Secession Movement Spreads To Other States


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Texas Secession!

Louisiana Secession!

Tennessee Secession!

Mississippi Secession!

North Carolina Secession!

Florida Secession!

Georgia Secession!

South Carolina Secession!

Alabama Secession!

Missouri Secession!

Arkansas Secession!

Kentucky Secession!

Oklahoma Secession!

Montana Secession!

Indiana Secession!

Colorado Secession!

North Dakota Secession!

New Jersey Secession!

Oregon Secession!

Pennsylvania Secession!

Michigan Secession!

New York Secession!

California Secession!

Ohio Secession!

South Dakota Secession!

Minnesota Secession!

Illinois Secession!

Hold on … Robert Barnwell Rhett is joining us for a pep talk via seance:

‘The people of the reunited States – South and North – are the heaviest taxed civilized People in the world; and their Government, one of the most despotic and corrupt, staining its annals. Does not hypocrisy and contempt, usually go together? And will the echoes of Revolution throughout the land ever die away, until the South is independent; or the South is free?’ (from his memoir)

‘A political union can only exist, between independent political entities. Such was the Union constituted by the Constitution of the United States, “between the States.” But this Union – a Union of independent political entities – a Union of free-will and choice -, is gone; and the connexion now existing themselves what were formerly States, is no union at all; but is the operation of the different parts of a central consolidated power, held together by fear and force.’ (from his memoir)

‘No one can understand the nature of a Consolidated Government, without perceiving, that it is only the first step to Imperialism.’ (from his memoir)

‘Since the foundation of free governments, no constitution has been ever preserved by the mere faith of those who had power over it; and it has been preserved only by the resistance of those who are mainly interested in its limitations. Men – not inanimate parchments – living men, not dead abstractions – have enforced free governments.’ (1860)

‘The Government is not a Government whose powers “will be exercised mostly in time of war.” Defense against foreign nations is not its characteristic – but internal aggression. It is a sectional despotism. Mr. Madison being the witness, the Constitution of the United States, is an utter failure.’ (1860)

‘If our rights are victorious in the next Presidential election, we may consider it as a kind augury of a more auspicious future. If they are overthrown, let this election be the last contest between the North and South; and the long, weary night of our dishonor and humiliation be dispersed at last, by the glorious day-spring of a Southern confederacy.’ (1859)

‘To submit to the encroachments of this vulgar crew of plunderers and fanatics, is a degradation no other free people than the people of the South ever endured; but to submit to their rule will be the desperation of a weak and conquered race – conquered without a fight.’ (1859)

‘It has been in vain, that those in the North who respect the constitution and the rights of the South, have proclaimed, from time to time, that the South would resist, and the Union be dissolved. We have justified the contempt of our enemies; not the good opinion of our friends. The South has not resisted. The Union is not dissolved; and our aggressors, triumphing in our submission, hold place and power for our harassment, and their exaltation and aggrandizement.’ (1859)

‘Is not a whole life of endurance of unconstitutional oppression, enough for any wisdom in delay – too much, for safety or honor? How long shall we stand, the resistless and despised victims of Northern fanaticism and rapacity? How long shall we cry “wait!” whilst the North advances in power and insolence; and each successive year brings her nearer to the consummation of her policy of domination over us, and over this continent?’ (1859)

‘I have counselled but one policy to the South; yield not one inch, but meet the question here and elsewhere with firm, uncompromising, and unflinching resistance.’ (1847)

‘The spirit which yields one position will yield another, until at length, self-respect and self-confidence is gone, and a conscious degradation prepares the people to be the victims of corrupt and traitorous demagogues.’ (1847)

‘War is always an enormous crime, often on both sides – always on one.’ (1846)

‘The Blufton Boys have been silenced, not subdued… The fire is not extinguished; it smolders beneath, and will burst forth in another glorious flame that shall overrun the State and place her light again as of old, upon the watch tower of freedom.’ (1845)

‘I know that there is no danger in our people being too hot. The danger is the other way. I will keep up the fire, if like a lost hunter in a prairie, I have to kindle it alone, with my gun flint, and watch by the blaze, rifle in hand to keep off the wolves.’ (1845)

‘My constituents have sent for me; and I go in a few days to meet them, and tell them a story of wrongs which their Fathers would have died rather than bear.’ (1844)

‘The only hope of the South is in resistance.’ (1844)

‘If you value your rights you must resist.’ (1844)

‘I fear, that there is no longer any hope or liberty for the South, under a Union, by which all self-government is taken away.’

