Jews and Vanguardists


This is why we need to splinter off and work towards the goal of creating our own Christian nation-state in Dixie.

Instead of sinking ourselves in this morass, I think we need a common sense message that can resonate with ordinary White Southern Christians. We need to take a hard look at the separatist movements in Québec, Scotland, Flanders, and Catalonia and see how we can apply their methods to our own circumstances.

What kind of message do we need? Instead of “destroy Christianity” and “exterminate the Jews,” it ought to focus on talking points like “we’re going broke” and “we’re losing our culture” and “we’re losing our freedom” and “we’re being displaced in our own lands” and “the federal government is out of control.”

The last thing we want to do is convince people that we are more out of control than the federal government!

Note: It was stuff like this which over time changed my attitude toward my Christian neighbors. I went from looking at them as YECs who believe dinosaurs were on Noah’s Ark to a generally friendly and resourceful group of people who make good neighbors.

This is not the image we want to project:

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  1. Silver,

    You’re right. No one should be fooled. I’m sure Bernanke and Soros are looking out for the common good.

  2. it’s funny to me how those pepole try to blame the jew for their behaviors. we don’t have a jewish problem, we have a yankee problem. the damnyankee has been at these things way before the jew showed up in numbers

  3. Exterminating the Jews is an idea that not even Adolf Hitler ever really had, and he did not like Jews.

    It isn’t feasible, and it isn’t ever going to be embraced by Whites or by Christians or by very many people at all.

    And as Dr. Oliver (whom, I must admit, is as close to a guru or idol as I will ever have) pointed out, even if all Jews were beatifically vaporized one minute, we would still have a lot of problems, serious problems. The real issue is our own will to survive, to prevail, to live. As a people.

    Whether in Dixie, in the Northwest Republic, in Europe, in Australia, or in southernmost temperate Africa.

    We need separation from Jews, Jewish thinking, Jewish political influence. We need for our leaders to understand Jews for what they are and to say so, clearly, openly. We need to be clear on what they have done, are doing, and most assuredly will do in the future. We need to stop pissing American wealth and American blood away in the Middle East in general and to support the bandit state on the Jordan in particular.

    That’s a far cry from exterminating them.

    They should have their own country, their Zion-if they can hold it without our cash flow and incessant world meddling. Their relations with the Muslims and the rest of the world are their business, not ours, whether they are extirpated or whether they take over half the Middle East- Eretz Yisroyel-or whatever in between.

    We should openly discuss the facts and clearly oppose Jewish ideas and make no bones about the fact that they are anti-White, indeed, against any nation as such except their own. They are intelligent-sometimes satanically so-and they are organized and determined, and they are a serious problem. But we should not entertain nonsense about exterminating any peoples, and we should disfellowship the rabid Jewaholics that can not quit this insane line of drivel. We are not fundamentally about Jews, nor about Muslims, nor about negroes, orientals, aborigines, or any other people. We are fundamentally about Whites and White survival as a group.

  4. Murph,

    If radical change is what you want, you can’t limit your discourse based on what might offend the sensibilities of ordinary people. You will never get anywhere.

    Secession is a radical proposal. Most people regard it as insane. Does that mean secessionists shouldn’t talk about it?

  5. We have neither a Jewish nor Yankee problem, but a Universalism problem.

    And it has been thus for Aryans since the Vedas and Zarathustra. We cannot be Universalist and remain a genetically distinct population. India, Iran, Rome, and now America and Europe.

    Did ancient Aryan India have a Jewish or Yankee problem?

    The trick is to leverage Universalism in our favor, or at least neutralize it, so that, in a crisis, people will adopt a less Aryan, more tribal mindset.

    Guerrilla marketing and infrastructure. Nothing more.

  6. We can all agree that Jewish influence has been “bad for Southern Whites” and that it got much worse in the twentieth century.

    In the eighteenth century and nineteenth century, little thought was given to Jews because the racial threat wasn’t perceived as coming from that quarter. The Jews who arrived from Central and Eastern Europe after the 1880s were infected with the revolutionary leftwing politics that flourished in Europe after the French Revolution.

    The Jews that were here before then were comfortable with slavery and segregation. They were generally not hostile to White racial consciousness which was considered “good for the Jews” in those days.

  7. Lew,

    Secession is plausible.

    According to Chuck Thompson, the League of the South had 25,000 members before Obama was reelected in November.

    It is plausible that White Southerners might come to accept the message proposed above: the economy will eventually collapse, we will lose our freedom, we are being submerged by race conscious minorities, and we are going to lose our culture and sink to the status of an abused and permanently degraded minority if the Union is preserved.

    With such a message, it is plausible that we could connect with a mass constituency. In the context of a sharp economic decline and Republican spinelessnes, it is plausible that Texas secession might break out into the mainstream.

    Now why in the world would we want to insist upon destroying Christianity and exterminating the Jews and forcing people to unnecessarily choose between their religion and their moral beliefs and their own survival?

  8. Afterthought,

    The Enlightenment was universalist. If Christianity is destroyed only to be replaced by race-blind secular humanism (see the Jacobins), we will end up worse than we are now.

    In France, the Old Regime was better on race than the Republic. In the United States, the Revolution similarly liberalized White racial attitudes.

  9. You know, the Ashkenazim, who converted to Judaism and are an East Turkic people, are different from other Jewish groups, of which the Sephardim are the largest but by no means the only one, and the Sephardim are far more apt to be basically honorable people than the Ashkenazim. Plus which their women are a lot better looking.

    Consider, for instance, the young Edith Gormenzano (a/k/a Eydie Gorme) who was almost Monroesque in figure and had an attractive face-and the Ashkenazi toad she married, Steve (Liebowitz) Lawrence.

