Obama’s America: DC Metro Robbery

District of Corruption

H/T Colin Flaherty

This is the society we are seceding from: Obama’s America.

Note: I can’t help but observe that it was the Supreme Court and civil rights martyr Rosa Parks right here in Montgomery that made what you are about to see in the video below possible in the Browder v. Gayle decision in 1956.

If you are ever in Montgomery, you can visit the Rosa Parks Museum where BRA has turned that stupid yellow bus into a Medieval shrine for out-of-state DWL tourists. The existence of the Union, not the media, is responsible for integrated public transportation in Dixie.

Dissolve the Union.

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  1. I bet most of those girls voted for Obama or their older siblings did so. lesson is learned now eh?

    For you men around 40, this is the fate of our children. That train was paid for by some white tax payers and it’s just a nigger’s hunting ground now. Resegregate public transit.

  2. Miami Metrorail is the same thing. Ride the Metrorail and get mugged or killed. Dumb Whiggers created all this crap—so they have to sleep in the bed they made… Public Transportaion…what a joke…This happens all over USA in Transit Systems..Who knows…maybe their is some White Ninja kids out their…in Whiggerland,,,

  3. And how would death scene photos impact the white mind?

    Who here has ever seen a death scene photo?
    Who here knows how to research court records?
    Who here wishes to communicate, persuade and influence the White masses?

  4. I’ve seen a few. Generally they will never be broadcast EVER. The very People who you wish to horrify would write letters complaining about the snuff and blame the messenger.

    There are photographs of Nicole Simpdon with her head severed. These never leaked
    Onto tv. Even with that ape people failed to get it.

  5. Simpson. The images are a horrorshow. But they won’t go on TV. The rigors will just ignore. Maybe you could get a billboard? Even then clear channel would simply get pressured to take it down.

  6. This video is a record of a black on white crime. It’s broadcast ready.

    One thing this brings up for me is that issue of “encounter theory” in black on white crime. It was an excuse put forward by that editor who left AmRen. Blacks commit more crime because they encounter white more often than white criminals encounter blacks. Does anyone really think that whites if reduced to minority will become a criminal underclass? Do Afrikaners act this way? Or white Rhodesians? Where does the encounter problem occur in the real real world for white on black crime?

  7. The best response I know to those who object to the publication of death scene photos is the decision by Emmet Till’s mother to leave her son’s casket open:

    For her son’s funeral, Till-Mobley insisted that the casket containing his body be left open, because, in her words, “I wanted the world to see what they did to my baby.”

    Mamie Till

    The murder of a 14-year old black boy Emmett Till in Money, Mississippi in August 1955 sparked the Civil Rights movement, but the crime won’t sound clarion calls for a nation to wake up to if not for the above photo. The gruesome photographs of Till’s mutilated corpse circulated around the country, notably appearing in Jet magazine, which targeted African American crowd. The photo drew intense public reaction. Till, while visiting Mississippi from Chicago, whistled* at a married white woman and incurred the wrath of local white residents.

    Emmett Till

  8. If the family is willing to release the death scene photo and wants you to publish it, as was the case when Saint Emmett Till was murdered for whistling at a White woman, then I would say do it. I’m sure that would spread like wildfire around the conservative web.

  9. I’ve seen Negroes relieve themselves, fight eachother, vomit, fornicate, smoke crack cocaine, and smoke marijuana on the subway. On platforms I’ve twice come across what I assumed to be dead Negro males that were unresponsive to cigarette ash and kicks. They basically do everything but brush their teeth on the subway.

  10. This video has been up at Kievsky’s blog for a few days. Conchobar brilliantly described it as “a scene straight out of H.G. Wells’ ‘The Time Machine’.

  11. Y’all don’t know how to be aggressive. Worry about your family’s safety rather than hurting the feelings of the surviving white victim’s family.

    Most of you are scared rather than angry. Big difference when it comes to fighting which is something I fear most of you know nothing about.

    Just because Alex ‘Exterminate All Jews’ Linder was wrong doesn’t make being timid in other areas right.

    Death scene photos are public documents and the exercise of your First Amendment legal rights don’t require approval from anyone.

  12. @….. “Does anyone really think that whites if reduced to minority will become a criminal underclass? Do Afrikaners act this way? Or white Rhodesians? Where does the encounter problem occur in the real real world for white on black crime?….”

    As a majority, they are raised generationally in a world that teaches them, applauds, encourages “Appeasement Strategy.”

    And John @ “….For you men around 40, this is the fate of our children. That train was paid for by some white tax payers….”

    Imo, Men in thinking about this— don’t address the emotional aspects that could turn it around. Men just don’t think that way. They think in terms of fighting, not emotions. Not the utter abandonment experienced by children. The lack of maternal nurturance, and even more, ‘instincts to protection,’ seemingly stripped from their own mothers.

    These may be the kinds of young people, there in a “city,” (going to a still well-known school, or maybe with dreams of ‘politics in D.C.’ )—-

    …yet here they are, on a metro. So, they go “home” on holidays, and trained by their parents since childhood, they gab about work, or their teachers. And they fake-smile, because they are “doing well,” just “starting out in life,” even as they have been robbed or worse, and their blind appeased parents go on, bragging about them to their friends.