‘If we are true to ourselves, a glorious destiny awaits us, and the South will be a great, free and independent people!’

‘The South must dissever itself from the rotten Northern element.’

‘From the beginning of time, liberty has been acquired but at the price of blood, and that blood shed in revolution.’

‘You are the vassals and slaves of a consolidated empire.’

‘We have to deal with erring man.’

‘Universal suffrage will give those who have no property, the absolute control of the property and legislation of the country… in all its horrors… the despotism of numbers may be the most terrible that can scourge a fallen people.’

?’I am a nullifier and will never consent that more power should be given to this government than strictly belongs to it.’

‘Do you tell me of “Union,” when I have seen the cannon of ships and fortresses pointed at your towns, and the insolent soldiery of an angry tyrant lording it in your streets? …I can not love, I will not praise that which, under the abused names of Union and liberty, attempts to inflict upon us every things that can curse and enslave the land.’

‘The star-spangled banner no longer waves in triumph and glory for me. …If a Confederacy of the Southern States could now be obtained, should we not deem it a happy termination – happy beyond expectation, of our long struggle for our rights against oppression?’

‘The Union must be dissolved under its present course of administration. It requires no conspiracy to destroy – no exertion on our part to drag it to its dissolution. It goes down with the inevitable weight of its own gravitation, into that dark abyss of anarchy and ruin, where all tyrannies have fallen.’

‘If to think, to speak, to feel such sentiments as these, constitute me a disunionist and a traitor, according to the English language as now understood in Carolina, then gentlemen, I am a Disunionist! – I am a Traitor!’

‘Give me disunion rather than a consolidated government. Aye – disunion, rather into a thousand fragments… Because under such a government I would be a slave – a fearful slave, ruled despotically by those who do not represent me… with every base and destructive passion of man bearing upon my shieldless destiny – love of domination – avarice – long rankling jealousy – and, worst of all, the fell spirit of bigotry, which would exult over my dwelling in flames, and my children given to slaughter.’

‘From the commencement of the Government of the United States, the money power of the North, controlled the North, and hovered over the Government like a vulture seeking its prey.’

‘I am a secessionist – I am a disunionist. Others may submit: I will not. I will secede, if I can, from this Union. I will test, for myself and for my children, whether South Carolina is a State or an humbled and degraded province, existing only at the mercy of an unscrupulous and fanatical tyranny.’

‘The long, weary night of our humiliation, oppression and danger is passing away and the glorious dawn of a Southern Confederacy breaks on our view.’

‘Be prepared to meet all the usual troubles and sacrifices of revolutions. For thirty-two years, have I followed the quarry. Behold! it at last, in sight! A few more bounds, and it falls – the Union falls; and with it falls, its faithless oppressions – its insulting agitations – its vulgar tyrannies and fanaticism. The bugle blast of our victory and redemption is on the wind; and the South will be safe and free.’

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  1. We are going to win by using the same tactics that worked for the left;

    The idiots in DC NY LA and Chicago are going to help us by pushing for Amnesty and crashing the healthcare system and economy;

    Worse IS better!

  2. I’m all for secession but if a petition is to be taken seriously the grammar and spelling should be checked, at least.

    We’re also going to need a man, or men, of oratory, with fire in the belly, not a Jared Taylor.

    For God’s sake, get some people who know what they’re doing to manage the thing!