    Consider that it was a Sephardim, Mordecai Vanunu, who dropped a dime on Israel’s nuclear perfidy and brigandry, and how he has been treated even as they bleat for the freedom of Jonathan Pollard.

    But they are still a non-White people. They need their own nation, and we need for them to be somewhere else. Ditto the Palestinians, the Iranians, and many other peoples who are often noble and decent. But not White.

  10. HW, yes the Enlightenment was Universalist, but so was/is Christianity, which markets itself as a kind of enlightenment.

    Aristocratic Europe, the Europe of the Isabella and Ferdinand, the Medicis, the Royalists, the sons-of-Thor-in-all-but-name Normans, the Cavaliers, and by extension the American South employed Christianity.

    And that is what you are proposing to do. I have nothing against that. But let us not consider Christianity as an antidote to Universalism when it was the Universalism of the Roman decline and the wellspring of Liberalism and Communism.

    Now, prior to the Enlightenment, there was a revolution that was wellspring of white world dominion the likes of which hadn’t been seen since pre-Christian times. I speak of course of Science and Reason. Hobbes (e.g.) wasn’t a Christian and also was not a humanitarian. This is more my tastes and one could imagine the ancient astronomers (all of whom were white) being genetically predisposed towards this world view.

    Look at the naturalism of the cave paintings of Lascaux from 25,000 years ago!

    I have no doubt that our people have turned back to Christianity out of genetic desperation (any port in a storm) and because frank racism is taboo. Most Christians haven’t the foggiest notion of what it is about! The were just born into it.

    Nevertheless, you are correct that attacking Christianity is painfully stupid. Can we move on to infrastructure building and guerrilla marketing now?

  11. You’re right. No one should be fooled. I’m sure Bernanke and Soros are looking out for the common good.

    Lew, the point is that the critique doesn’t go any further than “they’re Jews and they’re in finance.”

    Soros isn’t influential because he’s a “financier” because he’s not a financier. He got rich through financial speculation. He’s influential because he’s wealthy. Personally, I detest his influence, but the point is his financial background per se has nothing to do with it.

    I don’t know whether Bernanke cares about the common good or not. His duty as Fed chairman is to pursue policies that result in low or “controlled” inflation and low unemployment. He’ll either do that well or poorly and it’s hard to see how his Jewishness figures into it — what would a non-Jew do any differently?

    Contrast that to academia. It’s a cinch to see how Jewish hypocrisy affects academic content and how that content influences thought and action in the real world. Take the Jewish influence out of academia and you’re almost sure to see a difference in academic output. Take the Jewish influence out of the financial system and you’re left with the very same financial system.

  12. Have the discussions in the comments improved with the tard filter in place?

    The flamewars have been eliminated. There may also be an increase in substantive comments. It doesn’t make any difference to me since I never paid any attention to the rubbish, but I’m sure it makes the blog more attractive to others.

  13. Murph sez:

    “The real problem is places like New England voting as a solid phalanx for coward-in-chief, Barrack Hussien. You can blame “Jewish mind control” all you want but then you have to explain why the “jewish mind control” doesn’t work in the south.”

    So you think that voting for Romney has nothing to do with Jewish mind-control? Jews control the system by offering us two choices, both Jew-safe and Jew-approved.

  14. “We have neither a Jewish nor Yankee problem, but a Universalism problem.”


    “The Enlightenment was universalist. If Christianity is destroyed only to be replaced by race-blind secular humanism (see the Jacobins), we will end up worse than we are now.”


    Universalism is always a fantasy. If there is one thing that’s been fleshed out and established firmly on this blog it’s that universalism inevitably leads to degradation. Degradation of morals, society, culture, and everything else. If one word can sum up Western Civilization, it’s “distinction”. Drawing distinctions and recognizing difference is at the heart of all advancement. Universalism is the opposite of distinction and inevitably results in annihilation.

  15. I don’t blame Jewish mind control.

    Every county in Massachusetts voted for Obama. Every county in West Virginia voted for Romney. The 2012 election played out along the same familiar ethnocultural fault lines that we had spent the previous year discussing.

    Here in Alabama, Obama predictably won the Black Belt counties and Birmingham. 84% of Whites in Alabama voted against Obama. 90% of Whites in Alabama voted against him in 2008. 89% of Whites in Mississippi voted against Obama in 2008 and 2012.

    In Florida, Obama won by winning Miami and the I-4 corridor between Tampa and Orlando. The rest of Florida voted for Romney. In Virginia, NOVA and Hampton Roads and the blacks in Southside and the Tidewater voted for Obama, and the rest of the state minus Blacksburg and Charlottesville voted for Romney.

    In the Pacific Northwest, Seattle and Portland/Eugene voted for Obama, and the area east of the Cascades voted for Romney. In California, the Left Coast and Aztlan voted for Obama, and the interior counties voted like Tennessee.

    “Jewish mind control” can’t explain why Yankee areas – whether it is New England, the Left Coast, Eastern Iowa – or their enclaves like Tampa, Orlando, NOVA, Asheville, Austin, and Raleigh vote the way they do.

    Karl Rove spent $300 million dollars on professionally designed campaign ads in key swing states. Mitt Romney blew a fortune running for the presidency in 2008 and 2012 only to find out that the minds of the “lemmings” aren’t silly putty.

    Neither the Democrats or Republicans bother to contest 75% of the country in presidential election cycles. Almost every swing state has some kind of major ethnocultural fault line that puts it in play:

    Virginia – NOVA and Hampton Roads
    Florida – South Florida and the I-4 Corridor
    Colorado – Denver and Boulder
    North Carolina – Charlotte, Asheville, and Raleigh-Durham
    Ohio – Cleveland and the Western Reserve
    Iowa – Eastern Iowa
    Pennsylvania – Philadelphia and the Philly suburbs
    Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Madison, and Southwest Wisconsin
    Nevada – Washoe County and Clark County

    New Hampshire is the great exception to the rule. The state has an independent streak and enjoys being unpredictable, but transplants from Massachusetts are changing that.

