Catalonia’s Domino Effect


You know that the Basques have to be watching what is going on in Catalonia in light of the ETA’s vanguardist tradition of armed struggle:

“The results of Sunday’s local elections in Catalonia will likely have most immediate impact in the independence-minded region and in the halls of Madrid’s central government. But their effects within other Spanish communities that harbor hopes for independence may prove just as profound.

Particularly in the Basque Country, where a 2008 push for a national referendum on the region’s political status was declared unconstitutional by Spain’s highest court, and where October elections similarly saw voters hand a strong mandate to the region’s two separatist parties, many were looking to Catalonia for a tell on how next to proceed …”

Dr. Michael Hill of the League of the South was interviewed by WND on the growth of secession fever in Catalonia and its implications for Southern Nationalists:

In many other growing cases, it is because of a lack of political representation or perceived political oppression, such as the case in Scotland, Quebec and in the southern United States.

The modern nation state “is out of touch with the local realities of life” according to Dr. Michael Hill, the president of the League of the South, a Southern nationalist organization, who was inclined to comment to WND in regards to the Catalan election results. ….”

Update: Here’s a link to an excellent essay by a Catalan Nationalist who discusses the movement and its relevance to the pro-White cause in the United States.

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  1. State secessions will be a useful steppingstone to the future North American Republic, along with a broader Civil Rumble involving class war, race war, and rural/urban war. Central point: the Beltway and its denziens must be utterly destroyed. At some point during the oncoming Violent Discussion, a Leader will inevitably emerge to pull it all back together again. I’m just unsure as to what to do about Quebec. Liquidate the Frogs? Or let them hop away? One thing I am sure of: HW’s bucolic vision of happily jousting Cavaliers, with Darkies serving up the mint juleps, isn’t going to happen.

  2. One slight difference between the Catalan separatists and the Basque separatists.

    Catalonia has always been a part of the Spanish mainland. While a separate entitity, they are linguistically and roughly geographically contained.

    The Basque claims to ‘homeland’ are split between FRANCE and SPAIN.
    Theirs is a much more ‘uphill’ battle, imho.

  3. The irony now is that for whites the “race card” is ours. Of course we whites are for the most part lead by clueless reactionairies who see some point in the past as their target and therefore become nothing but a money org. bent on milking their poor constituents with non threatening to the establishment rhetoric.

    Any secessionist could go on Chrissy Matthew’s worthless show and use Mantraesque language and sound bites and utterly destroy him and his corrupt establishment. But and its a big but, Ol’ Chrissy being an expert at wrangling reactionairies will get said spokesperson off on a tangent and said spokesperson will start acting like a college kid out to prove to his/her Mommy Prof how smart they are, and so poof Chrissy asserts dominance over the heretic.

  4. All this talk of “democracy” and yet it is clear that Spain is not a nation but an empire. The same could be said of most so-called nations today. We’d all be better off if each true nation had sovereignty and could control its own borders.

  5. I am rather sympathetic to the desires of both movements. Not only do the Basque and Catalan peoples have different cultures they speak different languages as well.

    In fact Basque isn’t even related to any of the main European languages and is in fact of unknown origin!

    Good luck to them, hopefully this can be resolved without shedding any more White blood not that I expect Spain or anyone else to willingly let go. Pride Goeth and all that.

  6. Here is a recent video detailing the Catalan separatist phenomena. Be sure to read the essay Hunter linked as well for a better rounded perspective for understanding the video / media’s references to the ‘right-wing’ and ‘fascists’.

    Matt, supposedly the Basque language is related to Armenian. The story I heard is that back when both regions were establishing their fledgling independence movements, they exchanged ambassadors in a show of mutual moral support…and found, to their utter amazement when they first met, that they actually understood each other!

  7. Look at how the Scots are doing it.

    The speak English, they are related to Dixians by blood, they wish no one harm.

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