  3. What I mean is that the mild mannered, fair play doctrine, should cease. And petitions that aren’t in correct English will only attract stragglers.

    Fire and brimstone, and etiquette. Rhett would expect no less.

  4. Abolitionists knew how to spell, but who wants to be like an abolitionist?

    Come on, this is silly. Either takes a look at the wording or don’t expect to be taken seriously.

  5. But “if a petition is to be taken seriously the grammar and spelling should be checked, at least.”

    Be sure that every petition to the usurper King and his Misgovernment is written in the King’s English, artfully and thoroughly reasoned, or it cannot be expected that the mass media will fail to mention these petitions.

  6. How so?

    1.) Obama is the most hated figure in the South since Lincoln.

    2.) Secession petitions attract publicity.

    3.) Secession petitions draw out sympathizers in each state.

    4.) The abolitionist movement was built on petitions.

    5.) This is a chance to bring secession back into mainstream public discourse.

    I didn’t write any of these petitions. I don’t see how anyone can argue that secession petitions are not a good thing. Presumably, they can always be edited to correct for any error in spelling or grammar.

    Let’s not get sidetracked and miss the forest for the trees. This is an opportunity for SN to cash in and make a splash.

    Note: You wanted Romney to lose. Well, he lost the election. It is time for us to reap whatever benefit follows from that. Lots of people are changing their opinions about Amurrica right now and we have to encourage that process.

  7. “…the encroachments of this vulgar crew of plunderers and fanatics…”
    It’s been uncanny to me how these men precisely identified & foresaw the *exact* situation we are in today. Thank you, Hunter Wallace- & Michael Cushman, too. It’s infuriating, the true history we were denied by our “education”.

    Just for those who believe that secession is not an option, here is an excerpt from the Declaration of Independence that would indicate otherwise

    “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”
    -The Declaration of Independence

    Those who Believe, please pray.

  8. These state-by-state secession movements are an excellent reaction to Tuesday’s debacle. But before discussing how the idea of secession can be moved from the fringe to the mainstream, I’d like to disabuse anyone of the notion that “the glorious dawn of a Southern Confederacy breaks on our view.”

    The South is now politically divided into two irreconcilable halves: the South Atlantic states voted for BRA while Transappalachia voted massively against it. Here are the popular vote percentages by state in each region (not all of the votes have been counted yet so the final numbers may change somewhat, R=Romney, O=Obama).

    South Atlantic States:

    DE: R 40% O 59%
    MD: R 36% O 62%
    DC: R 07% O 91%
    VA: R 48% O 51%
    NC: R 51% O 48%
    SC: R 55% O 44%
    GA: R 53% O 45%
    FL: R 49% O 50%


    WV: R 62% O 35%
    KY: R 61% O 38%
    TN: R 59% O 39%
    AR: R 61% O 37%
    OK: R 67% O 33%
    AL: R 61% O 38%
    MS: R 55% O 44%
    LA: R 58% O 41%
    TX: R 57% O 41%

    The most anti-Obama state in the South Atlantic, South Carolina, voted the exact same way as the least anti-Obama state in Transappalachia, Mississippi, 55%-44% for Romney. The South Atlantic states as a whole voted for Obama by approximately 3 points, 51%-48%, and 58-40 in electoral votes, while Transappalachia voted for Romney by roughly 18 points, 58%-40%, and 98-0 in electoral votes.

    The spine of the Appalachian Mountains is the new political fault line in the South; to the east of it a small majority support Obama, to the west of it a huge majority oppose him. If a majority of the people of the South Atlantic states voted for Obama two elections in a row, what chance is there that they would ever vote to join something as radical as a neo-Confederacy? Answer: there is no chance. And why would the good people of Transappalachia bother to separate from the United States only to re-federate with a bunch of Obama-lovers in the South Atlantic states? Answer: they wouldn’t.

