Freeper Vanity: What About The White Vote?


H/T Kosher Republic

I’ve been following Kosher Republic on a daily basis for 12 years now and Obama’s reelection and the open contempt toward White males has the synapses firing like never before.

Note: I’m also seeing this on Twitter.

Are we really so beaten down by the left that we are going to accept their blatant racist attacks? Barack Obama received near 100% of the black vote to win the last election. Yet we actually are being made to feel guilty because we got “too many” white voters.

And, the DNC chair is bragging that they have a House caucus dominated by minorities and women. Meanwhile, Susan Rice lied to the whole country, and for mentioning this we are being called racists.

They WON the election and they still are attacking us as racists. Even though they got lots of white votes. This is really getting out of hand.

I’ve grown up with everyone considering it impossible to appeal to white voters. Well for goodness sakes, at this point white voters and republicans are the only ones not acting like fanatical racists.

I can’t believe the racist onslaught being launched by the democrats is popular among white voters. This race stuff is deadly, it is going to hurt America in a terrible way.

We are being told that only “minority” candidates and voters are valid now. That through illegal immigration, we must turn whites into a minority.

This is outrageous. The democrats are racists, in fact they always were. You cannot deal with leftism and racism by hemming and hawing and apologizing, the people attacking us are merciless.

Conservatives better launch a counterattack on this and soon. They’d better identify the democrats as the racists in the room, because they are. If we don’t we are about to be eaten alive.

There is nothing wrong with whites and white voters. Whites have been strongly conditioned NOT to be racist in today’s America. We’d better damn well insist that all segments of society follow the same rule or we are going to end up in a country beset by real racial unrest on all sides.

We’re witnessing a leftist revolution right now, and it is riding on a wave of racial divisiveness. There is nothing wrong with whites and someone better start defending them and denouncing racism on the left, and quick.

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  1. “There is nothing wrong with whites and someone better start defending them and denouncing racism on the left, and quick.”

    This cannot be accomplished as stated and will fall flat on its face. Calling them “racist” and accusing them of “racism” is a dead end. The winning term is ANTI-WHITE.

    Of course, I realize I’m pretty much “preaching to the choir” here.

  2. Yeah, it’s not generally considered ‘racist’ to hate white people or to want to see them exterminated. By contrast, only the most virulent racists actually hate minorities.

  3. “This cannot be accomplished as stated and will fall flat on its face. Calling them “racist” and accusing them of “racism” is a dead end. The winning term is ANTI-WHITE.

    Of course, I realize I’m pretty much “preaching to the choir” here.”

    Well if you’ve got a freeper account, go post exactly what you just said here over there.

  4. He’s only clued in to half the story. The “white” (first Yankees, and then YKW) elite have been attacking non-elite white men with their black and brown proxies (and even white women) since the civil war. Apparently, he only noticed and it only seemed to bother this commenter when it was the new non-white elite that is doing the attacking. It has bothered me the WHOLE time whether it was the white elite or minorities who were pushing lazy white women or minorities into competition with white men.

    The white elite don’t want to share power and have allied themselves with non-whites who HATE us with an old testament ferocity. The non-whites view themselves as cursed by the Almighty for being born into a world where they are not white. Just look at the differences between first-world (white) and third-world (non-white) societies.

    I always harken back to Moby Dick – the ultimate Yankee classic. A group of greedy and grasping Quakers outfit their whaling ship with a multicultural crew and the John Brown-like Yankee captain takes it upon himself to slaughter the WHITE whale with Queequeg (Maori), Tashtego (feather not dot Indian), Dagoo (“coal-black negro savage” in Melville’s own words), and his Parsee (persian) crewmembers. He even swears a satanic oath to kill the “white” whale. He pushes and pushes the white whale until the white whale recognizes the animalistic rage of Ahab and Moby Dick responds in kind and squashes the Pequod and its multicultural crew.

    Thus the gratitude the elite show white men for making the world safe for liberal democracy – they want to genocide us! As stated by the French planter in Apocalypse Now Redux – we (white) “americans have been fighting for the biggest nothing in history”.

  5. I almost feel a protective paternalism for people like this quoted Freeper. They’re the racists! Them! Don’t you see? We hate racism, why are you attacking us for being white? Why?!.

    Poor little guy. This is the anguished cry of a mark who is slowly realizing he has been the victim of a huge confidence game.

