The Neo-Confederate Attack on Susan Rice

District of Corruption

The Washington Post is furious that White Southern males from the ex-Confederacy, who are obviously guilty of the media’s sin of “racism” by virtue of their race and national origin in Dixie, have the audacity to oppose the nomination of Susan Rice as Secretary of State over her role in the Benghazi coverup:

“Could it be, as members of the Congressional Black Caucus are charging, that the signatories of the letter are targeting Ms. Rice because she is an African American woman? The signatories deny that, and we can’t know their hearts. What we do know is that more than 80 of the signatories are white males, and nearly half are from states of the former Confederacy. You’d think that before launching their broadside, members of Congress would have taken care not to propagate any falsehoods of their own.”

Could it be that this Union is long past its expiration date? Why do we need a “Congressional Black Caucus”? Why do we need the Northeast and the West Coast? Why do we need Washington?

Note: BRA’s racial etiquette is already hitting new heights of absurdity on the cusp of Obama’s second term. Wasn’t there a similarly unqualified Africa]n-American woman named Condoleezza Rice who was Bush’s affirmative action Secretary of State just a few short years ago?

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  1. Ah yes, Condi, the expert on the USSR, who famously couldn’t even keep the Russian words for ‘yes’ and ‘no’ straight.

  2. Why should the sharp end of a military that is primarily, white and southern take shit from blacks? She’s not running for SecDef but she would be a war cabinet member.

    An Anerican war cabinet would be thus:

    One black president, an Hispanic Secdef, one black SecState and one drunken Prick called Biden plus some other makeweight NSA appointee.

  3. He’s the liberal that makes up the statistics of when liberals say the Red States feed off the taxes of the Blue States. But I know he won’t make a video about ungrateful welfare parasites in the South to please shut up.

  4. He’s right that black and Hispanics in the South who are Obama voters are heavily subsidized by the federal government. No one believes that they would support secession though.

  5. “The dude in the video is exactly what I want to secede from. He can have the USA. It’s an abomination – and so is he.”

    At 2:20 he refers to himself as dickless, lol. He’s also obviously hammered.

  6. Where would the South ever be without drunken, slovenly, yankee gas bags like this sorry specimen?

    Behold the face of our northern “superiors” who reelected Obama handily!

    We have less than nothing in common with such trash. It is truly a wonder we have been yoked to them for so long. Expect their hostility to increase as the gloriously failed union begins thrashing just before its death.

    Susan and Congoleeza Rice are exactly why Southerners should no longer serve in the military and should discourage our young people from doing so as well. Between the Bush and Obama administrations, I’m still not sure which one was or is more ardently anti-Southern. Not much real difference, either way.

    Abjure the realm.

    Deo Vindice

  7. So hard to listen to these blowhards.

    He says the South has 7 of the 10 poorest states. LOL. Someone should take him to school on scorched earth, “total war,” and other policies of his government in regards to the South, not to mention the Tobacco Acts of 1965, that wiped out 500,000 Southern Farmers.

    500,000 Southern farmers wiped out, land devalued, so yankees could move there cheap, lol. The military bases are THERE b/c the military never left after the “scorched earth” policies. The Tobacco Acts were only ok for the south, but not so for Brazil, China, India (the other 3 top producers of Tobacco). The Union did not insist cigs were the worst drug known to man in THOSE countries in their neo-prohibition hissy fit, lol.

    He really doesn’t understand that his Militarist-corporatist-medicalist “union,” has MADE SURE the south IS impoverished enough to “need them.” So what he’s describing is a sociopathic relationship.

    —-Beating and robbing people, then telling them they are too poor to be free. Sick stuff.

    —–Then he Freudian slips on “dickless.” ‘Nuf said.

  8. Oh— and while they’re doing the neo-prohibition hissy fit on cigs, they are always “for private property.”

    That’s the funniest thing. Isn’t Nevada something like 90% federally controlled land? The overall country 30%?

    He should start worrying about his own sorry (fat) ass.

  9. Those southern states are poor because of the high percentage of worthless blacks that comprise the population. Ship them up north and you’d see the situation reversed.

  10. Why do we need a “Congressional Black Caucus”?

    Until the WaPo and the NYT ask, we do apparently ….. It’s time to burn this country.

  11. The poverty in Red States is almost exclusively explained by the high percentage of blacks in those states. The correlation coefficient might not prove causation but it’s good enough for anyone paying attention to reality. Where so ever you find nigs there you find degradation.

  12. At this point, the more vicious, stupid Congoids in gubmint the better. Who else would you want on the bridge of the Titanic? When that big WHITE iceberg appears dead ahead?

  13. Its a political insurgency this side of a hot lead version, but the rules of provoking over reaction are still in force.

  14. “How much does CA pay for”? None. Cali’s broke and will soon be asking the feds for a bailout.

    Meanwhile, the 2nd reddest state, WY, is doing quite well in the Greater Depression. (In 2010 Natrona County school district was the only district in U.S. with a budget surplus.)
    White refugees from blue state Michigan have blasted our (pretty darn good, quite White) public schools with free lunch kids, cuz mom and dad came here with their last 10 gals of gas and last 10 bux hoping for work in the oil patch.

    I, personally, would rather have Whites from Mississippi come than libtard asshole dickless douchebags. Gaaad they’re annoying.


    Roads would close? Why? What’s the fed gov gonna do? Come roll them up and tote them under their arm to New York? Unless the bombs start dropping the roads will still be there. Sheesh

    Wow. If this is a representative example of a smart Northerner, no wonder they think you can spend your way to prosperity.

    I love Peak Oil! It’s delicious that we, among the reddest of states, are prospering while Yankeedumb dies a horrible twitching death. Nah, Yanks, YOU need US. buh-bye.

  15. this is already step 3 in the Left/Liberal/bolshevik play book

    1) Minimize the issue
    2) Make fun of the person(s) bringing their grievances
    3) Demonize the opposition.

    We’re already saying racist white redneck scum are ‘evillll’ for just BEING.

    The Obamanation is full-on Marxist Mugabetics, and he’s not even been sworn in yet, for a second term!

  16. I am not particularly an advocate of secession — good luck on getting that done while the Federal Government still exists in more than name — but this guy’s contention that Dixie could not survive independent of the rest of the Union is absurd on its face. Dixie has agriculture; Dixie has forests; Dixie has coal; Dixie has iron ore. Lots of countries manage to survive with much less than that.

  17. Hadding

    Dixie also has thousands of miles of Atlantic and Gulf coast with dozens of ports. I believe that New Orleans harbor has the most traffic in the country, even more than the Port of New York.

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