Jews and Vanguardists


This is why we need to splinter off and work towards the goal of creating our own Christian nation-state in Dixie.

Instead of sinking ourselves in this morass, I think we need a common sense message that can resonate with ordinary White Southern Christians. We need to take a hard look at the separatist movements in Québec, Scotland, Flanders, and Catalonia and see how we can apply their methods to our own circumstances.

What kind of message do we need? Instead of “destroy Christianity” and “exterminate the Jews,” it ought to focus on talking points like “we’re going broke” and “we’re losing our culture” and “we’re losing our freedom” and “we’re being displaced in our own lands” and “the federal government is out of control.”

The last thing we want to do is convince people that we are more out of control than the federal government!

Note: It was stuff like this which over time changed my attitude toward my Christian neighbors. I went from looking at them as YECs who believe dinosaurs were on Noah’s Ark to a generally friendly and resourceful group of people who make good neighbors.

This is not the image we want to project:

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  1. The fundamental question is stewardship. Does anyone seriously think that Obama is acting as a responsible steward of this country? The better question, though, is ANYONE acting as a steward of this country?

  2. Ah…the way to beat wielders of violence, lies and all manner of illegal means is…appeals to common sense. My common sense tells me it will take a little more than that. Since I’m wrong every 1000 times or so, I check against reality. Hm…let’s see…Golden Dawn in Greece, engaged with the citizenry, active in democratic politics. Ah, just had their offices bombed by government-backed anarachists. Nope, not wrong again. A curse, itz.

    To help you people out, and to serve as standing mnemonic foil to Herr Griffin’s position, I will remind you that all history asserts:

    If it’s Southern, Christian, or conservative, it’s a non-starter.

    Or as one of those hated Vermont syrup farmers might say:

    Can’t get theah from heah.

  3. It should be noted Jews speak openly of exterminating non-Jews in their religious texts.

    Who thinks we can beat this enemy without using their methods?

    Even if you see the principal enemy rather than Jews, you’re still up against an enemy that doesn’t and won’t ever fight fair.

  4. If you remember, one of the most popular articles that I ever wrote on this site was the time I exposed the truth about the Obama stimulus. It was crossposted all over the internet.

    That’s the kind of stuff we need because fiscal issues are generating and driving interest in secession here and elsewhere.

  5. Should have been:

    Even if you see the US Federal Government as the principal enemy rather than Jews, you’re still up against an enemy that doesn’t and won’t ever fight fair.

  6. I actually don’t see Jews on television advocating the extermination of Gentiles.

    Those who believe in exterminating the Jews should stay put in the White Nationalist movement. 99% of White Southerners disagree and believe that murdering innocent people of any race or ethnicity is immoral.

    We’re never going to win even a fraction of those people over to our own side with an anti-Christian exterminationist message. If we can’t win over our own people, we’re going to lose. If we don’t want to win, we are wasting our time.

  7. I’m not interested in “fighting fair” with our enemies.

    I know the temperament of our people and calling for the destruction of Christianity and the extermination of the Jews is guaranteed to repulse them and make them think better of the federal government than its critics.

  8. @ “It should be noted Jews speak openly of exterminating non-Jews in their religious texts.” – Lew

    And not only in ancient texts. Yitzhak Attia, director of French-language seminars at the Yad Vashem Holocaust institute in Tel Aviv wrote this himself in Israel magazine a couple of years ago:

    Even if reason tells us, even shouts with all its force the very absurdity of this confrontation between the small and insignificant people of Israel [i.e., all Jewry worldwide, not just “the State of Israel”] and the rest of humanity… as absurd, as incoherent and as monstrous as it may seem, we are engaged in close combat between Israel and the Nations—and it can only be genocidal and total because it is about our and their identities.

    You read it right: Between the Jewish people and the rest of humanity the struggle can only be “genocidal and total.”

  9. Thing is most Southerners appear to be zionists.

    There are two reasons for this that are probably acceptable.

    Like the Israelis the whites in the south are a colonial group ruling over foreigners.
    Arabs/Blacks respectively. Same as Afrikaners, who had an alliance with the Israelis.

    So it’s merely a temorary cultural Identifuckation. It’s not ideal but its hardly a problem. The tipping point comes when southerners realize that a good half of the Jews are gunning for them. White colonists are the enemy to the reformers.

  10. Some say you’re practicing taqiyah here, with “the mainstream stuff,” but it appears to me you are stating your convictions sincerely.