    Why do elections always play out that way? Because of demographics. San Francisco votes the way it does because of the people who live there who become increasing scarce north of Marin County and east toward the Sierra Nevada.

  16. I think what has helped is the end of the election and the realization of the fact that BRA is synonymous with the USA.

    It’s finally sunk in that there is no such thing as America anymore.

  17. Very difficult to satirize the ‘Jewish Question’. I followed your link over to Taki’s Mag where Jim Goad says “I’ll be accused of being afraid to admit that Jews control the sandwich industry.” (Men Who Taste Jews in Their Sandwiches).

    I have news for Mr Goad. The Kosher food racket (bread, deli meat, condiments etc) is all under Talmudic Law. All goyim pay the kosher tax. It is an objective and verifiable fact that those who control the sandwich industry just happen to be Jews.

    Now there’s a surprise.

    The first thing a Christian nation state like Catalonia would do is eliminate Gentile participation in the Kosher food racket. The Jews want kosher food – they pay for it. They want to hoist up cattle and hang them in the agony of stress positions so that when they are slaughtered Glatt Kosher, the blood will be surging with adrenaline – then the rabids go find a feral, pagan nation which will allow them to do that.

    The second thing that a Christian nation state will eliminate is the politics of the Suffering Sweepstakes and all the inane, expensive squabbles about the hierarchy of genocides. Christians have zero tolerance of this schtik and its associated shit fights.

    The website “The Black Rod” is covering the Canadian Museum of Human Rights debacle and the hate campaign launched by the CMHR Jews against communities which were misled into contributing to the CMHR in good faith expecting their community history to be represented.

    Oh No. When it comes to the Eternal, Suffering Holy People no body else’s genocide is going to get equal time with The YOU KNOW WHAT.

    The CMHR Jews have engaged in a hate campaign against the Ukrainian Community – both Roman Catholic and Orthodox – who in the eyes of the Chosen, have the unmitigated hide to think commemoration of The Holdomor is an important part of their history and deserving of commemoration by the CMHR.

    This reprobate assinity is going to cost the Canadian taxpayer millions. The first thing a Christian nation state would do is burn that stupid museum and put up a Christian monument to the passion and death of the Saviour of Men together with beautiful Ukranian icons commemorating the Holdomor – a Jewish atrocity committed upon Gentile Ukranians.

  18. Ah, I see Alois von Plappern-Schickelgruber and his crack team of Vehement Neckbeard Nazis are out in force here on OD. Welcome, O great Aryan supermen! How’s everything over at the Völkischer Beobachter?

    P.S. – Which of the My Little Pony ponies do you guys like best? My favorite is Fluttershy, because she hates Jews.

    @A. Linder at December 6, 2012 at 3:39 am: Your people don’t need to be won over. They need to be led.

    True. Unfortunately, I’m just too busy these days to assume my natural position of authority over the Volk. That being said, I’ll be happy to supply you with the correct opinion on any topic.

    bis Später, Liebling!RSO3

  19. So for you to denounce all of them or to pretend that they’re all serious or that you’d not want any of them in your town is really a bit silly.

    The worst thing is he probably knows it’s a mistake but feels he can’t back down now without losing face.

    I don’t know who this Silver boy is but you better listen to him.

    We need more people like James Edwards and Jared Taylor and less kooks and freaks.

    We need both put in their place and instructed/led according to their talents and marching to orders from the same battle plan. No one knows how to follow orders.

    No one has it just right. Too hard, too soft. Too strong, too weak. Too mean, too nice. Too smart, too dumb. Too loud, too quiet. Too sour, too sweet. Too future focused, too past focused. Too pro-Yankee, too pro-Southern. Too anti-Yankee, too anti-Southern. Too anti-Jew, too pro-Jew. Too anti-Christian, too pro-Christian.

    We are without a leader, without a message and without a Master Strategy.

    Forging the sword.

  20. HW, what you said in this post about the Vanguardists pretty much sums up why I avoided the Racial Right for years. I was committed to Christianity as a younger man, and the Anti-Christian attitudes and talk was a big turn off for me. I also noticed that many of these racialists never read anything other than the literature put out by their groups. They never read any serious history or other scholarly works written by people outside their circle. You have done this, and as a result, you have created a site that can give us a clear historical picture of the racial problem without the religious, anti-religious (especially Anti-Christian) and secular fantasies that too many people on our side believe about race. Your commitment to finding out the truth leads you to discard anything that doesn’t work or fit into the true historical picture. Please keep on what you’re doing now, for it will truly advance our cause.

  21. The main theme coming through Hunter Wallace’s push for Secession is that “the South” is composed of a different people than the North, NorthEast, and the South wants/needs to be a distinct nation in control of its own culture, laws, race relations and the economic arguments now support secession, but the main issue is:


    So, I strongly suggested Southerners/White Southerners work hardest to gain control of their own culture. The obvious 1st area is to get control of the media in the South. Southern media must be owned, produced and directed and presented by Southerners who like/love the South, instead of “others” from the North, NorthEast who hate the South.

    If Hunter Wallace and other proud Southerners want to push the (lie) that the current mass media (New York Times, CNN, Hollywood) is run by “Yankees” – OK, fine, if it that message plays in Dixie than sure, go with it. Whatever works is what I say.

    But, just don’t make some deals with the current media “powers that be” to let them have/keep the media in the South. Boris Yeltsin made that mistake, fortunately Putin has corrected this mistake and the Russian media is in “Russian” hands, it must be the same with the media/culture in the South.