    There’s a reason why all these secession movements sprouting up involve only individual states and not federations like a theoretical neo-Confederacy. The states already have defined borders, continuous histories, capital cities, constitutions, bodies of law, executive, legislative and judicial branches, flags, anthems, police forces, National Guard units, bureaucracies, university systems, and the loyalty of their people. “Dixie” has none of these things.

    The states are real-world entities ready for independence tomorrow if need be, while “Dixie” is an amorphous concept, more of a state of mind than a concrete place, much less a nation. Slavery and segregation were the glue that held the South together. Now that they’re both dead and buried and never coming back, and the last vestiges of Southern political unity are foundering on the ridgeline of the Appalachians, the dream of a neo-Confederacy is more out of reach than ever. Besides, the original Confederates were history’s losers. And nobody likes a loser.

    The best way forward is 50 sovereign nations within a supranational United States based on the European Union. It would please the radicals who want full independence for their states while reassuring the moderates who are not yet ready to consign the US to the dustbin of history. The US would continue to exist as transnational entity rather than a traditional nation-state, and the states would achieve full independence and assume all the powers and responsibilities that countries like Britain, France and Germany have within the EU.

    If this budding state secession movement is to really take off, then I believe that all the states need to secede simultaneously and that it needs to take place within the framework of a supranational US. Would Alabama or any other single state really risk going it alone against the rest of the Union? I seriously doubt it. Can this secessionist movement in its present form ever grow its appeal beyond the radical right? It’s possible, but unlikely. That’s why the existing model of the EU should be used as a blueprint for the future US and its constituent parts: it has the ability to appeal to a broad cross-section of the American public, and therefore one day become a reality rather than just a dream.

  9. jeppo,

    That’s amusing.

    1.) Every Southern state except for Virginia and Florida voted for Romney. Every Northern state from Maine to Minnesota except Indiana voted for Obama twice in 2008 and 2012.

    2.) The only reason Virginia and Florida voted for Obama is because of Yankee transplants in NOVA/Hampton Roads and Central and South Florida.

    3.) Republicans now control the governorship and state legislature in all 11 ex-Confederate states.

    4.) In the South, Republicans won the NC governorship, the Arkansas state legislature, and picked up several House seats. Meanwhile, Wisconsin elected a lesbian to the U.S. Senate and Democrats took over the Colorado, Maine, and Minnesota state legislatures. They also picked up several House seats in the North.

    5.) In the North, gay marriage was approved in Maine, Maryland, and Washington. An amendment in Minnesota to define marriage as heterosexual marriage was also defeated.

    6.) A mere glance at the 2012 election by country shows the real problem:

    – In Delaware, Wilmington and the Philly suburbs went for Obama.

    – In Maryland, Baltimore and the DC suburbs along I-95 went for Obama.

    – In Virginia, NOVA and Hampton Roads went for Obama.

    – In North Carolina, Asheville and the Research Triangle went for Obama.

    – In Florida, Tampa and Orlando in the I-5 Corridor and South Florida went for Obama.

    7.) As I have already shown, there are not enough blacks and Hispanics in Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida to explain why those states went for Obama while Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi went for Romney.

    8.) There is a big difference in the White vote in those states: 11% in Mississippi compared to around 37% in Virginia. There is also a simple explanation too: Yankee transplants in urban and suburban areas voting with blacks and Hispanics like they do in their native states.

    9.) In Colorado, the very same Yankee transplant effect is on full display: ex-Californians in places like Denver and the People’s Republic of Boulder voting for Obama. It is also become increasingly apparent in Montana.

    10.) Romney lost every county in Vermont, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. He won every county in West Virginia. What’s the difference? Yankees.

    11.) If this election had only been held in the South, Romney would have won in a landslide. If this election had only been held in the North, or thr so-called Cold States, Obama would have won in a landslide.

    12.) Remove the Yankees in NOVA and South Florida and Romney would have every Southern state.

    13.) The native White majority in every Southern state voted overwhelmingly for Romney. Just the opposite is true in the Northeast and West Coast.

