The Death of California


It is one of the things you know is “out there,” a fiscal landmine waiting to explode, something that is guaranteed to polarize the country along sectional lines when the cries start coming for the inevitable federal bailout:

1. One survey of business executives has ranked California as the worst state in America to do business for 8 years in a row.

2. In 2011, the state of California ranked 50th out of all 50 states in new business creation.

3. According to one recent study, California is the worst-governed state in the entire country.

4. Thanks to Proposition 30, California now boasts the highest state income tax rate in the nation.

5. Even though California just raised taxes dramatically on the wealthy, state revenues are falling like a rock. State revenue for November 2012 was 10.8 percent below projections….

Note: Oddly enough, Chuck Thompson had nothing to say about this in Better Off Without ‘Em. California has the most productive agricultural sector in the country which is being destroyed by the lunatics in Sacramento.

It is too bad we can’t leave the Union with our own slice of the California cake. The Golden State has abundant oil and natural gas reserves, access to the Pacific and Asian markets, and a lucrative agricultural sector which would be a real prize for the revived Confederacy to possess.

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  1. There will be a fat belt of states, running straight from the South through Canada and to Alaska, that will want to secede. California will be cut off from the rest of the country. California is not capable of self-government. Either Mexico or the Confederacy will control it. In the end, that means either the Confederacy will want it, or will let it fall under Mexican influence.

  2. Calimexico has been a third world state for a long time. Maybe Piers Morgan can interview the Wet Back gang leaders and look at their guns. Hollywood is like New York City with Wall Street and UN and District of criminals. Piers Morgan sucks and needs to go back to Judized England and lick his quenneys hinney and let the muds and moslems mug him in London….On CNN all they have on it is the shooting in Oregon, What about all these gangs in LA with guns? and thier crimes….Maybe Piers Morgan can make peace between Blacks and Mexicans….ha.ha. ha.

  3. We split the state, then. It’s doubtful that if secession comes to the United States again, it will be neatly divided along original state lines after all.

  4. Something about Cali even destroyed the Okies who traveled there, worst white people this side of Albanian white slavers, otherwise a very gorgeous place. FTR Forbes ranked Illinois home of Abe the negro freer 48th worst run state. And yet with all these blue states sucking hind tit and all the blue voters in Dixie stuffing their faces with moon pies and voting for Obama the American Alawite elite mocks us, god bless them American Alawites.

  5. Flat out excellent post Hunter!

    California has had several splitting movements over the years, now it needs a rural secession movement.

  6. California has fallen because the “powerful”, rich and fool wanted it to, for in California there is a clear attack in business, basically the middle class shrinks while the rich and “powerful” stay on top, with a widening lower class composed mainly of various South American mestizos. There is also the black underclass in Los Angeles County and Hollywood with a plethora of Semites and strangers most odiously the Jews. Then there are multiple Asian enclaves throughout California. As well as fools occupying Sanfransisco and San Diego. The entire Country is mostly hemmed in for about half of all California property is “owned” by the goverment. The white fools I know not what drives them are allowing the Country to be overrun. One reason there is no unified resistance is that California is relatively made up of such a diverse of intrest groups who have there own “problems”, they just do not see eye to eye. There are a few secession movements but few seem to make a large splash. The entire state is driven by mostly greed and the few altruistic elements are helping in all the wrong places. There are a few fine white neighborhoods and towns. All in all poverty and absurd riches basically Latin America seem to be the future if present trends continue.

  7. If the states east of CA throw off the BRA yolk, the rural counties will flock to them.

    If mexifornia is stuck between mexico-mexico and Dixie 2.0, which strongman group will the children in sacramento drift to?

    I think liberals will be liberals until the adults show up and start fighting for the coastal turf like it was stalingrad. Then, like the children that they are, they’ll hang their heads and go home with dad, lesson learned.

    Remember the weeks following 9/11? As soon as “shit gets real” they get a deer in the headlight look and fall in behind the very people they were ridiculing shortly before.

  8. the fiscal collapse of California, which will be subsidized by Southron tax payers will help more Southron Whites join our cause.

  9. California is the case study for the state that is going to split. Already within living memory two splits have been seriously proposed: the top (with a tiny slice of Oregon) as Jefferson State in the late 30s and early 40s, and a pretty recent southern proposal.

    The Baja Peninsula is valuable real estate drastically underused because the Mexican government is too corrupt and incompetent to make it tractable. Mexico, too may have a split but my guess is it is actually more geopolitically stable than either the US or Canada. Mexicans are a sordid lot, but unlike us, they know who they are. Still, in a great continental realignment, Baja California could be up for grabs.

    But to align with Dixie, Dixie has to come across Texas as well as New Mexico and Arizona.

    The top part of California, roughly the old Jefferson State area, of course would be easily annexed to the NARedoubt so long as they get all of Oregon.

  10. “It is too bad we can’t leave the Union with our own slice of the California cake. The Golden State has abundant oil and natural gas reserves, access to the Pacific and Asian markets, and a lucrative agricultural sector which would be a real prize for the revived Confederacy to possess.”

    In time. First, secession. Then it will up to our sons and grandsons to reconquer the lands of old America.

  11. who the hell wants that? that land you want to retake is full of the people that caused this mess and would #1 do us no good and #2 reduce us to their level.

  12. When the SHTF then secession will become real. People I mean sheeple are happy licking the fed’s boots and honing their axes. They bitch and gripe and pay their taxes.

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