  6. Don’t worry Jim Slob will reign them in, he has that 350k a year to protect, don’t you know. That’s the downfall of conservatism – they’re led at the top by greedy crooks only interested in money. And the left pretty much holds the permission to make money, to define what is “respectable”. BTW, contrary to this Whitaker fellow, I used to push the “Anti-racism is a code word . . .” line on Free Republic back in the late 90s. You can see what a difference it made. These people are sheep who want to be lied to so they can avoid conflict and live in comfort. And there will always be National Review/Free Republic/American Heritage-type crooks willing to take their money in exchange for comforting lies, right up to the gate of the Gulag.

  7. “This cannot be accomplished as stated and will fall flat on its face. Calling them “racist” and accusing them of “racism” is a dead end. The winning term is ANTI-WHITE.”

    I agree with your point overall but personally when i’m breaking a new site i start out with “anti-white racists” and then shift to “anti-white” once they get the hang of what i mean – as a kind of icebreaker. It is important to shift to just “anti-white” as soon as you think they’ve got it though as you want it as concise and consistent as possible.

  8. I don’t have an FR account. Someone ought to go to that thread and link Gregory Hood’s Counter Currents article A Memo to White Republicans from White Nationalists.

  9. That person might have some potential for radicalization. He has a lot to learn, but by mainstream conservative standards his comments are subversive. He correctly perceives the non-White coalition as motivated by hatred of white folks. He also says there is nothing wrong with being white. You never hear those two points made by conservatives.

  10. Just wondering, but why do you guys cared if youre labeled “racist”? The next time someone calls you a racist, just ask them what is wrong with being one. Every time I’ve done this, the other person is incapable of coming up with a reason of why being a racist is bad, they simply assume that everyone considers it to be a negative trait.

  11. Melville did write some interesting tracts, I always thought of him as being subversive of the Yankee Almighty.

    Anyway “anti-white” redefines the game.

  12. An alternative or combo strategy is to constantly prod the moderate conservatives as racists who attack women in order to get them permanently radicalized against P.C. Make it seem insane enough and even most minorities and women will disassociate from cultural marxism.

  13. Interesting… sounds like a bunch of whiny butthurt if they are not prepared to do something about it. Lew is right, someone should post a link on that thread to the WN Memo to White Republican males article.

  14. Porter: Exactly! That’s how I’ve viewed “respectable conservatives” for a long time. They are like the one little boy at the play ground who tries so had to fit in, believing all the others are his friends, even when they always collude against him and make him the but of the joke.
    There’s a new leftist white-guilt piece produced by the wonderfully diverse Young Turks. It shows a picture of starving African kids (who else???) juxtaposed with some white Wallmart shoppers loaded down with packages and the caption reads “Define need”. Now the Young Turds didn’t show an example of Hollywood decadence, or Joe Biden heading off to Martha’s Vinyard, or filthy rich celebrities, or entertainers, or fat black women and their Obama phones, or greedy union bosses sinking a company over a 2% pay increase, or spoiled employees crying for their employers to give contraception. No sir! The blame is squarely on middle class whites buying gifts for their families. The left hates us, all of us, because we’re white. It breaks my heart when I convey this and get distanced, then it just pisses me off.

  15. When people scream “racism”, a blended humanity in only White countries, IS what they are demanding and that is Genocide for White people.

    The right word is anti-White. Use it, or go work for the other side.

  16. Hey all , when you are at the table today, enjoy the family. Hehehe. Also spread a little realism if possible. Thanksgiving is a unique Anglo Saxon day of observance. a Harvest Festival.

  17. John the British national writes:

    “Thanksgiving is a unique Anglo Daxon day of observance.”

    – No it isn’t, you ignorant foreigner. ‘Thanksgiving’ as we practice it in America, was originally a feast that was held in the summer to commemorate a famous victory that early American colonists won in a war against an Indian tribe. The Lincoln administration officially moved it to November as a PR stunt to distract the public from the Union’s mounting losses in the Civil War.

    Go home John.

  18. Drifter
    “What if racism isn’t wrong at all but an inconvenient yet beneficial part of life like sleeping?”

    In the end that’s the argument that needs to be made when people are ready to accept a rational argument but people who are currently mainstream are programmed so rational argument won’t work at first – you first need to hit them with cognitive dissonance to snap the programming.

    The key thing here is to not say “they are anti-white racists therefore they are bad because racism is bad” but “they are anti-white racists therefore they are hypocrites.”

  19. test,
    You seem to be very concerned about fighting “racism”. Are you sure you are in the right place? Perhaps you should be down at Daily Kos?

  20. I see anti-White all over the Internet. It’s making progress into the mainstream. Even Bill O’Reilly used it.

    The day is coming when no one will be able to ignore anti-racist is a code word for anti-White. That is the day White interests will finally get a place at the table and pro-White speech censorship will stop.