    We don’t need any Union much less a “European Union” with the Northeast. Any such Union would be catastrophic for us in light of the indestructible alliance between Yankees, Jews, Hispanics, and blacks in the Democratic Party. The presence of so many Yankees here is already a problem.

    The South really needs disunion. We need to cut our ties with Yankees for all time. If we were an independent nation, we could easily tackle our racial problems, but as long as we are hitched to Yankees we are tied to a people who are absolutely determined to destroy our culture and bury us all under a wave of Third World immigration.

    The Northeast has got to be kicked to the curb. It’s long overdue!

  10. The core of confederate sympathizers in the south ought to become very visible.
    Start a critical mass like they did to end reconstruction. The carbetbagger NETs will get depressed and leave. The blacks will slink off and be sullen.

  11. Hunter Wallace says:
    November 11, 2012 at 3:20 pm
    “I don’t see how anyone can argue that secession petitions are not a good thing:

    White people were demoralized by this election, they think it is the end of the road.

    What these petitions show them is all hope is NOT lost.

    They can give the Democrats and their block of illegal voters the finger and leave. The power is with the White man. The Democrats have nothing without the White man.

  12. “The blacks will slink off and be sullen.”

    They are certainly not so sullen in Birmingham or Atlanta. The huge numbers of Southern blacks are a serious problem for the Deep South and they aren’t going anywhere. I’d rather live in an almost all white blue state like Oregon than be cheek to jowl with tens of millions of blacks down South. That swath of blue counties that runs right from the Carolinas through to very black Mississippi is down right frightening. Just try “seceding” and see where it gets you. If you live down there you’re liable to wake up one night with your house on fire or your throat cut.

  13. Rudel,

    I live in one of those Blue counties in Alabama. I’m not frightened at all because no one lives in those counties. The black population is concentrated in the cities, not the countryside.

  14. Hunter,

    1.) Maryland, Delaware and DC are part of the South, the South Atlantic to be precise. They voted for Obama too.

    2.) Be that as it may, the fact is that VA and FL ended up in Obama’s column, and the number of transplants/immigrants/non-whites there is only going to grow.

    3.) That’s great news, I’m glad to hear it. But it doesn’t change the fact that the South Atlantic states renigged 5 days ago.

    4.) The South Atlantic states just re-elected all 4 Democratic senators up this year, leaving them a total of 8 Dems and 6 GOP. In contrast, Transappalachia re-elected 3 Republican and 1 Democratic senators, leaving them a total of 14 GOP and only 4 Dems.

    5.) Maryland is south of the Mason-Dixon line. So now the first of the South Atlantic states has legalized gay marriage. Can VA or FL be far behind? Don’t expect it to happen in Transappalachia any time soon though.

    6.) The metropolitan areas in the South Atlantic states voted heavily for Obama, unlike the metros in Transappalachia which, outside of the central cities, voted for Romney.

    7.) Correction: North Carolina voted for Romney this time, by a whisker. You’re ignoring the fact that transplants and immigrants in Transappalachian Texas hugely outnumber those in South Atlantic Virginia and North Carolina combined.

    8.) Strangely enough, all those millions of Yankee transplants in Transappalachia must vote Republican while the ones in the South Atlantic states don’t.

    9.) You know, not everything can be explained away by the transplant vote. Do you have any statistical evidence to back up these repeated assertions?

    10.) Romney lost all kinds of counties throughout the South Atlantic states. Outside of the black belt, the Hispanic borderlands and the central cities, he lost hardly any in Transappalachia.

    11.) If the election were only held in the South Atlantic states, Obama would have won. If the election were only held in Transappalachia, Romney would have won in a landslide.

    12.) Remove all the millions of transplants from Transappalachia and it wouldn’t have made a whit of difference. Because Romney easily won there in spite of them.

    13.) Sure Romney won the white vote in every Southern state, with the possible exception of South Atlantic Delaware. But he won the white vote almost everywhere. A majority of whites in only 4 states outside of New England (and possibly New York) voted for Obama.