    Southerners must regain control of the culture in the South.

  22. Hunter Wallace said
    I actually don’t see Jews on television advocating the extermination of Gentiles.
    Those who believe in exterminating the Jews should stay put in the White Nationalist movement. 99% of White Southerners disagree and believe that murdering innocent people of any race or ethnicity is immoral.We’re never going to win even a fraction of those people over to our own side with an anti-Christian exterminationist message….

    That seems really true.

    On such threads, some advocate doing in (possibly fellow) “Christians” (i.e., the “judaized heretical” ones as someone suggests). This shows, it’s NOT JUST a strategy on the part of those “christians” wanting to be nice to jews, HW—- but “christians” (of a certain sort) who want to stay alive, themselves, by protecting themselves from other “christians,” as they have had to do in real history.

    Like with WBTS, unless something’s known of the real persecution of Southerners, nothing makes sense, and it can appear the war was “about slavery only.” Same with protestant persecutions, virtually unknown in u.s. today. (One is only allowed to speak of the crazy puritans, lol, who ‘get whatever they deserve!’). Maybe they can speak of the psycho ‘Branch davidians.”

    But before, Hussites like Franz Kafka’s family decided (when pushed to the wall) to covert to judaism (probably out of spite) rather than go catholic, or die which was the only other option. Many Huegenots peopled early u.s. government. e.g., Paul Revere. Reasonable “christian” heretics were literally genocided in parts of europe, where none exist today, for being “judaized” or in some other way designated “the wrong kind” of “christian.”

    So— many southern christians with historical memory intact— are worried about saving their OWN SKIN. This is why some are pro-jewish— and it’s a mistake to read it as self-sacrificing benevolence. Self-interest guides most choices; it really does, even when it does not appear that way on the surface.

    A key to it—- would be for catholics to recognize North Euro Protestant people as having a right to exist, per se. To see them as something other than merely “judaized” (but the catholic cosmology, as is, offers no way for its people to do this; a cornerstone of the teaching is anti-protestantism under many names, very unlike what happens in orthodoxy). And if they did acknowledge the protestants as such, it is huge as it means a) acknowledging protestants, (“heretics” who don’t have the true God) as well as all their accomplishments and b) acknowledging their genocide in europe and even offering public apologies for it, etc.

    But protestants would be better not to replay their European strategy in the u.s., even just converting to judaism to avoid catholicism. In the u.s., where they contributed so much, (it was their country, truly) they should instead stand up, take up their OWN space, announce they are NOT jews nor catholic—- and see who will serve them best.

    Another misunderstanding: Someone said, the dumb south sees only “religious” not racial difference with the jews. The statement is only half accurate; they see jews as both religious and racial, AS THEY ALSO see southern europeans as racially and religiously different. That will make non-jewish, non-northern euros angry, but ask yourself…why should it?

    On the racial question, Southerners are often expected (by non-jew northerners) to “accept” as “racially like them” people with glossy black hair, and glossy black eyes, and much darker skin (“we’re all europeans”) WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY rejecting people who look more like them (blonde-blue Ashkanazis).

    Can’t you see that that might be a stretch for them?

    Anyway—- Southerners might not be a stupid as everybody thinks.

  23. Sam said:”What is insanity, moral, immoral, just or unjust depends on whose ox is being gored and where our allegiances lie.”

    Todd said: “If Christianity doesn’t draw a stark line between itself and Judaism/Zionism, Christianity itself runs the risk of being discredited. What good is a religion that doesn’t uphold its own principles or look out for its own flock?”

    HW said: “I don’t respect people who are dogmatic and who are unwilling to challenge their own beliefs. We should always keep an open mind and be on the lookout for the best answers.”

    Another Orthodox cleric has written: ““ We should never allow ourselves to be stampeded, herd like, into forming opinions and judgments stimulated and orchestrated by the sensationalism of the press and the other media masters.

    Instead, we must calmly resist their mind-control techniques. We must strive to be independent thinkers. Realizing that we are not alone, we should turn to tradition-minded churches, schools, and political and educational organizations, and there lend our voices and support to the creation of bastions of resistance to the Gramscian onslaught.” Thornton, Fr. James, “Gramsci’s Grand Plan,” The New American. Vol. 15, No. 14. 5 July 1999 issue. pp. 7-11.”

    HW, you want to ‘avoid the jew,’ and yet you want a ‘Christian republic of Dixie.’ But which variant of said republic will you have, and for how long? Todd noted that to define Christianity- orthodox Christianity- means (conversely) defining all else as HETERODOXY- or ‘heresy.’ As Gary North noted, ‘There is no neutrality. You are either for Christ, or against him.’

    Now, if one is to define heterodoxy, one needs to do that which Sam noted: ‘which ox is being gored, and where do our REAL allegiances lie?’

    If you’ve not read it, here’s a link that should be strongly considered.

    Especially as protestant Christianity gave birth to the Initial Republic, any hope of Dixie’s taking up the mantle of that bygone nation (for BRA is to America, as a whore is to a faithful wife- a slatternly reminded of what a woman/country should be) without taking on something of that creedal Christianity, means you WILL offend some- you’re already offending liberals, fags, and atheists- why not offend their religion’s (for even atheism is a religion!) ‘high priests’ – the ‘Chosen People’ from the Caucausus?

    I will include a large quote I just found today. From a Jew- and a person who knows the ‘evil’ that ‘this people’ is capable of. For the Record.

    The Semitic peoples, originally of the Middle East but now residents of many countries by migration, have made positive cultural contributions to humanity in terms of some Jewish creativity in music, literature, medicine and mathematics. Less well known are the Arab innovations in mathematics, medicine and astro-navigation.