  21. Everybody is born biped and of a race.Everybody is a racist-but not everybody is a good racist.I understand my task as trying to be a good racist.How to contribute to the Western Civilization is that task.Whoever claims not to be a racist is simply bad racist.

  22. In Britain, thanks have been given for successful harvests since pagan times. Harvest festival is traditionally held on the Sunday near or of the Harvest Moon. This is the full Moon that occurs closest to the autumn equinox (about Sept. 23). In two years out of three, the Harvest Moon comes in September, but in some years it occurs in October. The celebrations on this day usually include singing hymns, praying, and decorating churches with baskets of fruit and food in the festival known as Harvest Festival, Harvest Home or Harvest Thanksgiving.

    In British, and English Caribbean churches, chapels and schools, and some Canadian churches, people bring in produce from the garden, the allotment or farm. The food is often distributed among the poor and senior citizens of the local community, or used to raise funds for the church, or charity.

    Chris you greasey boss eyed Wop, where do you think folkways actually come from? Presidents? You fucking moron.

  23. When some-one calls me a “racist” – I laugh. I OWN it. “Hell yes. Why should I not care about MY people first? What are YOU doing for ME?”

    There’s really nothing left to say after you own it. Whenthey start the denunciation, laugh, and say whatever variant on Eff Off you feel comfy with.

    That said….

    Happy Thanksgiving to White People! My Love to the White!

  24. “John says:
    November 22, 2012 at 4:00 pm
    Someone said that society is a racial construct. A clever little inversion.”

    I’m stealing!

  25. Just joking John, 😀

    Anyone else cooking? What’s good?

    Did the bird in the Ole Hickory pit after 24 hour shaoxing/brown sugar brine. Re-thermalizing in oven with chardonnay, fruits and nuts.
    Sweet potato Soup w/ Lemon-Thyme and Roasted Chestnuts
    Fairytale Pumpkin Confit (sage butter)
    Sourdough Stuffing with SickelPear and sweet sausage
    Blueberry pie

  26. Choke to death on Anglo-feed, John. I prefer Mediterranean costal fare.

    Don’t try and lecture me about the history of the country I was born and raised in, you fucking limey squatter. What Americans commonly call ‘Thanksgiving’, and the day that it is observed, was officially recognized by Lincoln in 1863. Irrespective of European tradition, ‘Thanksgiving’ in America was originally practiced in specific memory of the Powhatan Massacre and the Virginia colonists’ subsequent revenge and victory over that tribe. Dumbass.

    Go home.

  27. I liked to bring up some of the Lib Dem groups screaming “RACIST”! at any White American who dare to question their power/agenda.

    The “Black Congressional Caucus” is after all, exclusively “Black” one Jewish Congressman from metro Memphis TN representing a large Black African American electorate asked to join the Black Congressional Caucus in hopes of discussing laws that would benefit his Black constituents and they wouldn’t let him in because he was, well, not “Black”.

    The best Lib Dem group to cite is The National Council of LaRaza – translates as:


    So here we have a blatantly Latino racial power group called “THE RACE” accusing Whites of being “RACIST”.

    That’s like being called a “CRIMINAL” by the open spokesman for the Gambino Crime Family.

  28. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, LORD GOD we give thanks to you for carrying us through year after year, giving us sound mind, full belly, air to breath, family still living, friends still here, wealth, wisdom, our bone made whole, our body in good health, this land given to us and we thank you LORD GOD for giving your only son on the cross to atone for our sins thank you o LORD GOD. Amen

  29. Go back to your homeland, John.
    Your people need a whip smart intellectual.
    We don’t need your meddling in our nation.
    We kicked your limey asses out awile ago.
    Take a walk son. Your opinions are better served in the, UK.
    In short, get the fuck out of my country.

  30. JamieG
    “You seem to be very concerned about fighting “racism”. Are you sure you are in the right place? Perhaps you should be down at Daily Kos?”

    On reflection you have a point. It’s one of those regional audiences things. The people i mostly go after are mostly ex Daily Kos types or in that general ballpark.

  31. John, you are a parasite in MY dying nation. You feed and talk down on MY nation at every chance you can.
    I, as a man would never go to your nation and display such arrogance.
    That’s why I don’t like you.
    If we were in a bar sharing space and you ran that shit brittish mouth around me, guaranteed the security team would be picking you up.
    Go home, John.

  32. I only comment on a very small corner of the Internet of a Southern Nationalist site.
    Advocating for a beleaguered population of whites! I also have an interest in South Africans. I leave the harsh comments for Nigs and people I consider to be niggerworshipers. The blacks run your country now.

    I take no part in public life in the US.

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