  11. I will come right out and say that “exterminate the Jews” is another species of Yankee insanity.

    They were the ones who abolished slavery, who made blacks into citizens, who put the 14th and 15th Amendments in the Constitution, who armed 200,000 blacks to destroy the Confederacy, who passed the federal civil rights laws, who forced black majority rule on the South for a decade, who repealed their own anti-miscegenation laws, and who finally integrated their own states.

    They had already accomplished every single bit of that on their own initiative … by 1887.

  12. Off topic, Hunter, but I find this familiar format much easier to read than the one that appeared with the contrasting light grey and extra-dark typefaces.

  13. My common sense tells me it is probably a bad idea to limit our appeal to the sociopath community.

    I agree. Have you cleared that with your “good friend”?

  14. The principal enemy of the white race in the South, and everywhere else white people live, is not 19th-century Yankees but 21st-century Jews. In practical, future-oriented political terms, the enemy is not the person who creates a problem. He is the person who stands in the way of fixing it.

  15. I don’t agree with Martin either on exterminating the whigger ass clowns.

    Who knows though? According to the History Channel, the end of the world is supposed to be coming again in a week or so, so I might change my mind about becoming one of the 10,000 warlords. 😀

  16. Once I finally came to terms with race-realism, I started looking for places on the internets where like-minded folks shared their ideas. Some of the creeps I’ve run across (spanning the whole political spectrum) have made me convinced that being in my mostly-black neighborhood is not the worst possible thing that could happen in my life…. I could be sharing a “white nation” with *them* 😉

    Love your blog btw!

  17. Even if we grant that Jewish influence is a serious problem in our society, it hardly follows that publicly advocating exterminating the Jews and destroying Christianity is the best way to respond to that problem.

  18. Depending on what one believes or pretends the real problem is, one could be the enemy standing in the way of fixing it.

  19. My sense of history tells me, that the Jews will one day refer to their time spent in America, as the “American Captivity”. LOL.

    I believe the Jews may have an asshole gene, and that they can’t help themselves from being assholes.

    My political advice to both Hunter, and, Alex is never make threats you can’t keep, and don’t play at being an infallible pope. Doing either will make you look stupid & weak.

  20. Greg Johnson wrote: ‘The principal enemy of the white race in the South, and everywhere else white people live, is not 19th-century Yankees but 21st-century Jews. In practical, future-oriented political terms, the enemy is not the person who creates a problem. He is the person who stands in the way of fixing it.’

    I disagree. That is a false choice. The principle enemy of White Southerners in the 19th century was White Northerners. White Northerners invaded and killed 250,000 or so White Southerners. The principle enemy of White Southerners today remains White Northerners. No doubt Jews have an enormous influence; this is a problem, I would grant you. However, on their own they would win no election outside of their enclaves and they would be able to implement none of the present anti-White policies. And it’s not as if the USA recently began pushing anti-White, anti-Southern policies – Northern Whites were doing this on their own way before most of the Jews (esp. the Ashkenazi ones who settled in mass in the Northeast in the late 1800s and early 1900s) came to the US.

  21. Religious hobby horse riding being frowned on by this site, I won’t mention the other, proven solution.

    No, I WILL mention the revival of Christianity. But I won’t elaborate on it.

  22. Hunter, people letting off steam on the internet (or elsewhere) is probably not a very reliable guide to how they behave in the real world. I’ll give you an example. In early 2004 there was ‘unrest’ in Kosovo (aka an anti-Serb pogrom). I was living all over the balkans at that time. While in Greece, an uncle’s neighbor was having dinner with us one evening and he casually mentioned that the Serbs should burn every single Albanian alive. I laughed a little. He asked why I’m laughing. He was serious, he said. No mercy, wipe them out. What was I to make of that? He was a genuinely friendly, helpful, shirt-off-his-back fellow. Was I supposed to freak out, ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod, you nazi and never speak to him again (and maybe blacken his name behind his back)? Of course not. He’s just an old man, upset at the injustice he’s seeing and taking the side of people he believes to be like himself. (And I could find thousands of examples of Jews who talk this way – and worse – about arabs but are otherwise essentially normal.) That’s your basic VNNer, I’ve come to think. Sure, they go overboard, but part of that is just peer pressure and the radicalization that occurs from daily (hourly, even) focus on everything that’s going wrong and has gone wrong for the last fifty, one hundred or, in the minds of some, two thousand years. So for you to denounce all of them or to pretend that they’re all serious or that you’d not want any of them in your town is really a bit silly.