    There have also been many Jewish and Arab contributions to our understanding of Eurasian history and even true “humanism” — but we must always be wary of hidden agendas in some of this work. A very partial roll-call of apparently genuine “humans” among the Neanderthal-Semitics is in the last pages of Esau’s Empire I on this website. ?

    ?Semites have not caused all the past and present problems of the world, but they have been intimately involved in provoking most of the world’s problems and ideological conflicts during the past five centuries, and particularly since petroleum usage became common. ??

    As just one example, and I will use only one here, most people think that “the Spanish” and “the Portuguese” began the transatlantic trade in Black Africans as slaves. And they have been encouraged to believe that polite fiction because of Jewish propaganda. But the fact of the matter is that Sephardic Jews living in Portugal and Spain were the major players in the Iberian slave trade because only they had sufficient money to fit out ships and finance long distance voyages.

    And only Sephardic Jews in Spain and Portugal had contacts among, and could speak the language of, the Arab-Muslim conquerors in Africa who actually raided and captured Black Africans as slaves. These Arab-Muslim conquerers and slavers in sub-Saharan Africa were, in 1445 when the first slaves were landed on the wharves of Lisbon, the so-called “Almorovids” of Morocco. The Encyclopaedia Judaeca (1960) concedes this and was the prime source for The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews published by The Nation of Islam, but Stan Steiner’s Dark and Dashing Horsemen (Harper and Rowe) is a popular exposition of some of the same material by a modern Jewish author.

    Ashkenazi Jews in the Netherlands, Britain and the United States were the major players in Dutch, British and American slaving. The biggest American slave trader was Aaron Lopez who operated out of the Newport, Rhode Island synagogue (the first synagogue in North America). ??I could have used the development of both modern Capitalism and Communism by Jews and the highly profitable struggle between them.

    I could have sketched out the Jewish provocation of Fascism and the highly profitable conflict between all three of these ideologies before and during World War II. I could have cited the Jewish role in developing the atomic bomb during World War II and the Jewish role in nuking Japan at the end of it to test these weapons on a human population. I could have at least alluded to the World War II birth of the largely Jewish-controlled military-industrial complex that is presently alive, thriving and has supplied our weapons since World War II until the present wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. ??

    Hand-in-hand with all this has gone Hollywood propaganda and control of North American media, not to mention Hollywood’s and the media’s production of films and TV shows that propagandize the innate superiority of Jewish culture over the rest of us (“The Ten Commandments”, “King of Kings”, “Ben Hur”, “Exodus”, “Crossing Delancey”, “Independence Day” and more recent “The Mummy”, “Return of the Mummy” and “The Scorpion King” were among the most obnoxious, but upcoming “Machete” may be worse).

    And naturally Jews and Hollywood, with their “nominally Christian” sword and sandal epics, also helped to manipulate the west into creating Israel, manipulated Americans into stealing fissionable materials for Israel (see Tom Clancy’s The Sum of All Fears) and manipulated the French into making the Dimona nuclear breeder reactors for Israel’s atomic arsenal. ??

    Considering that these people and their ancestors have more than twice as much aggression as does ordinary humanity, according to Trinkaus and Stewart in December 1978, this sort of behaviour is natural for them and almost impossible for us to credit. These days you don’t have to express aggression by hitting someone over the head with a club. You can do it much more effectively by controlling money, industry, law, religion and news and entertainment by controlling the mass media. You can fragment so-called “public opinion” and gradually erode the values of a society until there can be no opposition to your control of that society, and especially within any nominally democratic society. ??

    Jews have refined this sort of infiltration and manipulation of “host societies” into a fine art because of their relatively small population and the fact that they were landless until the creation of modern Israel. Muslim Arabs are no less fanatically disdainful of Western democracies, but they have a larger population and vast tracts of land from which to oppose our unwanted influence. However, due to recent Western European and North American democratic immigration policies that mistakenly viewed these people as just “ordinary humans”, Muslim Arabs, like Jews long before, have begun to immigrate to Western democracies in fair numbers. ??

    It is time for the non-Semitic peoples of the world to come together in a multi-racial alliance under one banner in order to severely limit Semitic activities before they put an end to us and everything else on the planet. I offer the following banner, emblem and symbol. However, I will warn everyone that it may well be too late.”

    -quoted by (half-Jewish) author Michael Bradley, on his website:

    Hope that helps.

  24. The fact that y’all are getting the fact its not “the Jews” per se but the Universalism that is the problem makes my day and gives me great hope.

    Also something that occurred to me, all those resources that Hunter was writing about are both Dixie’s greatest asset and worst nightmare. The Yankees while they probably believe their own economic hoopla not all of them are stupid, they won’t want to let go off all that wealth

    Imagine being stuck with all those Blacks and Browns and minus much of the countries real wealth and the Leftists . Anyone with the IQ if a turnip would have nightmares.

    Keeping control of that or exchanging, I dunno favorable trade rights for former fed lands or something is worth considering if it ever happens.

  25. Hunter Wallace said:
    “I think we need a common sense message that can resonate with ordinary White Southern Christians.”

    Let’s try:

    Murder is a sin – Genocide is a much greater sin. Flooding each & every White country – including Dixie – with non-Whites and force-assimilating them in order to blend White people out of existence is GENOCIDE.

    Therefore, White Southerners should oppose White Genocide ruthlessly: as Christians, because genocide is morally evil; as White people, because they are included in the program of Genocide by the anti-Whites.

  26. The sensible way to talk about Jews imo is to not talk about them unless it’s a counter-attack pointing out one of their many double standards e.g.

