Daily Mail: Christianity Declines, Interracial Relationships Rise

United Kingdom

In the RFM debates, Alex Linder fervently argued for the destruction of “Christ-Lunacy,” but two new articles in the Daily Mail about the decline of Christianity in Britain cast serious doubt on the idea that atheism is the solution:

“Christianity has declined sharply over the past decade, according to the census returns. Numbers who choose to call themselves Christians fell by more than four million.

The collapse in belief in the religion which has been central to the history of the country for 1,500 years means that fewer than six out of ten, or 59 per cent, now describe themselves as Christian. A decade ago nearly three quarters, 72 per cent, did so.

The diminishing number of Christians is mirrored by a rapid growth in those who profess no religious affiliation. A quarter of the population, 14.1 million, now say they have no religion, nearly double the 7.7 million who said the same thing in the 2001 census. . .”

Happy days are here again.

“Like more than one million people in Britain, according to data from the 2011 Census released yesterday, I am a member of the fastest-growing population group in this country: those born to parents in inter-racial relationships. . .”

How can that be?

The decline of Christianity in Britain is correlated with a rise in liberalism, political correctness, and multiculturalism, the weakening of the British character, and a marked decline in the taboo against miscegenation and a corresponding rise in offspring from interracial relationships.

Note: In the United States, San Francisco and Vermont are among the greatest bastions of White Nationalism.

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  1. This is so patently false! Note how New Spain, always ruled by pure whites from 1521 to 1821, was perfectly Judenfrei while at the same time promoted mestization on a colossal scale—and the same can be said of the very Catholic, Judenfrei Portugal and the Portuguese’s mongrelization with negroes that totally ruined their gene pool.

    Note how every other European country stood to learn from the mistakes of Portugal and Spain, the first nations to interact with inferiors on a largescale. Practice makes perfect.

  2. Who is most likely to be elected governor, a dump truck driver or a lawyer or engineer?

    Notice I didn’t ask who might be better, I simply asked who TODAY is most likely to be chosen by the people, including the vast majority of truck drivers.

    THAT is my point.

    Notice, too, that a millionaire concrete contractor, say, is a million to one more likely to spend his money maybe having his name put on the side of a school building, while another type of millionaire will spend his money Vito Corleone style and build POWER and CONTROL the school.

  3. If a white population adopted Hinduism for example and sorta kept to themselves and multiplied and lived as a sort of caste, they would thrive as whites in a similar way to the Mormons (Mormons are not exactly Christians but are almost exclusively white). I’m not advocating this but the point is to create reasonable religious communities that stick up for each other. Nothing radical either. Presbyterians are mighty white. Lutherans too. Anglicans could do with a revival. They church is just another name for a tight community of normal people.

  4. Most modern churches are filled with the errors of egalitarianism, humanism, liberation theology, and Protestantism. True Christians are not racist but do understand the importance of blood. The church once had a balanced view on race but that ended sometime in the late 50s. Cardinal Faulhaber gave an excellent sermon on how Christians should view race:

    “From the Church’s point of view there
    is no objection whatever to racial research and race culture. Nor is there any
    objection to the endeavor to keep the national characteristics of a people as far as
    possible pure and unadulterated, and to foster their national spirit by emphasis upon
    the common ties of blood which unite them. From the Church’s point of view we
    must make only three conditions: First, love of ones own race must not lead to the
    hatred of other nations. Secondly, the individual must never consider himself freed
    from the obligation of nourishing his own soul by the persevering use of the means
    of grace which the Church provides. The young man who is always hearing about
    the blessedness of his own race is apt to easily to conceive that he is no longer
    bound by duties to God, and His Church, duties of humility and chastity. Thirdly,
    race culture must not assume an attitude of hostility to Christianity….
    “What is the relation of Christianity to the German race? Race and Christianity are
    not mutually opposed, but they do belong to different orders. Race is of the natural
    order; Christianity is a revealed religion and therefore of the supernatural order.
    Race means union with the nation; Christianity means primarily union with God.
    Race is nationally inclusive and exclusive; Christianity is a worldwide message of
    salvation for all nations. The concepts of revelation and redemption of supernature
    and grace must not be watered down. The fourth Gospel makes a neat distinction
    between those who are born of blood and those who are born of God (John 1:13).
    Christ also clearly distinguished between what flesh and blood had revealed and
    what was revealed by the Father in Heaven (Matt. 16:17). We are Christians not
    because we are born of Christian parents; we are Christians because after our birth
    we were reborn and made a new creature by baptism in Christ (2 Cor. 15:17).
    “…What is the relation of Christianity to the German race? The Christian, so long
    as he observes the above conditions, is not forbidden to stand up for his race and for
    its rights. It is possible, therefore, without divided allegiance, to be an upright
    German and at the same time an upright Christian…. But we must never forget: we
    are not redeemed with German blood. We are redeemed with the Precious Blood of
    our crucified Lord (1 Peter 1:9). There is no other name and no other blood under
    Heaven, in which we can be saved, but the name and blood of Christ.”