    You’re a secessionist, Hunter, and I admire you for it. But you need a plan that can attract majority support to make it a reality. A proposal for a neo-Confederacy is pure political poison, even for most Southern whites. State secession is a more realistic objective, but still too radical for most people. State secession within a supranational US based on the EU, now there’s a plan that just might attract majority support. Sure, it’s rather weak tea for a robust fire-eater like yourself, but it’s a million times better than the situation you find yourself in now, isn’t it? But more importantly, it actually might be doable. And that’s the crux of the matter.

  15. I would suggest that more people than ever before have become aware of the true nature of the enemy they face. The enemy that runs the television shows, newspapers, movies, corporations, banks, and presidents. The enemy that has no allegiance to your nation, but only to the “chosen people.” The destruction of all other races is the goal (they themselves do not miscegenate, but do encourage it greatly for all others). The current state of the US and Western Europe are the fruits of their plans so far, but the victory is not yet complete. Will my people truly wake up and take a look around themselves before they are relegated to a fuzzy memory of a false history? Fight!

  16. Radical? Y’all think it radical? Well let me tell you it is radical that whites and blacks marry, radical that faggots “marry”, radical that the white man is under the foot of parasites like the Negro, Jew, mulatto and others. Radical is a family where the wife has a career, radical is young whites being whiggers, radical is this filth that passes for art or music seen or heard amongst not just the young but the old.
    Radical is this redistribution, radical is this pitless atheism, radical desegregation, radical is this land!

  17. You could build a wall around the cities and throw away the key and the black population would plummet.

    This is essentially the vision of Escape from New York.

  18. Jeppo,

    (aside- Except for some Somalis, Indians, & Muslims, those aren’t “immigrants”. They’re wetbacks, who entered Texas/ the US covertly and illegally- sometimes with compounded criminality like drugs and guns. It doesn’t change anything just because they arrived in some coyote’s camper shell or packed into a railroad car.)

    The baleful “reputation” of the Confederacy is a construct of the (still) abolitionist yankees. They are just the forebears of the leftists we’ve been dealing with since. “History” as it’s been taught was sanitized of any truth on either side and re-written to favor the agenda of the left more than half a century ago. That’s probably functionally irrelevant right now, but it’s still a fact.

    The EU, which is currently groping to hold on & falling off in chunks, isn’t poisonous? It’s train wreck we’re watching unfold in real time.
    Factions in Belgium, 2 regions in Spain, Scotland, & Venice are pursuing secession. Iceland told them to kiss off in 2009 & is approaching recovery. Greece is a MESS.
    I mean no disrespect, but they’re a terrible example.
    The South didn’t fail. It was destroyed by the yankees. And then it was destroyed some more, with the blacks joining in. That’s their disgrace, not ours.

    I may agree that secession state by state (remember Vermont) might be a better way to go. I don’t know. That’s “above my pay grade”. I’ll leave that to the gentlemen to hash out.
    This really isn’t necessarily about 0bama for many people.
    The “election” is only the catalyst that has (hopefully) lit the fire.

  19. The problem isn’t the blacks, the problem is and has always been the universalist utilitarian whites who think they are smarter than God, worship money, and have their power base in the northeast. There are plenty of other second tier whites who desire their approval and have wholly bought into their agenda. Call them groupies, and they control every major population center in the north.

  20. “who think they are smarter than God, worship money…”

    Nah, I’m pretty sure who you mean is Jews.

  21. @KGeorge,

    I don’t disagree with you about the reputation of the Confederacy, but sometimes perception is reality. And to say that a neo-Confederacy would be perceived negatively by the vast majority of the population is the understatement of the century. IMO it’s a political non-starter, period.

    I’m talking about transforming the US from a nation-state to a supranational entity like the EU. That doesn’t mean that America should copy Europe’s social or economic systems, just that most of the governmental power of Washington DC should be devolved to the states, which would then become independent nations.