    – Jews attack white people over slavery, point out Jews are the biggest slavers in history
    – Jews attack white people over the holocaust, point out the Jewish role in the mass murder of 30 million people by the Bolsheviks (which incidentally is how Hitler and the other Fascist movements came to power in the first place)
    – Jews attack white people over “privilige,” point out Jews are the most priviliged group in America
    – Jews attack white people over immigration, point at their double standards over Israel’s immigration and citizenship policy
    – Jews attack white people over disparate impact, point out the disparate impact that leads to 90% of the pundits on the MSM being Jewish
    – Jews attack white people over racial violence, point out how the msm cover up anti-white racial violence while using anti-non-white examples to incite violence against white people
    – Jews attack white people for wanting to live with other white people, point out how Jews live in as undiversified an ethnic enclave as they can afford

    Never mention them except in the form of a counter-attack to one of their attacks.

    Because Jewish anti-white ethnic hostility takes the form of cultural manipulation all that’s neccessary to deal with that relentless Jewish ethnic hostility is shunning.

  27. “Lew, the point is that the critique doesn’t go any further than “they’re Jews and they’re in finance.””

    It doesn’t need to go much beyond that. The current financial system provides an almost limitless amount of bribe money aka campaign contributions so if a particular group have a disproportionate influence in the banking system then they’ll have a disproportinate influence over where that bribe money goes.

    When McCain was running for re-election against an anti-immigration candidate he raised about 20 times the funding.

    When people talk about national GOP politicians being stupid; they’re not. They’re bought.

    Having said that i think the international banking caste are “rootless cosmopolitans” as a caste. I don’t think the non-Jewish ones are any different.

  28. Matt, we will need strong ties to another nation like Russia to help keep those people at bay. that and they must understand we learned our lesson from them and we will devastate their civilian population if needs be.

  29. Robert Oculus III,

    Jews don’t need to pay people when the world has so many useful idiots willing to serve as cannon fodder for Jewish interests for free. In your case, it’s not clear what you would say different if you really were on Mossad’s payroll.

  30. In my opinion, once you realize that Jews are not White, and that Whites need an exclusively White environment, it all falls into place.

    They are an especially difficult kind of non-White to deal with, but once one does as the Japanese and divides the world into Nihojin and Gaijin -or as the Jews themselves do, Jews and gentiles- the problem becomes a manageable one.

    I taught electronic troubleshooting for years. Divide and Conquer was the most fundamental concept I taught-break the loop and see what gives. Is it the power supply or the board? Sub the power supply.

    Getting Jews, Jewish ideas, Jewish doctrines, and Jewish control out of the loop means sanity and reason soon return.

    Western Christianity was White, and pro-White. The Jews and their allies have made American mainstream Christianity-everyone but the most traditionalist orders and the Kinists and CI people-Judeo-Christianity. The Jews organized Vatican II for the Catholics, followed by liberation theology and much else. The fundies they co-opted with the Darbyist premillennial dispensationalism, the Scofield Reference Bible and much other garbage.

    Attacking Christianity as such is stupid. Attacking these perversions is necessary.

  31. Jewish activity in finance is less conspicuous than their co-tribalists’ activities in other sectors. A lot of financial activity is private and closed to public view. The Creature from Jekyll Island is an excellent starting point for learning about how Jews operate in the banking sector. The gist: America’s Federal Reserve Banking System was designed by Jews. The book discusses how a representative of the Rothschild banking family, a Jew named Paul Warburg, did the intellectual heavy lifting in designing the Fed. Lots of Jewish names turn up under the rocks discussed in that book, including the New York banker Jacob Schiff. Among other things, Schiff funded Leon Trotsky’s activities in Russia. Jews use their banking power the same way they use their power elsewhere, for the benefit of Jews.

  32. I like Lew’s more balanced aproach.

    We need to deal with the Jewish question. Period. Anyone who says it doesn’t matter is full of bullshit.

    At the same time, calling for the destruction of Christianity is just retarded and something that is internet fun.

    As far as Linder, he makes some really good points about politics and should not be ignored regardless of the things that people find distasteful about him. He made a great point in the first debate about “catering to a table full of bored housewives.” It is a dead end. Linder is dead on right about this.

    What Hunter and gang should be doing is laying out a plan and then stating that this is the way, the truth, and the light. Do not try to “cater” to people, just tell them that this is the way, either join or get out of the way. If the plan is the right one, it will attract well meaning people who want to save their people. They are not going to give a shit about your haircut if they are well meaning. These are the people you want and the only ones you will need.

  33. It doesn’t need to go much beyond that. The current financial system provides an almost limitless amount of bribe money aka campaign contributions so if a particular group have a disproportionate influence in the banking system then they’ll have a disproportinate influence over where that bribe money goes.

    This is what I mean by the Jews-in-finance argument appealing to simple minds. The idea is that the Federal Reserve system allows Jewish bankers to print up as much money as they need and shuffle it to the politicians they want to buy off. Without wanting to be rude, I really can’t describe it as anything but financially illiterate.

    The Creature from Jekyll Island is an excellent starting point for learning about how Jews operate in the banking sector.

    I had a feeling someone was going to mention this book. It’s one of those maddening conspiracy theories that contains just enough fact that if you attempt to provide an alternative interpretation you’re considered part of the conspiracy yourself. Lew, very briefly, this is exactly why i think Jew-on-the-brain is something to guard against. You actually manage to maintain your composure for the most part. Most others that I’ve seen stricken with this affliction really go off the deep end. (See: the average VNNtard.)

    Imagine the intelligent, well-placed sort of white you want (and need) to appeal to. It’s not much trouble for him to comprehend the workings of the Federal Reserve system, the reasons it was introduced, the problems it was designed to overcome and how it operates to overcome them. Imagine a Jewish friend of his introducing him to the ravings of the “what’s that gubmint done to our money!” or the “gold is money!” crowd. It really is to laugh.