  5. Brutus,
    as always you are well worth reading. What you described is the classic self aggrandizing behavior of the alpha male vs beta male behavior. Sadly it is one of the alpha male behaviors that is looked down on in the South.

    the lawyer is most likely to be elected because of his verbal skills. engineers know numbers an we live in a time were only those with good verbal skills are considered intelligent. I run into that type of thinking all the time ( I hold a degree in electrical engineering, complex math on the fly was an important part of my job until ballistic computers took over etc etc

    on to reading: no our people are not well read in politics and the like. but it’s a catch 22 since we shown ourselves to be the most resistant to the mental judo of the yankee/ jewish collation. sometimes we have to take the good with the bad.

  6. Stonelifter,

    I think you are still missing my meaning. I am not speaking of opinions or whether an educated person is an alpha, beta, gamma, or whatever the last letter of the Greek alphabet is. I am not speaking about what you or I or anyone prefers or judges better or best. I am not speaking of aggrandizement or self-denigration. None of that.

    I am speaking of a cold reality of this world we are living on here in this century and in our lifetime. A reality much like cancer exists and kills no matter what our wishes are, or how much we deplore it and wish health to a loved one suffering from the disease. Or the reality of strong good health that allows some people to live to advanced age all the while being vigorous and virtually sickness free.

    To illustrate my point further, say I wanted to play professional NBA basketball (I know, I know, but its just an example that popped into my head, bear with me). Now, I’m not short, but I’m not considered especially tall, either. I’m just flat out not tall enough to ever have even been considered seriously for that profession today. Period. The same way is true if I had wanted to consider being a lineman on a professional football team. I’m pretty good sized by I just wouldn’t cut it, I think; don’t have that magnitude of a “foundation” to even build that much mass on. I’m just plain out of luck in the above two endeavors according to what I can tell.

    Now, maybe those two examples were not the best I could have come up with because I see they both look like I’m only talking about what a person happens to be born with, and that is not my emphasis (but it does play a role, though, too). What I am talking about is the stone cold objective fact that certain abilities and professions are better than others as far as acquiring and having a degree of control and power over our environment, localities, towns, counties, states, and country–the people and our world.

    This is true regardless if we like it or not. Regardless if bad or good. It just is the situation. It is a chief factor that has to be taken into account.

    It will make no difference how resistant “the good group” is if they are inevitably reduced to total impotence and finally completely overrun by a hoard brought on by and directed by people who do control and have power.

    That’s all I’m trying to identify and stress.

  7. “If a white population adopted Hinduism for example and sorta kept to themselves and multiplied and lived as a sort of caste, they would thrive as whites in a similar way to the Mormons…”

    Not unless they have the resources. No, sir. Not unless they have the resources and power. Without that, they will be just another group of non-“progressive” whites as far as the present dominant power is concerned, to be harassed and subjected to intense ideological assault. Just like we here are right now.

    There is no “keeping to yourselves.” The Amish have so far been tolerated and more or less left alone, for example, because they are totally irrelevant to the overall scheme of things.

    And the Mormons, of course, have been and still pretty much are extremely wealthy and wield considerable power in many ways. That is the primary reason some Mormon men have several wives and get away with it.

  8. “There is no “keeping to yourselves.” The Amish have so far been tolerated and more or less left alone, for example, because they are totally irrelevant to the overall scheme of things.”