    Your problem is Linder. Not everything about the man. He’s right about a great deal. But he lets himself down terribly with the extermination talk. For him it’s either exterminate or you’re a pussy; you don’t want to win or can’t win. Total nonsense. The worst thing is he probably knows it’s a mistake but feels he can’t back down now without losing face.

  23. Re: “the Ashkenazi ones who settled in mass in the Northeast”:
    Ashkenazi, Northern, bad — but Sephardi, Southern, good?

  24. Palmetto Patriot:

    Jewish strength does not lie in numbers and never has, so using elections as a criterion of power is a red herring. Jewish power lies in over-representation in the leading institutions of our society.

    Yankees may have freed the slaves, but eventually Southerners pretty much reestablished control over them. It was Jews who spearheaded desegregation and integration in the 20th century. It was Jews who spearheaded non-white immigration. It is Jews who continue to stigmatize the South in movies and television.

    But none of these efforts are directed at Southerners as such. As Norman Podhoretz once claimed, the Civil War is as irrelevant to Jews as the Wars of the Roses. These policies are directed at whites as whites, as part of a conscious Jewish agenda of exterminating the white race.

    But all that is past-oriented. Let’s look at the future. If whites ANYWHERE in the world do ANYTHING that might undermine Jewish hegemony and get our people off the road to extinction, Jews will be their toughest opponents. You may want to ignore the Jews, but they will not return the favor. Eventually, if you are a serious political movement, you will face a choice: to fight the Jews or to be taken over by them and neutralized. No third option will be offered.

  25. First off, principles of warfare; until you identify your enemy, you are fighting a losing battle. We can sit here all day and talk about the “Fed. Reserve”, “the Fed govt.”, ad nauseum but the Jew must be exposed for the true traitor he is and identified as the enemy of our people. Anything less and we are spinning our wheels.

    In case ya’ll hadn’t noticed, we are already in a war, and shots have been fired (Robert Matthews, Bruce Pierce, etc., but so far virtually all the casualties have been on our side. Face it guys, we have been targeted for termination and the Jew uses their money, power, and influence through the govt., judiciary, legal/illegal immigration, and many other ways to murder and displace our people.

    I was born and raised in the South and I hate that the Federal leviathan we have now won in 1865; but many Southerners are brain-dead when it comes to the Jew because of the “chosen people” angle and religion.

    Right now Cujo might seem extreme, but sooner or later you’re going to need him.

  26. “Eventually, if you are a serious political movement, you will face a choice (…) No third option will be offered.”

    Mainstreaming secessionism would fall under “third option”?

  27. Hunter Wallace says:
    ‘My common sense tells me it is probably a bad idea to limit our appeal to the sociopath community.’

    Well Hunter, you do realize a good portion of the Christian Southerners and many Americans would love to see the Ay-rabs nuked off the face of the earth. Old men, women, children, babies and animals instantly incernerated. Or some would prefer to carpet bomb their cities back to the stone age.

    We’ve all heard family members, friends, acquaintances, talk show hosts and callers express those desires openly and unashamedly. No one calls them genocidal maniacs or sociopaths!

    You too have written similar comments in the past.

    No crocodile tears or mercy for civilians and children.

    Hunter Wallace says: ‘I will come right out and say that “exterminate the Jews” is another species of Yankee insanity.’

    What is insanity, moral, immoral, just or unjust depends on whose ox is being gored and where our allegiances lie.

  28. Jews HATE gentiles/Christians/Whites/ …it’s part of their DNA. As recent events have proven, anyone who thinks we can vote our way out of this problem is delusional. The jew’s noose keeps tightening day by day as we all squabble amongst each other about the best course of action to take. The only reason we haven’t met the same fate as the kulak farmers in the Ukraine is that we have guns (for now).

    “When ballots fail, bullets will prevail”

    Louis Beam

  29. By the 1890s, Yankees had temporarily given up on Reconstruction in the South.

    They were unsuccessful in imposing social equality and political equality on the ex-Confederacy. They succeeded though in forcing Southern Whites to accept the principle of black citizenship, a constitutional guarantee of black voting rights, and basic civil rights.

    Yankees didn’t give up on Reconstruction in total. They succeeded in imposing Reconstruction on the Northern states in the late nineteenth century. They wiped out all the anti-miscegenation laws, integrated the public schools, and banned segregation in public accommodations.

    The system that was imposed on the South in the 1960s had existed in the North since the 1880s. Yankees like William Lloyd Garrison, Jr. and Oswald Garrison Villiard and John Dewey and Jane Addams were founders of the NAACP.