    So deep down, these children are stunned at what they have now seen. Stunned, no one SAYS anything, or does anything, and they are just supposed to live that way, and it is their future. And then (stupid) people wonder why they don’t HAVE CHILDREN of their own?

    A new generation of this, to pay for this, to live like this—- you’ve got to be kidding!

    From the female perspective— what’s needed is ways to understand what’s happened, so the older and younger people can —I hate to use this word, but— forgive each other. To reunite the generations on real terms. B/c this sort of scene is the real (unspoken) root of the generational rift. The loss of the ancestral links. The (real) reason so many think “their parents are stupid and worthless.” (b/c they ARE when a person is out there, dealing with this).

    Some parents, out of love, sacrifice their lives, and say what they have to say, just to put the food on the table— and they hate it just as much, deep down. They hate their lives of lies and dissimulating, never saying what they think or feel. And those youngsters on the train are supposed to appreciate this sacrifice (in the parents’ imaginations) that they have made.

    And so on.

    Both the young and old keep it going, in their own ways.

  13. The Till story was obviously coordinated and backed as a political opportunity.
    Images despite the reputation are not useful unless there is a political movement
    Behind it, pulling strings. Obama phone should have rationally sunk Obama. It didn’t.
    Whites are 50/50 and still vote on economic or social issues. They don’t see race in quite the way you do. Most libs will dismiss a dead white teen and say it only gets attention because a pretty white gets killed. By all means contact the family of murder victims and see if they agree. Maybe it would work.

  14. White liberals and Jews are responsible for these incidents. Suppose those girls had voted for Romney instead of “the nigger.” What would voting for Romney have done to stop these incidents? What are Republican governors and leaders in Red States doing about black-on-white violence?

  15. If Republican leaders won’t do anything about black violence, they sure as hell will never lead a secession effort.

  16. John,

    Interracial crime rates would only be meaningful if every population committed the same amount of total crime. The sheer volume of crime committed by Negroes against themselves and periphery populations means that if even a small percentage of Negro crime is directed against non-Negroes it still constitutes a crisis.

  17. If they were put back on the planation they could be put to some good use. Did you notice the obese jig in a uniform who came a little too late to help?

    I want Marines down there. With bayonets.

  18. @Jim Giles

    “Y’all don’t know how to be aggressive.”

    – By all means, educate us then. Didn’t you recently get beat up by a bunch of niggers or something? I believe Linder mentioned something to that effect on one of those debates you guys had on your radio show.

    “Most of you are scared rather than angry.”

    – If I was scared, I wouldn’t choose to live where I do. You live in a rural area where there are a few niggers, if any at all. Hypocrite.

    “Big difference when it comes to fighting which I fear most of you know nothing about.”

    – 1.) You don’t know anything about anyone on here, so take your wolf-tickets and choke on ’em.
    2.) Who are you to talk about fighting? All you did was get beat up by niggers.

  19. That loser that left AmRen was essentially making the Tim Wise argument. Here is Wise quoted from a great Birdman piece.

    “In 2002, blacks committed a little more than 1.2 million violent crimes, while whites committed a little more than three million violent crimes (7). If each black criminal had a 57 percent chance of encountering (and thus potentially victimizing) a white person, this means that over the course of 2002, blacks should have been expected to victimize roughly 690,000 whites. But in truth, blacks victimized whites only 614,176 times that year (8)

    [. . .]

    Indeed, given relative crime rates as well as rates of interracial encounter, random chance would have predicted the ratio of black-on-white to white-on-black victimization at roughly 7.4 to one. Yet, as the data makes clear, there were only 4.5 times more black-on-white crimes than white-on-black crimes in 2002. In other words, given encounter ratios, black criminals victimize whites less often than could be expected, while white criminals victimize blacks more often than could be expected.”

    Allowing for magic “encounter ratios” that totally ignore ghettoization we should celebrate that whites are violently attacked only 4.5 to 1 by Negroes and shouldn’t complain unless that rate climbs by 60%.

  20. “For her son’s funeral, Till-Mobley insisted that the casket containing his body be left open, because, in her words, “I wanted the world to see what they did to my baby.””

    Isn’t that the same casket that had a family of raccoons living in it a few years ago?

    I remember reading a story about how it was found stashed behind some outbuilding with bones piled up all over, lol.

    How they treat their own dead is a pretty good measure of them.

  21. Lew says:
    December 13, 2012 at 3:41 pm
    White liberals and Jews are responsible for these incidents. Suppose those girls had voted for Romney instead of “the nigger.” What would voting for Romney have done to stop these incidents? What are Republican governors and leaders in Red States doing about black-on-white violence?