    Brutus is correct on this count. Amish are completely OUT of the ‘voting/hope and change’ scenario. The pacifist/non-involvement nature of Anabaptism, is what made Luther recoil in horror- in his day, because the Anabaptists also abandoned biblical law, and started living like the most hedonistic 1970’s studio 54 types, while saying they were ‘Xtians.’

    What you all are grappling with is WAR. Call it anything else, and avoid the reality of it, but that is the ONLY thing that will either free us from his Satanic Minioncy, or prove to all that God HAS turned his back on ‘His People’ (i.e., imho, WHITES).

    Entrenched, guns, bullets, FEMA camp, burning BRA Effigies, Islamic jihadist RAHOWA.

    Once you get to that point, you realize why O’Bummer and his Banana republic Generals have been buying hollow-point ammo for the last 18months- to USE AGAINST AMERICAN CIVILIANS in Chittum’s prescient scenario, showing that the demon-infected Niggers, Spics, Jews, and Fags HATE WHITE CHRISTENDOM with a hatred that goes back to the Garden, and even before, to Satan’s fall (like lightning) from Heaven.

    Altruism, and F.E.A.R are what are keeping many from acknowledging that everything being conjured up by the Jewsmedia, is purposely being used for our disenfranchisement. Well, guess what? DEATH/Genocide is the ULTIMATE disenfranchisement.

    Talk amongst yourselves.

  9. There are two aspects to a population having a shared religion: the religion itself and the social glue it creates.

    The social glue effect is independent of whether specific aspects of the religion are benign or malign.

    The social glue effect acts as partial immunization to the anti-white culture war.

    So both sides can be right. It’s possible that the specific details of Christianity are “bad” on balance but at the same time the social glue benefit at least partially outweighs that*.

    If true then attacking Christianity on its own just helps the other side. It would need to be replaced with a superior religion-equivalent (not necessarily a religion) while at the same time roughly maintaining the overall level of social glue.

    (*Or Christianity could be good and the social glue aspect adds to it.)

  10. No man with several wives would call himself Mormon. If aligned with “the restored gospel”, they are members of the FLDS or other schismatic groups who consider the Book of Mormon gospel but who consider being called “a Mormon” an insult. (There are polygamists who have nothing to do with Book of Mormon churches, they may be other schismatic Christians, Muslims, pagans or atheists.)

    “Mormons” and “The Mormon church” are exclusively used to denote members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the main and by far the largest group.

    Even the former RLDS Church, a substantial group in its own right, abhors polygamy and changed their name to Community of Christ many years ago. They do not call themselves ‘Mormons’ either and also resent the term as applied to them.

  11. Whites should not need a White genocide scenario to oppose Satandom on earth, or to oppose the ideologies spelled out in the Syllabus of Errors (Quanta Cura) as being Satanic and upon which the anathema sits – in perpetuity.

    Priority One for those of European legacy in America is to return to the faith that built Europe and into which the nations of Europe were baptised as nations.

    Until this happens the foes of the European nations (and those with a heritage in those nations) will have it all their way.

    The Kosher Imperative is now consolidating its power globally. So what. Lucifer is defeated. His forces are merely trying to rebuild the old beast empires from the bottom up as the prelude to the ushering in of their god king messiah.

    Psalm 2 “But He who sits in the heavens will laugh. The Lord will have them in derision…”

    No matter how few may be those who actually hold the true faith in Christ, the faith of the Church – those happy few still anticipate and hope for the restoration of all things in Christ – omnia instaurare in Christo. This is because God will bring about a time of restitution before our Lord’s return. He will undertake for a people who are in repentance for themselves and for their nations.

    In America, the sins crying to heaven for vengeance have the sanction of law. This will have to be repaired for by those who are looking for God’s help.

    It is the Lord Jesus Christ who must reign as King until all his enemies are under his feet. World and time anno Domini is simply the unfolding of this process.

  12. Manifestation of the Frankfurt School and its Critical Theory- highly stealth and highly destructive.

    Therefore, the premise Christianity Declines, Interracial Relationships Rise are linked indirectly.

  13. The Linderist argument against Christianity is a ventriloquist act.

    “Christianity has Jewish origins” / “We need to be more like Jews”

    “Christianity is a pacifist religion” / “Our Aryan ancestors were converted by the sword!”

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