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  1. “Apelius thinks all Yankees are full of disdain. But that wa s Before. That was when Yankees thought they were in control.”

    I hope you’re right, Denise. But I really don’t see them breaking the paradigm…
    I think they will just assimilate to the dominant culture.
    Go along to get along. Appease and please.

    They say that slaves eventually learn to love their chains.

    Deo Vindice

  2. “Afterthought says:
    November 7, 2012 at 5:59 am
    Romney “believes in America”. Crowd not so sure.”

    The crowd at the GOP convention was not jubilant. Grimly determined. Ahhh – who needs are those boring tight sphinctered OLD Whites? Just ship in boatloads of Guats. They are FUN!

  3. Looks that way.

    I just got home. I’m guessing he pulled it out in suburban Northern Virginia where all the Yankees live who work for the federal government. They obviously voted with their black allies in Virginia like they do in every other state.

  4. It’s clearly a Kultur kampf.

    You would have hoped that maybe it would change, but no, it doesn’t. Inspite of
    all imaginable evidence presented to the public it doesn’t change.

  5. I’m try to cast my mind back to the racial epiphany from my slumber. What did it take?

    The fear in me is that the white chicks are now lost. In 2007 I recall a strange glazed over look in Democratic primary voting women’s eyes. Thousand yard stares. Imaginary black boyfriends, chastised but real brothers, boyfriends and fathers…

    And then you gave the regions. America’s not going to hold together.

  6. John – not all White chicks are lost. I know little White chicks – fertile White girls – that are NOT lost.

    The USA will NOT hold. Thank God. it’s DEAD.

    We simply must survive. I now EXIST to secure a future for my young White relatives.

  7. Nah, they are gone. Why are those white twits waving their flags at the Obama Rally? Why? Don’t they see the pot being boiled up?

  8. Apelius – not all Yankees will. The fear is right THERE.

    This dread wold not be so starkly manifest is they didn’t know, deep down inside their limbic system, that there is something really terrible TO dread.

    Lots will be absorbed – but lots will behold, for the first time ever – the Racial Reality of the sweet, gentle way they will treated by their new Overlords.

    The Future is really gonna be horrid.

  9. In 2008 when he won I was the only silent person in a room full of liberal college types. I kinda saw him like a threat at the time.

    There is no other satisfactory explaination for this result than yankee or Southron acculturation splitting whites 50-50 and blacks scooping up the loot.

  10. These are desperate times for our people: there is no looking back on Sodom and Gomorrah!

    The White House is lost.

    The Senate is lost.

    The Courts are lost.

    The House will quickly fold on spending.

    America is lost.

    A new nation born of an “Also Sprach Zarathustra”; as our ancestors declared the Hindus lost and Aryan monotheism began, so shall we stop the dumb-shit jockery and consumerism and rip ourselves away from the many-armed and many-faced gods of Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and Washington D.C. and literally cast our bodies into the gears of Behemoth until it cries mercy and, Pharaoh-like, LETS OUR PEOPLE GO!

  11. Is anyone surprised at the outcome of the elections? This so-called “country” was destined to be thrown on the ash heap of history long ago.

    Niggers, jews, spic invaders, White-male-despising feminists, self-hating formerly White people, non-White “immigrants” of every disgusting strain–this is our “country” now. We have gone past the “tipping point”– we have tipped. It’s over. No more voting our way out of our problems. We, as White people, are now reduced to nothing more than funding our own destruction.

  12. They haven’t called it yet, but it looks like Obama is going to take Florida, too.

    I imagine Republicans are seriously reevaluating some things, right now. I don’t care what anyone says. It is obvious, too, that the usual BS dished out by the usual “Conservative” talking heads is not washing.

    Even without race, it is clear their issues are not getting it with the public. One major thing and as I have said repeatedly, you can’t run on an anti-labor platform in America. You guys like Alex Linder and the other Paulista types take heed. It doesn’t work. No matter how strong your other message is.

    Doesn’t work. PERIOD.

  13. Sam @ November 7, 2012, 5:32 am: [M]uch of my disgust is with the dumbass White people in the North. I despise White libtards as much as groids.

