married. Wow! What a revolutionary idea, Barb! We’ve never heard that before!

    And for who and in what numbers did single white women vote for, Barb?

    “And Married White women are FAR more pro-White than Jewish men (33% of singles and 39% of marrieds) or black men. ”

    I’m certainly glad that some white women are more pro-white than black men, Barb. (We really need that rolling-eyes icon here.)

    And just who is it that overwhelmingly commences divorce proceedings?

    Your advice and suggestions are hardly revolutionary among pro-white people.

    But enough of this. Don’t come to sites like this and do your preaching, go out and tell it to all the white women you see “out in real life” who are doing just what is described on these sites. Lecture them, not us.

  36. “Barb, anti-abortion laws are pro-marriage. It’s about making someone buy the cow. If you’re pro-marriage, you should be anti-abortion.”

    You can be absolutely sure that I am, Land shark. I had babies (never had an abortion — I understood self control even when young) and I know that babies are a miracle.

    “Who is going to bitch the loudest if there is an end to no-fault divorce laws?” Rich white men who will have to pay not just child support but alimony to the old bat in perpetuity?

    “These social issues are now impossible to resolve. And the consensus among the idiots is that Republicans lost because they are too far right!!!”

    I still say, our best hope is to distance ourselves from the hemanwomanhatersclub MRAs, and be grownups.
    Be grownups and realize that the problem is *not* White women, per se, but SINGLE people (mostly women, but a quite big chunk of men, too.)
    Be grownups, think outside the box. Think, how CAN we begin to get these “impossible” social issues resolved?
    My answer is, we advocate for marriage, including REWARDS for taking the risky step of marriage, like giving married heterosexual couples FOUR votes rather than just two.
    Reward the single men for their financial risk, “I can get two votes if I do go ahead and buy the cow? Hmmmm. Sounds tempting.”
    And reward the heterosexual single women so they’ll be even more pleasantly disposed towards the idea of getting married than they already, in their heart of hearts, are.
    Now, to be sure, you won’t get lesbians to sign on to my idea, but feminine, heterosexual young women (who in their heart of hearts want to be married, dream of their wedding day, in fact) will be delighted. “I can marry my guy AND get an extra vote for doing it? Sign me up! I will vote for this!” Married women: “I can get TWO votes for being married? I’ll vote for THAT proposition!”

    This idea is far more politically feasible than “Take away women’s vote.” It gets us what we want — that pro-White people to have the voting clout to turn the country far-right — without alienating an entire demographic of people on our side — married White women.
    It also makes us pro-Whites look good. “We aren’t evil, see? We believe in marriage and want to strengthen it!” Everybody believes in marriage. Who can be against a plan to encourage marriage?
    We just leave unsaid the fact that such a plan disenfranchises the anti-Whites.

  37. I don’t know barb. I think men are getting fleeced the most with the divorce laws these days.

    Regardless, I think marriage and family is the bedrock of Western Civilization, so you have no argument from me about supporting marriage. Once. One marriage. Period.

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