    In the early twentieth century, Yankees turned their attention to trust busting, world peace, women’s suffrage, eugenics, temperance and other reform movements. Throughout that whole period, Yankees fought with Southerners in Congress over federal anti-lynching bills.

    White Nationalists focus exclusively on the Jews who were involved in the Civil Rights Movement while ignoring their Yankee allies. In our own times, they focus on the Jews while ignoring their Northern allies in the Democratic Party.

    Yankees and Jews have been political allies on the progressive Left since Horace Kallen and Randolph Bourne’s time around WW1. They were allies in the Northern wing of the Democratic Party under FDR. They took over the Democratic Party after Kennedy and LBJ killed off the Southern wing over “civil rights.”

  30. David Duke uses the concept of the Jewish power triangle.

    The three corners of the triangle are:

    1) Politics
    2) Finance
    3) Mass media

    While Jews do get indispensable help from white liberals in corner 1, enacting political measures that are “good for the Jews,” they almost completely control corners 2 and 3 on their own. They use their power in those areas to benefit the Jew with little real assistance from white gentiles.

    It sure as hell ain’t white northerners putting out Django Unchained and Lincoln.

  31. Palmetto Patriot,

    If you haven’t seen it, check this out.

    It’s melodramatic and bombastic, but it gets the point across.

  32. Spielberg’s “Lincoln” is based on Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book “Team of Rivals.”

    The true story of “Lincoln” was also 100% about Yankee fanaticism. Tommy Lee Jones plays Thaddeus Stevens in the movie.

  33. I don’t think it’s an accident Spielberg and Hollywood decided to make Goodwin’s treatment of Lincoln into a film as opposed to Di Lorenzo or Vidal’s.

  34. Proselytizing normal Whites with “the jewish question” or God forbid “exterminate the Jews” is flat out insane. Do we really have to explain why? The more racialism/nationalism dissociates itself from nazism the better.

    We need more people like James Edwards and Jared Taylor and less kooks and freaks.

    Most of the jews I know personally are conservative, more than a few are out-and-out racialists. They’re not the problem, atleast where I live.

    The real problem is places like New England voting as a solid phalanx for coward-in-chief, Barrack Hussien. You can blame “Jewish mind control” all you want but then you have to explain why the “jewish mind control” doesn’t work in the south.

  35. weisser wolf,

    You don’t have to convince me that we have a Jewish problem:

    There’s also our friends (who I believe are Gentiles) James Loewen and Ed Sebesta:

    Here are two more anti-Southern Jewish historians:

    As loathsome as these people might be, White Southerners wouldn’t go along with exterminating them. That’s also an unserious rhetorical fantasy so long as most people are unaware of the problem.

  36. 2) Finance

    Jewish influence in academia has had a thousand times more impact on life than Jewish influence in (or “control of”) finance. Jews are obviously very prominent in finance but there are very few flow-on effects from this except indirectly, in that the finance industry has enable so many Jews to become wealthy. There is a lot of talk about “international bankers” and “the Fed”, of course, but as an actual cause-and-effect explanation of anything it is laughably inadequate (to put it politely), though it is evidently highly appealing to simple minds who are determined “not to be fooled.”

  37. “We’re never going to win even a fraction of those people over to our own side with an anti-Christian exterminationist message.”

    If Christianity doesn’t draw a stark line between itself and Judaism/Zionism, Christianity itself runs the risk of being discredited. What good is a religion that doesn’t uphold its own principles or look out for its own flock?

  38. Sam,

    I was pissed off around the time of 9/11. I was just starting to develop political views. If memory serves, Linder was raised as a Christian Scientist and was a conservative Republican who voted for Reagan.

    That’s fine. I don’t respect people who are dogmatic and who are unwilling to challenge their own beliefs. We should always keep an open mind and be on the lookout for the best answers.

    If a better answer presents itself, we should adopt it without hesitation.

  39. One main reason for not mixing secessionism with white nationalism is that secession could actually happen and then set the stage for a white nation within 1 to 2 generations.

    Conversely, white nationalism can only derail secession yielding neither.

    *** Good point Sam, about Southern “Christians” not being opposed to murder, I distinctly recall them booing Ron Paul’s “Golden Rule” foreign policy in the GOP debate.

    But right now we have an actual chance to make secession the mainstream response to the next crisis / recession, and we should be talking guerrilla marketing and infrastructure, not concerning ourselves with nuances of mass murder.

  40. Todd,

    Like every other institution in our society, the churches have accommodated the mainstream secular culture. The universities, not the churches, are also the fountain of this disease.

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