    Sam, if I’ve said it once in this forum, I’ve said it a thousand times: Negroes are not our enemy. They are too few in number and too limited in ability to damage whites in any way. Proof: America prior to 1964. As long as the federal entity was run by and on behalf of whites, black people were no threat to anybody. There was no “race problem” in Jim Crow Alabama or Texas. Even in areas where Negroes were overwhelmingly more numerous than whites (e.g., the Mississippi Delta), a white woman could have walked bare-assed through the shabbiest street in Niggertown without fear, because Negroes knew better than to so much as look at a white woman. But with the coming of the “civil rights” era in the 1950s, the white-run and white-controlled federal entity began shifting its allegiance. White Federal soldiers invaded Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Boston, and other states and cities on behalf of black people. White politicians, white media stars, white newsmen, white educators, white intellectuals, and the leaders of white institutions began a propaganda war on white America. The USA became a nation administered by white people for the benefit of Negroes. with the passage of its new constutution, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the days of white America ended. Black Run America — BRA — was born.

    The real enemy we face is that same Black Run America, which is nothing else but the local manifestation of the global Luciferian Revolution. BRA consists of the American federal entity which is its chief instrumentality, MAGIC (the Media/Academic/Government/Institutional Complex) that supports it ideologically and intellectually, and the millions of SWGOTI (Stupid White Girls On The Internet) who serve as BRA’s Red Guards — the shock troops of the Revolution.

    Almost all of whom are white.

    I’m nobody’s fool when it comes to Negroes, Jews, etc. Negroes and Jews are what they are, and I accept that fact. But hating Negroes and Jews is stupid and counterproductive. Negroes are not the Enemy. Jews are not the Enemy Negroes and Jews are just the Enemy’s slaves, his field hands and overseers. BRA is the real enemy.

    And BRA is lily white.

    But no one will listen to me when I point out this obvious fact. They’d rather blame the Negroes (all forty million of them in the USA) or the Jews (only 13 million of them worldwide!) or the Hispanics (impossible to count — “Hispanic/Latino” is not a race) or the Reptoids (???) instead of the 225 million white people in this country who control practically everything and who obviously like and approve of the direction in which BRA is taking us.

    And of course the billion or so white people around the world, most of whom support the ideas of the Revolution wholeheartedly.

    We won’t beat BRA politically: they own the chessmen and the board. We won’t defeat the federal entity militarily: they command the men and the bombs. We won’t smash the Revolution ideologically: they control the arts, media, culture, the Academy. The only way we can beat the Enemy is spiritually, by throwing ourselves on the mercy of God Almighty and clinging to Him. Only God can save us.

    But He won’t if our hearts are full of hate, because God is love. The only way to win is through love. Love of our people, not hatred of others. Love of our culture, above all others. Love of Christ, not hatred of our neighbors.

    History proves that Negroes and Jews and Muslims and others cannot live in peace with Christian whites — but we don’t have to hate the others simply because we are incompatible. Men of good will of every color can live in in peace — if they live separately.

    That’s what I want: a world of ethnostates. A world where each race and culture has its own place. A world where men of all colors and creeds can live in peace — separate from the others.

    But we won’t get it by putting on swastika armbands or pulling white hoods over our faces. We’ll get it the way the Swiss got it: by ethnic and cultural nationalism. Once white people come together out of self-love and love of culture, there will be no stopping us. Even if we become a physical minority, our superiority in certain areas is so great that all the Negroes, Hebrews, and Freemasons in the world will not have the power to control our destiny as a people.

    So if you want to help the white race, forget politics, ideology, and economics and learn to love. Love God. Love your white neighbor. Get married to a white woman or man and love her or him. Stay married. Buy property. Work and save. Have as many kids as you can as quickly as you can. Pray. That’s the way to defeat BRA link up with the Source of all Good and with your fellow whites and love them all.

  14. His second sentence, he said to preserve the union.
    An obvious shot to the red southern states that voted White.

  15. I know Denise. It’s late, I’m cranky and more than just a little disappointed.

    Strong medicine is needed for some. Others will simply be devoured.
    The herd must be culled. The remnant will survive.

    I haven’t felt this bad since the Somalis dragged the mutilated bodies of our soldiers through their streets.

    Once upon a time, I did believe in America. I just hate being reminded that that America is gone forever. Even though I knew it had already died some time ago.

    Stay safe.