    Among other things, Schiff funded Leon Trotsky’s activities in Russia. Jews use their banking power the same way they use their power elsewhere, for the benefit of Jews.

    Well okay. There’s some truth to this. But it doesn’t really represent a “corruption” of finance the way Jewish influence does to academia, government, and the media.

  34. The Story of the Little jewboys that cried “Kike.” Pt 1

    As I pointed out to Hunter last night on The Movement Turd, he simply doesn’t understand that “self-loathing jews” are common in White Nationalism as they are within what I call “The Wandering Mamzers of WikiPedia-Talksjew Christian Identity.” I explained that most of the so-called Dual-Seedline Christian Identity above-ground pastors are jews of some sort.

    Eli James, formerly Joseph November, rumored to be formerly before that Joseph Kutz, is a Chicago Sephardic marrano Portugee jew. He shut down a number of my forums and web pages with the help of a Sicilian guido jew mamzer named Bryan Reo. Recently he claimed that the ADL shut down his pathetic web page and he got the Republic Broadcasting Network to put him on where he routinely screams about “jews being the spawn of Satan.” Eliar is right, he is. And because he’s been getting away with it since 1979, and knows how to subtly pervert DSCI teachings, he is the most dangerous.

    William Finck, is a Jersey City Ashkenazi jewboy. As a sheriff’s deputy he murdered a Puerto Rican sneak thief and took a plea bargain after his accomplice went to trial and got 15 years. Finck is a ‘papist preterist’ claiming that the Roman Catholic Church put Satan in the pit from 500-1500 AD, but pore Satan died and now Satan is the jews. Runs a Talksjew “Hitler Adoration Show” with the mamzers Bryan Reo and Clifton Emahiser.

    Carolyn Yeager, used to be a avid listener and supporter of “Rabbi Finckelsheenie” above. Last December I called her Voice of ReTards show and informed her of Finck-el-sheenie’s past criminal history. “Meeester Leeeeeeeeeendsteeeeed, you do yourself no favors by calling in like this. I’m going to have to cut you off.” Click. She knew all about myself vs. Rabbi Finckelsheenie’s past criminal history. The show was, of course, censored, like Lender’s virtual colostomy bag and tard corral. But later, as Finckelsheenie got associated with delusional mamzers, Carolyn has abandoned WikiPedia-Talksjew CI and found herself a new mamzer and new tard corral: Another Sicilian guido probable jew married to a kikess. It seems that Voice of ReTards went belly up and all the old talent went to Counter-Currents. But on the high note, she gots the best Mattoid Meercat in the Bizness, i.e. Hadding. They do the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion show together even though Hadding thinks that the Protocols are a forgery. Hadding also thinks that it is Harold Covington who is the spawn of Satan, and that Edgar Steele is guilty, and that Kevin Alfred Strom is innocent. Regrettably The Whigger Nutwerk isn’t as hilarious as it used to be.

    Dan Johns and Jeromy Visser are melungeons, or tri-racial isolates comprised of nigger, injun and jew ancestry. Some melungeons have more Ashkenazi jew than Sephardic jew in them and are prone to Crohns, i.e. jew ass-GAIDS, an immune disorder common to jews. Dan Johns and Bryan Wright/Billy Wood have or carried Crohns. When I’m trolling Dan John’s Talksjew chat-room I often ask if this is the Crohns Awareness Show and “What does LegalMamzer2012 Johns, Steve Elder/Kommandork McFagg and Alex Linder have in common?” I am so loved for that that they often decide that they’ve had enough of me for tonight and so they ban that sock-possum. But not to worry, I’m almost always soon back. Then they have to decide whether to put up with my sniping or close down the chatroom. The only thing that saves them is that on Wednesdays I prefer to watch “Survivor.”

    Like I was explaining last night, Visser had to admit to being a “Cherokee” in order to get out of a stalking charge when his hi-yaller wife run off to her mother’s two years ago and took the pisser-possumettes. Then again, as a career criminal, Jeromy has to lay low every so often and takes his web pages and forums down. Now Visser is doing a show with Obadiah 1:18, a.k.a. Obie-gender-bender-pissers-poofter-possum and they tell how bad the jews are, nearly as bad as I am.

    End, Part 1

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Chairman, Newton County Libertarian Party

  35. The Story of the Little jewboys that cried “Kike.” Pt Dousch

    So in the bowel Movement there is no shortage of ‘the little kike that cried “jew.”‘ Lender/Linder is merely one of the most idiotic and silly.

    Of course, the jews are the spawn of Satan, descended from Satan’s seduction of Eve. But there are all manner of jews. Like Tubal-kenite non-Delugian cork-eyed Pictish jew mamzers like the 6th Duck of URL Steven L [F]Akins who got caught trying to convince some Glasgow Scot to put in a tombstone into some Scottish graveyard in order to claim to be Scottish nobility. The Scots were amazed that someone without a job, living on welfare and food stamps, could hatch such a scheme. But maybe it was the raccoon skin sporraine. Raccoons are not native to Scotland or even Pictland for that matter.

    I think I’ve covered what Alex Linder has done for White Nationalist candidates in Missouri. Thanks to TraitorGlenn Miller’s antics in 2006 and in 2010, no overt White Supremacist can get on the state or federal ballot in Missouri or buy low-priced political advertisements for write-in candidacies. Both Linder and Miller refuse to run for even precinct committeeman on some minor third-party ticket and thus take over anything at the county level. This can be done, and sometimes you can even get one of your allies elected to a state party chairmanship, like I did for the Missouri Reform Party in 2000, even after being denounced by Pat Buchanan for racism.