  22. Why on earth should we want to immerse ourselves into any kind of Union with the Northeast and West Coast in light of how they have nearly destroyed this one by flooding America with non-White immigrants?

  23. Jeppo- The plan is multistaged: once we legitimize the partition of America in theory, the practical part is rather simple. Texas seceeds taking 25 states with it from Dixie, the west and the great plains.

    Then we sit down with America and swap counties and give up mud counties and attract rural white counties in allegedly blue states.

    As long as our new nation avoids extremism and tries to be comfortable for 80% of whites, most counties will flock to our nation and the urban rump of America will collapse back to the dark ages. We can police them up at our leisure if we so chose to do so.

    If sections of Alabama are predominately mud, WE DONT WANT THEM!

    We let them live as mud cantons of America until they starve to death!

  24. Jeppo,

    The left is going to “perceive” and virulently demonize those who resist their agenda no matter what we call ourselves. So, it really doesn’t matter. Southerners who have bought in- hook, line, & sinker, with the leftists…well, hard heads have to feel. They will inevitably learn the term “useful idiots”. I won’t have a bit of sympathy.

    If someone scroos you to the wall, over and over, and over again, what do you do? Imho, it is foolhardy to expect anything from Washington DC but more of the same. They are greedy. They are drunk with power. And they are- practically down to a man (or woman), so corrupt that the word, corrupt, is a terribly inadequate descriptor.
    I imagine I’m not alone in wanting them utterly unable to affect my life in any way, ever again. I want to be “secure in my person” and to be SAFE from them. (fat chance, I know)

  25. @ Jim (8:19 PM… WTH?)

    You’re so right. The problem at this point isn’t the muds. They’re just a symptom and the pawns. I’m not distinguishing anymore between Bolshevik Jews and the left, entirely.
    The problem is the left. The White, yankee left. I’ll stop there.

  26. One solution to Virginia going nig is to ask the West Virginians to merge again with their Eastern Counterpart. Just a thought.

  27. No white MEN in the south are afraid of niggers. Being afraid of niggers is a northern thing. Trust me, I’ve lived in both places.

  28. Non anti-white Northern whites who vote for niggers do so because they are fearful of them. They think playing nicey-nice will work out well.

  29. I’ve said in the past, the tool the abolitionists used to whip up anti-confederate sentiment in the north was “they’re gonna take our jobs”. The exact same tactic can be used among working class whites today, but a Bain Capital technocrat isn’t the one to do it.

  30. “I don’t disagree with you about the reputation of the Confederacy, but sometimes perception is reality. And to say that a neo-Confederacy would be perceived negatively by the vast majority of the population is the understatement of the century. IMO it’s a political non-starter, period.

    Of course a neo-Confederacy would be perceived negatively by the vast majority of the population of BRA. They just reelected Obama. It’s a political non-starter for yankees. Duh.

    “Reasons” like these are why any attempt at political alliance with yankees is an exercise in futility. They just don’t get it. They find the BRA status quo less threatening to them than the prospect of pro-white whites being allowed any measure of self-government.

    The one thing that white yankees are more terrified of than negroes: a free and independent South. It gives the lie to their pathetic existence as liminal whites on the verge of an authentic negro state of being. Yankee negro worship is supposed to culminate in their apotheosis as negroes themselves. They sincerely belief that negroes are their ontological superiors despite nature having ordained the exact opposite condition.

    Just take a gander at jeppo’s avatar. He is eat up with the yankee disease. That is why he needs to pour cold water on any secessionist movement he sees. Pro-white my ass.

    “most of the governmental power of Washington DC should be devolved to the states, which would then become independent nations”

    This does not happen by surrendering sovereignty to a supranational body, as the European have found out to their cost. The only thing that can actually make this happen is secession.

    Appeasing your enemies is never a good strategy…it only shows complete weakness.
    If you don’t like Confederates then you have the wrong bloodline to be of much use.

    Deo Vindice

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