    Deo Vindice

  16. He’s using the preach cadence, inequaliteh! Fahhud! Campaign Ovah.

    I fear George Zimmerman is dead man. Obama’s sons must be avenged.

  17. “81% of Owsley County, Kentucky – the poorest county in America – voted for Romney.”

    That is the county where my Dad’s family lived when he was a boy back in the 30s. I know where it’s at and have been there several times. Hell of a place.

  18. Chris, I torture myself with watching his speech. It drives home the reality.
    What doesn’t kill you makes one stronger.
    We have entered a new age, put yoir seatbelt on. Things will get out of hand and fast.
    It’s better to know your enemy, than to ignore him

  19. ” The only way we can beat the Enemy is spiritually, by throwing ourselves on the mercy of God Almighty and clinging to Him. Only God can save us.”

    Oh please! Shut up!

  20. On ABC, early in the evening, after a few states had been called, George Stephanopoulos, I think it was, remarked on the North-South split. Later, when a great many of the states had been called, George Will pointed to the South on the big map, there in the studio. I didn’t write down what he said, but he must have been remarking on the change since the days when Reagan or whoever-it-was had built a Republican coalition with the South as its foundation. Will’s statement was something like, “That’s starting to look less like the base of a party that’s thriving than the fortress of a party under siege.”

  21. s foundation. Will’s statement was something like, “That’s starting to look less like the base of a party that’s thriving than the fortress of a party under siege.”

    Will is wrong wrong wrong.

    At least the Southern whites know they are in a siege. Northern whites don’t realize that Southerners are the strategic advanced guard. They fall, everyone else falls.

  22. I knew Obama was going to win, I also knew that Romney would never do anything to benefit white folks and I knew he would probably fight Likudnuk wars. I knew all of that.

    And still it hurt worse than I thought it would. Like Hunter said it really is over.

  23. Northern whites don’t realize that Southerners are the strategic advanced guard. They fall, everyone else falls.

    The Northern whites who voted for Obama wouldn’t even understand what you’re talking about, John.

  24. By the way, I have never had a lower opinion of women than I do right now. I have no problem with women never have and don’t now. But seriously how disgusting was it to see all of those legions and legions of young white women jumping around yelling “4 more years” at Obama’s Chicago rally, and Times Square and in front of the White House etc.

    Seemed like way more white women than white men in those crowds.

  25. Yeah, John B,
    onegro will be gunning at the south. No question about it. He was just re elected, his confidence level is off the charts. Niggers are not diplomatic, they are dictatorial.
    Valerie Jerret has already vowed revenge upon those with dissenting view points.

  26. There’s a crushing, soul destroying quality to the maps. Hoped against hope that local boy status might help in Michigan or Wisconsin. Or Granite staters might wake up. Nothing nada zilch.

  27. This next term will not be anything like the first.
    He is now a ruler in his simian mind set and he will rule the way he wants to.

  28. In the Dem primaries this is what happened. Women all catty about Clinton and doe eyed for the blackie. Stupid cunts never ever learn. Even if they’ve been burned in high schools by the same jive ass BS. They never ever learn.

  29. I can’t explain the feeling I’m experiencing. It’s almost like a profound grief. I’ve had to put a few of my dogs to sleep over the years and the emotion is similar.

    Extreme anguish, sorrow.

    One had been diagnosed with cancer and we went up and down a roller coaster ride (figuratively). She’d perk up and seem to get better, then have a relapse. One day I made the appointment, but she rallied and I had so much hope the meds and treatment were actually going to work. Cancelled the appointment. Did this three times.

    I guess I should have taken her in a couple days sooner, but you know, when the decision is made and the needle is shoved into a vein, it will be over for good. I postponed it as long as possible. But I had to do it, she was such a great pup, she didn’t deserve to suffer so that I could have her just a little while longer.

    Now, I have an older dog and her time is approaching. I got her from a rescue 14 years ago and she is the best little bundle of fur. She was abused and full of anxiety issues. Had to be medicated for a time. It took a lot of work and patience, but she was worth the effort.

    Many of you know what I’m talking about. Once they are gone–they are gone. You want them to stay, but they are only here for a brief time.

    I feel the same way about this country. Always had hope that it would defy the odds and get better somehow. I don’t see how.

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