    So what is Linder’s “strategy?” None that I can detect. Not forming a political party. Just operating a decaying tard corral, writing spintros/chutzpatros, and for some reason, closing down homo bars in Kirksville. I’ll grant Linder does have the khazar nose for such. Maybe Lender will close down another gay bar or two in Kirksville. In fact, Lender has my permission to close down some gay bars in Joplin and like in Topeka in May 2004, when Fred Phelps’s gang comes down on May 22d to say how God hates Joplin, we can join in together. Did you know that the tornado hit McClelland Park, a known homosexual hook-up place before hitting the Catlick St. John’s Hospital, and then taking out a half-mile wide of Joplin? Joplin has a lot of faggots in it and Linder is the “Carrie Nation of faggot bars.” Go get ’em Linder. I’ll buy you a beer and a colostomy bag.

    Insofar as answering your question as to whether I’d shoot a six-year-old kikess? I was going to answer, “Yes absolutely!” but then I reflected a minute. Do you know that 9mm ammunition costs at least 50 cents a round, and a quarter for reloads? I have a very good friend who killed his father with a claw hammer that I met in the NutHouse. I still call him up every week and send him postage stamps. It took him only 13 whacks to finish off dear ol’ daddy and daddy was a hard-headed dishonest whigger businessman aged nearly seventy. A juvenile kikeling probably has a much softer jew skull. Just don’t aim for the kike snout, as it has much spongy and fatty erectile tissue highly prized for the manufacture of fine soap and lampshades. A claw hammer, or even better, a hatchet, should do the job much more cheaper and efficiently.

    Thanks for opening up a Real Free Speech For Whites forum, Hunter. VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCMNNF has not had any such thing since the Christmas Coup of 2004.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Chairman, Newton County Libertarian Party

  36. I don’t know who this Silver boy is but you better listen to him.

    Howdy Mr. Giles. Silvio Silver’s my name and talkin’ race is my game. Mighty pleased to make your acquaintance, sir.

    No one has it just right. Too hard, too soft. Too strong, too weak. Too mean, too nice. Too smart, too dumb. Too loud, too quiet. Too sour, too sweet. Too future focused, too past focused. Too pro-Yankee, too pro-Southern. Too anti-Yankee, too anti-Southern. Too anti-Jew, too pro-Jew. Too anti-Christian, too pro-Christian.

    Individual tastes, preferences, worldviews, values, morals, experiences and so on are so varied that no one approach can possibly hope to appeal across the board. So it’s something of a blessing in disguise that so many varied approaches are by default being attempted.

    Varied as people are, however, there probably is something of a ‘sweet spot’ that appeals to the greatest possible number while simultaneously turning off as few as possible. When it comes to finding that sweet spot I have one question with respect to Alex Linder, and it’s in the form of a couplet:

    Words that help and words that hinder:
    Issue which from Alex Linder?

  37. I’m not advocating extermination at this point (even though the jews have been trying to do that to us for thousands of years); although I believe like should be met with like. As I have said before, look at all the reasons we want to secede and you will see the Jew.

  38. “This is what I mean by the Jews-in-finance argument appealing to simple minds. The idea is that the Federal Reserve system allows Jewish bankers to print up as much money as they need and shuffle it to the politicians they want to buy off. Without wanting to be rude, I really can’t describe it as anything but financially illiterate.”

    There are a lot of different elements to this but for simplicity the crux of the point is:

    Wall St. campaign donations completely dominate politics. Jews completely dominate Wall St campaign donations.

    Finance, media and education are the troika.

  39. lol@ the claim of a “higher discourse” and then being assaulted with the rantings of the ‘Pastor’ Linstedt. Good grief, the man is like a toilet that constantly overflows.

    Vendikar says:
    December 7, 2012 at 3:21 am
    In my opinion, once you realize that Jews are not White , and that Whites need an exclusively White environment, it all falls into place.

    Exactly-this is what finally did it for me.

  40. Varied as people are, however, there probably is something of a ‘sweet spot’ that appeals to the greatest possible number while simultaneously turning off as few as possible.

    I laid down the line to take, although there were those who warned me, “You won’t win many supporters like that.” But I didn’t want them all, I wanted to win over a particular nucleus from the public, the nucleus that is hard as nails. I didn’t want the others. . . . That is why I set up my fighting manifesto and tailored it deliberately to attract only the toughest and most determined minority of the German people at first. When we were quite small and unimportant I often told my followers that if this manifesto is preached year after year, in thousands of speeches across the nation, it is bound to act like a magnet: gradually one steel filing after another will detach itself from the public and cling to this magnet, and then the moment will come when there’ll be this minority on the one side and the majority on the other – but this minority will be the one that makes history, because the majority will always follow where there’s a tough minority to lead the way. Adolf Hitler

  41. Even if we assume the Holocaust is true, Hitler was never dumb enough to broadcast his intention to exterminate the Jews to the German people, and the matter was only discussed in private and through euphemisms at places like the infamous Wannsee Conference.

  42. Re: Silver

    42% of Republicans in Georgia support secession. 42% oppose secession. That means there are around 900,000 secessionists in Georgia alone of whom about 33,000 have signed the secession petition.

    There is no reason to believe Georgia is any different from the rest of the Southern states. We can safely assume there are millions of secessionists in the South without a single television ad, a single public campaign, or a single mass rally, and with nothing in the way of organization or advertising in support of secession.

    The overwhelming majority of those people are White Southern Christians. Assuredly, the vast majority of them are sports fans and conservatives, and the number of secessionists includes huge numbers of racialists who are not involved with the White Nationalist movement.

    So, what should we do? Should we try to appeal to those people? Should we try to reach millions of people who are sympathetic to secession and racialism, but who are Christians and conservatives, or should we instead repudiate those people in favor of 35 anonymous and disagreeable psychopaths fantasizing on the internet about exterminating children?

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