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Ok, I’ll answer that. Voting for Romney or for Richard “Law and Order” Nixon or Rudolph Guliani meant that “the powers that be” ensured that Black N(**$#@ were prevented from getting away with mass Black race rioting, looting. The Black riots in Detroit, Newark, Watts ended the political careers of LBJ and lots of Libs. Guliani was elected mayor of New York City on a strict platform of “taking back the streets” from the criminals, with not so subtle hints about what race/ethnic group was doing the crimes in David Dinkin’s hell whole New York City.

    Guliani and the White NYPD took back the streets of New York – murders went from over 2,000 a year, complete with wilding packs of Black rapists, to under 400 a year, with the NYPD instituting “stop and frisk” policies, “profiling” etc.

    The streets of Salt Lake City Utah are safe, White. If we had gotten our act together and elected Romney, should we would have lots of terrible Neo Con foreign policies, but Eric “My People” Holder would not be the US Attorney General and new Supreme Court Justices wouldn’t be pro BRA Jewish Lesbians like Elena Kagan.

    So the moral of the story is:

    “Don’t give up”, “stay in the game” – elected our people at state, local and where we can National leadership positions.

    All is not lost, sure, lots of things are bad now, they have been worse in recent times. I should know, I lived in New York City 1985- 1992.

  22. “If Republican leaders won’t do anything about black violence, they sure as hell will never lead a secession effort.”

    Bingo! I been wondering where the leaders are. They don’t exist. The South is distinct from the rest of the nation in many ways, but I see no class of leaders. The other day Brutus made a comment about the backwardness of average whites, but I think he has it wrong. Most whites are in survival mode. It is the leadership that has failed, if it even exists.

  23. Since none of you have any experience posting death scene photos, you are ignorant on the matter.

    My experience tells me they are the most potent propaganda weapon we have and those who oppose the tactic are pussies or anti-White.

    One prerequisite to posting the death scene photos is the official court record describing factually what happened.

  24. I am not so,sure death photos will do anything to,wake up the white football worshipping crowd. He’ll, we have movies glorifying the killing of whites and nigger celebrities opening saying it’s fun to kill whites. We have them calling for Obama to be a dictator and still people want to go watch their black champion on the football field. It’s so out of control I wouldn’t be surprised to discover white girls are being used by colleges to recruit the black players.

    We live in an upside down society run by lunatics and their rampaging chimps.

  25. I said, Lew, they probably voted for Obama. Nothing about Romney. Nothing. Don’t build straw men.

    They probably thought Nogs were cool n Sheit.

  26. I can only hope that these girls wake up to the facts of life when living around blacks but it will have to come to them the hard way, through encounters such as this, since the media projects such a distorted view of blacks as near saints. Even then you wonder if it will make them join the ranks of those who can see. How many times have we read of whites who have been victimized by black savagery try to explain away or rationalize their antics as the results of living in a racist society? Here is one statistic to always keep in mind: black men between 16 and 36 years of age are two to three percent of the population yet commit a third of all crime in the USA.

  27. Bernhard Goetz set the bar when it comes to dealing with Negroes on subways. Shoot first. Speed is everything.

    The main reason why I don’t post under my real name is that should I have to take down a few Negroes in self-defense, the NAACP would try to charge me with a hate-crime.

  28. Bernhard Goetz On Death Of Man He Shot: “Sounds Like He Was Depressed”

    “It must have seemed weird to him, being raised with violence, spending 25 years in prison, and then coming back to a changed New York. Maybe his suicide was a statement, but I haven’t figured it out.” Goetz was apparently referring to the many years Ramseur served for raping, sodomizing and robbing a pregnant woman in 1986.

  29. “Hunter Wallace says:
    December 13, 2012 at 1:56 pm

    Hell, I wonder why they were required to sit at the back of the bus.”
    Hell, I wonder why they were ever let on the bus at all!

  30. The test of that encounter theory should look at Haiti, Jamaica or South Africa. Whites should as a minority commit a very high rate of crime. Except they don’t of course. They live in the modern equivalents of Donjons.

  31. I bet their little doe-like, collective eyes are open now.

    Like another poster stated, “They probably thought Nogs were cool n Sheit”.

    Most likely not though. I bet they all run out & buy all the latest, cool knee-grow rap/hip-hop.

    Those are the children the future will devour. Not mine. Mine will know how to fight & win, situational awareness, they’ll have “the talk”, they be proficient in weapons, etc. They WON’T be victims.

  32. Meanwhile in North Carolina, the “Racial Justice Act” lives as the judge commutes three death sentences for racial bias.

  33. “In prison: Herb Rodgers, pictured, is serving a minimum of 30 years in prison for the June 2007 attack on his wife.”

    What’s that ol’ saying about chimps and fleas? Or is it chimps and noxious chemicals? I forget.

  34. the only White children that will experience this kind of thing is those who’ s parents are derelict enough in their duties to raise children in places with mass transit and feral negros. which are usually the kind of places that outlaw armed citizens…. those people will remain locked into self destructive thinking/ behavior

    not the type of places loving father’s raise children

    romney is a liberal and would have come up with all manners of excuses to explain away negro behavior.

  35. The future is here, no Escape Planet of the Apes. Major cities eventually will have curfews and security transit shuttle bus with bullet proof glass.

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